The weirdest illness/injury you've ever had?

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  1. I am one of those unlucky people that never have NORMAL "everyday" things happen. >:[ Right now I am suffering from a very inconvenient ear infection because of a zombie-barfing plague that is spreading through my town infecting people and then REINFECTING people cause it's the apocalypse or something.


    I have torn a chunk off my foot from stepping on a water sprinkler, ripped open my leg with a blade of grass, had a flesh eating fungus all over my face, among a few things. =___=
  2. I tore my PCL getting out of bed one day. That sucked.

    I tore my Meniscus earlier this year.

    I have Haglun’s Deformity, which cause a rupture in my Achilles Tendon.

    I’m only 21 and have Tendonitis in my wrists and my knees and ankles. I have the precursor to Arthritis in my knees.

    My football career wasn’t kind to my body.
  3. Probably the weirdest injury I had goes back to when I was 3 and cut the top of my middle finger off on my right hand. They managed to surgically reattach it, but to this day I don't have a fingernail bed on that finger and thus no fingernail. I have full range of motion and it doesn't affect me that much, but occasionally I get infections on it that itch to high heaven.

    Other than that? I got cat scratch fever from trying to help a friend give their cat a bath after it had gotten into something. That was the worst I've ever felt in my whole life ... other than maybe the time I got pneumonia.
  4. We went to the outer banks for thanksgiving with the family. Apaprently the people that own the house don't take care of their hot tub like they should and I ended up getting Hot tub folliculitis (also known as Pseudomonas aeruginosafolliculitis), which is a common type of folliculitis, a condition which causes inflammation of the hair follicle. This condition is caused by an infection of hair follicles due to the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

    I had these ugly ass redish-brownish bumps alllllllll over me for weeks. >.>
  5. Weirdest illness? >.> I don't want to talk about it :(

    Weirdest injury? Well there was this one time when I was getting Walls of Jerichoed improperly and my leg was extremely me-nope it was the knee scrape. Definitely the knee scrape. Always the knee scrape xD
  6. That would probably be the foot fungus.
    Other than that my illness has been limited to headaches, flu and colds.

    Then the weirdest injury would probably also be cutting my leg on a piece of grass.
  7. I was born with a cataract on my right eye.

    I had to have one of these surgically removed from my abdomen a few years back...

  8. Food poisoning that, instead of causing vomiting, caused me instead to have a complete loss of appetite and became pretty weak as a result, to the point where I actually had to maintain balance by leaning on Diana (a wonder that she was actually able to help me) when out and about.

    That lasted for three days, and resulted in 40 pounds (or about 19 kilos) of weight loss. this day, I refuse to buy McDonalds chicken sandwiches. Ever again.
  9. Weirdest injury? Has to be the bruise I got on my leg at the RenFest with @Diana @Gibs @Ozzie Chanter & @Isabella Hime It was a stupid accident on my part falling off a bleacher and landing on both Gibs & Ozzie (sorry guys!) that must have been a bone bruise or hairline fracture because I now have a weather leg.
  10. I had a boil under my arm once and it HURT LIKE A BITCH! I don't even know how I got that thing under there :O

    As for illnesses, I had eaten Mickey Ds (like always) and went to bed. Just as soon as I ate some Cookie Crisp cereal, I started feeling sick to my stomach and vomited everywhere in the bathroom DX Then I started to get diarrhea and was vomiting at the same time! Needless to say, I went to the ER and had something inserted into me via a needle and I was fine. That scared the shit outta me
  11. I can't really call it an illness or injury, but I have had three spinal fusions due to lordosis, scoliosis, and Scheuermann's kyphosis. Mainly because of the kyphosis, and the Scheurermmann's is a very rare type. My mom could only find 3 doctors in the US that knew how to do surgery for that specific kyphosis.

    Some doctors think my brother has a rare disease called Mollaret meningitis. We are not for certain though, since he would need to get a spinal tap when having a severe headache, and he always hides when he gets those. It even caused him to have a seizure once.

    My sister seems lucky at least xD
  12. I remember being in 4th grade and being over at a friend's house, just sitting there watching TV. Then her little sister, as well as mine, come dancing in like maniacs. My friend's sister loses balance and falls on me. Her bony little ass hit my ankle so hard that she sprained it.

    Sprained ankle from a second grader's butt. That's probably the weirdest, next to burning my foot on a piping hot casserole that was sitting on the floor. Coincidentally, this happened at that same friend's house.
  13. One time, I had the most excruciating pain in my lower abdomen. It was right where the appendix is, so I thought I was going to have a burst appendix. I went to a doctor and everything, who sent me in for x-rays, blood tests, the works. It wasn't "I'M GONNA DIE!" pain, but holy shit, I couldn't move, focus, work, go to school, nothin'. The pain lasted for days.

    I farted, and it went away.

    It was gas.

    I had gas.
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  14. I must address the elephant in the room. Why was a casserole on the floor????
  15. Food Bolus Impaction.

    In other words, I got a piece of steak stuck in my esophagus, blocking the opening to my stomach. I was unable to swallow, so I had to hork up all the spit you normally swallow without thinking. I tried throwing it up for about 6 hours before going to the hospital to get it removed via endoscopy.

    All in all, tons of fun. /sarcasm

    On the plus side, I finally got medication for my chronic heartburn (which was ultimately what caused the steak to get stuck in the first place).
  16. I shouted that very question as I screamed in pain, actually. If memory serves, my friend was in charge of stirring the casserole and then getting it served at the table. And for some reason, she set it on the floor, intending to get back to it after washing her hands in the bathroom. :| She was a strange friend. Silly me for not looking ahead for hot casseroles as I'm going down the hallway.
  17. LMAO that must've been one hell of a facepalm moment!
  18. Something last month with my lower rib. At first I thought it was a pulled muscle, but the more I was worked during training, the more it started feeling like a bruised rib of sorts. It's the weirdest as I have no idea why. I don't remember anything anywhere near my rib, especially something that can make it hurt like that.

    My other weird one is my hip. It used to start REALLY hurting if I ran for longer periods of time. I thought when I landed on my foot wrong, my leg bone was shoved up my hip a bit, but all the doctors are like "Nothing is wrong, all is good ^^"
  19. Oh my god, it was definitely a moment, if anything! I sort of bent over the wrong/right way, and it was like,


    And then I felt so much better after.
  20. That much build up? How did it not blow out your sphincter?
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