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  1. -This is a high school roleplay... it can contain drama and romance. There is no superpowers or anything like that, this is real life situations and how real people would act to them, so please make the responses real and as long as you can make them-

    Yoko Academy, one of the most advanced schools in the country! This spacific school searches for teenagers who have one specific talent that is of use to the real world...once they are out companies all over the country will be begging them for their talent.

    Akiko Kurusugawa...young beautiful girl, light blonde hair, deep blue eyes and slim but curvy figure.
    This was her first day and as she got out of the car she held her breath in awe! The school was magnificently huge with three parts to the school with the school colors painted on it, red and white!
    The right side is the boys domatry and the left side is for the girls while the middle was for the classes.
    Her talent was cooking, and not only did she love it, she was pretty damn good at it too!
    The teens have one of two ways to get money, either apply for work study within the academy or get the money from your parents through the mail since parents werent allowed on the school grounds.

    Looking at her watch the new student figured out through the different times on her schedule that school for everyone started in 10 her plenty of time to figure out where her classes were.

  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Cassia Renuli
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 5ft4
    Weight: 130lbs
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair color: Black with red fringe
    Talent: Dancing(hip hop, ballroom, ballet and break dancing)
    info: She moved to japan when her father since he was the c.e.o. of a trading company. she decided to take up dancing since her father didn't give her the time of day due to work. she mastered all the dances she could and put on a show for her father. never giving up, she learned many dancing styles and teaches them to her friends.


    Cassia walked into the school, wearing the uniform and searching for her classes. she looks at her schedule and sighs
  3. [​IMG]
    Adelaide entered the school grounds, blowing a loose strand of hair from her eyes somewhat impatiently as she walked, her tan backpack bouncing against her back. Her talent was academics, as she was extremely intelligent, if a little bit of a know it all.

    Marie trotted in not too far behind Adelaide, adjusting her headband as she hurried after the tall blonde. She was nervous about starting the school, and her nerves were increasing.
  4. "Lets see, math is first period, eww I hate math..." Akiko spoke as she walked to her first classroom. The place was huge and occasionally had some students talking to each other but nothing else, well the rows of lockers but thats about it and hers was locker 282.

    The classroom was a light blue color, just like everyone elses, knowing where it was she took a deep breath and went on and went onto the next class.
    Only one character please
  5. People were glaring at Cassia as she walked, this was a high class place and that meant tons of snoody, stuck up people...she didnt fit in with them, in fact she looked like a goth freak.
    Some girls pushed past her laughing and whispering to each other occasionally giving her some looks.
  6. Edwin lazily gets out of his car, seeing no point in rushing to his classes since he was already late. He gets his bag and makes his way to the front of the school, stopping for just a moment as he internally battles within himself on going back home or going to class late. He decides on the latter of the two options and slugs his way to class.

    Edwin Boone had been the type of Boy who didn't take school seriously, and the only time he did was around finals time or when the sport season came around. Since his talent being athletics, it's all he really cared about. But since he doesn't know if this school has a sport program or not, this first day, and probably the rest of the year as well, will be boring.


    Age: 17
    Height: 6"0
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Blonde hair, Green eyes
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  7. "Edwin, your late again," the math teacher said in an annoyed tone, "please have a seat"
    Akiko looked up and blushed seeing Edwin! He was handsome! He walked in for what seemed like slow motion to her and when his quick glance was in her general direction she felt her heart flutter and her hands shake, what was happening to her?
  8. Meh. She's cute. The thought rose into his head as he sat in an empty seat behind Akiko. He groans a bit before pulling out his books and placing them on the desk, then using them as a cushion for his head as he sleeps. School is not his number one priority at this given moment in time, all he can think about is sports and the blonde in front of him.
  9. Akiko blushed and shuffled a little in her feet as he sat behind her, she glanced behind her to Edwin and saw that he was using his books to sleep, as he started to doze off the young girl smiled and looked over at him again quietly and saw his schedule memorizing his doom room, she decided she would send him a gift later tonight.
    As the day turned slowly into night Akikos last class was done! Now she needed to give him a present! On her way out she accidentally bumped into Cassia, apologizing profusly she kept running.

    This young woman was one of the best chefs in her own hometown and tonight she made a red velvet cake with amazing homemade cream cheese frosting as every other part of the cake. The cake was covered in whit cream cheese and on top of it was a big red heart, she placed it on the floor of his door and knocked on his door before running away!
  10. Edwin wakes up from his late evening nap due to a knocking on his door. He pulls the door open and sticks his head out, trying to figure out what could have disturbed him. He begins to close the door when he starts to smell something...quite pleasant. He bend down and grabs the cake.
    He places the cake on his studying desk across from his bed and stares at it.
    "Is it valentine's day already?" He jokes to himself as he takes some of the icing and sticks it in his mouth.
    "Holy...! This is amazing. I think I'm in love." He Leaves his room and looks around outside, determined to find the creator of his 'true love'. He runs back to his room after failing at finding a reasonable creator and stares at the cake some more. Then a sudden realization happens.
    "A BOY GAVE IT TO ME!!" It's not that he was homophobic, it's just he doesn't know how to handle the situation.

    After about an hour and a half of asking all the boys in his dorm, he finally decided to just worry about it in the morning.
  11. The very next day Akiko felt so happy about giving the cute guy the cake that she decided to make cupcakes for her class today! Getting all of the mateials out she made them out of the leftover frosting from her cake! She didnt have time to really decorate it but even so it looked like something that came from a professional bakery.
    Of course she made sure not to give any to the classes that had her newfound crush in it, she was too nervous right now to talk to him so she would let her food do the talking.
    After class she slipped a cupcake with a candy heart on top of it inside his locker and left it wide open so he could see it then left quickly.
  12. After class, Edwin jogs to his locker, and as he gets near, completely ignoring the fact that his locker is wide open, the aroma of the sweet pastry consumes him. He picks up the cupcake and kisses it. "Gosh! These are the best. I need to meet this boy because I need to make him my wife." He walks from his locker, completely forgetting about his afternoon practice. All he's focused on is the cupcake, so he practically ran into Akiko.
  13. She stood there, completely red as she held out her tray of cupcakes that looks just like his!
    Seeing that he held the same cupcake as all the ones in her tray she gave a small smile before frowning when she looked into his eyes, she wasnt sure what to say.
  14. He looked down at the tray. A bit confused since a girl, the same girl from yesterday, was holding the cupcakes. 'Maybe she delivers the food for the boy?' He thought as he stared at her.
    "Do you work for anyone? " He asks while pointing at the cupcakes. Thinking that the only possible reason she'd be holding that is because his 'true love' had made her give them out, to keep his identity hidden.
  15. The young teen just shook her head, bubbling up all the courage she could she smiled, " mames Akiko-I mean my names Akiko..."
    She then put the container down and opened it taking another cupcake out, "h-here you go, since your a fan of my cupcakes.." She put the lid back onto the container and grabbed it as well as the cupcake handing it to him turning and leaving, her heart pounding.
  16. Edwin grabs her arm, stopping her before she leaves.
    "Wait! I'm Edwin Boone, Nice to meet you, potential wife." He turns to grab his bag and slam his locker shut, then quickly pecks Akiko on the cheek before running off to practice.
  17. Akiko just held her cheek with a huge grin, "if I were to die right here right now...well then, that would just be okay!"
    She hummed and skipped to her next class, which had Cassia in it, she handed her a cupcake "here you go!" She sang as she walked away. Dance auditions were today and the judges were the legendary dancers from last year! Now completely famous!
  18. Edwin sprints towards the fields for his practice, all the while thinking about Akiko and her cupcakes. The thoughts "Good things my true ain't a dude. Not that there's something wrong with gay guys, I'm just not that way", and, "She's so pretty! My cupcake mama is hot", ran through his head the entire practice, so he kept messing up, but hey, in his defense, those cupcakes slowed him down.
  19. Last night, the most amazing thing happened. A hot foreigner guy showed up knocking on his door asking him if he baked a cake. Obviously he didn't and said as much, but today Tatsuo was regretting that decision. How often did a cute boy come knocking on your door?

    Tatsuo's goal in life was now to romance himself a new boyfriend. Like a shirtless adonis, he was standing on the side of the athletics field watching all the action. In his hands was a big pitcher of lemonade he stole out of the cafeteria.

    "Who wants some lemonade!"

  20. She floated through the halls with her hands demurely clasped in front of her, bestowing a gentle smile upon her classmates as she passed. Her skirt swished about her thighs as she walked, but not in any kind of provocative or unclean way; it was simply the classic look of a sailor uniform, ending at the proper length- just above the knees- and with a simple yet elegant bow at the collar. Her name was Yamamoto Nadeshiko, and she was generally agreed upon as the cutest and sweetest girl in school.

    Nadeshiko's smile froze when she spotted the red velvet cupcake in Sugita-sensei's hand.

    "Where did you get this crap?!" she demanded, slapping it out of his fingers. As it bounced on the floor, she crushed it beneath the heel of her school shoe, frosting squelching. "Who gave it to you?"

    "Th-the new student! K-Kurusugawa!" the man stammered, taking a step back and quickly adjusting his glasses.

    I'll kill that bitch! Nadeshiko snarled, balling her hand into a fist. I'm the pastry chef around here! Me! Who does she think she is, coming into MY turf and passing out her nastyass baked goods?

    "Man, these are so good!" she heard someone say as they walked by, and when Nadeshiko looked... an offending morsel was being devoured by none other than her beloved Kuromori-senpai.

    We'll see whose cupcakes are the reigning champion. The silent vow burned in her very soul.

    Quickly, Nadeshiko turned around. Her wide, sweet smile flashed across her face.

    "Sensei, you should be careful what you eat! Artificial dyes are bad for you," the girl told him, concern evident in her voice. "If you're craving something tasty, I know the perfect recipe. Just let me know, alright?"

    Without waiting for a reply, she set out across campus for the Cooking classroom. To shorten the journey, she cut across the athletics fields, making sure to stop and caution everyone she saw with a red velvet treat about the possibility of food poisoning from bad dyes.
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