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    wingless"Fucking bastards." Raffe glanced up at the black skies, one hand on his shoulder as if to comfort himself on what happened not ten minutes earlier. There was no movement; not even the crickets or midnight birds dared to stir the bleak atmosphere. That was to be expected, though, considering the apocalypse had started a little over three weeks ago. With winged terrors picking off stragglers at night, there was no way any sane, weak human would wander the streets after the sun set.

    winglessBut Raffe wasn't a weak human being.

    winglessHe peeked again at the sky from where he hid behind the dumpster. Scattered clouds, fingernail moon, broken streetlights. No electricity in any of the houses. Did an angel or demon shut down this part of the city? His ears could hear darkened whispers and heavy breathing all around, but no noise of the supernatural. Good sign.

    winglessNumbness began setting into his back. The slick thickness of blood drenching his clothes and painting his skin was something he couldn't ignore; as mystical and powerful as his body was, Raffe would be easy pickings for vultures if he didn't find a place to rest up and allow his body to heal.

    winglessAnd all of this could've been avoided.

    wingless"Fucking. Bastards."

    winglessThe dumbest move would be to walk around the streets. With him oozing out liquid life, any human who was looking for resources or meat would attack him instantaneously -- or worse, they might come back.

    winglessGrunting, Raffe forced himself up, ignoring the stabbing of pain. It felt weird to be walking on his feet. Normally he'd be flying, but that wasn't a possibility any more, he thought bitterly. Without the extra weight on his back, trying to balance himself was more difficult that he first imagined, but using walls and forcing his body to move no matter what was a good a plan as any, however haphazard it was. Using the backroads and darkened alleyways, he dragged his feet to through darkness and avenues until he reached the edge.

    winglessAcross the street was a house -- not the best looking, nor was it in particularly great shape, but maybe that would deter other people. It looked ransacked, bare as bones.

    winglessChecking the skies and the streets, Raffe took a deep breath and mustered whatever life was still kicking in him and dashed across the road, into the house.
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    Running quickly, breath visible in the cold. The young women had gotten caught up. Ever since the apocolypse started, she had been fighting to survive. Not just from the Demons or Angels, but people began to turn on each other. Being a women, it was harder. Sayomi didn't think that she was that pretty, but it stood that it didn't matter anymore, like it had before. As she turned around a building, she gasped as she ran into yet another group. She turned back and froze against the building.

    Chest heaving, her brown hair hung around her, dripping in sweat. She didn't know what to do. She looked around the building, and started her way up the escaped as she started to attempt to retreat. She had yet to hear anything from above in the past few hours, and at the moment, she was willing to take her chances, then to go through the group of men. SHe guessed that they were wanting to try and "hunt".

    It didn't take her long to get onto the top of building. Her body trembled and shook with exhaustion as she stood. She had been on the run nearly all day, her piercing green eyes showed it.

    Grabbing the hilt of the sword on her back, she walked to the other side of the roof and started her seemly long decent down to the bottom. Once she finally reached the bottom, she took off. She needed shelter, she needed sleep.

    Sayomi pushed herself as far as she could. She was about to give up when she spotted a house. It looked abandoned. She sighed and went running. When she opened the door, she had a hand on the sword. No one but her knew that in reality it wasn't even sharpened. She closed the door silently, and walked around on her tip toes. The furniture and everything was destroyed and flipped about. But it was empty. She dropped down behind the table, laying out on the ground. She didn't remove her bag. She didn't want to move anymore. She was completely soaked in sweat, her eyes matched that of a druggie.

    Just as she started to fall asleep when she heard the door open. Sayomi quickly stood up, and pulled the sword out and went over to him, holding it out. "What are you doing here? And why are you bleeding?" Her sultry voice was harsh, and cold. Her eyes now more sunken into her face, and the green dull with exhaustion. She didn't stand very tall, but she was willing to fight at this point.
  3. boopSo much for being able to sleep safely, Raffe thought bitterly as he stood in front of the closed entrance, hunched over and still gripping his shoulder. And still bleeding. Black dots were becoming a normal thing in his vision, and he was sure it was not a good sign. Despite that, there was no way he could let his guard down, not with this puny human standing in front of him with her sword. He had millenniums of experiences in dealing with swords; it was the angels' favorite weapon, after all. Actually, he had experience dealing with swords while armed, and unfortunately, his beloved staff was currently locked up somewhere.

    boopBut hand-to-hand with a sword? While his back was injured? Maybe. He couldn't tell if the sword was neatly sharpened or more blunt than a stripper's pole, but it wasn't a chance he was willing to take.

    boop"What are you doing here? And why are you bleeding?" she demanded.

    boopSlowly, as to not frighten her or push her into doing something reckless, he raised his hands up in the universal sign for peace.

    boop"Same as you, girl," Raffe replied coolly, trying to keep the pain from edging into his voice. "Just looking for a safe place to stay the night. And I was attacked."

    boopThat was the truth. He had been attacked, though not by hunters, but other demons. She could think what she liked. He had heard strange rumors of people trying to get their hands on angel and demon flesh -- for whatever purposes, he didn't know, and if this girl was one of the crazy hairless monkeys, he had no intention of finding out. If only he had paused to double check that nobody was in the house.

    boopShe was small, and her eyes were tired of long nights looking over shoulders. The women probably had it a little worse when anarchy was in effect. Was she by herself? Raffe saw one bag, too small to support more than one person; no other noises in the house. He could probably take her, now that he was checking out the scene (the great ME, lose to a human? Even in this state, as if.), though he preferred not to kill without payment.

    boop"Are you going to put your sword away?" Raffe steeled his legs. If they gave out, he was screwed. "I don't want any trouble."

    boopCome on, body, stay with me. His every bone was begging to lay down; already, he could feel his skin assessing the damage and patching it up, but all this movement, the standing, the strain on his back and the blood loss... His ears suddenly picked up noise from the outside, a few men snickering to themselves, but they didn't sound too close to the house. Maybe that was a disaster that was going to be avoided.
  4. Sayomi sighed, and dropped her arm, the sword hitting the ground with a small ring. I am only kidding myself at this point... The words echoed through her head sullomly. She knew that if he wanted to, he could over power her. She was small, and would fight all the way down. But she couldn't lie to herself anymore. A solitary small women in a world in chaos. Even she knew better than that. She wasn't as weak as some, but she wasn't as strong as most of the survivors. So far, she had just been smart.

    Like many, she had lost hope in everything and everybody. The Angels and Demons were all the same to her. They were creatures fighting in the middle of their two worlds, each killing people. She lost her view on good and evil. There was just evil and not so evil. Anyone that she had encountered was more worried about themselves, or killing just for the fact that they could. It seemed to be that the good ones died first. Or at least in this city.

    Before long, she realized that she has just been staring, absent minded with a body so tired it shook. Her vision refocused on the man as she pushed a stray hair off of her pale face.

    "It's obvious that you are attacked. I was more looking for by what. The creatures that circle the skies, or the poachers that now walk the streets. There's a gaggle of them close." She retorted quietly before turning, dragging the sword lightly back to behind the table.

    If I pass out now, I can get out of here by sunrise and be rested enough to possibly make a straight run to the next city. With a soft thud she leaned against the table with a sigh. She was surprised how many people would still trade supplies for normal money. Even she knew that it was stupid. It was only paper, that no one should be holding up anymore, but they were dumb enough to. She just hoped the next city would be so stupid so she could more. She pulled out a dry mango slice, eating it slowly. It was going to be the only thing that she had all day.

    "I can fix that you know?" Sayomi called out. She knew that she couldn't be like the others, it wasn't who she was. "Your wounds I mean..." She hoped that he would deny it so that she could sleep, but figured she would ask. She had been a peon at a hospital, to become a surgeon. Just as her family wanted.

    She brought the mango slice to her rosey lips once more, before stopping. Her stomach wouldn't allow her to eat, so she switched to sucking on it. She needed some sort of sugar in her system.

    Awaiting the mans reply, she began to think of life just a couple months ago. Her job, her family, and everything she had complained about. She yearned for that life back. The simplicity, the comfort that she thought that she didn't have. She looked down at her decently thin legs, trying to contain the emotions rushing through her.
  5. sweetThe sword sang when she let it fall to the ground, and he had to wince at the thought of others hearing the clang of the metal, but the noise of the men were still a distance away and nothing else seemed out of the ordinary. Raffe was glad that she had decided not to attack; the last thing he needed was another blood bath. His energy was quickly draining, now that his guard had dropped alongside her weapon, and he the exhaustion and energy-eating healing process was taking a heavy toll. A few steps toward the nearest wall and he slowly made his way onto the ground, careful not to press his back too roughly against the panels.

    sweetWhen he felt that he was comfortable against the wall, he stole a glance at her. She was staring absent-mindedly at the place he once stood.

    sweetTch, idiot.

    sweetA careless mistake like that and she would've ben killed and raped already. Maybe even in that order.

    sweetIt seemed that her brain settled back down in her head and out of space, because her eyes refocused on him. "It's obvious that you are attacked. I was more looking for by what," she retorted. "The creatures that circle the skies, or the poachers that now walk the streets. There's a gaggle of them close." Her hearing was pretty good for a human, to be able to hear those people.

    sweet"Poachers." As if he was going to tell her his squad betrayed him and ripped the fucking wings right out his back. "They ambushed me."

    sweetHis eyes closed for a little too long, and he jerked them open in a half-panic, glancing between her and the door a couple feet from him. It was a personal preference to sleep in a position where he could keep an eye on the doors and windows, whether for an easy escape or merely as a watchdog. She was munching on a dry mango.

    sweet"I can fix that you know?"

    sweet"I'm fine,"he said. If she looked at it, she would see two gaping, jagged gashes where wings should've been. The girl didn't look particularly strong, but she seemed clever. Despite her tired expression, there was something still in her eyes, something still flickering and alive. She could put two and two together, and any hypothesis wasn't too farfetched during the apocalypse. "It looks worse than it is."

    Would he be able to heal fast enough to stop some of the bleeding, or would it be better for him to have her patch him up with bandages?

    "Maybe you should get some rest, too, girl," he said, eyeing the way she dragged her sword rather than lifted it up.
  6. Sayomi had seen all the signs. He was weak, and what she assumed was pale. Though that she couldn't tell for sure, not knowing him. She noted when he blacked out for a moment, not expecting it to happen. She squinted and looked at him. She wasn't sure how to come across to the man. She knew that her chances were astronomical to beat him if he actually decided to fight.

    "You are a bad liar you know?" She stated softly, as she finally took a small bite from the dried mango, completely uninterested.

    "I think that I can tell that you are lying to me, just as easily as you probably know that you could over power me if you wanted." She was very blunt. She didn't hide anything unless it was personal. That just wasn't who she was. She wasn't sure if it was her profession that made it easy for her to realize that he was lying, or just the odds of him 'fine' with that much blood loss was very small.

    After a lot of internal debating, she slowly slid side ways, laying down. When hot skin met the cold ground all she could do was relish that moment. A small groan escaped her body as she felt like she was going to melt everywhere at that moment. She just laid, listening to her breath, feeling her body cool down. Her hair was already getting drier, though her clothes would take a while still. I wish I could just stay hidden in this house forever... The apocolypse had only been going on for a few weeks, and she was already emotionally and physically drained. She had no idea what she was doing, where she was going. She knew nearly no one in the area, and that ones that she had known prior were probably dead.

    Finally Sayomi brought herself to talk. "We will see exactly how fine you are, if I end up having to stitch you up in the middle of the night." She had started to think for a moment, then paused. He had nothing with him. If it was poachers that had hurt him they wouldn't have let him go. Or at least not the ones that she had encountered were that nice. They thought the less people alive, meant the more supplies for them, and more 'repopulating' they would get to do.

    Instead of asking the questions that ran through her mind, she let it go. She was too tired, and she knew that she would never see the man again. She had no idea where he would go, or even where she would go. But she doubted that he was wondering aimlessly like she had been at that point.
  7. hurh"You're a bad liar you know that?"

    hurhRaffe grunted. It wasn't the first time he had been told that (although it was the first time a human had said it, and so bluntly, too). Maybe that was why Beelze betrayed him, a demon who couldn't lie if his life depended on it. There was something annoying about being found out by a human, though, but maybe that was just because he was low on energy and thus low on patience. Even the noise of her chewing on that damn mango was irritating.

    hurh"I think it's time for little girls to go to sleep now," he mumbled.

    hurhHe glanced at the stranger one last time, making sure that she was a decent distance away with no intentions of stabbing that sword through his intestines. Raffe closed his eyes, focusing on breathing, focusing on healing. The numbness in his back was still there, but there was a prickling of pain as he felt his body trying to stitch himself back together. Was that a good sign or a futile attempt? There was a nagging thought in the back of his mind, telling him that bandages would help the healing process, but his pride was bigger than the Eiffel Tower (the pre Eiffel Tower, because its pieces were currently scattered in Australia after the angels had their way with it) and wouldn't allow him to ask a human for her assistance. No matter how stinking clever she was.

    hurh"We will see exactly how fine you are, if I end up having to stitch you up in the middle of the night." She stopped talking after that, thank the devil.

    hurhHe gently shifted his position, biting down on his tongue, but then the numbness settled back in when he stopped fidgeting and then everything was okay with the world, if only for a second. By the sound of her breathing, she hadn't fallen asleep, possibly lost in her thoughts or own misery. That was fine by him, long as she wasn't being annoying, but the silence of the room forced him to think on things he hadn't wanted to.

    hurhThe betrayal. The brotherhood. Even demons had loyalty in packs, but maybe he had been more loyal than others in thinking that. Hell was anarchy. Loyalty was never the name of the game. After eons of fighting with the same squad, killing humans and capturing angels, they finally got tired of him. He missed his wings. He missed his staff.

    hurhRaffe fell asleep, dreaming of dark skies and silver clouds.

    ━━━━━━━━━━ // scene change // ━━━━━━━━━━

    hurhHis eyes shot open. There were men on the streets, outside the house. What time was it? The window was still dark. These men had balls if they were wandering around in the middle of the night; this was still the time when winged beasts and otherworldly monsters crept through the cities.

    hurhThey were right next to the porch.

    hurhRaffe touched his back; there were a few places along the laceration that was still bleeding, but overall, the healing process was coming along well. As long as he didn't get into a fight with -- one, two...four hairless monkeys, then he'd be able to move around by midday or evening time. But only if he didn't get into a brawl, and at that moment, the odds didn't seem very good.

    hurhThe demon silently got to his feet, thinking about places to hide. An escape through the window would lead to the outside world, and where would he go then? If he hid out here, maybe they'd pick skeleton of the house and leave. He looked at the girl. She had fallen asleep beside her bag and sword. If he left her here, she'd surely be at the whim of those monkeys. But that wasn't his problem and he couldn't care less. If anything, she'd just serve as a good distraction.

    hurhIt was a whim that, after those thoughts, he made his way over to her and clamped his hand over her mouth, hoping to wake her and to keep her from screaming.
  8. As she laid there in the silence she had to keep her cool. Sayomi was done being called a little girl. She was done being cast aside because she was small compared to others. Dealing with it for all her teenage and adult life made it hard. She had tried to keep good morals even when he'll broke loose on earth, but she was finding it harder and harder to kept up with.

    Laying on the ground, the anger in her just festered. She found it harder and harder to not either argue or just go after him. He had only been around for a short time, and she found herself hating the cocky asshole. He thought he was better than her. And that pissed her off.

    What seemed like only moments of sleep, Sayomi was shocked from her sleep as a hand was clasped over her mouth. Her green eyes shot open, the adrenaline started pumping almost instantly. She had already had a similar situation happen, and was not about to relive that. As she was about to react, she heard the foot steps. There was people outside.

    She took the man's hand off of her face, a glare written on her face that showed how much in that short time they had been awake that she had grown to despise him. She stood up slowly, and silently walked closer to the wall.

    She listened to the steps. She counted.. One.. Two.. Three.. She thought that was it, but then she heard the last steps come up closer. Four.. damnit. She could tell the difference in the step patterns, and the type of shoes. Each sounded different then the next. The way one of them stepped though, he seemed larger than the others. She was trying to decide to what to do. Two seemed to be going to the back, while the other two were in front of the house still.

    They saw me come in. That's why they are coming into an abandoned house. She didn't think about the ones that she had seen back at the city, or even a different group seeing her enter in. She gently pounded on her head as she looked up.

    She knew that cocky ass she was with wouldn't help her. Either because of his injury, or just because why would he? He wouldn't gain anything from her. So she was thinking about it as just her against the four of them. She hoped she had counted right. Just like everyone else that she had happened upon only saw her as an easy prey. She was done with that. As she stared at the ceiling, she got an idea. They were vaulted ceilings, with beams running across.

    Sayomi's green eyes locked onto the man, a smile ran across her face. She went back to her stuff, putting her sword back in it's sheath, and pulled a hunting knife off the backpack still on her back, sticking it in her mouth. She carefully climbed up the knocked over table, using her own weight to balance it so that it didn't fall. She stood on the edge, then looked up at the beam and jumped. It was lower than the others, her long fingers grasped onto it. She swung herself for a moment, and then used the momentum to pull herself up. Once she balanced on it, she jumped to the next three, before settling. She was close to the back door, where she figured the people who came through would be less surprised than the people coming through the front to be attacked.
  9. boopRight before she decided she wanted to punch him in the face for what looked to be attempted rape, the noises from the men making their way on the porch trickled through the walls, and she opted on glaring at him instead.

    boopRaffe couldn't help but grin. Least she had some spunk.

    boopShe slapped his hand away and they both stood up; she headed for the wall nearest the door, listening. Raffe looked around the room, trying to find anything the he could use as a weapon. Without his wings, he didn't have magic; without his staff, he didn't have a powerful demon-angel-destroying weapon. Exactly what the hell do I have?"

    boopWhile he frustratedly demanded that his body do more than it was capable, she smiled at him and sheathed her sword. Pulling out her knife, she held it in her mouth while she made her way up into the beams that ran into the ceiling -- just like a damned monkey. Huh. Clever, though, just like he had predicted. He had to give her credit.

    boopThe sounds of gentle footsteps made their way toward the back door. Two sets. So, they've split up. Two were going to head through the back door while two headed through the front, and by the looks of it, she had noticed that, too, hiding above the backdoor. He hoped she could handle her own. Monkeys weren't specifically difficult to take down -- unless they were coming at you in groups. Too many distractions, too many factors. If she could at least try to survive, he hoped he could take his opponents down quickly and go assist her.

    boopRaffe headed for the entrance, back against the wall, breath held. Heard them laughing. His blood gushed through his veins, turning cold yet bubbling with a heated adrenaline. He could almost smell the sharp sweat on them, their dark desperation.


    boopThe door groaned open and he threw the first punch, mustering as much force behind his fist as he had left. There was a scratching noise behind him from the broken back entrance grating against the wooden floor, but he couldn't be bothered to think about it. The man behind the one he punched had managed to step over his fallen friend and kick Raffe in the stomach, sending him flying backwards like a shot bird. Maybe he should've waited for them to walk through and pounced on their back, but he was never very good at strategizing.
  10. Staying crouched, Sayomi waited patiently. She took note that the man decided to rely on strength, which she doubted would work with four men. Even if she took out the two men coming through the back, then he would be still be stuck in hand to hand with people that probably had some sort of weapon. As the adrenalin pumped through her entire body, making every muscle throb, she watched as he managed to knock the first man out using all of his force. Then she heard it. The back door opened.

    She watched as the first man came in, then the other. Once both were in, she decided to execute her plan. Quickly, she line herself up, then jumped straight down landing square on the second guy's shoulders. He crippled under the impact, whether or not he was knocked out or what, she didn't have time to tell. She had the surprise on her hands. With a fierce swing, she cut through the air, grazing the first man's back. He had started to turn at the sound of the two hitting the floor. He looked at her, then down at his friend, that she was still standing on.

    Damnit, he was more alert than I had thought he would be... She cursed to herself over and over as the two stared each other down. Slowly she backed up a little, trying to keep the distance between her and him. If she was able to get back to something she could climb, she doubted that he would be able to follow her up. He followed after her slowly, waiting for her to make a move. She was cornered and she knew it. With a deep breath, she waited for him to get closer. Just as she was about to strike, he shot forward, grabbing Sayomi.

    As the man made impact, Sayomi knew what was about to happen. He held tightly onto her arm, and spun her around so she faced away from him. One hand clamped onto her arm, bruises already showing on her pale skin, the other was tangled amongst her hair, pulling her head back. A small whimper of pain escaped her as he pulled harder. "For being so little, you put up a bigger fight than I thought. You still have more to do though." he whispered into her ear. She could hear the smirk on his face.

    Once the man said that, the adrenalin surged through her body. She wrapped her foot around the back of his ankle and pulled. As he was caught off balance, he let go of her hair to catch himself, giving her the opportunity that she needed. She had no strength, the only thing that she knew she had was speed and agility so Sayomi used it. She threw her head back, hitting him in the nose. He let out a scream of pain letting go of her arm. Twirling again, she swung her arm, making impact with his side. The knife was embedded completely on his left side.

    "Fucking bastard." She said, her green eyes roaring with anger. With no sign of any other emotions on her face, she pulled the knife sideways. Blood splattering everywhere as she cut open his abdomen from one side to the other. Sayomi watched as the body hit the floor as he sputtered for a moment. She turned and looked at the asshole that was helping her. He was face to face with the last man. So she just waited, nostrels flaring. Without realizing it, she attempted to wipe the blood from her face, only smearing the red across her face.
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  11. When Raffe got up, the man that had kicked him bared his fangs and a knife. It wasn't long before he rushed forward, slicing the air wildly in an attempt to pierce the target. Raffe leaned back and ducked, stepping out of the way and dodging as best as he could, but he was slower than his 100%. It was inevitable for the knife to get close; he threw up his arms in a last ditch defense, receiving superficial cuts on his arms. Dropping to the ground, Raffe swept his leg under the man's feet, and as the giant ginger fell, the wingless demon found his opportunity. He jumped on top of the fallen body, using his weight to keep the man down, and punched him several times in the face, one jab harder and faster than the other.

    Somewhere along the way he had forgotten that this was merely for survival, for self defense. His punches became fiercer, with the weight of someone who's lost their path.

    The body finally slumped. Dead or knocked out, it didn't matter. Raffe exhaled and wiped the sweat off his forehead. When he turned around to check on the girl, he was surprised to see that she had handled her own with ease. One man had a cut across the abdomen as though it was a scene out of those horror films monkeys liked so much. Even her face was smudged with blood.

    "Nice," he said, getting up off the floor. "Not as useless as you look, huh, girl."

    Abruptly, the roof caved in and the house was filled with the noise of surprised shouts and flying splinters. Moonlight entered through the hole in the roof, hidden suddenly not by clouds but by black wings -- a demon in the center of the living room. Oh, the irony.

    "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Black eyes sneered haughtily from Raffe to the girl. "A rat and a monkey, eh? I must be the luckiest demon alive. Sort of." He cackled at his own joke, slapping his thigh, but the murderous glint never left his eyes.

    Shit. Shit, shit, shit.


    Raffe swallowed and hoped it wasn't obvious that he did. There weren't any other wings in the sky. Beezle must've been creeping around by himself, away from the squad, and happened to have heard the commotion. It was just Raffe's luck that of all the places he decided to hover over, it had to be over this very house.

    We're dead. We're fucking dead. He couldn't kill him, but maybe he could hold him off long enough for the girl to get a -- Beezle slammed his entire body into Raffe, pressing him deep into the wall until his back wounds split opened and painted blood across the wall. His hands gripped Raffe's throat, choking him, and Raffe could do no more than grasp futilely at his wrist.

    With a knee to the stomach, Beezle was pushed back just long enough for him to punch his opponent square in the jaw and shove him against the fallen pillars, hoping that, with enough strength and luck, he'd fall back on something sharp enough to pierce the heart. As it was at that moment, the universe was not in his hands. Beezle reached behind him and pulled a black staff out of his spine; Raffe knocked it out of his hands and the both of them were then rolling on the floor, throwing punches with knees and elbows.

    "Run!" he yelled to the girl, shouting in pain quickly afterwards when Beezle elbowed him in the chest and jabbed him in the eye. Raffe clutched his face, searing pain pulsing in his head, and yelped again when the other managed to kick him in the side. The demon reached for his staff, the end of it pointed and sharp and poised to kill another member of the night.
  12. Sayomi didn't even take into consideration that they should not have killed them. She knew that pure self defense was useless in a situation like this. They had come in the house to kill them. 'No survivors' she had heard men like him say multiple times. She no longer cared if she killed. If they were going to threaten her, then she was going to give it her all. Either she was going to drop them, or go out like a damn fire. She snapped out of her trailing thoughts as he called her girl. She was about to yell at him, when the roof broke.

    Out of instinct, she turned and crouched for a moment as the debris came falling to the ground. Once Sayomi saw the darkness come, her heart stopped beating for a moment. She knew the shadows very well. Slowly, she straightened up, as she looked at the demon that stood before her. She tried to contain it, but the fear was written all over her face. Her eyes darkened as they knew what was going to happen.

    "A rat and a monkey..." At first she was confused until she heard the man say the demon's name. They knew each other. Her mind raced as she tried to figure out how. Maybe it was the demon that attacked him... She thought for a moment. Then realized that there is no way that he would have escaped the demon. A rat and a monkey... She poundered the words for a moment. There was no reason why she would be the rat. That usually used against something that you used to think that you could trust, that then you thought betrayed you.. When she realized she was the monkey, her eye twitched with rage.

    They were comrades of some sort! She finally put it together. Why he only ever referred to her as girl, and why he was injured. It had only taken her a few seconds to figure it out, but it seemed like an eternity. Just as she came back yet again from her thoughts, the man was shoved against the wall, his back spewing blood. As she fight unfolded, she could see the terror in his face. Her hands flailed about for a moment as she thought. The demon was ignoring her. He didn't see her as any threat at all. Sometimes, that was the best.

    When he yelled at her to run, she decided to take advantage of probably the only time she was going to get to go after a demon. She ran to the demon, who was much taller then she was. He was facing away from her, so she didn't have a clear shot at his heart. Sayomi took a breath, and shoved the blade of her knife into the base of his right wing. She shoved it as hard as she could, and held on for her life. Not knowing exactly was going to happen.

    She felt an instant reaction, and without thinking used the knife to boost herself up so that she was between his shoulders, out of reach. She thought for a moment. If she moved, then they were both dead. Though, there was a good chance they were anyways. She decided to take on a mother fucking demon. Her five foot five inch self, decided to take on a demon.

    All she had left was a sword that had never been sharpened. It was one that you bought and were supposed to sharpen yourself. But she didn't know how to. It was her bothers. She pulled it out. She had one chance, and whether or not it would work she had not a clue. She swung herself up and in a fluid motion with the precision of a surgeon, shoved the 'blade' into the pressure point in his collar bone. She moved as quick as she could, making sure it was in the right angle. With any luck, it would puncture both his heart and his lung or lungs. She wasn't sure how strong a demon lung was.

    She shoved all her body weight onto the sword "I'm the worst fucking monkey you have ever met!" She held. Making it clear that she had enough of just everything. She felt a strong hang on her back and she was thrown into a wall. On impact, a grunt escaped her as she was knocked unconscious.
  13. loveRather than do as he said, the girl -- the tiny, weak, and pathetic human girl -- darted forward and shoved her knife into Beezle's wing. Even Raffe cringed as Beezle leaned his head back and howled to the moon. He spread his wings in an attempt to shake her off, but she held on for her life. The staff almost pierced Raffe with all the movement, but he managed to roll out of the way. She then used the knife to boost herself up; he could hear the tear of skin as the weapon carved its way lower to help her climb.

    love"I'll kill you, damned monkey!" Beezle screamed. "I'll fucking rip you to shreds!"

    loveIn response, she pulled out her sword and raised it high as a prayer; with one smooth motion, she pierced him right through the collar bone, blood splattering any nearby canvas.

    love"I'm the worst fucking monkey you have ever met!"

    loveBut Beezle had managed to twist his arm and grab her shirt, flinging her into the wall with such force that Raffe was sure he heard cracks, though whether from bone or plaster was still to be known. Her eyes blacked out and Beezle grabbed the hilt of the sword; blood had splattered onto his chin and was spilling from his collar bone like a leak. He snarled at his own weakness, hands slippery with sweat.

    love"When I get this off of me," Beezle growled, "I'll slaughter the both of you."

    loveAs if I'd wait for that. Raffe lunged for the fallen staff. The metal seared the palm of his hands; the staff, repulsed at foreign hands, heatedly bit off layers of skin, but Raffe gripped it tightly through sheer willpower and positioned himself in front of the frozen demon. Gray eyes grappled with red eyes.

    love"This is from the rat and monkey." The black metal plunged right through Beezle's heart, cutting its way to the other side of flesh. It wasn't as climatic as expected; there had been a light noise on impact, a small grunt, but no scream, no beg for mercy. Beezle never disconnected eye contact, never lowered his upper lift out of its sneer, even as the blackness ate away his sight. He had been a hell of a soldier and a hell of a comrade, in the old days, anyways.

    loveRaffe collapsed to his knees, his trying to control his breathing. His palms were burned and his back was bleeding and his body hurt like hell -- but dammit it, he was still kicking. The knife wounds would heal quickly enough; demonic wounds, on the other hand, took longer for his body to fix, but that was no big deal, 'cause the rat and monkey just kicked fucking ass. There was a sort of ring to it, he had to admit.

    loveThe wing turned to sand when Raffe pulled the knife out, cleaning it on his pants and then sliding it next to the girl. He took the ginger's knife and glanced at all the fallen bodies. The first guy he kicked down looked the cleanest, and he was knocked out pretty good. All the better for Raffe as he cut out strips from the stranger's shirt, using it to awkwardly bandage his back as tightly as he could. He almost wished he had taken up her offer -- almost. The leftover strips he wrapped around his hands, unconsciously irritating the wound to keep from thinking of how right it felt to be hold a demonic staff and how his was so much more beautiful and majestic than Beezle's.

    loveIt would be sunlight soon. Maybe then he could get a move on, find another place to rest up for the last few hours of darkness. Raffe looked back at the girl.

    loveRat and monkey, eh?

    loveShe did save his life.

    loveCarefully, he stepped over the bodies and slowly sat down beside her. Hopefully she would wake up soon. Raffe highly doubted that the other living human would attack them upon gaining consciousness, not with all the dead people laying around; then again, maybe he would and she'd do that funny thing where she climbed on other people's back before killing them. He closed his eyes, tired, and waiting.

    o o c : so i was thinking that maybe dead demon bodies turned to sand
    by dawn or removal of the weapon(s)? and i added a little extra lore, like
    with the demon staff burning; hope that's okay >.<
  14. Sayomi gasped as she woke up. Coughing as she sat up she looked around, breathing heavily. She could feel the broken rib or ribs, not sure how many was broken only at least one. Holy shit.. That sucked..

    When her green eyes landed on the man, she couldn't keep the surprise from showing in her face. "I figured you would have left." She tried to think of reasons why he would stay and couldn't come up with anything.

    Slowly she stood wincing with pain as she straightened. When she looked at him, she knew that she needed to stitch where his wings had been. She wasn't sure how to tell him that she had figured out his secret. She debated how as she went over and started to dig around in her bag. Pulling out a large ace bandage, she faced away taking off her shirt.

    Scattered all across her back and wrapping around to her front were fresh scars and wounds still healing. The largest started at her hip and made a U shape up to the back of her shoulder. Parts of it were still being held together by stitches awkwardly placed. She wrapped the ace around her breasts and chest to minimize the movement of her ribs. Once she was content with the tightness she replaced her shirt.

    "Whether you want it or not. I'm sewing you up. If you aregue, I'll jab the needle in your neck." She was not taking no for answer. Even if he healed faster if they kept reopening as they had been they would never heal and he would get some sort of infection.. if demons got them. She had nearly no knowledge on them. She pulled out the curved needle and the absorption thread.

    Walking back to him, Sayomi turned him a little and positioned herself behind him. As the torment of the living hell she was in, she didn't care anymore what happened. She had enough pain to not be effected by it too much mentally, just letting it numb both her body and her mind. She pulled up his shirt and took the binding off he had placed, looking at the wounds. She didn't wait for his consent before she started stitching one closed.

    "So question.." She said softly. She decided better now then never. "How many times have you called me monkey in your head in the handful of hours you have been around me?" She wanted to bring it up as lightly as possible not knowing how he would take it. "And do you call all humans that.. Or is it because of my small statue?" She finished one side and knotted it off, then started in the other side in an effortless motion. His stitches were perfection compared to the ones she had managed to do on herself.

    OCC: it's alright. I like the idea! Sorry mines so short. I'm just not sure what she is supposed to say since she is not sure how to react because of her not sure how to bring up that she knew.
  15. ughThe monkey coughed awake just as the skies began to lighten. The sun had yet to rise up, but the once starry night had dissolved into a dim gray. The surprise on her face was as obvious as the lingering pain on his.

    ugh"I figured you would have left," she said.

    ughHe glanced at her and thought of something obnoxious to say. "You're welcome."

    ughRaffe could tell that her eyes were on him. The skin on the back of his hand prickled and tingled in the same way when angels were analyzing him before a fight, but she quickly looked away to dig around in her bag. He didn't remember why he had decided to stick around, especially now that she was standing full height and he was reminded of her small stature.

    ughShe faced away from him and pulled off her shirt. Raffe averted his eyes out of courtesy, though he had seen plenty of naked bodies being tortured in hell, female and male alike. Before dropping his gaze to the ground, he had caught the sight of her breaking skin and half-healed scars. She had had it tough here, out in the Apocalypse -- then again, they all had it tough, demons, angels, and humans alike (though it was easy to forget that the squirming monkeys darting out of alleyways were anything other than a nuisance).

    ughWhen she was done, she moved her attention to Raffe, and before he could pin her down or knock her out, she threatened to jab him with the needle and had already positioned herself behind him.

    ughStupid monkey.

    ughMaybe she wasn't that smart. Maybe she would see the scars and the clues wouldn't click and she would just bandage him up and they'd be on their merry happy way. He winced when he felt the cool air hit his scabbed skin, relaxing when it soothed the pain, but then the needle and thread invaded and he was cringing for other reasons.

    ugh"So, question..." she started softly.

    ughI have a bad feeling about this...

    ugh"How many times have you called me monkey in your head in the handful of hours you have been around me?"

    ughHe tensed under her fingers.

    ugh"And do you call all humans that.. Or is it because of my small statue?"

    ughOf course the monkey that he gets saddled with has to have a working brain. Of course. The fear of it happening was always in the back of his mind, but he hadn't thought that the possibility would actually come to fruition. He didn't have a lie to save his hide, though now that he thought about it, he should've kept one in reserve.

    ughBut despite that, his mouth started to move and make words without his permission.

    ugh"We call all you humans that." What would she say now? What would she say if he told her he used to scoop monkeys up by the barrel-full and send them back to hell with a bow on their head and an apple in their mouth, ready to be devoured. What would she say if he told her that on normal days he'd rip her kind out their skin by their spine and watch them squirm for the last painful seconds of their life? "But you are indeed one of the smaller monkeys." One of the smarter ones, too, but he wasn't going to tell her that.

    ugh"How...did you figure it out?"

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  16. Her soft fingers pressed against his warm skin as she finished the one side. She tied it and then moved over to the other side, which seemed to be a little worse than the other. As Sayomi stitched away, she wasn't sure exactly how to explain how she came to her conclusion. She wasn't sure if it would make sense to him.

    "He called you a rat. That is a person insult, I guess if you want to call it that. A rat is usually something that one sees as grotesque and sneaky. They go around others to try and help themselves one way or another, not caring who or what they take out." She finished the side she was on and knotted it.

    Gently she ran a finger over the skin and stitches to make sure it would heal properly and evenly. "If you were a human, he would have called you a monkey too, not use something personal."

    She stood up and went over to her bag, putting the stuff away. She pulled out her last bottle of water, and took a small drink. "You keep acting like you are better than me, but if I had run like you told me to, you would be dead. I saw the fear on your face the moment he showed up. You expected us both to die." She put the bottle back in its place and then threw the bag over her shoulders as she collected the sword and knife.

    "I honestly couldn't give a flying fuck what you are. Anymore demons angels and humans Andre all the same." She paused for a moment, looking at him "At least everyone expected the demons to kill us, but angels, who everyone thought would protect us, gather us up and use us as bait for demons."

    Pain and exhaustion still held on her, but she knew that there wasn't much she could do. She had to get moving. She couldn't wait around to be attacked yet again. She was lucky to be alive. "I know I'm going to die. Probably soon. I'm just trying to die content with my own actions. I don't care about how the world is. I'll help where possible. And obviously have no issues killing. I'm just waiting for my time."

    She watched him again. She waited less for an answer and more to figure out where he was going. She figured she would go the opposite way.

    (That's crazy! I have had my hair like every color known to man! My grandma didn't necessarily like it.. but she put up with it.. why would she be so mean!)
  17. yah"He called you a rat."

    yahRaffe tensed when she said it. He didn't know why, but he just did. In all honesty, Beezle had always called him that, ever since their first meeting, and even when Raffe had kicked his ass at sparring. It wasn't as if he was the smaller than the rest of the demons; they were all relatively the same size. Beezle was always the one that was just an inch or two shorter than the rest. Maybe it was some sort of complex. Maybe it was because Raffe's fury didn't blacken and burn like everybody else's. Or maybe Beezle thought he was grotesque.

    yahWhatever the reason, it stuck, and Raffe had been branded a rat by many others.

    yah"Maybe," Raffe replied. "Maybe I don't care. But that's a common demon trait, don't you think?"

    yahShe ran her fingers over his patched skin, her gossamer touches gathering goosebumps along his spine.

    yah"You keep acting like you are better than me, but if I had run like you told me to, you would be dead."

    yah"True." He smiled down at his smooth palms.

    yah"I saw the fear on your face the moment he showed up. You expected us both to die."

    yahRaffe frowned then, remembering the jumpstart of his non-existent heart at that moment. "Also true." His eyes followed her movements while she gathered her belongings, a tiny little mammal with so many sharp objects. Was that deadly? Or was it just funny?

    yah"I honestly couldn't give a flying fuck what you are."

    yahHe pushed himself off his knees and onto his feet, steadying himself with the wall. Gently, he probed at his back, at the makeshift bridge of thread pulling his lump of flesh together, keeping him from falling apart. It was almost depressing to think that their feeble methods of recovery would work on demons with power and status as he.

    yah"Ah, yes, the angels, those two-faced-pigeons..." The hand on the wall curled into a fist and he sneered at her, without really meaning to sneer at her. It was meant for the damn maggots that were lucky to have rotten white feathers, but she just happened to be in the general vicinity of his glare. "Everyone thinks they're so wonderful, but white can be a very evil color." And bat wings could be very freeing, but he didn't want to tell her that.

    yah"I know I'm going to die. Probably soon."

    yah"Again, true --"

    yah"I don't care about how the world is. I'll help where possible."

    yahAnd this was why he always found himself clawing back up to the surface area, to breathe the wretched, smogged and clogged air of Earth, to walk amongst the fat, smelly, stupid monkeys.

    yah"You're an interesting bunch of monkeys. I'll give you that much," he said, eyeing her pain and exhaustion and recognizing it in every person he'd seen. And desperation -- desperation to live, but her fire was already extinguished, her wings already cut off. It was possible that they were more alike than he bargained for. And more trouble than he wanted, but only time could prove his gut feeling correct.

    yahThe dimness of night was beginning to fade more dramatically. Soon, there would be a tiny buzz of insects and maggots -- and he didn't mean the ones on the trees. Beezle's body would fade to ashes and sand soon. He would need to leave, find a way back, find his wings, his staff (his pride). However...he did have a debt.

    yah"I'll go with you," Raffe announced with no qualms about staring her in the eyes. "You saved my life. Sort of, for a monkey, but even demons have a code that we are bound by." He couldn't say the same for Beezle, unfortunately. "I'll stick around until I repay my debt, and then we can split ways, and you go off to rot or help or whatever it is and I'll pursue my agenda. For now, wherever you go, I'll go, monkey leader."

    yahHe tested out his shoulder, stretching it and rolling it back. There was a burst of pain, warning him not to push his body for a stretch, but he was pleased that there was no more blood spilling out of his back like some sort of leaky faucet, and his burnt hands were happily healing.

    yah"And, actually, you won't die soon." Raffe gave a pointed look at her hands. "Your palms. Long life line," he explained. "You'll survive. Maybe even take out a few demons and angels along the way."

    o o c : whew! this one was long >.< if only because i've been off for so long lmao.
    oh but yeah, grandma's crazy -- i shoulda already knownnn it....
    but nice to hear that you're in the non-virgin-hair club :3 lol.[/B][/B]
  18. "In complete honesty, do you want to know what I think of demons?" She walked over again to him, holding her small stature tall. Her green eyes looked straight into his, unwavering. "You are no different than any other animal. You fight for what you must do to survive. You have a chain of command, much like any other animal. You hunt and kill and stick to your species. You have your biggest threat, the angels, that people favor over you for some reason that truly doesn't matter." She held his glare still. She wanted someone to at least hear her thoughts on the matter before she died, no matter how little it mattered.

    "You have just evolved beyond what our humans have, but you are still in basis the same. Meaning more on looks wise obviously. If you take away the wings, one wouldn't know the difference." Sayomi finally broke the contact and looked out the window, seeing the sun rising, bringing on the fear of the day that it was to be.

    As she watched outside, she began to wonder how much she should bother to tell him. She knew he didn't care. She was just a monkey to him. So why would it matter to him what she said. "Humans are just angry for being treated like cattle." She finally decided to finish on that. After he commented on how most thought that demons were.

    Before too long, she saw the sneer that seemed to be geared towards her and she paused. She said something to upset him, which didn't bother her any. Then he spoke of white and how evil it could be. "Sometimes the people holding the worst plans are those hiding in the white of sheep's skin."

    Sayomi fell silent as she got closer to the window. She looked at the sun and then to the east. It was nearly time. The angels would be out to hunt pretty soon. She was about to comment on it when he said that he would go with her. Not able to keep it in, her jaw dropped for a moment as she stared at him. "You don't want to go with me. Trust me." She watched him. She was unsure of what to say. To convince him that she was just a walking death trap.

    "I have escaped from humans, I have escaped from angels. It nearly split me in half, but I escaped. You say that I have a long life line, I say it's just a permanent crease from so many hours at the surgery table." Finally words escaped her mouth. They were kind of slow, as she thought of what to say. Even she didn't expect that or anything close to what he said.

    Sayomi ran a hand through her hair as she sighed. Her size had proven to be both a blessing and a curse in the hell that had risen to earth. She had no idea where to go, she didn't even know why she bothered to continue to keep moving. There was no place safe, just some worse than others.

    "Look. I have no idea why I'm running, or where I'm running to. I'm sure you have some sort of vengeance out on the people you once called your comrades. Though, I am truthfully not sure what good that would even do." Her eyes started to twinkle as something came to her mind. Whatever it was, she did not express it. She held it in her head, pondering. She was starting to wonder if she had an idea of how to end everything. Not that she could execute it, but it gave her something to look at.

    "The angels will be out very shortly to hunt more humans. They are easy to track their movements. Much like an algorithm. The follow the same sequence on what they assume is random. They will come to this. They will know there is a wounded demon some where. You may not like me, but I'm not going to sentence you to possible death by following me around. Consider us even on the basis that if you had not been here, I would have been killed by the humans. And it would not have been a pleasant death."

    Sayomi placed her hands in her hips as she finished. She was a stubborn girl, and would not allow for him to follow her until she "rotted". She didn't touch on that she doubted her body would make it to rotting. She sighed once more and pulled a map from a pouch on her bag. She walked over and handed it to him.

    "This gives the times and days that they will go to each quadrant and from where. You want to take our as many angels as possible, and maybe redeem whatever you did to get your wings torn off.. then follow that. Get your buddy's in as many areas on the same days. Once you strike, they will change the algorithm. But I would imagine if a massacre went down they would assume a traitor and their ranks would waver."

    She walked over to the back door, finally deciding to go west, away from the direction the angels would come. Before stepping out, she wore a genuine smile on her face. "Consider it a gift. No matter who wins, humans are screwed. At least you are forward with your antics unlike the angels." She said no more as she walked off. She wouldn't start running until she knew for sure where she was deciding to go.
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