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  1. I ain't so good at going into much detail what I would prefer in the ways of an rp partner (I suppose not a mutant creature who has been living in the kitchen cupboard snacking on scrub brushes for the past ten years is a good start!) but rather someone that I can communicate with and we handle an RP with fun and creativity.

    So here's my basics (Just don't be putting on a rubber glove and telling me to bend over!)

    • My posts can be two paragraphs to five pages long: Especially if I am really enthralled
    • I will respond minimally twice a day and maximum six - posts wise *depends on how many rps I'm doing as well*
    • I be a girl irl and do enjoy playing females but I've played men too (no girly wussy men, sorry lol)
    • Yuri/Yaoi is not my thing even remotely. I support gay rights doesn't mean i find them appealing.
    • Plots are something i rarely spend time on, i usually just let my fingers do the talking. Unless there is something majorly important, then of course plot!
    • To find a right medium that is fair to both rper's, I do enjoy mostly double rps. That way both can be a female and male chara to keep it even. Otherwise it always seems I am the male of the rps.
    • Fantasy/medieval rp's are my strong points (Elves, demons, elemental's, ie)
    • I have a very keen love with elves and demons cause I am freakin weird or something.
    • Romance is also a wonderful thing! you mix that with any genre and I can usually go alongside it

    • I always draw out my characters, i never use other's art or photo's. To me it feels like I am ripping them off, and that's just my belief.
    • sex is alright with me, but I am not about to spend three pages writing kinky sex scenes. I believe there is more to an rp than snooki!
    • Will work with rp partner to work out anything we see fit and or; speak about something that's not going well.
    • I will not ditch anyone or rp's without speaking to the fellow person
    • I work five days full time; am a mother and a wife so my posts will not come until my son is in bed and my husband and I aren't working on art projects.
    • Want's to have fun and just enjoy rping with good nature people who are here for the love of it.
    • My spelling is decent... WHEN I'M PLAYING ATTENTION, typing fast and re-reading are my banes (lol)
    • Dont ditch me without an explaination! I get very cranky and unreasonable when this happens, and I WILL take it as a direct insultI am not evil, we all have lives, but dont you dare come looking to me for an rp and you suddenly crap out. I will be cranky!

    Hopefully that gives some gist to myself and what is all here. If you want to brain storm and create something wicked beans; message me. Or if any questions arise, again pm me.

    Thanks y'all; you're all wonderful
  2. Intrested. Do you do romance rp's?
  3. I do, they seem to be the ones i get sucked into the most -willingly or not lol-
  4. Great, Iv'e been wanting to do things on the round of ex- lovers type thing, some of the people ive'e been roleplaying with havent been on in ages and im bored. I was also thinking about my chari falling for a older person. Mabey a student at college and a study teacher idk thoughts will come to me soon
  5. mmmmm sounds interesting *strokes imaginary beard thoughtfully* Sounds like you have thought about this more than what is said, care to spill your mind to see what wonderful creations you might have done with this tid bit of a plot line?
  6. Well i was thinking for the ex lovers it could be two people working at the same job, or students at a school along the lines of them having a misunderstanding that led to them breaking up but their not over eachother. As for the mabey college student falling for a teacher ( Dosent have to be an actual teacher mabey an after school toutor). My chari crushes on yours but you deny my advances because of the age gap ( mabey 4 year diffrence)
  7. i am intrigued honestly; so my only question is, would this be a double rp? With the way its sounding, it would be a ex-lovers and a college student making 4 charas in all. I might be reading between the lines on that, but either way, i'm curious through and through
  8. I didn't mean to add the mabey but their two diffrent stories. The ex lovers is one Part and then thth colllege rp is another thing. I haven't thought much on the ex lovers
  9. Okay i thought I'd ask, just to make sure. it really does not take much to confuse me some days lol. Well i don't mind doing the college/teacher one in the least. Sounds like fun honestly n_n
  10. Great :) so do you mind putting the thread up
  11. most certainly can do, over in the mod area I assume *will have to do a sketch up of chara for this as well* Before i do, is there anything else i should know before i ready the thread? linkage for the thread as well.
  12. is this on mature T
  13. Wouldnt be in Mature T but rather Mature A, seeing as I am "too old" for T
  14. dang i cant view it since im 17. I really was looking forward to doing the rp, can we try it in the onexone?
  15. lol oh thanks now i feel like some creepy 25 year old! most certainly, i'll move it over to the 1x1 in the mod setting alright
  16. lol its totally fine dont beat yourself up
  17. creepy lady lol, Yay!

    Okay well its up in the Modern Rp section. i'll let you have first crack at posting seeing as i am not too sure how to start it off, plus working on colouring Saige atm
  18. lol not creepy. I posted
  19. Still looking for a good rp partner - la sigh-
  20. Define good? =P