The White Stallion

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  1. Winterstorm

    Human form

    So meet Winterstorm , The ranches most untamed horse ever, and for a good reason. he is a stallion who was not from the human world but while visisting he was captured and was turned into a human horse but his wildness forever lives inside of him. your a trainer that decides to try and tame that horse but it will take time, practice and maybe a lightning storm to unlock hidden secrets of the stallion. But learn there is more to this horse and the legend behind it.


    The white stallion galloped around in the field his legs shuddered each time the hooves touched the ground. His powerful body shines in the cold morning sunshine. The stallion was never to be tamed or used for human riding for each person that tried had landed on their backs or have gotten bitten . The stallion stopped near the fence and eats some grass, around the horses hooves the ground frosted over slightly as the horse was never a warm creature. it was as cold as ice itself, fur you could have sworn was that of snow and his eyes blue as ice of the water.​
  2. The trouble with horses, was that there was always so much damn muck to clear. It had taken most of the morning to muck out each stall and stable that had been left for her, most of the liveries seizing the opportunity to shirk what really ought to have been their duties. Molly had barely even seen a horse on her first day lending a hand here, but she honestly didn't care. Just the aroma of hay and soaking feeds was enough for her, not to mention the horse in the far pasture that no one had yet acknowledged.

    Once finished, the brunette girl grabbed her lunch, heading out to have a look at the intriguing animal that only grew more imposing as she approached him. "Hello, you beautiful boy. Isn't anyone coming to see you today?" Molly had a habit of talking to animals, and as she stood by the fence, reaching for a sandwich, she was quite content to watch the animal and talk to him calmly, even if she was a little concerned about what might happen if she dared to go in the field with him.
  3. The large white stallion ears perked to the sound of a voice talking to him and snorted deeply looking at the female and ears went back and flicked its tail in aggressiveness . The white stallion then trotted away from her and then went to the tree in the middle of the field and laid down in it happily to be alone and eyes closed gently and stayed there laying down. it kept its eyes on the girl though just watching her carefully and stayed calm not wanting to hurt her at all but didn't want to be ridden. It shook his neck to keep the flies away.
  4. Recognising that this was not the friendliest of horses, Molly chose not to relax, wanting to be able to get the hell out of the way if he did decide to lunge at her. Luckily, he seemed not to be nervous at all, and certainly appeared to be relaxed as he lay contentedly beneath his tree. Molly made no attempt to catch him, happy to just watch him in all his glory, although she was curious to know who he belonged to.

    "Well, I'll be back, handsome man." Molly finally spoke in a rather cheery fashion. With her food eaten, she thought she'd best get back home to attend to her grandparents needs. But, before heading home she did stop by the yard manager, asking about the seemingly abandoned horse that no one seemed to want to lay claim to. The answers she got were rather surprising, but did open up endless possibilities. Even if so many had failed before her, there was no reason why she couldn't try to gain the stallions trust.

    Upon her return the following day, Molly came armed with apples and carrots, heading to the lone equine once she had completed her voluntary duties. "I told you I'd be back." And Molly was nothing if not persistent, whether it took weeks or months or years, she intended to tame this beast. "Now, how about an apple?" She held up the shiny red fruit, proceeding to throw it into the grass midway between herself and the horse. Hopefully he was a greedy thing.
  5. The white stallion had stayed hwere it had been. it snorted deeply at her looking at the apple slightly and ears perked once more and stood up slowly. he was a large white stallion his white body shines in the glow of the sunlight as it timidly walked toward the apple. The stallion then lowers his head and bit into the apple and eats it slowly and then galloped off around the field his hooves left little to no trace on the ground as the mud seemed to have frosted up a small bit.
  6. So caught up in watching the horse, Molly barely noticed the odd frost that seemed to form momentarily wherever the animal went, but somewhere in the back of her mind she made some note of this, and would perhaps realise the implications later on. For now, she was far too wrapped up in watching the fluid power of the horse, his every stride a statement of his prowess in the world. She longed to touch his silky coat, to feel his muscles beneath her hand, but she knew that would be a long time coming, and perhaps made all the sweeter by the wait.

    "There's no need to go running off every time you eat something." Molly commented as the horse came to an eventual halt. "Ready for more?" She threw another morsel, repeating the process, steadily putting less effort into the throw, wanting the horse to come closer, although a part of her was a little worried about what might happen when they were faced with eachother. He was huge, and if he panicked in her vicinity, then that could well be rather painful.
  7. The stallion snorted deeply eyes looking at the food in her hand and neither deeply and then walked toward her timidly . His eyes watched her closely deep blue eyes and then reached out with his muzzle but a shout from a trainer and the horse whinnies sharply and galloped off swiftly eyes wide and stood beside the tree.

    The trainer was named Luke "hey don't you know it's very dangerous to be around the horse ?" He demanded he was the boss son.
  8. He was coming closer. Molly could barely believe that he was actually approaching, tentative as he was being. The girl tried to remain relaxed as the proximity increased, focusing on remaining still and calm, her mind so trained on the horse that she only noticed there was someone there when the stallion galloped away at the sound of a man behind her.

    "What exactly did he do that was so dangerous?" Molly turned, her annoyance rather obvious, even as she knew she ought to be showing some sort of respect to the male. "He was going to come over, if you hadn't come along and ruined everything." She was honestly quite furious, although thankfully she calmed before she could launch into a tirade.

    Instead of yelling at the man, Molly looked away, grey eyes cast over her shoulder, settling on the horse that lurked as far away as he could. "Sorry...I shouldn't have launched at you like that. But, he really didn't do anything, and I don't think he would have." Maybe she wasn't an expert, but she had devoted most of her free time to reading up on everything equine, observing them from afar and everything else she could, and she knew what danger signs to look for.
  9. "Last person that approached him was partied from a sharp kick he had given" said slowly looking at the horse and then sighed "it's fine just be careful" leaves slowly. The large stallion eats the grass slowly flicking his tail sharply.
  10. With permission granted, at least for the time being, Molly turned back to the stallion, leaning over the fence with a carrot in hand this time. "The nasty man's gone, now. Come on over." Molly spoke gently, adding in a whistle for good measure as she attempted to coax him toward her. She knew she was pushing her luck, trying to get him to eat out of her hand, but if she could just get him to come back part of the way, that would be enough of a victory for today.
  11. The stallion looked at the carrot and walked over slowly, its eyes alert and ears flicking all diferent directions. he finally came toa stop two feet from her sniffed the carrot slightly ears flicking in every way possible. for once in the horses life it didn't feel like she would try and tame him like all the other people had. He snatched the carrot away swiftly and trotted back to his tree and eats happily. He had no name.
  12. As much as she longed to touch him, Molly didn't reach out when he took the carrot, instead only letting him take the morsel and leave as he chose. "I'll see you tomorrow. I'll bring carrots." She couldn't help the thrill of pride that went through her as she left the yard, and she wondered if anyone had ever given the horse a name. She had to give him one, even if it was only temporary.

    She was good and kept her word, returning with a bag of carrots every day, rushing to the pasture to see the gorgeous horse, always letting him come to her and take the food, and hopefully one day he would choose to stay and investigate. As she waited for him, Molly muttered to herself, "What's your name? Ice...Snowy...Blackie? Want to go for a little irony?"
  13. The white stallion came back every day and eats the carrots and then went back to his tree every day till one day he stayed and stared at her and snorted deeply. he stood there tall, mighty and alert ears perked as if ready to run off if any movement was to come. its fur seemed to be snowy color and pure white no other color on it. It snorted deeply and hears thunder and looked up slightly seeing as rain started to come down and went back to his tree swiftly. the three was dead and had no leaves.
  14. When he chose to stay, even for just a moment, Molly felt her heart leap as she watched the stallion up so close. He was all power, just as tense as she was, by the looks of him. He left soon after, just as the heavens opened and the lightning struck in earnest. "Storm..." Molly muttered to herself, barely noticing the heavy rain that was already soaking through her clothes. "Yes, that suits you. Storm it is." It was a name that suited him, and given the incumbent weather, it seemed appropriate to name him after the moment.
  15. The stallion stayed near the tree snorting gently and sighed slowly and closed his eyes allowing thr rain to fall on him and didn't mind it at all. His eyes glow slightky as the wet water droplets turned into snow and ice falling off ina fine powder.
  16. Standing in the cold, aware that she was doing herself no favours by staying out here, Molly continued to watch the magnificent creature, furrowing her brow as she noted the precipitation around him. It seemed...white. It was far too warm for snow right now, and yet wherever the water hit him or even got too close, it turned to ice and snow. She had to go closer, and she did so, slipping through the post and rail and approaching the stallion carefully. Molly had no wish to spook him, and kept talking gently to him as she came closer, "I just want to see...that's all." And sure enough, her eyes were not deceiving her. "That's impossible." It was a statement, though clearly one that was wrong. "What are you?" Clearly he was no ordinary horse.
  17. The stallion looked at her and shook himself out and the snow fell off his bodu where the rain hit his pelt . the lightning flashed and she would see large ghost like wings from the horses back but when the lightning vanished the wings where gone. it snorted deeply and looked at the sk slightly and snorted deeply.
  18. As frightening as this phenomenon was, it was the most mesmerising and beautiful thin Molly had ever seen. When ghostly wings appeared just for a moment, Molly took a step back, a sharp intake of breath denoting her shock as she tried to rationalise what was happening. "God, I wish you could talk." She murmured, moving forward again, a hand reaching out to the animal, wanting to touch him, to see if he was cold or warm. If he would let her, now seemed the time to try.
  19. The horse didn't move allowing her to touch his freezing cold fur. His fur was that of snow as she would feel the snow around the hand that came to his fur. He snorted and eats grass slowly "who said i couldn't talk?" mutters gently as he ate.
  20. She had never felt fur like it, and even as cold as it was, she just wanted to run her fingers through a wonderful long mane of equal brilliance. Her hand settled on his shoulder, palm flat on the muscular joint, freezing as somehow the horse actually did talk. "Bloody hell.." Hardly eloquent, but for a while that was all she could say, faced with such a strange sequence of events. "Tell me what you are then. And what the hell you're doing here. Something like you...shouldn't be fenced in like this." It was a difficult pill to swallow, but ever the pragmatist, Molly moved on and accepted this strange reality, trying to make sense of it as she went along.
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