The Willows

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  1. Avril is a fairy who has just been appointed leader of a scout army to search "The Willows" where no one has ever returned.
    Avril is determined but she has been inside The Willows for three weeks and no other living things have approached them.

    Half her scouts are dead and the few who are left are being taken over by insomnia, hunger,paranoia or have been posesed by the spirits of those who have died there. with water and food dwindling avril is beginning to lose hope she finally wonders if this actually is the end of her short little life.

    fairies aren't from the story books they are human sized and use dark arts (you can have a weapon but dont be to overpowered with your weapon\magic ^^)

    please describe what you are like\personality and if you can post a picture would be great but describing your looks is fine :)
    have fun but dont be stupid ya know?
  2. (ignore the one i wrote above)
    Character Name: William Dewitt
    Age: 19
    Physical Description: William is quite tall and is well build and a slightly pale complexion. He has straight black hair with a blue stripe through it that goes down to his right eye . His eyes are a ice blue color that can often be mistaken for a gray shade due to the mixture of color in them.
    Personality: William mind tends to drift in a dark direction, and he is fascinated by his inventions . He dislikes most people he does not know.
    History: William grew up just like any normal child despite the interaction with Dark Arts within his family. He was an only child and his mother still hated him, . As a child william spent a lot of time in his room reading

  3. avril is stubborn and determined once she has her mind set on something you cant unconvinced her
    she is a vicious fighter at times and doesnt get sarcasm has quite a short temper also
  4. the pic didnt show up sorry ">_>
  5. avril
    uses magic mostly
    vicious fighter most of the time doesnt get sarcasm and gets annoyed easily.
    short and lost her best friend to the willows she doesnt take crap from no one
  6. "we just need to keep moving, okay we will set up camp later!"
    Avril shouts
  7. yup sorry my laptop is being stupid
  8. William was in his workshop near the camp.He was currently fixing one of there weapons oil covered his hands and face as he worked.
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  9. avril rubs her temples and walks toe=wards the workshop "almost done? cause we need to keep moving" sits down and then rubs both eyelids
  10. William turns to Avril now wiping his hands with a dark rag "Yeah nearly,this thing is really busted up though" he says quickly glancing back at the weapon on the table
  11. JOINING 0^0 hope its ok

    Name: Raven Darksky
    Age: looks 10 but is 14.
    she sweet and child like. she can be mean and stubborn as hell. she also fogetfull when she wants to be *wink*
  12. "good... you're the cosest i have left to a sane person i can trust all those people out there are loons.. atleast their eyes havent turned fully black yet"

    yeah its fine [MENTION=3051]Demon[/MENTION] lord chi
  13. William wipes the oil off his face and start to pack up his stuff still waiting for avrils response
  14. "When are we leaving?" William asks not thinking he has not enough time to pack away his equitment
  15. gets up "now take what you need hurry up and watch your back" leaves the workshop and swings her pack onto her bag
  16. Raven runns around with the other kids her age but then remamberd Will. "got to go Im it when i get back" she runns over to Wills work to bummp into someone. "hey watch where your going" she said at the Person in frount of her all though she bummped in to them. with that she ran off to sneck into Wills work shop. "WILLLLYYYY hello" she called out to him with a smirk then notice a lady. "oh you going already Willy"
  17. William was currently packing his stuff away to notice raven walk into his workshop
  18. avril sees raven and glares at her " were leaving so hurry up or im leaving you to the spirits!" avril shouts with venom
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