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  1. Well it has been three years of living in the Wilson's house and we all finally got out. Once Kaine and Xavier turned 18 they left and joined up with Scottie. Kaine then found he was the heir to a fortune and the three boys moved into his deceased family member's mansion. Kaine then hired a lawyer to take down the Wilson's and free the younger kids. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are currently is prison, but Lloyd is not. Since all of the younger kids now needed a home Kaine offered to make his family home a home for all of the children from the Wilson's.

    The Mansion (open)

    Character Sheet

    Gender: (only accepting males)

    Name: Xavier
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: He is very protective of the kids (especially Skye) and hates when they are hurt, he often says things without thinking which gets him in trouble a lot. He stresses out a lot trying to take care of the kids, a lot has changed in three years and he doesn't like the change, all of his younger siblings are growing up and pushing him away and he hates it, he still see's the kids as children and sometimes treated them like they are still little kids.
    Skye is like a little brother to him, he loves spending time with him.
    Summer while Xavier doesn't care about him as much as Skye, he still cares about the little demon.
    Dante and Xavier have a complicated friendship....we'll leave it at that
    Kaine is Xavier's bestfriend
    Stelios is greatly missed by Xavier after his parents came back, he loves when his little bro comes to visit
    Scottie is someone Xavier is very grateful for, he helped Xavier and Kaine get on their feet when they first turned 18.
    Sean and Xavier became closer once Stelios left, both had been extremely close to Stelios (although Xavier isn't sure why Sean and Stelios were close) and him leaving hut them both hard.
    What has changed in the past three years: Xavier really hasn't changed much in the past three years, except now he is helping Kaine and Scottie to take care of their "siblings" so he becomes stressed out easily as the inspectors are always breathing down his neck.
    Other: He still has his metal Cross around his neck
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  2. Name:
    Stelios Cadwell (last name changed when he found out what it really was)
    Age: (remember this is three years later)
    16 (Turning 17 in a month)
    Appearance: (you can post the old picture, just say a few changes ex. they are now 5ft. 2in.
    Stelios has been different since his early teenage years with Xavier and his other brothers, he isn't as enthusiastic and happy as he was before, he mostly thinks of the positiveness. He fights a lot with his family, but he still loves them. He hates being yelled at so if he does he will yell back, put in his earbuds or walk away. Stelios has a kind heart for his little brother Daniel, since they don't fight and they get along. Stelios feels stressed a lot from school and from his family which is how he got the attitude.
    Relationships: (friendly and romantic)
    Xavier He hadn't seen him in roughly two years, which when he meets him he won't get along with very well. But he still loves Xavier a lot.
    Kaine: Because of the boys responsibility, he fights with him a lot when Kaine yells at him or disagrees with him.
    Scottie: He ignores Scottie a lot, but they do argue but not as much with Xavier and Kaine.
    Sean: He hadn't talked with him in a while, which will be awkward when he does.
    Skye and Summer: He finds the two annoying at times, which irrates him sometimes, but he still loves them.
    Dante: He doesn't fight with him a lot, they actually get along quiet well, he would be one of the ones he finds 'easy to get along with'
    Daniel: His biological brother, which he takes care of and loves a lot. He also gets along great with him.
    What has changed in the past three years: (do they now like someone, hate someone, are dating someone)
    Stelios now has a bad attitude and acts rude to his brothers, he has a hate-love relationship with his brother Xavier.
    Stelios isn't in the closet anymore, but hasn't told his brothers yet.
    His parents were rich and got him a car
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  3. Do you want to make a CS for Daniel?
  4. oh yeah i was just about to (btw you forgot karma and sean)
  5. btw i feel really bad for Xavier when he sees him again (he hasn't seen him in two years)
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  6. (Oops....I really don't know what to put....)
  7. (for sean or Karma?)
  8. (Found something for Sean, but Xavier and Karma never interacted except to say I'll figure out something, I'm thinking the opening plot could be Stelios coming to stay with the boys (and Karma) for the weekend, possibly bringing Daniel. Stelios pushes Xavier away which makes him sad, and Xavier becomes jealous of Daniel's relationship with Stelios.....everyone else has to find their own plots haha)
  9. lol just to tell you he hasn't seen you in a while, which he finds your adress because Xavier gave it to him about two years ago, then he finds you guys but he may not be what he was before
  10. (That's what I mean Xavier will be all "Stelly you're back it will be just like the old days" and Stelios will be like "no screw you")
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  11. lol that will be great
  12. Name:
    Daniel Cadwell
    Age: (remember this is three years later)
    seven (turning eight in two weeks)
    Appearance: (you can post the old picture, just say a few changes ex. they are now 5ft. 2in.
    Daniel is very positive, he will be really nice to you and doesn't know when someone is being sarcastic. He is very hyper and energetic, which he will always wanna do fun things. He love meeting new people and is always welcoming, he may not know when somebody is being mean to him. He is very fun and will do different things to entertain you.
    Relationships: (friendly and romantic)
    Stelios: He is very close with his older brother Stelios who looks out for him.
    Xavier: Stelios told him that he was very responsible, and he would was one of his favorite brothers.
    Kaine: He said that they would get in arguments some times, but he loved him a lot.
    Sean: He had said that he was very close with him and very good friends.
    Skye and Summer: He didn't know Summer for long, but he loved Skye like a little brother.
    Dante: He told him that he had problems with him at first, but learnt to get along
    What has changed in the past three years:
    He has grown an attachment with his brother Stelios who has just came back three years ago
    He has a necklace with his name on it.
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  13. (This is just a suggestion if you are board, you could make something in the relationship section of what Daniel thinks of everyone based on what Stelios told him)

    ( @Kaz @Madeline @Tart @Kitsune @Dramma @SgShallow you guys go into post your CS?)
  14. oh not a bad idea
  15. [​IMG]

    | Sean McCarthy
    | 16

    | Male
    | Gay
    | Depressed Sad Lonely HeartBreaker Asshole

    | Kaine - Always really liked Kaine but realized that he wouldn't like him back is now slightly awkward around him.
    | Xavier - Sees him more as an older brother and likes to pick fights with him
    | Stelios - Ever since he left for his family Sean hated him, and spiraled into a downward depression. Whenever he sees Stelios he gets angry and throws a fit.
    | Skye & Summer - Seeing Skye and Summer being younger he is a douche to them always finding it funny to make them run to Xavier

    | Dante - Treats him like Skye and Summer really doesn't like him and pushes him away
    | Karma - Wants to be Karma's friend but doesn't know what to say or do.
    | Scottie - Hates Scottie as he always picks fights, anyone who is older then him makes him angry as they think they can protect him.

    | Ever since 3 years ago when Stelly left Sean became a total douche, he always found boyfriends on the internet and would hate you if you brought them up. He picks fights with almost everyone just because he still can't deal with Stelly choosing his family over him, after all his family let him go through Sean hated him. Now he spends most of his days in his room on the internet blaring sad songs, self harming, and trying to become an internet sensation.
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  16. damn Sean and Stelly really changed lol. this will get interesting when he finally sees him come to the mansion.
  17. (And everyone just hates Xavier haha)
  18. lol stelios has a mix relationship with him at the moment
  19. Well all Sean really changed was how he took his sadness, before he took it and tried to make others happy now he's taking it and turning it into anger
  20. (Why exactly does he have mixed feelings about Xavier?)
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