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  1. Freemont, Northwestern Texas. 4/26/2063

    The world as we once knew it is now gone, a sickness has come in and destroyed people by the millions. No country, no place was safe from it's affects you just had to be lucky enough to be immune. There is no cure, and will never be a cure it seems.. however for some reason everyone stopped dying. The country has turned to shit, the major cities are nothing more then desolate pieces of concrete sitting far off in the distance. War is spreading like wildfire, rebels, outlaws, all trying to take power. We are no longer divided into countries or states, simply cities or towns that are run by the inhabitants.

    I live in Freemont, one of the largest cities found in the Southern section of what used to be known as the United States. We are primarilly a mining community, the majority of work is directed to the iron mines owned by the one and only James E. Freemont. The population ranges at just over two thousand people, half of which work the mines. James Freemont was a business man, and seeing to how there was no formal government of form of currency that matter he began to hire people by using the bartering system. He offered a warm place to sleep, protection, and food for them and their family. In trade they worked within the extremely hazardous mines for twelve hours a day. But it beat's the outside world, the bandits that are more then eager to snatch up some poor souls, rob them blind then turn them into a quick meal. Yes indeed,

    Freemont isn't so bad after all.. it seems.
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    Character Name: Claire Freemont
    Gender: Female
    Age: Twenty
    Birthplace: The Wasteland
    Occupation: Medic


    Basic Physical description: She was not stunning, nor would she stand out amongst a crowd of her peers. She had soft elegant features which began with slightly rounded cheek bones and a subtly define chin. Eyes were a pale blue, contrasting well with the dirty blonder hair that was more often then not cut fairly short. She was thin and tall, easilly standing at five foot ten. Her physique was toned, however lacking a great deal of mass.
    Strengths: Intelligence, Quickness, Balance.
    Weaknesses: Strength, Combat experience.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To provide the people of Freemont medical care.
    Talents: Medical Knowledge, Reading and Writing, Speaks multiple languages.
    Inabilities: Most general personal skills.
    Fears: Death.
    General Personality: She could be called laid back, though in reality she is something of a loner. Known well throughout the community as the woman who runs the free clinic, her list of enemies is particularly short though that wasn't to say she had a multitude of friends. The people were thankful for her services, however she more often then not remained humbled and accepted them, while refusing any gifts.
    Inner Personality: See Above
    Secret: She desires to leave Freemont, and get away from her father's empire while exploring the world.


    General History: She was born in the madness of the infection, her mother had been a nurse while her father had been a banker. As the disease spread more and more people were dying off and at one point it was her mother that was struck. Her father did the only thing he could, they left her and set out for the country. There they waited and survived for just under twelve years, eventually joining up with a small group. The group of people began to grow, and eventually a town was formed. They voted in her father as the mayor, and from there the slow and steady corruption of the man begun.

    Present Life: Life is fairly simple now, and the majority of her day revolves around restocking supplies while sending in lists to her father for the retrieval of medical goods. More often then not she is forced to come up with 'makeshift' remedies for problems, due to the fact medical goods were hard to find and an inconsistant stream of them came in.

    Rules, Notes, and Information

    This roleplay centrals around the idea the world had been struck by a major disease. The majority of the population has passed away, and only recently has there been any signs of things beginning to return back to normal. The main scene of the roleplay revolves around Freemont and the surrounding area, though as the story progresses I'd be willing to add new venues.The technology in the roleplay is modern, however I'd imagine that a lot of 'modern' luxuries have been lost over time.

    To participate in the roleplay you must be able to post a minimum of seven sentences per post. Thank you.