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    Welcome to The Way Station
    Limbo. Purgatory. Oblivion. Call it whatever you want. All that matters is you're all stuck here, and none of you are leaving until you come to terms with one thing: Your suicide.
    The Way Station is your first stop. After days of wandering through the desert of the Far Side, you arrive here, disoriented, dehydrated, and most-likely miserable. This is where you learn of your own death. You collect your memories before moving on to The City, where you're destined to do one of three things: accept your death and move on, to stay here forever, or to prove that you deserve to go back to the life you gave up.
    What will you choose?

    After committing suicide, the spirits of he dead are trapped in the Far Side. For the most part, everything is the same here... Just a little worse. Spirits living in the Far Side don't dream --- instead, they receive frequent visions of the people that they've left behind. They're forced to witness the misery that their friends and family have to go through in their absence...
    They are haunted by the living.

    They feel, look, think, and act like the living version of their selves, however, the longer that they stay in the Far Side, the more they lose. Their memories of their old lives will slowly disappear until all that remains are the memories they've acquired since arriving... And with no memories left to guide them, these souls will never move on.


    Character Sheet (open)
    Photograph: (Optional)
    Psychological Disorders: (Optional)
    History: (Optional)
    Cause of Death:
    Reason for Choosing Suicide:

    Accepted Characters:
    (Clicking names will take you directly to CS)
    Logan Hudgens - Pg. 1
    Flynn Rider - Pg. 1
    Alexis Baker - Pg. 1
    Marina Smith - Pg. 1
    Maria Rayne Clark - Pg. 1
    Lyra Renee Colemen - Pg. 2
    Carina Roberts - Pg. 2
    Alexis Bradford - Pg. 2
    Lilian Antell - Pg. 3
    David Michael Tennison -Pg. 3
    Emily Swift - Pg. 3
    Kanae Il Naerim - Pg. 5
    Evan Alasdair - Pg. 5

    Start posting here!
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: "Logan Hudgens."
    Age: "I'm 17, though I probably should have died at 18."
    Sexuality: "Eh, I don't really care for genders." Pansexual.
    Psychological Disorders: "I have severe Anxiety, and of course, depression. Gotta love it."
    Personality: "I'd describe myself as a bit self centered, and I don't really take other's feelings into consideration.
    I'm stubborn and always on edge, and really, I'm just not friendly. I guess I have the exception of being kind if
    you have something I have an interest in, but other then that, you're as special as dirt."
    History: "History? Well, don't I have quite the tale for you! Really, it's a sob story for all. I grew up in a small city
    back in Oklahoma, with my total of 5 little siblings. 3 boys and 2 girls, to be exact. We didn't really live in an all too
    nice house, it was a shack really, and my parents tried their best to keep the roof over our heads. Most the time
    I was the one taking care of the others while mom and dad worked, meaning cleaning and cooking and all that amazing stuff.
    This continued on well into my highschool years, and let's just say my grades were not the greatest. Who had time to
    study when I was making dinner for 7 people, not including me? I almost dropped out a couple times in freshman year,
    but then decided to stay so I could get a good job and get us out of that shitty shack. Anyway, things were normal until my junior year.
    I was diagnosed with, yup, you guessed it! A terminal illness. Yippee! Now I had to pay for medical bills, in which we couldn't afford,
    and many visits to the hospital! I couldn't take care of my brothers and sisters anymore due to my weakness, and soon
    I was bedridden. I was stuck in that stupid hospital, and I was just...done. I popped the caps of multiple pill bottles and off I went
    into a very deep and peaceful sleep. Forever."
    Cause of Death: "Eh, I popped some pills and off I went."
    Reason for Choosing Suicide: "Suicide seemed like the reason because I only had a few months to live anyway. I had no more worth,
    and I could no longer take care of my siblings. I was just a bedridden sickly person, taking up space and blowing away money.
    It was better for them if I died sooner then later."
    Regrets: "I guess I do regret leaving all my siblings alone, but the 2nd oldest one should be able to care for them..right?
    I also regret not being able to get us out of that shack."

    Hope my character's okay!~
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  3. @Tart Approved, of course. I was hopping you'd find this!
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  4. Well here I am haha! I couldn't leave such an awesome plot. It immediately caught my interest. :P!!
  5. I'm gonna make my CS tonight, after class. I still have two more to go to today, and I don't get out until 9.

    Or, maybe I'll just work on it during class.
  6. Joining. CS up tonight or tomorrow.
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  7. I'm joining! Just nabbing a spot while I work on my character sheet. :)
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  8. Photograph:



    Flynn Ryder





    Psychological Disorders:

    Split Personalities, OCD, Anger Issues, Nymphomaniac.


    As you can see by his disorders, Flynn is a whole bunch of crazy fun. Seriously, when he's not in a "mood" Flynn can be the funnest guy. When he starts to get in a "mood" he really gets in it. Flynn can be your best friend one moment and the next a psychopath. Flynn has three distinct personalities. Flynn, his real fun and caring self, Marco, his crazy and aggressive self and Lilly his flirty and seductive self. He has many more but those are the main ones.

    Cause of Death:

    Flynn hung himself, he couldn't deal with the pain he caused others because of his disorders.

    Reason for Choosing Suicide:

    Flynn hated the way people treated him, he couldn't have people hating him. If Flynn had any other options, he would have taken it. Not knowing that "this" would happen.


    Flynn wanted to become a big time actor, he regrets not doing that and he also regrets the mistakes he had done in his life.
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  9. Glad that the history was optional because I suck at those xD, it wouldn't have came out like I wanted it too anyway.
  10. I feel ya @Total Anarchy Beastmode whenever I make a history for my characters I always feel like I make it too cliche.
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    "What, you mean I can't even die right? I shouldn't be surprised..."

    Name: Alexis (Alex) Baker
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Psychological Disorders (Optional): PTSD

    Personality: Alex is very disciplined, and constantly alert. It's difficult for her to develop friendships, and often doesn't feel close to people she spends a lot of time with. She has trouble trusting people, particularly adult men. Alex has a very nervous air about her. However, she's that person that wants to help others, and while she's not very good at giving advice, she's great at listening. Alex tends to be quiet, and a bit unnoticeable in a crowd. Sometimes she just disappears inexplicably for long periods of time to be alone, but will always come back.

    History (Optional): Alex was a "army brat". Her father was in the US Army, and as a result she never really lived in one place for a really long time. During times when her father was deployed, her mother would often go out, and leave her with a babysitter. Sometimes she would come home with "friends", typically other men, who would hurt her. She was always told not to tell her dad, though.
    When Alex was ten, her father was killed by a land mine. Her mother permanently settled in a small town in Missouri. A year later, she went to school with a black eye, and a teacher raised some concern. She was taken into foster care and eventually dropped into a foster home. This situation didn't prove too much better, as her first foster parents were never home to begin with, always leaving her to care for herself. She was moved twice more. The second was abusive (she tried to avoid that one as much as possible), and the third was good, although by this point her grades were low (a complaint she often heard), but she didn't really care.

    Cause of Death: Not really jumping, or even falling... It was more the hitting the ground part...

    Reason for Choosing Suicide: Alex didn't think she'd be good enough anyone, what with constantly changing foster families. She had overheard her foster parents discussing her and her performance in school, which made her worry they were going to let her go, too, and she couldn't stand not being good enough for a family to keep her.

    Regrets: She regrets not getting to say bye to her dad or tell him about being abused.
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  12. Marina

    Name: Marina (Mari) Smith

    Age: Seventeen

    Sexuality: Straight

    Psychological Disorders: Manic Depression and Bipolar Disorder

    Personality: Marina is a very blunt girl, she is not afraid to state her mind. She will tell you exactly how she sees it, whether you like it or not. However, she never intends on hurting a person's feelings. When you get to know her, you see that deep down, she is very loyal and kind. Just never get on her bad side, or her built up anger comes out. She never likes upsetting just happens. She always has a guilty mindset, blaming herself for everyone's problems.

    Cause of Death: Marina found her dad's handgun. She found that it was loaded, picked it up and pulled the trigger with little hesitation.

    Reason for Choosing Suicide: She saw how much she hurt people, and it tore her to pieces on the inside. She became broken, and saw no way out. She felt hopeless and alone, suicide seemed to be her only escape.

    Regrets: Marina regrets leaving her best friend. They always did everything together, and she left her to mourn alone. She also was planning on becoming a web developer.

    (Sorry if this sucks, I'm kinda sick and tired at the moment.)
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  13. RP picking up steam nice.
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  14. Photograph: (Optional)
    Psychological Disorders: (Optional)
    History: (Optional)
    Cause of Death:
    Reason for Choosing Suicide:

    I shall get to this. just putting this up to remind myself.
  15. Name: "Maria Rayne Clark"
    Age: "I'm 16, which isn't so bad, I guess. I just wish it wasn't going to last forever."
    Sexuality: "Love is the only factor I'm concerned with." Pansexual.
    Psychological Disorder(s): "That's kind of personal..." Bipolar.

    Personality: "It really depends on the day, I guess. Lately, I've been really down. Sometimes, getting out of bed seems impossible, and when people try to talk to me, I find myself wishing that they'd just... leave me alone. But sometimes, I'm really happy. Like really happy. On days like that, it's like I can't keep my mind focused on anything for too long. I want to experience everything at once, because I love being alive... well, loved being alive, I guess. Anyway, I prefer those days. I feel so amazing, and full of energy --- I can't sleep because I don't want to miss even a moment of that feeling. And because I don't want to wake up sad again."
    History: "I don't know where to start... I guess, I lived with my mom and dad in a pretty little town in Oregon. It was perfect. We had a nice house in a nice neighborhood, and it seemed so safe there. I never had to move, and I was never without anything that I really needed. I miss that feeling, a lot.
    Anyway, there was this guy that lived down the street from me. Destry. We met when we were seven, and I think I knew right away that I'd love him forever. He was a big flirt though, and I was stubborn for a really long time about him. I'll admit, I was a little embarrassed about the way he acted and the way he dressed... all of my friends said that I could do better.
    When I was 15, we finally started dating. It was wonderful and it was awful. We fought a lot because I was jealous and he was like... all over every girl that he talked to. It drove me crazy. We'd been dating on-and-off for a year when I died.
    Cause of Death:Destry and I got in a really bad fight, and I think Des felt really guilty about it because he came to see me that night. He was trying to be cute and romantic, I think, and it probably would've if I hadn't been in the middle of one of my episodes. He stole his mom's car and picked me up just after midnight, and we were going to drive up to Pittock Crest when he said something that made me really upset. Honestly, I can't even remember what it was anymore.
    Anyway, I freaked out and started hitting him. I wasn't really thinking clearly, but I grabbed the steering wheel and pulled. Everyone blamed Des and they all thought that it was his fault, but it wasn't. I really hurt him, and I'll never forgive myself for that.
    Reason for Choosing Suicide: I didn't really mean to choose it, I guess it chose me. Frankly, I think that me being here is a mistake. I didn't want to die, I just wasn't thinking."
    Regrets: "Isn't it obvious?"
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  17. If I put up an IC board, are those of you with completed characters gonna be ready to start posting?
  18. I believe so. :)
  19. You know I am.
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