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  1. IC


    Shortly after the success at Trost, the Recon Corps required a replenishment of new recruits. The days had quickly passed, leaving the recruits to train and shake in anticipation for the coming days. The brigade of new recruits, were inexplicably placed in squad 104, under Lance Corporal Levi Heichou's care. After intense cleaning, training, and severe punishments, Recon Corps leader Erwin, had devised a new expedition to seal and take back Wall Maria, featuring the Titan Shifter, Eren Jaeger. The expedition was coming in just a few days now, and Eren had yet to turn into the Titan he was publicized for being. He had somewhat transformed with just a ribcage and an arm with no skin. Hanji was delighted. Just a few more days now. The new members learned their positions in the formation and they were frightened for their lives. Many won't make it out this year. The voice kept ringing in their heads as the day arrived and the Recon Corps set out.

    Origin of Titans
    - These humanoid creatures seems to only take interest in killing humans, and no interest in any other organisms on the planet, and has vast regenerating abilities that comes close to immortality, a perfect fit for a weapon against humanity.

    - Reflected by the fact that the humans in the show have evidently fought with another in the past before the Titans, it's possible that the Titans are results of biological weapon projects ran by a country/alliance of countries formed during a war, if so, that would help us see why most of the Titans are males since majority of soldiers who participate in war are males and the usage of those soldiers in Titan experiments.

    -And following from there, since the created Titan soldiers made to kill humans and lack of intelligence, it's no surprise that it attack those who are on it's side as well, resulting in a big failure in the Titan project, resulting in outbreak of giant naked men eating people all over the world.


    -Who are the geniuses that initiated the project of creating human-eating-giant- naked-men-who-runs-like-my-mom-holding-groceries? My best guess was 1) the rich/prestigious folks who dwell in the Wall Sina among the high-class untouchables evident by their usage of immobilized Titans in the walls and being able survive and act against the Titan outbreak before they were all killed, unlike others who extincted.

    -As shown in the show/manga, oriental races are extremely rare, there is only one possibly full-oriental character so far, Mikasa Ackerman, So it's possible that the orientals in the show are the geniuses who initiated the Titan project and since it's where it started it probably gave them the hardest blow, and resulting in almost extinct in Asian folks. Or the author just wanted to limit the amounts of Asians in the show and take the whole show in foreign land to make it more exotic and spicy LOL.

    After the war between humans
    -After the war, the only known surviving humans are those people behind the wall in the show, although it could be possible there are others who are alive outside the whole wall area since Bertholdt and Reiner came from outside the wall, but so far it seems to be wandering people/Titans out there.

    Wandering Titans/Titan Shifters
    -One of the great mysteries shown in the series, how the Titan Shifters are born.

    -Bertholdt Fubar, Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhardt and Ymir, all these 4 characters are Titan Shifters from outside the wall, Bertholdt and Reiner was originally together with a friend who got killed by Ymir when she was in comma in her Titan form, and Annie probably joined Bertholdt and Reiner later on their journey to declare war on humanity and steal Eren.

    -But the cause of their transformation into Titan Shifters is questionable, if my earlier theory of soldiers becoming Titans from experiment applies, those 4 wouldn't have meet the criteria to participate in the Titan Experiment since they were Children/very young.

    -As far as becoming Titan Shifters are concerned, evident by the 4 Titan Shifters with Amnesia and a recently created Titan in Connie's destroyed village, we can take 2 cases in this matter. case 1) there is an active third party who goes around giving people shots to become titans like Dr. Jeager or his colleagues (with attractive nurses with them you can tell because most titans are guys) or case 2) they become Titans by themselves without involvement of a 3rd party, which can only be explained by genetic arrangements of Connie's villagers (maybe some post-war Titan-shifting soldiers reproduced after the war) or that everyone is infected with an invisible Titan virus that automatically turns them into a Titan once they die, which is not an "always" case since there was only one Titan in Connie's destroyed village after all the people that died.

    1. Yes, the original characters of Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin still exist and can be used as NPCs. They are controllable.
    2. Keep any romance at PG-13, if there is any. And also, you can have a crush on any character, with the exception of Eren Jaeger, HE'S MINE FOOLS!
    3. No Uber-Postioning, making yourself the daughter/son of the kings, no royalty. Please.
    4. Character wise, no godmodding. No, "Super special skills," No "Trained but yet untrained experts," ABSOLUTELY NO SUPERNATURAL SHIT. THAT MEANS NO ANGELS, NO NEKOS, NO DEMONS, OR WOLF PEOPLE! DO IT AND YOU WILL BE REMOVED.
    5. Every post in the IC must be grammatically correct and be free of any spelling mistakes. (Hint: I'm a spelling and grammar nazi~)

    Character Sheet:
    Age: (Minimum age is 15)
    Squad: 104 (Says it in the intro, or you can make your own)
    Appearance: (Pictures and drawings are completely alright)
    Goal: (Like Eren's I WANNA KILL ALL THE TITANS!)
    My first ever rp that I made!

    Show Spoiler

    • Lily and Lucas Ehrlichmann -Haruka
    • Kyv Albernacht -Katherine
    • Amora Volkov -SinisterOblivion007
    • Malachi "Requiem" Ruari -Requiem
    • Evin Colburn -Ritual Lobotomy
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  2. Finally, a Shingeki No Kyojin roleplay >.>. I will make a CS soon ^^
  3. Alright! ^^
    I look forward to that :D
  4. This is interesting. I am having a hard time deciding if I should or shouldn't join. I was hoping it would be an alternate universe..
  5. Omg,this gave me a heart attack <3
    Will post a CS tomorrow!~
  6. God I screamed, I might join this!
  7. Name: Lily Ehrlichmann
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 135 Lb
    Personality: Lily is very cheerful and energetic.Despite the tragedy that is happening,she tries to be a bit optimistic,even though it could be hard most of the time.She is hot tempered and is not afraid to hit people if needed.Luckily her brother is there to keep her from exploding.On the flip side,she is easily scared and is actually afraid of the current situation,but the presence of her older brother always makes her feel safe.
    Squad: 104
    Bio:(at the end)
    Goal: To avenge her parents' death.

    Name: Lucas Ehrlichmann
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5"10
    Weight: 151 Lb
    Personality: Lucas is seen as calm and collected.He thinks things through and tries to avoid making rash decisions.He is very protective,especially towards his precious little sister who he would risk his own life for.As much as possible,he tries to always be by her side and in his sight.
    Squad: 104
    Bio:(at the end)
    Goal: To avenge his parents' death,just like Lily,but his main priority is his sister's safety.

    Bio(for both of them):
    Lucas and Lily have always been very close.They were almost always seen together;in school,at the park,in the market,etc.Their family was peacefully living together until the Colossal Titan appeared one day.At that time,Lucas and Lily were in the market buying some bread.Seeing the titans who had already entered the walls,they quickly rushed home.But when they got there,it was too late.Their house was already crushed and their parents were nowhere to be found.They only figured out that they died when they saw an arm sticking out from under the remains of the house.Lily completely broke down,and Lucas had to carry her away to safety.Somehow,they survived and was brought inside wall Rose in the evacuation.Lily was still emotionally crushed,but her despair was replaced by anger and vowed to avenge her parents whatever the cost.
  8. Approved!
    And welcome new people!
    I wanted to wait to see if people were interested before I typed up a character sheet.
    So here goes:

    Kyv Albernacht
    132.7 LB
    Kyv is a talkative, fierce, adamant girl. She sometimes has a hothead and does/will do anything based on instinct and impulse. Often, Kyv is left alone, being the odd one out. She was ridiculed as a child, which made her the way she is now. She hates being isolated, or ignored. Though she gets forced to clean A LOT, by Levi himself, she still remains as the cheerful 16 year-old girl that she always was. Only in the depressing situations will her happy disguise fade away and her true nature shine. She is practically inserable from Eren, Mikasa, and Armin.
    Squad: 104


    First coming to the outside of Wall Rose, Kyv was awestruck. Life in Zhiganshina was utterly different in Wall Maria. Coming with her father on a business trip, Ashida's father, Kyle Avernacht, had to meet with Dr. Jaeger, on important business. It was at that point that she met Eren, Mikasa, and later, Armin. The visits between Mr. Avernacht and Dr. Jaeger were becoming much more frequent now, and her father announced they were moving into Zhisanshina. When the Colossal Titan struck, she was already with the trio of friends while her father was out, running a small shop that he had set up a little while after Kyv and the rest of family had moved.

    Concerned for his both friends and family, Kyv was immediately sought after by her older brother, Astaroth. Upon finding her, the duo set out to find Eren, and Mikasa, while Armin, Kyv knew, was at the boat right now, awaiting the return of his friends with his grandfather. They ran with Hannes, a Garrison member, when they found them crouching beside their mom, whom was crushed under a building. Immediately guilty, Astaroth sprinted to the place that the two called home.


    Something inside him snapped, causing him to say "YOU SHITTY BRAT! IF WE HADN'T GONE FOR YOUR 'FRIENDS', MOM AND DAD WOULD BE ALIVE!" From that day forth, the brother and sister pair, once adhered like glue, were now as distant as the stars were to Earth. Kyv only joined the military to claim vengeance on the humanoid figured monsters that roamed the vast lands of the Earth. She desperately wants to gain the respect and love of her brother, who utterly hates her.

    Goal: Eradicate the titans and gain the respect of her brother Astaroth.

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  9. By "crush on any character", do you mean ship a character with your OC?
    Because I kind of wanna ship my character with Jean... ha
  10. Yup, actually, exactly what I mean.
  11. Character Sheet:
    Name: Amora Volkov


    Gender: Female

    Squad: 104


    Weight:135 lbs; skinny and curvy, but it's all muscle

    Amora understands human nature as harsh, cruel, and selfish. She’s somewhat cynical of others. The way she sees it, morality doesn’t exist; it’s only an idea made by civilized man. She thinks ideas of morals and feelings are just delusions, so she decides that empathy is useless, making her come off as insensitive, callous, and apathetic. With that, she’s a stoic, level-headed, and rational person when it comes to surviving. Some say that she has multiple layers of walls around her heart and she is a bitch. Although she has negative views on humanity’s existence and is apathetic, she still tries to find some meaning in her life (Amora is a dynamic character, so her views will change). One day, something will happen, these so-called walls around her heart will completely obliterate, and she will break down.
    Amora is very shy and doesn’t like to converse with people. Being alone is much preferable for her, and she isolates herself from everyone. However, when she does talk, she won't conceal anything she's thinking of at the moment. If she doesn’t know what to say, she’ll just give a glare or walk away. Some try to approach her, but she ignores them. So really, no one actually knows how she is or her history. She doesn’t like it when people get too close or touch her - even the slightest – because she feels uncomfortable with her body.
    She’s never loved anyone – friends or family – and she’s never had anyone love her, so she doesn’t know what the feeling is like. Sometimes she’ll feel lonely and realize the only comfort she has is herself. Some say that she has three walls built around her heart just to ignore emotional pain of losing people, but really, she feels existence serves no purpose, and she wants to find a meaning to her own life without anyone to interfere.
    So basically she thinks like Friedrich Nietzsche...

    Amora shows a high lethality when killing titans, and if necessary, she could kill anyone that gets in her way without hesitation. She has killed before and it's easy for her, but now she has limits. She’s a very flexible and quick fighter, and possesses a sharp intellect. She can easily take down titans with speed and efficiency. However, she is not praised for her talent as Mikasa is, but she still stays humble of her skills. She’s not the teamwork type either. Her rankings (53 kills, 16 team, 37 solo) show that she likes to work by herself, but that has led to some deaths of her comrades as a trainee.

    (Mes sketches...)
    Amora has long black hair with fringy ends due to getting it cut off sometimes when using the 3DMG. Her eyes are green with hazel bursts, and she has thick eyebrows. She naturally has fair skin, but is tan and has freckles due to the sun exposure during training and always being outside. She has a cute little Russian nose *boop*. Her expression is usually neutral/blank faced. She wears a charcoal gray almost black turtle neck (instead of the white button up) and wears fingerless gloves to hide her scars and bruises. She's very muscular, but still curvy and slim. Her hipbones are wide, which is why she has kind of a thigh gap, not because she's "too skinny".

    Amora was born in a forest village within Wall Maria. Her family was often talked about, for they looked and lived "differently" from the other villagers. She was an only child, and her parents always left the village for unknown reasons, leaving her to live alone. Other kids in the village builled her and their parents ridiculed her. To forget her lonliness and the unreasonable contempt, she went out to the forest to play or read books of the outside world. This was seen as a taboo.
    One day, at age 4, coming back from the forest to her home in the village, she found her parents dead and the Military Police in the house. The Military Police killed her parents. Her parents were assumed to be the remaining cannibals of an ancient clan (like the one Hanji had mentioned) and have been going around Wall Maria and Wall Rose to hunt. Considering she was very young, the Military Police did not kill her.
    A rich family within Wall Sina was forced to adopt her. She was ridiculed by the family, and she was often abused. At age 10, they were tired of taking care of her and sold her to a brothel in Stohess District. Amora had been raped by strangers for 2 years.
    She escaped at age 12, running back out to Wall Rose and lived alone and travelled from place to place within. She mass murdered a couple times to survive on her own, taking her victims' homes as hers until their deaths were discovered and she had to run away again, or defending herself and keeping herself safe by killing people who couldn't keep her mobilizing reclusiveness a secret. The Military Police wanted and still want to capture her and execute her for her murders, but they never knew exactly who the travelling murderer was, and she was never found.
    At some point that same year, she realized that she had no money to support herself, and the only way to survive and have food and shelter was to become a soldier. Also, it hit her that what she was doing to keep herself alive was wrong, and noticed she couldn't undo her actions. The desire for freedom outside of the walls began to grow, for she wanted to find a better purpose without being surrounded by the interference and corruption of humanity.
    So, she decided to become a soldier that same year; she realized how broken and corrupt and meaningless her life was, as well as how corrupt and meaningless human existance was, and she thought that having the skills of a soldier and achieving freedom outside of the walls away from people would help her build herself back up and find herself. Her major goal now - freedom outside of the walls.
    However, she took a huge risk knowing that if she wanted to stay away from the corruption of the innermost wall and the Military Police, she will have to fight alongside the Survey Corps to free herself from within the walls.
    When approached by Keith Shadis and asked about her background, she states that she came from Stohess District (to keep her mass murders a secret by stating one place instead of saying "oh i travelled a lot". Assumptions would have been made). The other recruits were prejudice of her and often talked about her, saying, "She had it easy", and wondering, "Why would a rich girl want to join the army?" Amora didn't mind much since they didn't know anything.
    All she wants is to escape this so-called "haven" and find herself, and running away to an extent the outermost wall can only cover and living in a disgusting world within just isn't good enough for her.

    Goal: 1.) Join the Survey Corps and achieve freedom outside of the walls to escape the corruption of the tiny world within the walls. 2.) Find meaning in her own existence.​
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  12. You need to make some slight edits, for instance, I don't think there's a forest district in Wall Rose.
    However, it IS approved, I just hope to see it edited.
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  13. Aye aye, considering joining this as well ^^
  14. Feel free to at anytime!
    I'll post the IC up after this stupid project >.<
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  15. I am presently watching Attack on Titan, and once I have finished it, I will likely be making a bio, or at least once I've watched long enough to have a decent grasp of the universe
  16. YAY OVERLY COMPLEX HISTORY! (Sorry, I got bored and it seemed like fun. I'll change if it's necessary)

    Malachi "Requiem" Ruari




    190 lbs

    Malachi takes everything easy. Most would assume that he's not cut out for the job, but it's because of how he is that he handles it as well as he does. To him, hunting the Titans is a game. A Gamble with the biggest prize out there, his life. Despite his rather easy going style, he is a veteran gambler, and is always planning and plotting, and makes a pretty good strategist, when people take him seriously enough to listen to him.

    104, Formerly 23



    Malachi grew up orphaned since he was seven, his parents killed in an apparent mugging. He was to have been sold into slavery, but killed his kidnappers in their sleep. From that point on, he moved from place to place in the Maria District. He grew up relying on his wits and his skills to keep him alive, stealing what he needed. What money he managed to steal that he didn't spend on food, he spent gambling, learning the tricks and ways to play, until that became his primary source of income.

    He was near the Rose Gate when word came of the breach, and quickly made his way inside. Everything he knew however, was gone. That's when it dawned on him. As free as he was, he would never be truly free until the Titans were removed from the picture. Almost immediately upon being given the uniform, he ditched it. After multitudes of punishments, they gave up on him wearing one. He was assigned to Squad 23, The Outcasts as they were more commonly referred to. They were a group of the most oddballed soldiers anyone could find, but despite their unique dispositions and way of handling things, they were quite effective. Not a single one of them ever chose anything other than to go into Recon when it was their time to place.

    Malachi worked with Squad 23 for five years before they were shut down. He was the longest living member of the Squad, and considered one of the best, earning the nickname "Requiem" while he was there. Most people still call him that. He was moved to Squad 104, an Outcast to a new group. Despite initial misgivings, he's more or less alright with the change, aside from some of the restrictions which he still struggles with from time to time. He was never much of a King and Country kind of guy, but occasionally some members of his squad have heard him saying a funeral prayer for the dead.

    To Be Truly Free​
  17. Accepted!
    Go ahead and post in the IC if you want to.
    I would really appreciate if you did it

    As for your bio, all I can say is wow.
  18. I will post my cs today, as soon as I get home. Since my phone sucks -.-
  19. Character Sheet:


    Evin Colburn



    5'8 ft / 178 cms

    143 lbs / 65 kgs


    Biological traits:

    Evin is a tall twenty-year-old redhead, with dark eyes and pale skin. Her body is slim and decently curvy with long limbs. Thanks to her build, she is agile, endurable and fast runner. She is neither too muscular nor too weak due to her constant training and balanced vegan diet. Evin's right body side was scarred by a blade five years ago, and it left the visible scar she doesn't like to talk about, even though she never bothered hiding it at any cost.

    Psychological traits:
    DETERMINED - No matter how hard something seemed, Evin will always do her best and even more to accomplish her goals, whether she was told to do it or she wants it herself.
    STUBBORN - If she thinks and says that sky is green, she will stick to it and will argue endlessly to prove other person wrong, as long as she believes so herself.
    DAREDEVIL - Whether it is a friendly dare or a volunteering for risky jobs, she will do it no questions asked.
    BRAVE - Although she does have her fears, she prefers to appear fearless about everything. Even so, she is a risk taker seemingly not giving a damn about her safety.
    SARCASTIC - To Evin, everything appears to be one big black joke and she loves to tease and pick on her squad mates, and everything and everyone else for that matter.
    LOYAL - Even though Evin was and still is a major deviant at some points, she is to the end loyal to her squad and duties.
    HASTY - When it's count to three on the start line, Evin is usually off at "one"...rarely at "two".
    FAST THINKER - Like she never has time to think about the universe, she is prone to give ad hoc conclusions and improvise on the spot.
    AGGRESSIVE - Giving all she has in battle of any kind, she usually turns out pretty aggressive.
    PROUD - Evin's pride is really important to her. She will never allow anyone to boss her around if he/she is not worthy enough, and she will never do anything dancing.

    Sociological traits:
    HELPER - Always there to help those in need from carrying the groceries, to protecting.
    FRIENDLY - Even thought she is hasty and aggressive from time to time, she will never turn against someone who has nothing to do with it.
    EASYGOING - She can be talked to about anything and she doesn't find anything stupid enough to be turned down.

    OPEN-MINDED - Evin never judge anyone and is willing to accept any difference in people, as long as it is not threatening. Titans are discriminated on this matter. No love for titans. Ever.
    TALKATIVE - She is never afraid to say her opinion on things, or just talk to someone. Even thought some of her squad mates find it hard to approach Military officials, she never has that kind of problem and is usually seen leading a casual conversation with them.

    EMOTIONALLY INTROVERT - No matter what it takes, Evin will keep cool even if she is scared to death, sad, overjoyed, in love and every other intense emotion except for hatred towards enemies. Through hatred she vents all other emotions.
    PERSUASIVE - She is skilled negotiator and a diplomat, and she is able to convince people in doing something they would never do for anyone else's sake. With a skilled and carefully picked words and a gentle but killer smile she usually manages her way through it.
    TEASE - Making others uncomfortable or even flirt, but it all in good fun and no harm done.



    Evin Colburn.jpg

    (I know, I know -.- But she is the closest to what I needed)

    Evin Colburn is the only child of her parents that was born within the Wall Maria. Her family is a decent and hard working with her father as the member of Garrison and her mother being a doctor. Evin's childhood was pretty much filled with interest in wielding swords and close combat that was pretty decent hobby for a kid that was more than hyperactive from time to time. With that, she was improving her skills, and kept her mind busy. On the day of titan attack, although she was quite young and it was the first time she had witnessed something like that, she did her best to help the people within the Wall Maria to move deeper and hopefully escape the vicious creatures. Her quick thinking did her well as she managed to save a few lives of those who were willing to listen and rely on a young girl. Scar on her right body side was left as a reminder of those who wouldn't listen.

    After witnessing the titan breach, it wasn't too long before she insisted to become a new recruit. Her father turned her down not wanting to hear about it and her mother would loose it every time she even mentioned it. At that point her relationship with parents became rough. She thought they believed that she wasn't good enough for the job, and she was determined to change that. Above all, she always hated cowards and fear. Never taking things the easy way and as final, she continued interfering with the security matters, until she was finally noticed by a Garrison commander that somehow convinced her father in giving her a shot at a security job. Even though her parents still hope she will change her mind or at least go with something less dangerous, Evin remains persistent on finally being able to help in providing a fear-free environment for all the people within the walls.


    To banish the fear

  20. Approved~
    But I haven't set up any spot for the Garrison in the expedition just yet, but I can squeeze you in there
    Post in the IC if you'd like
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