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  1. So you want to hear another story eh? If not, too bad I'm telling you anyway. This is the tale of a once-famous samurai and a boy wishing to learn the way of the sword. It is a tale of adventure, it is a tale of loyalty.

    Our story begins in the old town of Noir. The boy I speak of was going there because of a rather odd coincidence. One day a old flier, carried by the wind, was brought to the boy. By some astounding luck, the flier was advertising sword lesions by one of the world's greatest samurai, for free! The flier only had three directions:
    Bring you own sword.
    Come to Noir.
    Ask for Crono.
    Little did this boy know, his training was going to be far harder then expected.

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  2. The boy captured the flier as it sailed into his hands. Out of curiosity he would indulge himself with the details written on the parchment. Today must have been his lucky day, for he longed to be trained in the way of the sword. He reentered the tavern he lounged outside of. He walked past drunkards and sundowners till he finally made it to a bar-stool in front of the counter where a busy bartender prepared various drinks. He offered the flier to the bartender and questioned where he could find the town of Noir, where not only he was to meet his uncle, but now to be trained.

    After some searching, the bartender plucked an old piece of parchment from a cabinet covertly placed beneath the other side of the counter, and bestowed the paper onto the boy. The paper was a map conveniently providing him with the fastest route to Noir.

    "We use all these maps here to get our resources. You can't keep the map, but since we plan on retrieving some new ingredients from Noir you can hitch a ride with our pick-up boy."

    And so the boy departed from the tavern, on a carriage to the town of Noir, eager to meet this "Crono" character.
  3. The pick-up-boy was more then happy to let the boy ride on his cart. They passed the time speaking of the current news. The emperor had a new adviser, a beautiful woman named Tamamo-no-Mae or Tama that was as smart as she was good-looking. When they almost reached Noir the pick-up-boy turned to his passenger and asked him question that had been bothering him for some time. "If I may ask, what in a humble town like Noir would interest a young man like you?"
  4. The boy was dragged back to reality as the question reached him. He gazed over at the pick-up boy and retrieved a folded up paper from his pants. "I was initially heading there to visit my Uncle for a gift he spoke about in a letter he sent, but then I found a flier offering lessons to become a great swordsman. Now, I shall head to Noir to firstly obtain my gift and then become a swordsman. Here read this." The boy then straightened the folded paper and showed the contents to the curious pick-up boy.
  5. The pick-up-boy took the paper and examined it. He gave the name 'Crono' a odd glance and turned the paper over. "A bit dated don't you think?" He seemed to be about to say something else when they reached the town of Noir. He handed the paper back and wished the boy luck as he left to receive the tavern's goods.

    Noir was a simple town, it only took up a few miles in every direction. A couple houses, a forge, a bar, and the town hall all built in a circle and that was all the boy could see. The bar seemed rather rowdy from the shouts and loud crashing noises flying out of it.
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  6. Red sauntered through the streets of Noir, recalling the steps taken to reach where his Uncle resides. He happened upon a stone-brick edifice, as he pushed the wooden door open the sound of chimes chirped away. He gazed about the vicinity and seeing no sign of another human's presence he decided to shout.

    "Erm... Uncle? Uncle, it's your nephew, Red? Red—" There was a passive breeze rolling into the room from an opened window, but an idiosyncratic gust of air suddenly arrived, which caused the hairs on his nape to stand up, goose flesh marching up his arms, and the ominous setting made it all the more creepier for Red. The gale felt like a thousand electrodes were piercing his body in unison.

    Red spun around, and met nothing but air, and with relief he retrograded to his previous stance. In front of him an eccentric man of moderate stature stood there, he had a beige undershirt, and a white shawl caked with black smudges. He held a hammer in his right hand, the iron head of the tool was radiating a red glow that showed signs of intense heat.

    "You must be Uncle Kaiser! I didn't know you owned this Forge?"
    "Ah! Yes, Red.. Linus' child. Ye' look like ye' pops. I thought maybe you could stay in town a bit, help with the business, y'know? And to cajole ye' decision I crafted ye' a nice ole sword."
    "T-That's perfect, Uncle! I'll start working with you tomorrow, I have somewhere to be!"
  7. About at that moment the bar doors swung open to see two men. One was a massive behemoth of a man who looked like he could eat Red. image.jpg
    The other was skinnier and dwarfed by the titanic man. He had a drunken look on his face and empty sake bottle was his only defense against the larger man's crushing grip on his torso. image.jpg
    "Come on now-hic-Brutus." said the drunk weakly. "Times up Crono. Pay." The giant replied coldly. "Yea, heh... About the-hic-money." "Don't tell me..." "Sake is expensive nowadays." "You... basterd." Brutus smashed Crono to the ground and rose his large fist.
  8. Red glanced back at the two individuals.
    Did he say his name was.. Crono?

    "Could you two take this outside maybe?" Red approached the transpiring dispute with brave abandon.
  9. (Sorry, I ment they were comeing out of the bar)

    The warrior known as Brutus looked up at the boy that approached with cold steel in his eyes. "What are you going to do about it punk?" He growled. The drunk known as Crono had is eyes closed, awaiting his scull to be crushed by Brutus's massive fist. When he realized that he wasn't a blood pancake he opened his eyes to see a scrawny kid actually trying to reason with Brutus. Impossible, must be the sake.
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  10. "Well.. then I will... punish you."
    Red lost his brave demeanor and became a demure scrawny kid instead. He glare at the sizable man, and then down at the drunken fool. He was agonized just by the thought of having to witness one's cranium crushed by the meaty slabs of a brute called 'hands'. Perhaps, he could take this brutish fiend? Not likely.
  11. Crono's mind raced, the affect of the sake slowing him a bit but not enough. So much for the kid saving him. Brutus let loose a hearty laugh. "Pathetic twig! You punish me?!" he scoffed. Crono started to mouth,'get the blacksmith'. It was a stretch, but the smithy was a nice guy. It could be seen that a few of the villagers seemed to have stopped to watch.
  12. Red stared at Crono's lips, and slowly retreated to find the blacksmith who was in the backroom of the forge sorting out ores and irons that just been shipped in a bit earlier.
    "Come to the front, Uncle.."
  13. "Eh? What issit?" The smithy replied as he make his way to the front of his home. He looked out the window, sighed, exited, and started to yell at Brutus. "Oi! Brutus! Lay off! Yeh pound his face on meh property and I'll never make you sword again! Teh blood stains would take ages to clean!" Brutus looked up at the smith and frowned. He picked Crono up by the scruff of his collar and spoke in an intense whisper, "one week, that's all you get fucker." He dropped the drunkard onto the ground and left. The smith went back to his business, as did the villagers that stopped to watch. Crono laid there. He didn't move, just stared at the sky.
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