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  1. Welcome to The Way Station
    Sign up here.

    Horace Buckworthy had been working the counter at The Way Station going on 67 years, and it was tedious. Each day, Horace dealt with disoriented travelers as they wandered into the dirty, run-down market, and it was his job to enlighten them about their current situations. The list of names, which had been left in his possession the very first day he'd arrived here, grew each day as more an more people appeared in the Far Side.

    "Name?" Horace didn't even bother looking up at the faces anymore. To him, they were all essentially the same. "Sign here," he drawled, pointing at the dotted line, "and here."
    From there, Horace would stamp the individual's paperwork, approving his or her arrival and allowing them access to The City and their memories.

    For some, it would happen right away. For others it was a gradual process. Either way, the first memory to come back was always his or her death, and it was never pleasant to watch. By now, Horace was mostly desensitized to the process. He didn't feel anything anymore as the person in front of him wailed, reliving the experience again, nor did he offer any condolences --- after all, they were all here for the same reason.

    Granted, Horace's memories had come and gone by now, so he could no longer really relate. 67 years of living in the Far Side tends to do that to you. First, you're bombarded with the memories of your life, and then with the dreams of your loved ones. After a while, once your friends and family start to move on, so do you. The dreams stop, and your memories fade away again, until all that's left is what you've become since death. After that, there is no redemption.

    Unlike Horace, some people get out before reaching that point by coming to terms with the sadness, finding peace, and moving on. However, there is also a second option: if they change their mind quickly enough, if the prove to The Administrator that they deserved it, they're granted a "second chance," waking up in a hospital somewhere, back on earth where they can live out the rest of their natural life like nothing ever happened.

    So what'll it be? Move on, go back, or stay here?

    The Contract:
    Far Side Contract
    Terms and Agreements

    This agreement is made and takes effect on the day one chooses to take his or her own life between The Far Side Officials and whomever it concerns.

    1. The Far Side hereby receives custody of his/her soul for a term commencing on the date of this agreement and s/he hereby accept such custody.
    2. During the one's stay in The Far Side he/she will:
    A. Not be permitted the right to smile, laugh, giggle, chortle, or any other variation of the aforementioned deed.
    B. Not engage in any recreational activities that The Far Side Officials have not ordained acceptable prior to participation
    C. Not be permitted leave until s/he has a) Accepted his/her death, or b) Provided substantial evidence to revert the decision and return to the living.
    3. Far Side residence agree that during his/her term of residency within The City, memories will be taken periodically as restitution for choosing to murder ones self.
    4. Wandering away from The City is strictly prohibited. Memories will be confiscated upon apprehension.
    5. S/he agrees to adhere to all laws and ordinances enforced within The City. Failure to adhere may result in imprisonment or memory confiscation depending on the severity of the offense. (Laws cont'd pg. 2)
    6. Failure to accept death prior to memory extraction will result in permanent residency within the Far Side.

    Signature:_________________________ Date:_____________
    Witness signature:_______________________ Date:______________

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  2. Maria opened her blurry eyes, and looked around. She was surrounded by flat nothingness... only desert. They sky was a vast sheet of grayish-blue. The whole world looked like it had been sitting in the sunlight for too long and all of the color had been sucked out. She pushed herself up, and took a few quivering steps. Maria didn't know where she was or where she was going, but her feet kept moving as each foot step was followed by another. Everything was bright, but she didn't feel warm. She didn't feel anything at all.

    Days passed. Maybe weeks.

    Maria lost count of how many times she watched the moon cross the sky, but not once did she stop walking. She moved thoughtlessly, and probably would have forever, had she not come across a lonely market in the middle of the nothingness.

    A bell tinkled as the door opened and without thinking, Maria stepped into the line that was forming in front of the dirty register. Everyone looked dazed. Nobody was talking. The silence would have been unsettling if Maria cared. The girl at the register cried out, and everyone's eyes snapped in her direction.
    And that's how it went --- the first person in line approached the register, cried out, and everyone stared.

    Finally, Maria stood before the register, unsure of what to expect.
    "Sign here," the man stated, completely monotone, "and here."
    Maria did.
    The man stamped her paperwork, and for a moment Maria stood there, completely unaffected.
    "What... No..." Maria moaned as a flood of memory and emotion hit her like brick wall. Had she released the counter, she probably would've fallen to the floor.

    "It's not like you don't cheat, Maria," Destry snapped. They'd been arguing for several minutes. It was dark, and Destry was speeding around the curves that lead up to Pittock Crest.
    "Excuse me?" Maria was livid. "I thought you came to apologize, not to make stupid accusations."
    "It's not an accusation," Destry replied, taking another turn up the increasingly steep hill. "It's just true. You can't get mad."
    "I can and I am. Take me home."
    "Destry, take me home, now."
    Maria felt the rage starting to boil over now. "Take me HOME!" she screamed, hitting him.
    "Maria, calm down," Destry snapped, pushing her hands away.
    "No!" she screamed. Destry didn't see her grab the wheel. With a sharp tug, the car swerved. Maria's head cracked against the passenger window, and everything went dark.

    Maria's eyes snapped open, cool sweat dripping from her face. So she was dead? Stumbling from the market, Maria started to cry. Everything was coming back.
    Destry, she'd left Destry alone.
    And now she was alone, too.
    She slumped against the shaded side of the wall, to catch her breath. What a mess she'd made of things.
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  3. '' I've always felt this void inside of me. I could feel it grow and continuously consume the little humanity I had left. I was born with that void, and I always hated it with passion. I would stay alone contemplating and being jealous of their life: having goals, dreams of your own. Nineteen Years with that void, and I knew it had finally consumed me all. It was too late for me when I realized I had lost to the void. I knew I was a lost cause, but somehow, I felt relieve knowing that the void would finally take me away. ''
    Hearing the sound of rivers flowing, birds chirping and the crackling sound of Je-Ne-Sais-Pas-Quoi. Nature sounded so peaceful. Noah slowly opened his eyes as he looked up at the clear cloudless day-time sky. '' Is this death? '' he asked himself looking up at the sky. His skin was pale and his skin felt dry. He propped his elbows on the ground looking around, but all lies. Arid and dry grounds. Desert and little to no greenness. It was deserted and lacked any life. Noah stood up trying to understand where the sound of the river came from. He swallowed hardly looking around, this couldn't be it. It felt like he was in Arizona, or some kind of deserted place in the United States. He was about to undust his pants only to find that they weren't dirty. He looked at his hands. White, almost bony.
    '' hey boy! '' someone called out. Noah snapped his head to the side and stared without answering. The, what seemed to be, a farmer pointed at some kind of town.

    '' Sir, may I know where am I?'' he said, but only heard echo as the man evaporated and he could feel the ground move closer and closer to the marketplace as if it was forcing him to go only that way. By the time he could do anything, he felt almost dizzy and in some kind of hallucination as he walked towards the wooden door. Everything around him was so pale and dull. He walked inside the building only to meet a few hundreds seating on benches. They were of different races, genders, age. He swallowed harshly as he took a heavy step and walked towards Horace. He was waiting behind a girl. His face had no expressions or any emotions.

    Horace then spoke up, '' NEXT! '' he shouted and Noah just stepped forward. The man simply gave him papers. That's when he saw the girl cry and he wondered why. Many in fact were crying, but he didn't understand. That's when he looked at the papers and realized. This was indeed death, but it didn't feel as peaceful as he hoped. It was dull and not what he had imagined. Something wasn't right and he didn't feel really at ease as he looked at these papers.

    ''Are you serious? '' he actually asked to Horace. The worked looked up at him for the first time and simply shrugged, '' I don't know why it wouldn't be. Now Sign here and here. '' he simply said as he waved at someone to come forward, but Noah simply took the paper and simply made a ball out of it before throwing it at Horace face. '' I asked you, '' he said looking at him dead in the eyes, '' Are you serious about this heaven? '' he asked almost wanting to cry and laugh at the same time.
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  4. Silence..

    That's all that could be heard, absolutely nothing. Brown eyes fluttered open, unsure of what exactly had happened, nor where they were now. 'Hell.' An echoing voice constantly whispered within the girls head, causing her hands to grip up and grip her hair harshly. Not wanting to get up, not wanting to have to deal with the voices anymore.. Was this only another delusion? This colorless world, that would look better when black and grey? Or had she finally lost it, and hadn't actually done anything to stop the pain, the agony that she's had to deal with for so long. Blonde strands of hair fell onto her face, as a small wind seemed to suddenly show. And soon enough, the girl was up and moving without even realizing it. Alic's gaze seemed to turn everywhere as she quickly moved, hardly registering the small building standing in front of her. Voices came, only had she thought that they were the ones in her head. She licked her lips, thinking they were dry. But no, of course not, they were just as soft as they had been when she was back home.

    The voices didn't echo though, eyes snapping towards the building. Blinking, feet carried the young girl into the place. Many surrounded her, crying, yelling. Why though? She didn't understand. Had she actually gone to hell?. "Next!" A voice ahead yelled, Alic realizing that he was talking to her. Even though the male hadn't bothered looking up, his irritated tone made it obvious, because she was taking too long. Quickly stepping up to the small counter, he pointed her where to sign. Reading through the piece of paper she would be signing thoroughly, her eyebrow seemed to raise. A small smile formed onto her lips.

    "Ah.. So I'm dead?...... That's good." She muttered the last part, rolling her eyes slightly before grabbing the pen, signing her name where he had pointed. Others may care, may be in disbelief, honestly she was just relieved. It hadn't been a delusion, and everyone whom had hated her before would be able to live peacefully now that the small little speck of dust had finally flown away with the wind. Had her family even buried her? That was highly doubtful, but the young adult was still very curious. Handing the paper back to the other male, he stamped it before calling for the person behind her to move up. Well, that ended quickly. Although she still didn't really understand where she was, the paper not necessarily explaining it, and he hardly spoke to her. But, why be curious when.. Well, she died. There wasn't a point in anything.

    Alic didn't completely accept the fact that she had died, she was just happy that.. There was a chance for her to get away from all the hate that had made itself home with her when she was alive. Sadly though, the voices seemingly followed her. That thought alone caused the blonde to sigh, shaking her head.

    Her gaze seemed to snap to a male, whom, was.. Pissed off? At being dead? Pricking her head to the side, she simply stared at his reactions, finding them quite hilarious. Of course, the young female didn't laugh, only would stare for a few seconds before turning away to look at something else. Even if she was dead, she didn't want to look like a creep or anything. That would be really weird, if people were to believe that she had been some sort of molester or something in her life, which was, in fact, completely untrue. Even if she had killed a little girl, that didn't necessarily count.

    'You killed her... And yet you feel nothing.. For that sin, you'll go burn. You'll burn, and not be happy, free, of us.... Of them. The problems, nothing will ever leave you. You don't deserve to forget, killing your little sister.' They echoed, already beginning to taunt her. They wouldn't leave her alone. Why won't they just leave her alone? She's dead.. This.. Should have left her.
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  5. Where am I? Kanae first thought when she woke up to find herself in a silent and isolated area, with no recollection of what got her to where she was. Who am I? She questioned, uncertain with the several voices invading her head with thoughts unlike her own. "Hell?" She wondered aloud to no one in particular as she got up from the ground. No, it wasn't hell. She couldn't feel anything and as far as anyone could tell, the ground was of dry dirt, the sky dull, and nothing was burning. There was no heat emitting from red flames or screams of agony reverberating around her, but she could definitely tell it wasn't heaven either. It was surely death. But how and why, she didn't know. There was only a nagging feeling in her head of some sort of restlessness as she took a closer look at her surroundings in loss.

    Far off in the distance, she heard some muffled cries and screams that were far from agony. It was very faint, more like despair or regret and she followed it without any clue as to where else to go. She wanted answers and nothing more.

    Kanae found herself among several people in a line waiting to sign a paper and leave afterwards in tears. She just watched without sympathy as she noticed the person in front of her who was male, several years older than her, was the next person in line. She watched the scene unfold before her in silence as she then looked down slightly crossed eyed, to fix the blacked rimmed glasses on her face that she didn't realize she had on before when she woke up from consciousness.

    When she heard the male in front of her crumple a piece of paper and threw it at the receptionist named Horace, Kanae looked up to see her vision blurred and she removed her glasses to wipe the lenses after rubbing her eyes, only to find herself lost inside her own conscience. Her hand holding her glasses fell to her side as a smile found its way onto her face.

    It wasn't Kanae. It was no longer Kanae. She had no control and was unaware that someone else had taken control. It was like she was asleep as someone took over her mind and body and there was no way of her knowing. Kanae opened her mouth, only to let out a quiet but muffled laugh as she tilted her head to the side questioningly. "Heaven? What makes you think this place is heaven?" She asked in an innocent, childlike voice that sounded unfit for her age. She looked up at the boy in front of her with amusement from his reaction, her vision no longer blurred.
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  6. ˹Axel˼

    I've been traveling on this road too long
    Just trying find my way back home
    The old me is dead and gone...

    Cough, cough

    Axel felt as if he'd been swallowing dirt for days, desperately in need of water. He blinked his eyes open and quickly sat up to look around in all directions. He was literally in the middle of no where, no one was around and there was no sign of life anywhere. Not even plants that could take severe heat stood out in this deserted place, so the question was where was he? He couldn't remember anything and for a brief moment he thought that maybe he was just kidnapped, hit in the head, and dropped off somewhere that was so far that he would have never found where he was before. Yet something made his thoughts of that go away as he looked up in the sky then down the road, something was definitely off. He turned around on his stomach then stood up using his hands first then his feet, he wondered why he hasn't seen any cars yet...maybe he was on an abandoned road? For some reason the male started to walk forward feeling as if there was a force making him walk closer to something or someone. Small flashes or some kind of visions came through his head every time he took a couple of steps closer to some kind of store? No.... Axel squinted his eyes to see better, it was some kind of station but it looked like he hadn't had any customers in years. Why was he heading here? What was so important about this place and why are these flashes of visions coming into his mind? He didn't understand any of it, but he knew something was for sure. Whatever was going on, whatever he needed to know was in the run down station straight down the dusty road.

    Step, step, step.

    Axel was almost to the entrance of the place, he had no clue why he was here but he needed some kind of information. Maybe whoever was inside of this place would give him answers or at least a cup of water if anything. Another vision flashed through his head, two girls. Two small, beautiful girls who looked shockingly similar to him. Were these his daughters or...maybe his sisters? No, they couldn't have been. Axel knew that he would have remembered something extremely major like that..unless of course all of this wasn't real.. He stopped in his tracks and looked around once again, taking everything in. Was this....was he....dead? For a brief moment Axel stood there until a huge headache hit him causing him to almost fall over. His green eyes pierced up at the place, he wondered if whatever was here gave him this sign to know that he was in the right place. Soon enough Axel reached the entrance, hesitating to go inside for a moment. He took a little breath before opening the door to see other people sitting around. He spotted the guy who threw the paper at the man behind the counter's face then watched it stop a few inches in front of him. Axel swallowed before picking it up and unraveled it to see something that answered almost all of this questions. This piece of paper, this..contract? Was basically a paper that said some form of authority got to keep his soul, control whether he came back to life, and if he got to keep any for his memories. Scanning over everyone in the room again, he sat the paper down on the nearby table before walking to the back of the line. He wondered if the man knew anything, surely he'd been here for quite a while. One by one people started to leave in tears or just in deep thoughts about it all. His mind began to wander again until, "Next....Helllo? Nexxxt.." the man called out to Axel who seemed to have been holding up the line. He looked at him for a bit then slowly moved forward, "What is this?" was the first words that came out of Axel's mouth. the male looked up at him and smirked before sliding the white paper in front of Axel and telling him where to sign. He gave the guy a look and sighed before taking the pen and signing the paper. After the man stamped, almost instantly Axel's memories were restored and he remembered the two girls from his visions earlier. He held his head, "Shit.." he basically said to himself before the memories started to pour in....

    "I'll get you for this Axel...I'll get you..." said Aubrey as she finished her bottle of liquor and tossed it somewhere onto the road. She tapped her fingers on the steering wheel and watched Axel wash his car then go into the garage for something. Putting out her cigarette, she got out of the car and walked down to his house to do whatever payback she thought was right. Slipping into the back of the house, Aubrey picked the lock and entered his home then went on a search for his two daughters. It was a three story house, but she finally got around to finding the two sleeping little girls who seemed so peaceful. She smirked and opened the windows up before grabbing them both. "Hey Axel baby! Look who I found!" she shouted down at him. Axel looked up to see that Aubrey had his two kids. "What the hell are you doing?!" he shouted throwing the towel down and starting to run up to the door. "Stop! I will drop them right now if you touch that door!" she said to him before pushing them out of the window and hanging them from their wrists. Axel swallowed hard and watched his two daughters dangle and scream. "Alright, alright! I'll give you whatever you want...just please don't drop them!" he shouted with a strong worried look in his eyes. Aubrey laughed sarcastically. "You think you can just take my daughters away? You think you can just be free? Have a new lover and a brand new family? Well I won't let that happen!" she shouted before letting go of them and letting them fall to their death. Axel dropped everything and ran over to them, trying to get them to come back to life but of course it didn't work. "Andy...Alice...Speak to me, talk to daddy..." he said shaking them. They were gone, dead and not coming back. The police quickly took Aubrey away and cleaned up the bodies and the evidence. The tragic event played through his head over and over, he hasn't eaten in days...weeks even now. Three weeks has gone by now, still nothing. He had became and shell of his former self and now it was time for him to leave. He drove into town to the highest building he knew, went up the very top, and jumped...

    Axel snapped back into reality and looked at the people who were staring at him. His headache faded away and was replaced by a much greater pain now, the pain he had before he even took that leap. He ran out of the Station and a little ways down the road before falling to his knees and throwing different stuff at nothing at all. He screamed, what could be worst than this? He certainly couldn't think of it...he had to live with these memories? Wait, no...the paper said that he would slowly forget everything. So why wasn't the man at the desk happy that he lost all his memory? He was slowly starting to understand things...This place, this place wasn't a good one and he knew it from the jump. He stood up and wondered where he should go from here, he had a feeling that this place wasn't all that was in store for him and the rest of the people who arrived.

    ( I am so sorry it's so long, I kept getting ideas and writing them out >_<)

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  7. Evan Alasdair
    It was impeccably horrid out there, nothing but dry desert heat and an intense sun beat down upon him. Evan, a young boy, found himself wondering the desert for what seemed like weeks, but was one mere day. He had no water, no food, no nothing; except the odd feeling of emptiness, though he had no clue why. Looking around all, Evan, could see was desert upon heated crack desert floor. It was like a wasteland. Surely there has to be some place, some where, Evan though to himself. He couldn't even bring himself to speak allowed, in fear that he would drop dead and never live to see tomorrow. How did I even get here? He wondered to himself. Evan had no memory of what happened one day prior to now. He had no clue he was dead.

    Still dragging his feet, one after the other, in misery, Evan spotted what looked to be a small building in the far off distance. It's probably a mirage. Evan put his expectations for a place that gave him hope, down to a minimum. He had seen at least two mirage's in his day old march. Why should this one be any different? Though he brought his hope level down to almost nothing, Evan couldn't help but find a new found drive that seemed to allow him to pick up his pace. Even though it seemed like he was running, in reality he was only brisk walking towards his destination.

    Within a forty minute period, Evan found himself walking over a thresh hold of a door. It was a mirage. Evan would have smiled, but that would have only cause his mouth to start bleeding from the dry blistered cracks his lips had formed from dehydration. There was a man sitting at desk, flipping through a newspaper. Evan didn't speak. Looking around the place, and touch the walls, Evan made sure it was real.

    "Excuse me son, but would you mind coming here for a minute." The man asked from the front desk.

    Evan looked up a little surprised, though he complied and found himself wondering over to the man. "Yes?" Evan asked. That was the first word he had spoken in a day.

    "Would you mind reading this obituary to me, son. I seem to have misplaced my glass, and I think I might know that boy." The man asked Evan. Than realized Evan might be thirsty from his journey. "Here have a glass of water." The man pushed a half drank glass of ice cold water towards Evan.

    Evan quickly took hold of the glass and downed the water within seconds. Sighing in relief, he looked at the man and held out his hands. "Which one did you say you wanted me to read?" Evan asked. The guy pointed out one from Evan's home town. "Oh, I lived there." Evan confessed.

    "Oh, really?" The man acted surprised. "Maybe you might know this boy than, please read it."

    Evan nodded and began to read the obituary. "In the last day and a half, the city of Silver mine had lost a member of it's community. A young boy by the name of..." Evan stopped as he read his name in his thoughts. Me? But I'm here, now! I can't be died. Can I? Evan looked back up at the man, in utter shock. He on the other hand looked completely fine as he filled his glass full of whisky and took a sip.

    "Welcome to Far Side, my boy." He spoke in such a simple tone. But in that one line, Evan's heart broke. He was in fact died.

    Until now, Evan hadn't realized others were in the room. Where did they come from? He had no memory of them being in here when he came in.

    The voice of the man spoke once more as he pushed out a paper and a ink joy pen. "Sign here." He said. Evan didn't understand. "Look, this is a contract regarding your suicide. Sign it and make sure to read the rules, got it?" The man's words were soft. Though the one would that cut Evan like a knife was 'suicide.'

    He couldn't have, could he? Evan's heart raced in fear. Trying to remember what had happened, Evan found he couldn't no matter how hard he tried to search through his brain. the memories were gone. Reaching out he looked through the contract. There were so many of them. The no smile rule shocked Evan. Though the one that got him to sign the deal was his memories would come back, a few at a time. Evan sign his name away and threw the contract back down on the counter.

    "Thanks, and enjoy your stay." The man said sarcastically.

    Within a minute, Evan collapsed on the floor. A sharp pain entered his skull, and Evan found himself holding his skull trying to get the pain to stop. The next thing he knew his vision went black.


    "Stop! It wasn't my fault, okay!" Evan screamed at his father. It was two days prior to his arrival at Far Side. Evan was having an argument, again, with his father. This time about Evan's expulsion.

    "Oh, shut up! It was to your fault! Who else could have put that boy in a coma? Casper? Evan face it you hit him and didn't stop until you saw he was no longer conscious." He yelled at him.

    They were in the dining room. They never used it normally only for things like Thanksgiving and Christmas, or sometimes a birthday. Though it was his mother's favorite room in the house. She always used to tell him, "it brings me hope seeing the family all together," but now it was being ruled by a screaming match. One Evan would not win.

    "I didn't mean to. He took over and I couldn't fight it." Evan confessed. In all honesty, Evan couldn't fight his other half. One because it was mentally impossible, and two the medication never worked on Evan, no matter how many times they tried and how many different kinds of methods and pills they tested.

    "That's a lie, Evan. How many times are you gonna blame it on this other guy..." His father stepped closer to Evan. Anger filled his eyes. "It was you, only're a monster" His father slipped out before cuffing his mouth.

    Evan looked at him with tears in his eyes. He finally said it, the words Evan wished would never be spoken, especially by his own father. Evan ran out of the room, and grabbed his dad's keys.

    "Evan, come back here!" His father yelled. Evan slammed the front door the next second. His father left to find out his son had just died in a car vs. wall collision.

    Evan's foot was on the gas, pushing it straight to the floor. Speed on his side and a mixture of sadness, pain, anger, disappointment, and loneliness filled Evan's heart and mind. There was a large concrete wall at the end of the road. It was a now leaving Silver-mine gated community sign, which was overly large. Eighty. Eighty mph was how fast the car was going on impact. A second afterwards, it exploded. Evan inside, his father at home figuring out his game plan to apologize to Evan, and his mother at work looking forward to seeing her baby when she got home. But there was no more baby...the was no more Evan.


    Evan gasped back to reality. The pain of the memory stung in his head. Tears filling his eyes, Evan had to get out of here. There were too many people. Evan stumbled to his feet as he ran outside. Taking a right he fell next to a ICE machine, and sat next to it. Holding himself in fetal position. He was dead.
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  8. Noah glanced to his side when he heard a child speak, or what it seemed like at first. She was actually a young girl. "Heaven? What makes you think this place is heaven?" she said. Noah didn't have time to notice Horace looking through his files. '' That's exactly it! Nothing makes me think it's heaven! '' he answered. The young man wasn't furious because he was dead, no. He was angry at this man, Horace, at this place. He was frustrated. The frustration of his past life surfacing. His expectation were too high for his heaven. This place dull and fucking boring.

    Horace looked at Noah, probably for the first time looking at one of those souls, '' Noah Rhyes, Overdose. Ha! You are one of those fools that saw Jesus while shooting heroine and went through that tunnel of light is that it?'' he made fun of, but Noah didn't find it funny. Not at all. He grabbed that man from the collar and pulled him up with the little strength he has. His mouth was practically foaming at this point, '' Listen you fucking asshole, you don't make fun and you will... '' he said cutting his speech short not knowing what to say. What was he going to ask? Bring me to heaven? Let me live? Give me a purpose to live? He didn't even know and he was asking that fool. He had no idea where he was exactly nor what he was suppose to do.

    [anyone, feel free to control Horace reaction towards Noah lol - He is an NPC right? @CelestialCellar ]
    Players Response: @Kuroshi
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  9. Kanae looked at the boy apparently named Noah unfazed. Her eyes filled with curiosity of a child, as if she were unaware of the things going on around her or maybe she was even feigning it. When Horace began to read something with a tone of mockery that Kanae could not comprehend she only reacted with confusion, but her thoughts begged to differ. He shouldn't mock a person's pain, a voice in her head spoke with dejection. I don't understand... Kanae thought with perplexity as she furrowed her brows. She then began to look frustrated as another voice in her head spoke. Ha! Don't understand? So you say... Well, 'ignorance is bliss.' Kanae shook her head slightly as she held the side of her head, a gradual headache growing when someone in her head spoke, but it died down as soon as they became silent again.

    Kanae stepped back slightly, her eyes filled with confusion now that the voices were back, making her bump into someone behind her. "Oops, sorry," she apologized as she dropped the glasses she was holding in her left hand. Looking down at it questioningly she picked it up and wiped the lenses. As she peered through them her mind began to get hazy as she blinked, her vision blurred yet again, but her mind felt like it was fighting with itself for control as she casually put on her glasses as if nothing had happened. The hell... Kanae thought to herself as she glared at the person in front of her. She had no recollection of what had happened, but passed it off as if she were used to blanking out so often out of nowhere.

    She felt as if she were standing in line forever despite being unaware of how exactly long she was there, but she was growing impatient. She wanted to say something, but thought better of it as she let out a heavy sigh and shot a glare at the male who grabbed Horace at the collar and at Horace for not moving on with things because she didn't want to stand in line forever even if there would be nothing for her to do afterwards. She was becoming restless being near people in general and she hoped that the dispute would be over with already.
  10. Alexis woke up in the middle of a desert. "Ugh...My head..." She mutter holding it. What the hell was she doing out here? As she sat up, she felt her stomach on her legs. Alexis looked down at her swollen belly. She gave it a pat before slowly standing up. The first thing she got of that was back pain. "Oooh, easy there little guy." She said holding her back. "Now where am I?"

    For a few hours, she was wondering endlessly in the desert. Her contractions made it a little difficult to walk and stand, that's for sure. And she couldn't rest until she finds some place safe for her to sit down and rest. Eventually, she saw what looked like a Gas Station and a line of people. Huh...Wierd to have a Station all the way out here. She then got in line so she could do whatever she needed to do in order to get home. She then felt her baby kick. In response, the expecting mother gently caressed where the baby kick as she looked down at her belly. She then began cradling it as she stood in line. Finally when she got up to the front of the line, Alexis approached the Old Man at the desk when she walked inside the building. When she read his name-tag, it read 'Horace Buckworthy'. Didn't really seem like the guy to make conversation. As she gently caressed her belly, she was presented a contract. Alexis looked at it inconspicuously. "I killed myself?" She asked, puzzled. Upon touching the piece of paper, she began having a flashback.

    Two and a Half Weeks Ago...
    Its been almost a year since her Boyfriend passed away. And her Family...She had no one to turn to. Not very many friends. Alexis had fallen apart. All she really had was that baby in her belly. She was in her bedroom, crying into a Pillow. She missed her lover so much. She couldn't raise the baby alone, but at the same time, she couldn't just give it up for adoption. The little one was all that she had left of him. But she couldn't go on one more day. Alexis looked at the gun on her Night Stand. She started crying as she grabbed it and pointed it at her head. She then pulled the trigger...

    Alexis was mortified and flabbergasted by the memory she just saw. Not only she killed herself, but because she was pregnant at the time of her death, she took her baby with her. Tears rolled down her cheeks like no tomorrow as she looked down at her belly. She wanted to apologize to her baby. After wiping her eyes, she thanked the man and grabbed her contract. Exiting, she began reading the contract. Her question was would she be able to give her unborn baby a chance at life? "Oh honey, I'm so sorry..." She cried.

    When she looked towards what seemed to be a Bus Stop, she saw a few people talking. Instead, she just walked over to where the bus stop was. Shy, she didn't really attempt to interact with any of the other people there. So instead, she just read the contract, signed it and just called it good. Alexis began caressing her belly as she waited, wondering what would happen next.
  11. Maria glanced up as the door flew open. She'd been crying, drawing shapes in the dirt with her finger and trying to think of a way out of this. A boy, not much older than herself, came stumbling through the door. He landed roughly against the ice machine, collapsing in the dirt --- he looked like he had taken things about as well as Maria had, and she could definitely sympathize with what he was clearly feeling.

    Maria, who was seated a few yards away, didn't know what to say to console the boy --- especially considering that she wasn't feeling so great herself.
    "Sucks, huh?" her voice sounded thick as it echoed across the dry air in his direction. Obviously, she wasn't good at obscuring the sadness from her voice, though she didn't see any reason to bother --- they were all dead, so nothing really mattered anymore, did it?

  12. Evan looked up to the sound of a voice breaking through the wall of sadness and despair that he had built up so quickly. "Sucks,huh?" The voice said. Looking at it's source, he saw a girl, her eyes were puffy from crying. He had no clue what she had done, but he knew she committed suicide as well.

    "Yeah, this sucks completely." Evan managed to say. Thoughts about his mom kept popping into his head. She wouldn't be okay. Then he started to question himself, why did he do it? Evan didn't know the answer, he didn't think he ever would.

    Focusing in on the girl, he asked. "Why?" He didn't quite understand the question himself, but it was the only thing that slipped from his mouth. Evan couldn't understand how one little word could have so many answers, so many different meanings. "Why..." He repeated. "Why, is this happening?" He didn't expect the girl to answer him, because well he wouldn't have been able to answer her if she was the one asking it.
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  13. Maria didn't have any answers for the boy. She simply stared back at him with similar questions pounding against the inside of her skull. It didn't seem fair --- Maria hadn't actually wanted to die, it'd been more of an accident than anything else --- yet, here she was.
    "I dunno..." Maria replied, her voice sorrowful as she used to wall to pull herself to her feet, "but we're gonna figure a way out of this --- that contract said hat it's possible. One thing's for sure though, sitting outside a dirty gas station isn't gonna get us anywhere. C'mon." She extended her hand to the boy, offering to help him to his feet.

  14. Jason had been walking through a desolate landscape for what seemed like ages. He couldn't remember anything except for his name and his age. Jason McCloud 19 years old. He ran a dry tongue over his cracked lips and looked up at the sun that was beating down on him. Where was he? Why was he here? Why couldn't he remember anything? The only thing he had was a dull ache at the back of his head. Man he wished his had some water and an advil to take care of that.

    He narrowed his eyes a bit. In the distance he swore he could make out some kind of building. The thought and hope of their being food and water gave him new strength and he started running as fast as he could towards the little market building. was a gas station that's what it was. He could make out two people already on the outside of it. A man and a girl. Who they were he had no clue. What they were doing here? again no clue. He shook his head as he walked past them and into the building. He looked around slowly as he saw the long line of people waiting. What was going on? Why were all these people waiting? Better yet what were they waiting for? He shivered a bit at the thought of all the things that they could be waiting for.

    "Next!" He heard the man at the counter call. Since no one else moved forward he did and got to the front "um..what's going on here? where am I?" The man behind the counter ignored him completely "sign here and here." He frowned a bit at the mans rudeness and picked up the pen and began to sign. As soon as he finished the last bit of the date a memory came flashing back to him.

    He was standing on top of a building. It wasn't very high but high enough. He looked down at the ground and swallowed hard. There were people all around. Watching him. Pointing at him. Waiting to see what he would do. He could just barely make out the sound of a police officer yelling something at him. What it was he couldn't tell. Even if he could he wasn't listening. He couldn't take it anymore. The nightmares. The mood swings. Hurting his parents.

    His parents! He looked around through the crowd and saw them standing at the very front just behind the police barricade. His father was furious as the police stopped him from getting any closer. His mom was crying her eyes out and pleading to God that he wouldn't jump. The look on their faces. He couldn't help it. He couldn't hurt them like this. He started to step down from the ledge but then the door to the roof burst open and a cop came flying through.

    The burst from the door opening made him jump which then caused him to slip. All he remembered seeing was sky and then..nothing

    His eyes snapped open and he realized he was on the floor by the counter. Tears were streaming down his face and his throat was raw from screaming during the entire memory. The ache at the back of his head pulsed and he winced and held his head. He..he..he was dead?
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  15. Chet Dixon X
    The big angry looking man was walking in the desert like place, he was looking for somewhere or someone to get out of here. The angry man's named was Chet Dixon, and he was pissed off. "Where the fuck am I!" The people around him moved away quickly when he started to yell, they jumped in fear and scattered like roaches. He grunted and stomped the ground, no one was answering him, which just made him ever more angry...if that was possible. "You!" Chet ran over to some kid, he grabbed him up by the neck. "What the fuck is going on?" The boy was shaking and pointed to the booth like thing. Chet dropped the boy, who had nearly pissed himself. He walked over to the huge line, he pushed people out of the way. Chet got dirty looks from the other individuals, but they dear not say anything to him.

    Making it to the guy with the contracts, Chet looked the man up and down. "Hey! Where am I and what the fuck is going on?" The man just stared at Chet, coldly and melancholy. "Sign here, and you'll figure out." Chet knew that he wouldn't get anywhere if he cracked the man's skull in right now, so he signed the contract. After signing he broke the pen, and started to walk away. "Wo, what the..." He grabbed his head, getting a major headache. Everything started to come clear to him. He had killed himself...more like barbecued himself. He fell to the ground, punching the sand around him, like a maniac.

    After realizing what happened and where he was, Chet stood back up and started to look for other people. He saw some wimpy boy crying near the booth thing. The boy most likely just found out what happened to him also. Walking with a mean face, he stopped in front of the boy. "Crying like a little punk isn't going to get you anywhere." Chet pulled out his right hand to help the boy up. "You're better off finding out how to get the hell out of here."

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  16. Alexis could not help but notice the interaction of everyone around her. She was still fairly shy, so she didn't really want to approach anyone. Instead, she just looked around for a nearby bench, so she could sit down and just go to the "City" that the weird old man spoke of. As she sat down, she started holding her swollen belly, also feeling the material of the dress that she currently wore. If there was a bus that could be arriving soon, then hopefully she can hop on and just be comfortable as they ride to the city. This Desert was starting to get more and more dull by the minute.
  17. Jason had long since stopped screaming and just sat there as the tears continued to stream down his face. He still couldn't believe that he was dead. It wasn't even his fault. He was going to get back down. He was going to go back to his family but then..that officer kicked the door down and scared him and..he fell. It was so unfair. He had barely even begun his life and he was already dead. He wiped at his eyes and shook his head. He needed to be strong. The document said he could go back home didn't it? That or he could move on? He didn't know what the last part meant but he was going to figure out how to do one of them.

    He then looked up to see an older man standing above him. He didn't know who this guy was but he knew right away that he wasn't one to cross. He didn't know if it was possible to die again but if there was someone who was going to try to kill someone again Jason had a feeling it was this guy. He had seen how he had treated the other people in this place even though he didn't know any of them he had honestly acted like a total dick to them all. Especially that boy that he nearly throttled. He didn't know this man and to be honest he didn't want to get to know him. He glanced at his hand and swallowed hard before he stood up without taking his hand. "thanks...but..I'll be ok.." He looked at the man again and then turned and made his way out of the station to look at the others who had gathered. Now what? He thought to himself. There had to be something to take them somewhere. He highly doubted that they would just continue to wander out through the desert. The only thing he could do was sit and wait.
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  18. Chet Dixon X
    Chet through his hands up in the air, a sign of surrender...something that he usually didn't do often. "Fine, good luck then kid." Chet smirked as he watched the boy walk away, he was cute too. Chet shook his head and started to walk off, he then spotted a girl...a pregnant girl! His eyes popped out of his head. How the hell was she pregnant here? Isn't everyone dead? How would she give birth? Chet shook at the image of a zombie baby. He went over to the bench the girl was at, the closer he got to her, the prettier she was. "Hey, are you okay?" He could see her holding her belly, hoping she wasn't about to give birth to some new creature or something. Chet wasn't all punch, kick, kill, he had a nice side too...sometimes.

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  19. When approached by another man, Alexis was a little surprised. "Yeah, I'm fine." She replied. I'm just...Curious about what the city that the old man mentioned is like. But my question is how the hell we're getting there." She chuckled. "So you're dead too? What's your story?" She asked gently, feeling an intimidating aura from the man she currently spoke with. Alexis would gently caress her belly to keep the baby from kicking so aggressively. Or in this case, the baby's ghost, which will probably return to the real world with her. The thought of being frozen in time while heavily pregnant didn't really seem so fun to her. Forever having to deal with Heartburn, Backache and all those horrid things that come with pregnancy.

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  20. Charlie JaMon wasn't sure where she was, or who she was for that matter. She stood up and looked around, she seemed to be in some sort of dessert and not far from her was a sort of station with people in a line. People... She considered turning the other direction, maybe finding some protection from this godforsaken heat and taking a nap. Unfortunately, she couldn't see any shelter except for the end of the line so she made her way over there. She tripped along the way, cursing herself for wearing black doc martin boots with a black dress (X) - though maybe before she woke up she hadn't known she would be in a dessert. Still, it was an inconvenience, a hot one.

    She waited in line, watching as people signed a form and then collapsed. They seemed to know something though, like why they were here. She hated not knowing that, and felt no regret as she made her way further through the line. I'd rather be in pain and know, than be like this - lost, forever. She could hear the nervous breaths of the people around her, a mix of people. Not all looked young, but she had no idea how old she was and since there wasn't a mirror around she had no idea if she was young or old.

    She signed, not really paying attention, and stepped to the side, closing her eyes and leaning against the small building before shrinking down and she remembered. She covered her eyes, unable to stop the tears and for almost a second regretted memory.

    Charlie nodded to the man as he handed her the warm drink. It was later in the night, closer to 10 than 9, and she sipped her coffee as she walked. Black, like my soul, she chuckled lightly at her own joke, and glared at a guy who looked like he was going to talk to her. How much more inviting could I look? It's this damn red hair, everyone thinks that I want to talk... She turned a corner, biting her lip as she walked. She really just wanted to go to bed, sleep. She couldn't any more though, it had been about 3 days since she'd last gotten out of bed for any extended period of time and her body simply refused to sleep. She knew the coffee wouldn't help, but it was so good...

    That was it though, it was her time off between semesters, she'd taken a week (half paid and half unpaid) from work and while she had planned on surprising her parents she couldn't find the will to wake up. So, she'd gone back to sleep. She didn't have any responsibilities, no one was expecting her, and when she woke up and went to the bathroom when her bladder could no longer control it she ate a granola bar and water. She was fine, just tired. She leaned on the alley wall and slumped to the ground, tears in her eyes. She didn't know why she was so sad, she just was. She wiped her eyes, not wanting a puffy face to have to wear as she walked back home. You know what, she thought to herself, a burst of energy flowing through her. I'll go home, I'll watch some anime - no, I'll watch Friends and I will order a pizza online. It'll be a good night, she smiled to herself, happy with her change in plans. That was right, she had to be up, why not enjoy it?

    She got up and walked down the alley, seeing a gun lying around and picked it up. Damn, it's heavy, what's a loaded gun doing lying around? She thought to herself, but I guess I could use it to kill myself. Just like that the tears and sadness came rushing back, No, damn it, no, this is why you need to take the medication, right here, it's okay to have the thoughts but you can't act on them- right? She positioned the gun beneath her chin, wondering why she'd gotten so sad. Stupid phases, oh fuck it! And she shot.

    Oh fuck, I killed myself... She thought, wiping her eyes. She looked around, had everyone here killed themselves?