The Way of the Samurai

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  1. This is an RP set in feudal Japan, before the introduction of modern concepts and technology, intertwined with themes based upon the Shinto religion, alongside others. There will be many samurai, shinobi (ninjas) and Warrior Monks. Also magic. There will be magic.

    The Setting:

    The year is 1260, and Japan's political state is in tatters. There are almost 600 individual domains, each ruled by its own Daimyo and Samurai. Clans fight for dominance and control over the nation. Alliances are short, if existent at all, as are the presence of clans. The system is merciless. Trust is scarce and mercenary Shinobi groups are richer than even the 10 Great Clans, simply due to the amount of contracts they get. 2 years ago, the feud reached it's climax. A week cannot go by without news of a battle reaching the ears of the citizens. Additionally, rumours have begun to spread the the gods themselves are getting involved in the fights. These rumours are solidified in people's mind when they realise that the clans that worship only a single god gain ground much faster than those who worship multiple.

    In addition, battles are becoming much more fierce than they used to be. Seemingly endless hordes of warriors exist on both sides, and survivors are rarely left on either army. Those who do survive tell tales of their fallen comrades rising from the grave and fighting on, ignoring the fact that they are missing an arm or a head, and of warriors performing impossible feats - flaming swords, exploding arrows, unnatural speed. Shrines are rapidly gaining devotion, as more and more citizens fear for their lives.

    On top of this, a new threat has arisen in the south. Brave merchants who dare to travel between cities tell of human-like creatures with blonde hair and blue eyes, clad in suits of silver, armed with huge shields and dead straight swords that stand much taller than the native Japanese. These creatures have been dubbed the "Youkaku", derived from the native word for 'monster'. The merchants tell of their heresy and dishonourable ways. That they destroy shrines with their unholy, unnatural powers and erect giant stone temples on the once-holy ground.

    Explanation of Spiritual Happenings:
    Let's assume that all those things written in religious texts really happened. That all the monsters exist. Lucifer, Satan, Demons, Angels, they are all real. Same applies for gods. It doesn't matter what religion they come from, they are present in this universe, and they are all the product of humans. The Gods and the Angels and the Ghosts and the Wolves who eat little children all exist because the humans believe they exist. When humans stop believing something exists, it ceases to be. The Greek and Roman gods, the Chimeras and the Cyclops. They have died out. This is because when a human believes in the existence of something they cannot prove, this belief manifests itself as a kind of power source for the existence of that thing. If the thing cannot consume enough of this power source, it loses abilities and influence, and eventually dies. The Power Source is specific to that one kind of thing too, so if a thing becomes lazy and tries to let others do it's work, it will die.

    To compensate this, the things have their own methods of making sure that people continue to believe that they exist. The only difference between a God and a Monster is the method. A god grants wishes and bestows mystical powers in order to make people rely on that god to help them in times of need. A monster uses fear to force people to believe it exists. But of course, this is only in an ideal world. In reality, all gods are monsters and all monsters are gods, in some respect. Religious devotees are always prejudiced against disciples of other gods, and there will always be those who admire the monsters.

    But, this power source can be manipulated. Those who know how can draw energy from the source and create wondrous miracles. This is called "Magic", and it is incredibly dangerous. Everytime Magic is used, it's side effects are threefold. There is a force in the universe, in all universes, and it is the one constant between them. It is called the Flux. It is a non-sentient entity that works to balance the world and keep it from tearing itself apart. If anything would be changed too rapidly, the Flux will manipulate reality to make sure that the impact of the change isn't too severe. Whenever it does so, the result creates some sort of break in reality elsewhere, in the form of a Phantom. A Phantom is an entity of pure darkness. It knows no alliance and acts on only one instinct. The instinct to destroy. They appear wherever magic is used too heavily, or wherever a significant amount of emotion is released, typically on battlefields. The recent use of necromancy to raise dead soldiers has caused Phantoms to be a common event.

    TL;DR - the stronger the belief, the more powerful the magic possible before Phantoms occur.

    1 - no Power/meta gaming

    2 - No mentioning things that don't exist - eg, things from extinct religions and religions that don't have a presence in Japan - Sikhism, Roman/Greek, Norse, etc. and things from the future.

    3 - Before making an app, look at the other characters and try to allow for a balance of characters. Too many really powerful ones or too many really weak ones is no good, as is if everyone is a Christian, or a ninja or a ninja-Christian (which is impossible anyway since Ninjas use shinto magic and wouldn't exist without it).

    4 - The RP is open world, so feel free to run off on your own plots. However, if you intend to create something that could heavily influence things, then run it by me in a PM first. Examples would be introducing a new religion, wiping out a clan, doing something likely to be spread as news quickly...

    5 - Absolutely do not join if you plan on ditching the RP halfway through and leaving your character(s) in the middle of something. You may leave if you reach an appropriate point though, such as if you finish a subplot. This is because quitting in the middle of something will inconvenience those you are RPing with.

    6 - For convenience, everyone will be starting in the Capital city in Kyoto, in a small tavern on the outskirts of town, famous for it's Sake (type of alchoholic drink).

    Accepted Characters:

    Character Sheet:

    Name: (Japanese style unless you're a Christian. Format: FamilyName FirstName (since Japanese first and last names often can work as either). Shinobi usually give up their family name, since Ninjustu is seen as a dishonourable art.)

    Age: (Be realistic. IF you're going to be 15, you're gonna be in training. If you're gonna be 50, you're probably dead, or you're a retired priest somewhere.)


    (If you use an image, make it anime. If you have a problem with anime, then feel free to write a description. If you use a real life photo or a realistic drawing, I will ignore you until the error is rectified. I actually have a disease called Otaku Syndrome that means that my life is at risk if I see a real life person.)

    Position: (Christian Vigilante, Samurai, Ashigaru (low class warrior), Shinobi, Warrior Monk... etc.)

    Biography: (Make it relatively short and include only important things such as relative ability to wield magic, chosen god(s), if any, how they got to their position etc. Most should be RPd)
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