The Western Frontier

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    Corinne sat at a stool in the saloon. A big black feather in her hair, and her corset wrapped tightly around her small frame. She smiled and downed another shot of whiskey. Being a saloon girl was hard work, but she still could take care of herself. This wasn't the only job she had. She worked at the florists down the street, and as a saloon girl at night. She liked it as much as she could, but she hated when drunken men hit on her to hard. Although, she couldn't ask for much with what she was wearing. It definitely wasn't her choice. She would of preferred to wear a nice long and non revealing dress, maybe one that buttoned up the neck, and her hair in an elegant braid, instead of it hanging wildly about her shoulders. She sighed and waved at the bartender and he gave her another shot of whiskey. She gulped it down in a matter of seconds and decided to go take a walk outside in the cool autumn air.

    As her boots clicked across the wooden floor, Corinne was followed by a pair of rough looking men. She was unaware of this however and continued walking out of the saloon doors and onto the wooden sidewalk that connected the stores together. A horse carriage rolled on by and Corinne wished of simpler days, when her parents were still alive, and she still had that beautiful palomino. As she got to the end of the stores and the beginning of the houses, Corinne then came aware of the men behind her. She had a pistol tucked away if anything came up, but she hoped she wouldn't have to use it.

    She turned around and gave a small smile to the men.
    "Well hello there boys. How is your evening going?" She smoothly said and crossed her arms underneath her breasts. They smirked at her and inched a step forward.
    "I think we deserve some of what you are offering." One of the men said, and Corinne raised a brow at them. She sighed and shook her head. They snarled and reached for her.
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    As I rode into town I noticed that a young lady was being followed by two men. Being the gentleman my mother raised me I needed to assist her if possible. I passed along side on the other side of the passing carriage; and went around the end by the houses and told my horse Onyx to stay. I waited patiently for her to continue on pass me to head home, but she stopped just short. I leaned up against the general store wall and just waited. She turns and talks to them with a smile in her voice asking if they are enjoying their evening. They become hoary and demand company for the evening; they then lunge at her. I quickie step in as if I was drunk pulling her out of the way and the men grab me. Drunkenly I respond… “My apologies Ms. I missed my step and one of you just grab my ass.” The man on the left responds by saying… “Listen her boy you’d best be on your way; we have business with this harlot. Gone now boy!”

    I grab the man talking and slam his head into the storefront wall and immediately follow through with a gut kick to the other. I then release the guy to my left and grapple the other underneath his shoulders; spinning him until we are back to back and fling him into the dirt road. His buddy grabs me from behind and I take his arms and wrench them until his hold releases; followed be me promptly throwing him atop his buddy. They shuffle in the street for a couple seconds and then run off.

    While dusting myself off I say… “My sincere apologies Ms. I hope that you are okay. My name is Phoenix and you are?” In front of this gorgeous young lady stands; a 6’ 3” tall athletically built man with a brown complexion. Dawned with a dark brown leather duster; with chaps cover his dark gray jeans. His boots were black Stetsons and his hat was cream in color. There was also six guns on his person in custom strapped harnesses; one under each arm, two in front and one on each hip. He stands in lax position waiting on her response.