INTEREST CHECK The Wayfarer Redemption/Axis Trilogy?

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    ^world's worst wikipedia page, not very informative

    I know someone has to have heard of these books before. There were so many Aurealis awards... so many. ;_; Yet they've still sunk into obscurity. (and the author even had the good grace to die after completing the third trilogy)
    I'm really looking for something along the lines of these books. I'm not entirely comfortable playing canon characters, though I wouldn't mind creative histories on the less explored characters (I could probably do a mean WolfStar). Something set in Tencendor could also be awesome. Or we could use a world of our own making and simply take some plot inspiration from the series.
    Honestly, I just want something loosely related to the Wayfarer Redemption somehow, and no one seems to have read these.