The Well Of Souls : Reincarnation

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  1. It's modern day. No magic. No wizards, dragons, or space ships that can go to alien planets. But. . . we are one world in an infinite paradox of realities. We our normal people in this normal world. . .but we aren't like the others on Earth. We have been born from many previous souls. Some of us were great wizards and wielders of incredible magics. Some of us fought with light sabers and knew the ways of the Force. Some yet still navigated the stars in Mass effect Drives or traversed space, the final frontier with the marvel of Warp Drive.

    A reclusive Mister Goodeman has offered us millions of dollars, just for attending a dinner party and waiting for another gift, given by him as soon we reach the front door. Of course there will be gourmet master pieces as well. He will inform us of our past lives. . . and unlock all of our powers. Though we will not be at our full strength, we will, of course, be a force to be reckoned with.

    Rules for Character Creation :

    You have a total of Eight Reincarnations from fictional franchises of some kinds or maybe real life. You choose your given name, chosen by yourself or your real name, it doesn't matter, your appearance and age, and that's it. Later in the game you can earn the souls from your past lives to pull more power from.

    For example.. .

    Jacob Ron Crannmer


    Souls: (Must specify what franchise they are from)

    Orochi : Warriors Orochi
    The Dragonborn : Elder Scrolls
    The Inquisitor : Dragon Age
    The United One : Warlock
    Dracula: Castlevania Lords of Shadow
    Kratos : God Of War
    Lavos : Chrono Trigger
    Emperor Mateus Palamecia : Final Fantasy II
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.