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    plot character for Rin: she is 17, has green hair and blue eyes. she likes to play piano and be outside. her beta is Quwween Gw-ein (darkangel.) Rin is able to sense at all times where all pack members are and sometimes can feel there emotions.
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  2. Qwween plot charter sketch:
    Shes 16.5 years old
    shes outgoing and likes to embarrass her Alpha Rin alot
    her weakness is being to kind
    she loves sweets
    she always falls for the wrong guys (vampires)
    she has dark black hair with blood red streaks
    she has pale figure and skin tone
    she is a black wolf with red eyes
    she is a bookworm she would take a bullet for a book
    she is very smart
    power she talks with nature (rocks, earth, wind,fire an as such)
    main quork she snorts when she laughs
  3. Character plot: Jason
    Jason is a human.
    Jason is a short 5'5
    He is 16 about to turn 17
    he is protected by the wolfs but dosnt really like them or the vamps.
    dosent like change at all
    is a loner with zero to no friends at all.
    the only person he really considers a friend is rin (dosent know she is a wolf)
  4. Character Plot: Raiden
    He's human
    About 6'1"
    24 years old
    He hates vampires due to the fact that one killed his family
    He's not all that fond of wolves, because they didn't do a good job of protecting him, honestly.
    Has had a semi-psychotic attitude since his family was killed.
    Was actually a mass murderer who was on large until they finally caught him, but due to connections and his way of "persuasion" he got out within two years.
    Raiden has recently gotten out of rehab.
    He seems to be back intact, but doctors know for a fact that he's not done being a harmful person.
    He actually makes friends pretty easily, one, because of his looks (lean, but muscular, and very handsome) and two is because he's a nice person.
    He's way over average in athletics, and fighting skills.
    Has been a weapon enthusiast since his terrorist days.
    Is planning to change the way he is for the better good.
    However he's not going to hesitate to kill a vampire if he ever spots one.
  5. Floyd plot character sketch:
    He's 17 years old wolf
    He's a good and strong person although he bares his teeth at strangers
    His weakness is his bonds to others because he will do any thing to protect them
    He loves sour hard candy
    He lives a little outside Rin's territory
    He has Silver hair and two-tone eyes. The right pink and the left purple
    Average body and skin tone with a Ω shaped scar on his back
    He is a silver wolf
    His only friends are Rin and Qwween
    He used to be an alpha in a neighboring territory but was defeated by his companion who wanted to lead
    He was scared with the omega symbol Ω forever being an outcast to all the territories.
    Rin saw him on the border and saved him from starvation
    Now he has something to prove to her and would go to hell and back with her command
    Qwween grew on him and he can't imagine his days without her
    Sometimes he hunts vampire for days
    on his own accord or for supply from humans needing help
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  6. shadow is a shadow
    she is 23 yeas old
    she is about 6'0"
    she human
    her weakness is her past anthe vampire that let her live he is still outhere
    she a spy for both vampirs and wolfs but she mostly on the wolfs side. but they dont know that no one does
    she waers black all the time her hair color changes every day so one day its blue the nexts it green tipy of thing her eye color is sliver an her left eye is patched becuse of a vampire that trid to ill her but let her live.
    she likes her job but when ever she off the job she tal ways with th wolfs or at a coffe shop
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  9. Character Plot : Eeve

    Species [~] She is a regular human.
    Name [~] Her name came from the word ' life ' which matches her looks and love of all things peaceful
    Age [~] She is 15 years old yet acts and looks mature for her age.
    Hair [~] Her hair is soft light green about the length of her shoulders and side bangs which sometimes block the side it's on.
    Eyes [~] Her eyes were silver plain eyes which people accuses her for being blind but now is wearing light brown contacts.
    Wolves [~] The reason for her love for wolves was she was saved once.
    Specialty [~] For some reason she had a small ability of twisting small metal objects ever since she was little. Although she never uses it until it was a time of need because of how much energy she needed to use, sometimes causes her to faint.
    Friends [~] She never had friends because of her ' weirdness ' some might say, so she decided to stay distant from others.
    Family [~] Her mother died when she was given birth too and she had never met her so called father, although he pays for everything. ( apartment, school, fees, etc. )
    Complexion [~] When you first see her even in a distant you'd accuse her for being too weak because of her pale thin arms and small body but be warned, she's stronger than she looks.
    Weapons [~] Most often she'd carry two knives in both her sides under her white long dress.
    Intelligence [~] She wasn't the wises of the bunch but when it comes to physical test she'd easily get the hang of it.
    Personality [~] Gentle and caring was the two words she'd mostly be called with those who know of her, but others would call her a curse.