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The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.

I've been stewing over the idea of a Wheel of Time RP for a long, long time now, and I think I'm ready to pull one off now. I have the makings of several plots that I could even weave together to make one major plot line, but first, I need to figure something out:



*Who'd all be interested?

Keep in mind, a majority of characters MUST be female because I intend on placing the setting firmly within the White Tower or, at the very least, involve multiple channelers.

If you're interested and have questions, please please please share them. I can answer most all of whatever query you might have. Like, for example, why you have to be a female, what is a White Tower, and what is a channeler. lololol.
In like a hairpin, yo.

EDIT: FIRST! laffoutloud laffoutloud
I have been kidnapped, even though I've never read the books. x|

Finally, a game where my habit of playing girls is *not* extraordinary.
SEIJ-BRO, I'M IN! And as you know, I know WoT. I've got a few questions, though.

Is the plot going to be after Rand's fiasco with the Dark One? If so, can we play as the Asha'man?

Also, can we play as Warders, since they are important to Aes Sedai.
I'm soooo in it. Reading book nr 3 at the moment, so non spoiler content would be good, but even if you will spoiler me I'm gonna do it :D
I'm in. I've only read thrugh the fourth book though.
I haven't yet decided the particulars of the game. I have several possiblestory-lines in mind, the only common theme between them all being:

The game will take place 100~200~ years before the books.

I don't want to interfere with the going-ons of the actual Wheel of Time story-proper. Considering how expansive the world is, I feel it is entirely plausible to have a fun game that simply takes place in the setting. If this game is successful, perhaps an RP with a story concurrent to the books can happen. Until then...

What would you all be more open to playing?

I have three ideas in mind:

1) White Tower. One or two players/senior characters serving as teachers, everyone else will play Accepted and maybe a few Warders-in-Training/Valon Guard. This will be more focused on character interaction than anything else, with anything involving an over-arching plot coming later (see ideas 2 and 3).

2) Aes Sedai Adventure 1. All of the players will be Aes Sedai and Warders and maybe one or two "normal" characters. An Aes Sedai team will be dispatched from the White Tower on a secret mission for the Amyrlin Seat. Obviously, this has the rails of a full-on adventure-quest!

3) Aes Sedai Adventure 2. Some of the players will be Aes Sedai and Warders, while the rest will be "special" characters from a town or village that the Aes Sedai "accidentally" stumble across while on a secret mission for the Amyrlin Seat. Also an adventure-quest, but with a little more dynamic with character interaction. Unfortunately, suffers from "Hey, isn't this Eye of the World?" Syndrome.
Aw, and I was so looking forward to playing an Asha'Man. XD I do like the ideas, though.
they all sound good to me, but nr3, eye of the world syndrom :D would be me least favorite, nr1 would be my first choice
I would be interested in this. I'll try to keep braid tugging and skirt smoothing to a minimum.
That kind of makes me love you, Cot.

Leaning towards Story 1-- it has the greatest potential for Epic Storyline, and it's very easy-going and laid back starting from the beginning.

Working on a Wheel of Time primer for the OOC. Expect incoming.
have some interest, not sure if I should be joining...In any case, nice idea!
I just realized something. If you set this during the Age of Legends, you could have male Aes Sedai too.
I'm not really an RPer, as you may know. But I know shit loads, dare I say, fuck tons of info about WoT. Since it's my favorite series of all time almost and I want to have Robert Jordan's babies.

In my excitement I forgot to mention that while I'm not too interested in RPing, I am more than willing to help with any sort of information you might need.