The Whispers at the end of the Universe

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  1. Welcome to the year 4032! Life as you know it has adapted and evolved yet have stayed the same. Long ago our race abandoned our home world, having ruined it with pollution and overpopulation. Yet the destruction of our home was the kick in the ass our people needed. Since then our Governments had come together in an unprecedented way. They let their old feuds go and instead came together for the betterment of mankind. They created a single government the Empire of the Old World. Together the human raced has spread out across the stars. Many advances in technology and engineering making Faster Then Light travel or FTL Possible. Many Tech has been preserved and adapted to fit this new society. While Laser weapons exist and can be manufactured, most society still hold onto their kinetic ancestors. You will usually find Laser weapons on space craft and other military vehicles.

    Unfortunately you as the player come to this story in dark times. 2 months ago the whispering had started. No one quite knows how it is possible. But every night As you drift to sleep voices haunt your most sacred memories and dreams. The Whispering as it is universally called brought with it a new age of bloodshed. Conflict has sparked across the galaxys as this dark force plays at the fears of humans everywhere. Entire planets have gone dark Millions committing suicide. Millions more committing horrific crimes as they tried to forget.

    You are part of a Research Vessel, the SS Annabelle. Whether a scientist of the research lab Juniper or a dedicated mechanic or pilot of the ship itself, you have been contracted by the highest of government officials to go to the star system known as Ever After what many believe the whispering began. You are to discover what is causing this phenomenon and stop it. Not every moment will be filled with hair raising terror and action. Political lines and allegiances have been pushed to the breaking point. This is just as much a story of an empire falling as a horror story. Maybe you will find love as you race against time to save a universe. Maybe you will die cold and alone with no hope to hold on to. The choice is up to you.

    Now with Introductions out of the way lets get to the Important stuff!

    This thread is where we will be posting all our OOC conversation and characters. It will also be were I will tell you when I am doing major updates to the story. While I do have a story in mind, this is an rp for everyone to enjoy so if you have ideas let them be heard. If you just take them to the IC I might shut your dreams down and I would hate to do that. This rp is originally created for me and two friends, while I am having sign ups you should know that I am a very picky person when it comes to the people I rp with. I have high expectations and If I feel like you will not live up to them or keep up with the speed of the rp I will not accept you.





    Position on Board the SS Annabelle :


    Defining Traits(Good/Bad):



    BE careful of what you post as your CS. I am not only looking for a good character, but I will be looking at Quality and creativity of you're writing. I might also have you pm me a example of a normal post.

    All Iwaku Rules apply here though I should not have to say this. Be respectful of other peoples beliefs and we should not have any problems.
  2. Name: Drake Fernwood

    Age: 21


    Position on Board the SS Annabelle : Mechanic

    Personality: Drake is a well natured boy with a taste for travel. He never wanted to settle down anywhere, even after all his friends did, and when he got the job as the Annabelle's mechanic, he took it without hesitation! He is knowledgeable of all things mechanical, but sometimes his explanations given to non mechanics usually sound like another language. He is stubborn when people try to change his repairs, as he believes his way works best (for him that is) and usually prefers the drone of an engine room to a room of other people. Though slightly introverted, he tends to stay very friendly to others, though most upper class folk tend to avoid him because of his sarcastic tendencies.

    Defining Traits(Good/Bad): Again, very knowledgeable on engines and mechanics, but is sensitive to those who think they are correcting him. Kind, but somewhat of an introvert, and he has a hard time picking up on subtle signals

    Bio: Having a mechanic father was probably the best kind of childhood for Drake, who spent the most of his life helping his father in the repair shop back home. He built his own hoverbike when he was fifteen and had been working on it to improve it to this very day. He always had a dream of working on one of the big ships and getting to travel all over the galaxies, finding what adventures he could get into.

    Motivation: His motivation comes from his confidence in his skills as a mechanic. He also will do what it takes to get to achieve his dream of travelling to places unknown.
  3. Name: Cassandra "Cassie" Cho-Chang

    Age: 20

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Position on Board the SS Annabelle : Government Official

    Personality: Smart, Sophisticated, and Funny. Cassie is everything a well mannered girl should be. She's polite, funny, charming, and knows exactly how to get her way. This made her a perfect candidate for a place in the empires government. She was one of the youngests people to require a higher ranking position within the govermwnt. But the stress and responsiblities made her grow up. No longer could she party, flirt, be a teenager. She had a mission in life now and it made her cold and harsh. Her silly girly personality is hidden under layers of stone cold looks and charming lies.

    Defining Traits(Good/Bad): her traits are Inherrited. The charming, easy lies, and smart mind make her a prime candidate for gaining information. The bad part is that she no longer has a life, she's stressed, snaps at the turn of a dime, she's a liar, a cold hearted bitch, and at times more deadly than a snake.

    Bio: Cassandra was given up by her birth mother for adoption when she was born. Cassandra was adopted by Laura and Ken Cho-Chang, a young happy couple looking to start a family together. Laura couldn't have children after an accident and the couple decide on adoption. It was love at first sight for the two young parents as they held their new baby girl in their arms. As Cassie grew up se started to wonder why she didn't look like her parents, who were of asian descent. But Cassandra was gifted in intelligence, like her parents, and became top of her class. She had many friends and when she graduated high school she was accepted into the government's agenda for an intern position which soon became permanent.

    Motivation: Her motivation lies deep in her self conscious. She wants more than anything to be like her mother. A loving presences and a wonderful wife and mother to all. She'd do anything to gain herself back.
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  4. Obviously I accept both of these! ^-6 Now I can whip something up over the weekend if you want to start monday.
  5. Let's do it!
  6. Name: Aurora "Rory" Rolfe

    Age: 19


    Position on board of the SS Annabelle: Mechanic

    Rory is mischevious, confident, and innovative. She doesn't hesitate to pull pranks and annoy those she despises, so don't piss her off. Sometimes her hot-headedness leads her into trouble, and her mouth sometimes will never shut up. However, she is quite the hardworker and loves anything that has gears in them. (They don't have bloody personalities, that's why she likes them.) She is clever and intelligent, while she acts sometimes like an idiot. She always invents new things, and she can't keep her hands off of gears and gadgets.

    Defining Traits: She hates it when someone bosses her around. She talks backto officials or anyone who is in charge and tells her to do something. She doesn't show a soft side often, or at all. She only laughs and is kind around her friends.

    Bio: Rory never lived a fancy life ir a poor one, they were a middle-class family, (her father and her.) She worked at a garage all throughout her four years of high school, and simply loved it. When she finished high school, she didn't go to college and instead, against her fathed's wishes boarded the SS Annabelle since they were in need of mechanics. She never regretted her choice, she wanted to see galaxies and stars.

    Motivation: She just wanted to see the never-ending galaxies, and the millions upon millions of stars. She didn't want to stay cooped up in a city where crimes were increasing by the day.
  7. Oh well look at that Cassandra's got an enemy xD
  8. Absolutly accepted
  9. I feel the beginnings of a beautiful hatred fro each other Eternal.

    Even though personally I love your character xD
  10. It is the beginning of something extraordinary.

    Really? Thanks XD

  11. Name:
    Nicholas Lucas Cho-Chang
    6.. and three quarters!!

    Position on Board the SS Annabelle :
    He wants to be a mechanic just like Drake and Rory.
    Or a Space cadet
    Or a spy for the government

    Nicky is a sweet little boy, innocent and not at all corrupted by the terrible misery that his past gave him. He loves exploring and getting his hands dirty. If you need help, Nicky will be the first to volunteer. He's not at all like his sister and although he adores her and loves to make her laugh, he loves making her pull her hair out. He teases her and loves to play his favorite game "Hide from Cassie". He's stubborn just like his big sister and loves to argue. It's not hard to see his love and admiration for his sister but it's easy to see how he could get on her nerves.

    Defining Traits(Good/Bad):
    -Happy go lucky


    Much like his older sister, Nicholas was adopted by Ken and Laura Cho-Chang when he was only a month old. The family took him in and raised him. Cassandra fell in love with the beautiful blue eyed baby boy. She was his best friend and was always there for him, even if they constantly fought. Unlike Cassie, Nicky is much more open about his past, figuring he doesn't have much to be ashamed of. Their mother, Laura, was affected by the whispering and lost her mind to the madness, causing her to try and drown Nicky in the bathtub. Laura evidently found herself a danger to her children and herself and ended up putting a bullet though her head. Daddy told Nicky that Cassie was going to take him on a boat so that he could learn new ways and mommy.. would be waiting for him when he got back.

    To have fun and make Cassie smile again.
  12. i love this child
  13. Back off hissssssss he's mine hissssss
  14. This RP looks awesome! Can I join in?

    Name: Anthony Jensen

    Age: 28


    Position on Board the SS Annabelle : Pilot

    Personality: Tries to keep things optimistic and doesn't really get angry at anyone.

    Defining Traits(Good/Bad):

    A good authentic pilot
    Tries to keep mood optimistic
    Can still fly while drunk (mostly)

    Will do things for the sake of doing them
    Gets bored rather quickly
    Right leg is damaged but he can still mostly walk

    Bio: Anthony started flying right around the age of 16 under the inspiration of his mother. He's been in several crashes, most being his faults. One of these accidents caused Anthony basically lose sensory in his right leg and make response in it very weak. Even though he probably should've died to some stupid accident a long time ago he didn't, and due to those narrow escapes and learning from experience Anthony actually got pretty good at flying. So when the opportunity came to be flying off into unknown space Anthony couldn't resist.

    Motivation: "To go out and see new life and seek out places where no one has been before." Well...sort of. His real reason is because he literally got bored with everything else and figured this might be interesting.
  15. Name: Seika Sekretzky

    Age: 20

    Appearance (open)

    Position on Board the SS Annabelle : Scientist

    Personality: Seika is a rather stoic person who enjoys quiality time with researching germs, cells, and other things like that. Her seriousness towards anything is what makes her a brilliant scientist, but hard to interact with. She has little to no humor as she tends to take everything literally. This has led to her being friendless. Though she may not show it, she does long to grow close to people. Because no one has interacted with her long enough to know, she rarely ever shows her gentler and kinder side of herself.

    Defining Traits(Good/Bad):

    -Lack of sense of humor
    -Tends to be a bit clumsy

    Bio: Seika grew up with her elder brother (who I may or may not Make. If I do, he'd be a chef), who showed her many things, triggering her interest in life. Her interest turned into something of an obsession and soon, she was doing mini researches and labs by herself. Eventually, she became an official scientist. Though, by this time, her obsession had calmed a bit, but still remained a big part of her. Soon, she was given the opportunity to research in space. Being the lover of discovering new things, she immediately accepted.

    Motivation: Simply to discover new things. There's still a large, unfilled space that has yet to be uncovered, and she wants to find it.
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  16. @RaineSensei Mind changing your picture to a non anime one? c:

    -EDIT- Only because the picture you have right now doesn't really fit the theme of the rp. Drake and Ethernals character both are obviously mechanics while yours doesn't really look like a scientist. Mind just indulging my strangness? cx
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  17. Everyone loves Nicky

    Cassie on the other hand...
  18. Sure. I was debating between this one and a more realistic one too. XD
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