The Wielders

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  1. The Wielders


    Since the dawn of time there were two forces: Those of Light and Dark, often associated with Good and Evil but Darkness was not always evil as some think. Light and Dark were siblings. They liked eachother equally and together they created earth and its inhabitants to share their love. They created the earth with the 6 elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, Iice and Electricity. But slowly Darkness started to envy the mortals, liking her brother more then herself. To prevent the destruction of their creations Light decided to gift 6 mortals with the powers of the 6 elements incase Darkness tried to destroy their homes. Seeing this, Light's sister grew furious and gathered an army of mortals who, them aswell, thought only 6 people could control. This caused war with "The Wielders", what the 6 who wielded powers were called and "The Rebels", those who opposed the Wielders. Darkness, now called Shisol by the rebels created the Zireidsens, a race of demon/ghoul hybrids to replace the rebels who were weak compared to the Sunlight Army, Light's army. Light also got a name: Oriéchan. After decades of war between the two clans Sunlight's Army won victoriously by the only way possible, killing Shisol and her army. After those years, to not start another war, Oriéchan took away the Wielder's immortality but let them have children. Generation after generation, the Wielder's powers started to diminush until they dissapeared. Oriéchan also made everyone forget about what they called "The Clash" so nothing like it would reproduce. It is now over two milleniums of this and we are in the year 2063 A.D. The Wielders still know their heritage and their powers, not visible now are still hidden deep inside just incase. Light has also gained a mortal form to watch over his creation. Recently, Shisol has re-awoken when everyone thought she was slayed. She has slowly been regaining her powers and has summoned her army of Zireidsens to attack the world. Since 2050 they have been taking over the world, leading the construction of Neo Haven, humanity's last hope of survival.[/b]