The weirdest shit you do in class

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For me?

1. Hit a guy with a nine-pound portfolio, when he called me a jew-bitch. He got detention. I got all smilely.

2. I did this yesterday: Blew bubbles in class. Most awesome.

3. Get happy meal toys from McDonald's. Play with them in class. (Like the starwars toys that you can fire.)

3. Jumped up on a desk and started doing the chicken dance (Did it in elementary.)

4. Rolled around on the floor. (in grade school. I pretended I was a Roly Polly. You know the little bug?)
1. I masturbated once in class
2. painted my teachers desk
3. My friends and I made paper cranes and threw them all around the room every couple of minutes.

High school was good. Now in College, I just do nothing. I'm boring now lol
I love Rolly Pollys...Used to catch them, and they'd tickle your hand...

Let's see...
I've played Yu-Gi-Oh several times in Art Class since the teacher hated me anyway...and the feeling was mutual.
Pulled out a DS Lite in Mr. D's class after I finished my work, and started playing it...
Start singing a Japanese song that you know the lyrics to... ((Subarashiki Shin Sekai))
Start singing an English song in class, and actually have the class start clapping rythmically... That only happened once, and IT WAS AWESOME.
I knew a guy who put thumbtacks in his arm durring class.
Attacked a guy.

Handed out cake.

Endorsed genocide.

Spoke in an American accent for 1 hour.

Tampered with a powerpoint presentation so that a giant picture of my face got displayed on the wall.
Why not?
My brother used to do it every morning. Thumbtack through his fingers. And, whoa, Asmo's post just magically phased into the thread as I was typing. o_o
One of my friends got a nosebleed durring class and just let it run down her face and onto her book....
I can't put some of mine...

But anyway, mainly got in trouble every day for talking.
One teacher got fed up and just "let" me sit outside the classroom door each day.

Ehh...typical things in elementary...throw paper balls with staples all in them at people. Rubber band wars, sometimes getting the teacher in the back of the head.

Got called a gremlin when I'd touch the projector and it'd short out. YAY!

Oh...I ran around whacking people in the head with my lunchbox :/

I was annoying.

The main thing I did was sit with my bangs over my face, which were as long as the rest of my hair, and sorta peek out at everyone like I was somewhere else. That isn't it? O_e

EDIT!: I purposly pissed off this one person...I got stabbed in the arm with a lead pencil at the end! ...spent the rest of health class digging lead out of my arm, now I have a scar that looks like I've had a small pox vaccine.
I'd act like a pull-string doll sometimes....
I'd be unusually kind and give my lunch snacks to a lot of people all through middle school. ^^;
Oh yeah, I used to throw money around.

I wasn't rich. I was just very anti-material and I liked watching the other kids scramble around for it.
If the desk was empty behind me I'd arch back and twist and pull on my hair while I stretched O_o ...the desk wasn't empty one time and I ended up punching the guy on accident. I'm a klutz ^__^
AHAHAHA! That's funny, Cor.
aside from sticking safety pins through my fingernails and waving at people, running a gambling table all through middle and high school, putting a lit paper bag full of pot down the school's ventilation intake, talking about the purple monkeys flying on the ceiling (lsd is a bitch) and helping to incite the largest high school food fight in the state of illinois, school was pretty normal for me
1. I masturbated once in class


It's an art. *Watches Creep Factor increase*

I mean, o.o

I've copied what the teacher was doing successfully, bullshitted my way through nine copies of a single assigment, and I would walk in like an animal, and walk out like a different one.

I'd like to think I've matured to monsters by now.
I graduated from an all-boy exclusive high school. I'm going to post all our shit here. One by one.


Step 1: Get a piece of paper

Step 2: Fold it in half, write "Open Me" on half of the one side and "Smell Me" on half of the other. The victim should find Open Me faced up, and should read Smell Me upon opening it.

Step 3: Mix small portions the following in the paper: Liquid Paper, Clear Glue and Bleach. This will look AND smell like semen.

Step 4: Look for someone with curly hair, get one or two strands and put it in the mix.

Step 5: Leave the paper on top of the teacher's table. Alternatively, ask anyone to pass it to the right/left.

Oro, that is awesome...