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h e l l o ;


hi there. my name is aeon and i am currently looking for one rp partner. i am 23, i work and i am in school. i already have two going on, but i am looking to add one more to the family. before we go any further, take a look at my:

roleplay resume


r u l e s ;


⇢ 18+ only, please.

⇢ i consider my writing advanced, and i ask that yours be as well. grammar is important to me ic, i understand typos and mistakes, however.

⇢ be willing to play any gender. also, please be willing to play multiple characters.

i tend to write a lot. there are situations where writing 3 - 5 paragraphs is nearly impossible, but please do not give me one-liners.

⇢ i have no limits or triggers, but there are certain things that i will not roleplay. more on that later. if you have any limits or triggers, please let me know beforehand.

⇢ i am not currently looking for passive partners. i need someone who can throw ideas around as much as i do.

⇢ communication is key. i like a lot of ooc chat and getting to know one another. i also like constant communication as far as the rp goes. questions, ideas being bounced around, etc.

⇢ i prefer threads over pm's.

⇢ i aim for long term with possible sequels.

⇢ i enjoy romance in my plots, but i don't want it to be the main focus. i want the plot to be the main focus. if romance blooms, then so be it.

⇢ i prefer playing female because i am female. however, i am perfectly willing to play male if need be. that being said, i am definitely looking for male partners/people who wish to play male.

⇢ third person/past tense please.

⇢ i'm busy! i try to respond once/several times a day, but that doesn't always happen. if i haven't responded for several days, feel free to remind me. but please don't pester me and i won't pester you. on that note, i'm very friendly and really enjoy ooc chat. i like to get to know my partners!

⇢ b e k i n d . i'm not perfect and i welcome constructive criticism, but please do not be rude.


l o o k i n g f o r ;


so, before we get into this, there are some things that i will absolutely not roleplay. those things are as follows: incest, underage relationships, and furry. i'm sure there are others and i will add them to this list once i think of them.

things such as rape or sexual assault should be discussed beforehand. if it happens, it needs to be necessary to the plot. i will not, under any circumstances, role play unnecessary sexual trauma.

i like dark, gritty plots. high fantasy mixed with harsh realism. lots of worldbuilding and defined characters with complex and consistent personalities. i like violence and sex and passion and horror. characters that experience true to life emotions and are difficult to deal with.

i do not currently have any plots that i have/am not currently writing. so i'm just going to list different settings, genres and character ideas here and we can build a plot from there. it's going to be pretty difficult to get me to do anything realistic. i like epic and adventurous!

so, without further ado;

s c i - f i
future earth
colonized planets
war-torn galaxies
apocalyptic planets
space westerns

anything dealing with virtual/alternate reality


f a n t a s y
anything supernatural
angels and demons
haunted castles
ancient prophecies

secret artifacts
historic, modern, or future

royal courts


c o n c l u s i o n ;


so, if you're still here and you see something you are interested in, please feel free to pm me and we can figure something out. when you do, please send me a message with your preferred name, your age, what you're interested in, any ideas you have, and any limits you might have. thanks!!


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