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SIDE STORY The Wild Hunt [Non-Canon]

Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by Ringmaster, Aug 31, 2016.

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  1. Flee, Join or Perish.

    Those are the choices when the Wild Hunt lies before you.

    A powerful, otherworldly collective of Warriors, Savages, Monsters and Fae... The Wild Hunt is renowned in song and story, reflected as a constant over the entire multiverse. Only a fool would think to challenge it and its master, the Erkling. Only someone tired of life or with the power of a God would think to change its course. If you will not hunt, you will be hunted. If you will not kill, then you will be killed. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

    Lets rewind.


    Two weeks earlier....

    Stormwind. Jewel of the Seven Human Kingdoms of the great realm known as Azeroth. It had seen many kings and many rulers, wars and deaths. It had known war intimately, but now? Times have changed. Now Azeroth faces its darkest enemy, the Burning Legion. They march in innumerable numbers, in forces unmatched by any one army in all of Azeroth. Now more then ever, they must band together. They must fight as one, or perish singularly.

    War makes for strange bedfellows and in his chamber, the king of Stormwind sighs as he looks upon the city. Emissaries wander in, with their entourage and their people. From the representatives of the Elves and their variant races, to the Ironforge and their people.

    To the Horde and its new master. Anduin Wrynn sighs out, sips from a goblet before placing it down. The vintage is good, but it has no flavor for him at this point. He thinks of Arthus and his fall- He thinks of the hero and Ashbringer, of all who had ever turned to shadows that they may triumph. And seeing the Horde and their leader approach, he wonders in his heart if he is not like them. No matter.

    It is time to begin.


    By the gate of the city, a traveler from far away stands idly by the road side. His manner of dress is a little strange, a wide-brimmed hat of black and a silver cross around his neck. He leans on a staff, but there's not a sense of magic about him. His hands are rough and calloused, his height is a good six feet. Otherwise, his clothing could pass for any lay adventurer, though its quality is somewhat finer. Black is the predominant color, with silver from his holy item and the white of his collar being the only exceptions.

    Beneath the brim, red eyes gleam bright as Lucifer stares out at the city. He had almost forgotten about it...The wonders of traveling. Still, needs must. He could play tourist later. Right now? He'd watch the people come in, one by one, each caravan under his scrutinizing eye. There was a method to his madness.

    Time would tell, if it would pay off.

    @Archmage Jeremiah
  2. [​IMG]

    A change in the air could be immediately felt once the heads of the Horde entered the front gates of Stormwind Castle, and began down the long hallways into the throne room proper. The stench of demonic taint would be especially apparent in the castle as a new face made his first appearance. Kayn Sunfury of the Illidari agreed to attend the meeting along with the others, since he and his demon hunters were now just as involved in the fight against the Legion. But Sylvanas paid little attention to odd looks she and her allies got from the guards. They were all here for a purpose, after all. Upon reaching the throne room, every one of them bowed their head in respect, as Sylvanas stepped further forward to address the new king.

    "Greetings, King Wrynn. To be frank, I didn't expect you to take up your father's mantle so soon after your father's death, but..." the elf's words trailed off as she reached to clutch a delicately fashioned Horde insignia draped around her neck, "...none of us could have predicted what would happen on the Broken Shore. I take it that's why you've gathered us here?"
  3. What a road it had been. His forefathers would have been astounded to see the Azeroth of today, of the enemies who had now become friends. The orcs, the forsaken...Her. He nodded and seeing everyone was here, decided better now then later as he rose and spoke.

    "Yes my lady. Friends, comrades- Hear my words."

    He raised his voice, looking over the audience hall as he continued.

    "The Burning Legions mass in ever-growing numbers by the day. Only by the continued valor of our friends, have we even a chance to drive back their shadow. To triumph and bring forth a united Azeroth free of the demonic taint. But our enemies are many... And I fear, two-faced. Masquerading as friends, as we discovered to our loss when Arthus first revealed his true colors. Now? It is this issue I will speak of. There is something new our enemies had brought forth. Some evil, out by night that burns villages and drives soldiers to despair. Man, elf and dwarf...."

    He looked at Sylvanas and spoke.

    "An enemy that our scouts report came from the Undercity."

    An outcry emerged from the audience and he roared.

    "ENOUGH! By the Light, we will have Order here!"

    Waiting a bit, he spoke. "I trust Lady Sylvanas...Enough that she would regard an attack as a poor choice. Which means regardless, that the Undercity is once more, an enemy. Lady Sylvanas, what say you?"

    Slowly approaching the front of the crowd, Lucifer watched intently. Always at the periphery, as he looked on with interest. So that was Sylvanas?

    When they said Banshee, he didn't expect that. Different worlds he supposed.

    @Archmage Jeremiah
  4. The moment Anduin uttered those choice words, Sylvanas' eyes went wide with shock and disbelief, and as the audience roared out around her she was filled with dread. She looked to the crowd as they cried out for vengeance for their fallen king, and to the other emissaries she had traveled here with as they turned their eyes to her questioningly. It was like the Wrathgate all over again...

    "Sylvanas..." Baine's gentle voice rumbled as he stepped forward to the Banshee Queen's side, gazing deep into her blood-red eyes for a few long moments before looking up at Anduin again with a flare of his nostrils, "...was not behind this attack."

    Sylvanas was awash with relief upon witnessing the noble tauren stand strongly by her side, and turned to the king again filled with confidence, "Baine speaks the truth, m'lord. I wouldn't dare betray the Alliance's trust, not with the Legion at our doorstep!"

    Then the blood elf commander Lor'themar followed suit, "Although I am reluctant, I must side with the Warchief. Insurgencies within the Forsaken ranks aren't unheard of, especially in times of war. Need I remind you of Apothecary Putress and the dreadlord he acted under at the Wrathgate?"

    The Illidari, Kayn Sunfury, perked up once he heard a dreadlord be mentioned, "A dreadlord operating from the Undercity? The Legion is pitting us against each other! We'll be playing right into their hands if we break our trust!"

    "Silence." Sylvanas spoke sternly with a sharp raise of her hand, and her advisors were hushed, "King Wrynn," she began again, "I urge you to focus. Focus, and see that this is the work of the Legion, and not of the Forsaken or the Horde."
  5. "I agree. So my lady, with this in mind-Our goal is to assist you in any way, to render the Undercity safe once more that we don't need to divert forces to the side, as our borders are under enough stress already. But is there any whom you know, who might have done this among your people?"

    A sound akin to a fingersnap echoed in the chamber and the head of an orc near Sylvanas exploded. For a dumbfounded moment, people were silent and confused. Lucifer roared out of nowhere as he followed his instincts and recognized it for what it was. Forged as they were by war?

    Azeroth had never known weapons like this.


    His words were enough to break the spell as bodyguards leaped into the fray, seeking to protect their leaders. Lucifer had opted for more direct means.

    And that was how Agent Lucifer Anghelscu of the Coalition, member of the M.E.U. tackled Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, leader of the Horde and Forsaken into the ground.

    Up close, he glanced at the windows and then back at the Banshee, wincing.

    "Sorry. Hell of a first meeting."

    @Archmage Jeremiah
  6. [​IMG]

    "Rifles! Close the gates!"

    The sound of armoured boots, hooves, and paws roared out with a cacophony of terrified screams as the Warchief's royal guard made a dash towards the castle's front gates to shut them as fast as possible alongside Stormwind troops. The Warchief herself, however, had taken quite the tumble. After the initial shock of the impact had faded and she regained her bearings, Sylvanas looked up at her assailant with a cold glare.

    "What is the meaning of this?!" she barked, easily kicking him off and rolling to the nearest cover. "I knew we shouldn't have come here, the cowardly prince sicked his snipers on us!" Lor'themar growled as he moved to draw his blade, just as the fair-minded Ji Firepaw stepped in between him and Anduin, "Wait, Lor'themar, wait! And look!" the pandaren pleaded, pointing towards the soldiers working in tandem to shut the gates, "The Alliance soldiers are helping us! They fear just as much for their lives as we do for ours!" The point was enough to turn the blood elf's head, and the scene unfolding was enough for him to stay his blade. With his head still turned, Ji breathed out a long sigh as Lor'themar rallied his forces, "Mages, seal the room! Ensure nothing gets in or out of these walls!" On his command, his gathered sorcerers all raised their hands and voices in unison, and arcane power began to gather all across the castle's innards immediately. It wasn't long before every wall, door, and gate had a soft violet film covering it.

    Sylvanas, meanwhile, was still trying to figure out what this mystery man's deal was. On the inside, of course. On the outside she was still as cold as ever.


    "You have some nerve body-checking me, human. Be glad I didn't slit your throat out of reflex."
  7. "You're welcome."

    Lucifer snarked back, letting himself get flung off. As the room was sealed, he took a look at the fallen body and then at the angle the bullet came from. Though this was a bit more exciting then he had signed on for, it was still an area of expertise of his.

    Time to go to work.

    The sound of the gun. Like a finger snap, distant and distinctive...Rail gun. Not a weapon found in these parts. The shell itself, an acidic based composition judging from the way the condition of the body was in. Whoever fired wanted to be sure, these are bullets used for Necrons to counteract their regeneration. They wanted this woman dead for sure.

    But why her? A hit? No, there were better points in which to do so. More open on the journey that brought her here. Doing so in front of all the leaders, possibly taking more? There are easier ways to kill. This is a message. But to who...And why?

    Answers like that would have to wait as he moved away from the body, the sound of wings overhead indicating the guard as they headed for the source of the shot. Lucifer relaxed, turned- And looked up...And up.

    Apparently, others didn't quite enjoy his manhandling of Sylvanas either, if her guard was any indication. He raised his hands and dropped his quarterstaff- Not a mages tool, from what they could see. He was apparently and to all current eyes, unarmed.


    The Alliance leader stepped forth, staring at Lucifer before asking simply.

    "Why did you run towards Lady Sylvanas?"

    "She was in danger. I reacted."

    "Are you one of her people?"

    Lucifer shook his head. King Anduin eyed him, before asking again.

    "Are you in her employ?"

    Again, Lucifer shook his head before he spoke.

    "My name is Lucifer...I am a diplomat, representing an alliance of our own. Recent events with our war has led us to believe that somehow, it is tied up with your own....I had come to ask for permission to investigate and share what I knew when- This happened."

    He gestured to all around. King Anduin raised an eyebrow and stepped away.

    "The Undercity is not my domain. Indeed, that honor belongs to the Lady Sylvanas...Whom I'm sure you've met." He said dryly. Lucifer began to turn slightly red and tried not to think of it. Anduin chuckled before turning sober.

    "That said, it has become abundantly clear that something is going on in Azeroth...Tied to the Forsaken, a possible coup...And a hole in our security. That shot should not have been possible."

    "Do not blame your guards."

    Lucifer stared the king in the eye as he said with a grimace.

    "...You've never seen arms such as these."

    @Archmage Jeremiah
  8. Sylvanas gave the man a final grimace before he turned away to investigate the body of the orc who had fallen beside her, and she lowered her longbow. Not long after he moved to investigate, another burly orc muscled his way into him with a huff, and hefted the body into his arms to carry it away. It was around now that all the troops that had rushed to close the front gates were slowly streaming back into the throne room proper, and stood back behind their leaders to watch.

    Sylvanas scoffed at what the man had to say without a moment's thought. "And what new 'alliance' is this? How have we been unaware of it until now?" she questioned, just to have Ji stick his nose in again, "May I remind you that you were all unaware of the pandaren for the longest time?"

    "Nor were you waging a war, like the diplomat says he is." Baine stepped in, standing by the warchief's side again, "True, true, but my point still stands! The reaches of Azeroth are vast, and beyond it, even vast-er!" he stated punctually. After he was done, Sylvanas smugly gestured for the man to continue. "You have the floor, diplomat."
  9. "My name is Lucifer!"

    He called out to those around him and as he turned, his eyes flashed with an intensity seen only in those touched by war.

    "And I represent another world. One which we have reason to believe has begun to spill over into your own in its hunt for allies. The Burning Legion invades your lands, you have only just ended the conflict of past times...But what comes is far beyond anything else you will have seen, if it comes to it. This, I cannot allow. And so I ask the Council and leaders here, for permission to investigate your lands unhindered-"


    An alliance representative interrupted as he pointed.

    "I for one find this suspicious. You arrive and on the same day, an assassin just happens to be around for you to prove yourself. And then you wish to investigate our lands...No, we have learned to not take strangers at their word."

    Lucifer pondered before nodding slowly.

    "Is there no way then I can prove my good faith? Some test or act that will enable me to prove my character? I am only here to help-And every second that passes will only help our common enemy."

    @Archmage Jeremiah
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