The Way We Are (Open to all)

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  1. Witches...
    Since the beginning of time, Witches have been a source of controversy, symbols of darkness and destruction. The legend goes that they signed a deal with the devil, bound to serve him for life.

    However, the legend is only half true. They do serve for life, but for a different purpose. They serve demons, helping them collect souls and reach into the ranks of the hellish army. In short, they help power those who will eventually destroy the humans, reaching towards the apocalypse.

    However, being a witch isn't easy. Before, it took years of training and finding a compatible demon to bind with. Nowadays, there is Keygate Academy for Dark Arts and Demonics. Here, Demons and Witches/Warlocks come to find their destined partner and learn to work together to help bring the underworld over, looking to join the ranks of the Ultimate Lord's army.

    Some of them, however, have a long way to go, especially with the Apocalypse, the Ultimate Lord's arrival, coming so quickly. But, when a half human, half demon appears, wants to destroy all that this school stands for and take down the Ultimate Lord, how far will he make it?


    'Hey, you.'


    'Whats your name?'

    'My name? ... I don't have one.'

    'Hmph, useless. Then, I'll give you one. Your new name is Reina, and you are to be my witch. Now, step back while I break you out of this infernal contraption.'

    'W-wait wh-'


    'Come along, now, we have places to be.'

    Name: Maroon Varnice
    Nickname: N/A
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Species: Half demon, Half human
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Maroon is a very blunt and candid person, skipping the sugar and going straight for what he aims for. Because of this, though, he tends to be a bit awkward when expressing somethings, and has no understanding of truly human things. He's terribly ambitious, but, his reasons are more personal than practical. He cares about those he's close to, though, and makes sure to always fulfill a promise.
    Power:Summoning beasts, Taking souls for power
    Name: Reina Varnice
    Nickname: Rei
    Species: Witch (Human)
    Personality: Born in a lab that studied magical powers and witchcraft, Reina has spent her entire life in a safety chamber, made of glass not even she can break. She is very naive and curious, as well as easily trusting to people she meets. She tends to work on her emotions, which are unstable as she has never really been able to experience much.
    Powers: Ice
    Animal Familiar: Hedgehog, will appear later

    "Come along, Reina, we're late," Maroon said smoothly as he stepped out of the taxi, picking up his duffle bag, He looked up at the tall gates of Keygate Academy, and smirked,"So, this is where we will spend the next couple years." He fixed his uniform tie just as Reina came around the cab, fixing her hair under the uniform hooded cloak. She looked up to where he was, and gasped.

    "Wow, its so pretty! Are we really going to live here?," the witch asked, turning to Maroon. He smiled, not even looking her way.

    "Of course. I promised you a new home after I broke you out. How, lets go see what we're going to have to deal with," The both headed up to the gate, and pressed the button that was on the side.

    'How may I help you?! A cheerful voice said, before a shining grin appeared in mid-air. From the grin, the rest of a female body appeared, dressed in royal and light purple stripes, long black hair cascading down her back and light blue eyes shining. Reina took a step back as the witch appeared, amazed at the skill she had shown.

    "We're here for the entrance ceremony. We should be on the list, as the names Maroon and Reina Varnice."

    "Ah, you're finally here~! I am your mentor, Ms. Shire! Follow me!," The older witch said, before pressing her hand to the gate. A large seal with intricate designs appeared, before the doors dropped and the two were lead in. The facilities were old looking, bordering on a pure white castle, but they were well kept, with many flowers and statues around. Reina looked around curiously, straying here and there as the other two walked straight for the auditorium.

    However, as she strayed far, she heard a soft voice singing, an slowly moved towards it. Her foot caught onto a sightly crooked stone, and she fell forward, giving a strangled squeak as she landed on a solid form.
    • c563292299dd1641a099352fd0800641.jpg Name: kayto himura
    • Nickname: kay
    • Age:17
    • Gender: male (warlock)
    • Species: half demon ,half human
    Personality: kayto always seems to have an unwavering confidence.despite his stern demeanor he has a healthy since of humor.often over thinks things and can be mysterious at times.He has a love for both women and animals.

    Kayto had arrived at the grand entrance much earlier than expected due to his families strong ties to the dark arts. Kayto was the son of haru himura, he is the sole air to the sayzo clan.this clan has forever been known as the messengers of death.kayto looks up at the gates anxiously.Before entering he spends a few moments wondering if he would be accepted despite his heritage.just then he is knocked down by what seemed to be a young which.
    "Hey are you alright"
    His gold eyes catch what little light there was in the room as he helps the girl up.
    "Hi my name is kayto."

    Name: Phantom
    Age: Appears 16 which is possible actuate when you see his face

    Phantom came to this school needing to meet who may be his destined partner. He arrived what him seemed close to late. He wasn't sure who he may see. His parents sent him to this school saying it would help him become a true demon reaper. He wasn't sure what they meant it was obviously hard to be the son of the great reaper known as Death. They told him here he would learn to use his powers properly. Phantom only seemed to have the basics.



    Name: Suzanna Croth
    Nickname: Zanna
    Gender: Female
    Species: Witch
    Personality: Zanna can be very curious always at times seeming to question if she is interested and wishes to know more. She will listen to others. Seems to be very creative and coming up with new tricks. She can be as quiet as a mouse when she wants and seems to be hard to realize she is there but many wonder how for she can be very talkative. Though she is serious if it requires learning, or finding who she is meant to be with. Once she knows she may seem more focused on doing as she is told.
    Powers: Usually forms of water magic, dark magic, and some say she can posses blood magic but that she has never proven. Just her father can her mother is a mix of water and dark magic while her father blood and dark magic.

    Zanna heard her parent's talking of sending her to a school to learn who her partner may be. She hadn't understood really then or now what they meant. But she did like the idea of the school. She could maybe get a better understanding of her powers. That alone excited her. Once they arrived they were rather late getting to the school for her mother seemed to make sure multiple times if Zanna was really ready. Finally being here and telling her parents good bye. She entered the school alone not sure what the first day may hold.
  3. [​IMG]
    Name; Lucinda Xayle
    Nicknames; Lucy, Cindy
    Age; Around 16
    Gender; Female
    Species; Demon

    Lucy was caught up in the crowd of students flocking through the grand entrance of the school building, and barely had time to take in her surroundings outside before she was swept through the door. As she walked, she tried to recall what it was that her grandmother had told her, something about finding a witch or warlock who was her partner? In all honesty, Lucy didn't really understand, but was looking forwards to the experience all the same.​
  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Cerce Zenovia
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: "Are you a good witch? Or a bad witch?"

    Personality: Cerce happens to be a very kind and compassionate character, but never shows it. She seems to show her kindness most towards people in danger or in trouble, and in rare cases if she trusts you. The majority of the time, she's a bit of a crude person until you get to know her. Some call her flirtatious, but she is probably just making friendly banter if you happen to make acquaintances with her. She seems to show no emotion and even hatred towards other people but she hopes to fix that issue in due time. Her shy and quiet nature makes her seem either off-putting or mysterious. She is always in thought and curiosity but never asks questions due to the thought of judgement from others. Though she has a knack of keeping to herself she can be a bit direct and blunt yet immediately regrets it.

    Cerce arrives at Keygate Academy, looking at the school from the main entrance. Why was she here again? To what? To meet her destined partner? She looked back to see if her parents just left immediately after she stepped a foot into the campus, wanting to get away from their daughter as soon as possible. And sure enough, no car to be found. Great. She turned back to the school and gulped, making her way towards the gates of the Academy. What could she possible find here? A partner? New spells? She breathed heavily, taking all the thoughts and just pushing it to the side. She had to get to the entrance ceremony before she makes a fool of herself. So she took a deep breath in - Deep breath through the nose, out the mouth. You're killing it Cerce. Calm down. She walked in solitude, thinking about her new life at Keygate Academy.
  5. [​IMG] <link if the picture for some reason doesn't work.
    Name: Haydn Joseph
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Species: Witch
    Powers: Necromancy and fire are his main subjects, one from his father, one from his mother.
    Personality: loyal to those who are loyal to him, but mean to those mean to him. Revenge is always an option.

    Haydn arrived at the school late. Many things he did were slightly late. His parents had left after a few minutes to do whatever parents do. He'd been given the basic have fun, don't get in trouble lecture, but he was left pondering on what to do. He decided the best thing to do was to sign in. He had a black backpack on his shoulders that was full of all the stuff he needed. There was a smily woman and after signing in he found himself in a room full of other students. He decided if he had to communicate he didn't want a partner that much.