The Will of 'Gods'

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  1. This is a one[x]one with my friend SomethingCreative.... :bananaman:

    Once more, the news was filled with the seemingly same headlines. Another woman has been reported missing today, taken from her home in the dead of night. A man struggled for his life as he was kidnapped yesterday night from a bowling alley parking lot. All in different locations, different types of people and in a small time span. You watch it every day on the news, the number of missing people growing to unfathomable amounts, but you still think it won’t happen to me. Well…

    It just did.

    You have just been kidnapped by two powerful vampires who plan to use you for your “many talents”, and by “talents”, they mean your body, blood, and undying cooperation. They have the power of brainwashing and have used it to paint the lies that bind each man and woman to their home in a secluded area in Maine. The guards and girls- each one now known as maidens- believe they are stuck between life and death on Mount Olympus. They are servants of the gods and goddesses, but if they are lucky enough, they will be able to move on to a better realm. If they are to escape, the gods and goddesses cannot protect them from the large hungry beast that surrounds the castle.

    You are trapped here, but not to worry. There are people looking for you, but, more importantly, there are people looking for them. Werewolves from the surrounding areas have been in search of the corrupted vampires with no luck. They have been close to catching the kidnapping duo, but ultimately failed. Now, they are doing a full out manhunt- or vampire hunt- to take down this whole operation, but will you be able to survive until then?

    What you will need for your character:
    -Age (no children or really old people lol)
    - Description(detailed)/picture
    -Werewolf, maiden, or guard (cannot be vampires)
    -If werewolf- description of wolf form or picture.
    -History- optional
    -Pet peeve(s)
    -Turn on(s)
    -Turn off(s)

    You can do whatever, just have this information…
    [Note, there is only one human that can withstand the brainwashing.]



    Guards are free game

  2. [​IMG]
    Age: appears to be 25 but she is hundreds of years old
    She is a vampire who claims to be the Greek Goddess Artemis
    Personality: Artemis is easily angered and not as quick to please. She tends to be selfish, self-involved, and self-motivated. She is demanding, manipulating, catty, and acts as though the world revolves around her, which in her demented world, it does.
    Habits:Other than the habit of kidnapping and killing people, she has a tendency to proclaim everything she says- like it is an order rather than a comment or question.
    Pet peeves: Rebellious attitudes
    Turn ons: submissive men, physically in shape, and humans
    Turn offs: Overbearing men, too much hair, and fat people


    Age: Appears to be 27 but is much older
    Vampire who claims to be the Greek god Apollo
    Personality: Apollo is extra sweet and flirtatious with the girls, even though they are ‘zombies’. Towards everyone else, he is cold, distance, and tends to let his partner, Artemis, take the reins. He is a submissive to only her, allowing his more dominant side out on the ladies. Like his partner, he tends to be selfish, demanding, and he seems to be suffering from large amounts of narcissism. He usually stays levelheaded and calm in most intense situations, but on occasion he loses him temper.
    Habits: Play with his hair- strives towards his man beauty
    Turn ons: Women, small figures, and nice hair
    Turn offs: hairy women, bad teeth, and commitment.
  3. [​IMG]
    Kori Leigh Adair
    Age: 25
    Personality: Sarcastic but with a good sense of humor. She is not the type to be easily swayed yet she has a soft spot for people in need. She holds true to her beliefs and doesn't take shit from people who get in the way of her goals. Very strong willed and direct.
    Habits: Smoker, bites her fingernails
    Pet Peeves: Indecisiveness. People who "talk but don't say anything" (She likes people who get to the point).
    Turn Ons: Confidence, sense of humor
    Turn Offs: Guys shorter than her, narcissists, insecurity

    Marina Claire Reid
    Age: 20
    Personality: Timid and easily swayed. Has a kind heart but is very naive. She also tends to overreact to tense situations.
    Habits: Plays with her hair when she's nervous
    Pet Peeves: Messy hair
    Turn Ons: Tall athletic men, gentlemen
    Turn Offs: guys who are boring, fidgety, or touchy

    Neil Ty Criswell
    Age: 23
    Personality: A total goof-ball. When he's human he has a hard time being serious (but CAN be when the situation calls for it). When he's a wolf he lopes around chasing bugs and irritating his pack members. He is a little oblivious when it comes to other's feelings and has a hard time reading body language. But despite this, he is an altogether good guy who will go out of his way to help others and is an extremely loyal friend. He always looks at a situation in a positive way.
    Habits: When he becomes focused on a task he starts humming or whistling.
    Pet Peeves: People who are mean to animals.
    Turn Ons: Cute, timid girls
    Turn Offs: Bad teeth, overbearing personality​
  4. [​IMG]
    Jude Micah Tanner
    Personality: Jude is a natural born leader, which is why he was the natural choice for pack-master. He keeps order amongst his pack, and rarely let’s his emotions rule him. He has his own sense of justice and uses his strength to enforce ‘his’ laws. Though he tends to be more on the serious side, Jude is sometime seen goofing off with his pack mates.
    Habit(s): he cracks his knuckles when he is trying to think.
    Pet peeve(s): People who blame anything but themselves for their failures, people who break the law
    Turn on(s): Independent thinkers, blue eyes, and uniqueness.
    Turn off(s): Body odor, clingy people, and under appreciative people.

    Dmitri Cole Everett
    Personality: He is a bit on the cocky side, swaying women at will. He is aggressive, hot tempered, and a bit overly protective of the people close to him- his pack mainly. Though he has trouble respecting authority, he respects Jude, even when he goes against all his decision.
    Habit(s): Flirts with girls at every chance he gets, bites nails
    Pet peeve(s): When you can't tell if someone is male or female.
    Turn on(s): Women… In general, good sense of humor, and courage
    Turn off(s): Stuck up women, too much makeup, and whiners.

    Lukas Conner Batcher
    Personality: Luke is the ‘baby’ of the pack. He is treated with great care, and because of that, he is spoiled rotten. He has a carefree attitude, taking things as lightly as possible, and has an annoying optimistic air about him.
    Habit(s): Scratching the stubble on his chin when he gets nervous
    Pet peeve(s): People who stare
    Turn on(s): Energetic attitudes, Charisma, Someone who depends on him
    Turn off(s): seriousness, pessimism, and liars.

    Codi Michelle Nelson
    Personality: Being one of the very few female werewolves, she has to put on a tough exterior to blend in with the guys. She has a sarcastic sense of humor and rarely expresses her feelings. She is a good tracker and is quite intelligent. However, she is like a ticking time bomb because she bottles up her emotions, and if she ever loses her temper, it will be more like an explosion rather than a small flame.
    Habit(s): She bites her lower lip if her is confused or worried.
    Pet peeve(s): People who are late and people who stare
    Turn on(s): Someone tougher than she is, someone who can make her smile, and physically in shape.
    Turn off(s): Overly optimistic people, people who cannot take a joke, selfishness
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  5. Apollo
    The new girl struggled, arousing more than one thing in Apollo. Her strength was beautiful, but would never do in the place she was going to live now. He jerked her face toward him and grinned at her rebellious glare. He stared into her blue-green eyes and demanded in a harsh whisper, “You will obey me, be still.” Apollo’s psychological control was even stronger than Artemis, so controlling this simple female should be a walk in the park. Without a second thought, he tossed her to the floor with a smirk. This new girl was awakening the deep, animalistic need that only a female could satisfy. Artemis would kill him if he had his way with the new girl in such an untimely matter, plus he had a beautiful human goddess waiting for him. “Artemis, I am going to see Kaliope. You can handle the rest.” Without a second thought, he exited the room and headed to his private quarters.

    At once glance, Artemis knew she kidnapped a keeper. The girl had a sturdy frame, a small waist, and an attitude that could kill a bull. It wasn’t like her attitude would be important after Artemis wipes her pitiful mind clean of everything she is. She noticed a familiar glint in Apollo’s eyes when he handled the new girl. This one might not last very long. Then she heard him mention the pretty little flavor he was draining this week, Kaliope, and she gave him a smile; his self-restraint was dually noted. Artemis stood before the girl that was now sprawled on the floor, and commanded, “On your knees. My name is Artemis, my partner is Apollo. I do not care what your name was, as of now you are a nameless maiden of little to no importance!”
  6. Kori
    Kori was tossed none-too gently into a cramped room that was bare except for a couple trunks sitting on the marble floor. The woman standing in the doorway was wearing some sort of greek dress like a toga, and on her feet were gladiator sandals. She barked out an order for Kori to get on her knees. Kori was pissed to say the least. The woman declaring herself as "Artemis" stood there with her arms crossed and head held high, daring Kori to test her authority. Kori glared and spit in her direction. Artemis chuckled haughtily. "Your bravado is impressive," she said slowly as she walked toward Kori. She lowered her face to Kori's level and said in a deep and sultry voice, "But you will be ours all the same."

    Marina sat alone, curled up on her bed reading when there was a loud rap at the door. It was opened before she could reply. She put her book down as two guards came in through the door, one of them carrying the new maiden who was asleep. She was dropped onto the other bed and both guards left without a word. Marina hopped up excitedly and kneeled next to the new girl's bed, tucking her dress under her knees delicately. The maiden was older than her by a few years, more mature looking. There was dirt smeared across her forehead. When Marina saw it, she quickly tip-toed into the little bathroom that was attatched to their room and came back out with a damp wash cloth. As she started to clean the maiden's forehead her eyes started to flutter open. Marina jumped back and fell on her rear. The new maiden sat up in a jolt, taking in huge gulps of air as if she had holding her breath under water.
    "I... I'm sorry for scaring you..." Marina said in an embarassed whisper. "I was trying to clean the smudge on your face..." The woman just stared at her for a second.
    "Where the hell am I?"
    Marina was slightly taken aback at the maiden's language but quickly brightened at the answer she was going to give her. She straightened up and beamed as she announced, "We're on Mount Olympus!"
    The new maiden raised an eyebrow incredulously. "Excuse me?" she asked, leaning forward as if she hadn't heard her correctly.
    Marina smiled. "It's okay, I didn't believe it at first either. But then I was enlightened! The gods have hand chosen the maidens and even the guards of this palace. We are truly blessed to be here!" The maiden stared at her for a moment almost horrified, then hunched forward deep in thought. "Hey. Let's not talk about that now though. I'll let you rest for a bit and then I'll show you around." Marina turned to leave but stopped halfway to the door and turned around. "We aren't really supposed to call each other by our old names but most of us maidens do anyway. I'm Marina. What's your name?"
    The woman sat up and looked at her. "Kori."