The Water

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    "These dead men walk on water
    Cold blood runs through their veins
    The angry river rises
    As we step into the rain"

    - T. Burnett


    It was the hooks that bothered Stevie.

    At one time in his youth, during a summer in Nebraska, he spent an afternoon fishing with his grandad. They stood knee-deep in the water with fishing rods in hand, waiting... waiting for something to happen. A few tugs later and Stevie had the herring wriggling in his grip. The hook glistened with blood and now his pale little fingers were slick with it too. He could see the sharp point emerging from the herring's tender cheek-meat. That was the best-tasting part of the fish, his grandad told him, but now he had to let the herring go. They had caught too many that day and the fish and game folks would hit grandad with a fine if they caught any more.

    Stevie stared at the woman lying on the wet grass as the rain fell all around him. A forearm over his mouth, his stomach roiling like a ship caught in a storm, the spoiled-fruit scent of her expiring filled his nostrils. The sharp points of the hooks emerged from the hollows of her cheeks, broken veins crisscrossing like red fault lines on scarred earth.

    "Take off the hook and toss it back in," his grandad had said. Stevie tried. He gripped the hook with his tiny hands but the herring was too slippery. Growing impatient, he pulled at the hook and watched as it tore through the herring's cheek and ripped open its stomach, the herring's pained wriggling intensifying as a shower of the the animal's purple intestines fell into the water.

    "What did you do?"

    "It was an accident."

    Stevie stared at the woman on the grass. She said nothing. This was no accident and he wouldn't be letting her go. He got to his knees, touching his dirty cargo pants to the wet earth. He tied the ropes to the hooks and pulled.


    Q U I N N

    Rain. Always fucking rain.

    In San Francisco a day like today would be cause for block-parties and scantily-clad girls coming out and partying in the streets, but here in Shitsville, Oregon-- it was different. Since the Meadows family moved to the town of Bridgewater two years ago, it had rained incessantly. This tired little town was a half-drowned corpse clinging to land and it filled him with a stagnant, hateful depression. He despised it here and he despised most of the bored and dead-like people who called this place home. Above all, he hated the slate grey skies and how the rain made his hair look.

    Quinn pulled out of the driveway of his parents' off-the assembly-line McMansion and drove his car, a Jeep Wrangler the color of rotting corn, down the pretty streets of the Shields. All around him identical mansions and summer homes stood sentinel over the pristine roads, their sad-looking transplanted Royal Empress and Leland Cypress trees crowding above backyards and empty swimming pools. He lit a cigarette and drew it to his thin lips, trying to ignore the smell of chlorine. The rain was falling heavy now, but strangely, the sky was a dull orange, as if an artist had just given up adding in the clouds to this painting. Still bright, still dull.

    Quinn yawned and glanced at the rear view mirror, where a young man's face was framed in the glass, staring blankly ahead with what could best be described as a look of utter nervousness and apprehension.

    "Sorry about making you sit in the back seat, Nick. But Mal's gonna be in the front and well... Y'know it'd just be kind of awkward to get up and move around when we get to her place."

    Nick nodded and Quinn could hear him swallow.

    "Don't be so fucking nervous man. It's just a party," Quinn said to him light-heartedly, coughing a bit.

    He drove past a golf course and thought about running through it when the storm arrived tomorrow. They said golf courses were prime real estate for getting struck by lightning. Maybe he'd get lucky. Quinn smiled a dark lazy grin and banished the thought from his head. He wasn't that depressed, and well, tonight had potential to be fun.

    Quinn stole a glance at his phone. 7:02 PM. He was late, and therefore Mal would be late. He didn't care if she was, but wondered whether her dumb shithead of a boyfriend would be angry when his girlfriend arrived late to the Crane Club's little bonfire party. In a way, Quinn felt sorry for Jason Chavez, who wasn't allowed in the Shields since people up here would call the cops on anyone who wasn't white and wearing a worker's uniform. At the same time, he didn't care for Jason's dilemma. Jason didn't play Quinn's games, and that annoyed him. In any case, he wondered how long Jason and Mal would last. Not long, he wagered. They were too different.

    The car reached a red light. Quinn picked up his phone and pressed his finger down on Mal's smiling face. He brought the phone to his ear and waited for his cousin to pick up. The phone rang for a while. Quinn began to wonder whether he should hang up when he heard Mallory's voice.

    "Hello. Hi. Yes, I'm almost there."

    "No... I was busy. The Lion King was on."

    "Yeah, okay. I'm sorry I'm a bit late. Look, I'm pulling in next to your place right now. Don't tell your parents I'm outside."

    Quinn parked his car a corner over from a large house, in front of the entrance to a beautiful park. He didn't loathe his aunt and uncle, but he hadn't showered yet and still smelled of cigarette and pot smoke and he knew that they'd want to invite him inside. Showing up to the Neals' house smelling like a horse race track wasn't something that deeply interested Quinn.

    Nick and Quinn sat in the jeep, an awkward silence filling the air as they waited for Mallory to come out and join them.

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  2. Nick sat in the back of the Jeep and Quinn told him not to be nervous as they waited for Mal. Quinn was nice enough to explain why he had to be in the back.

    Nick merely nodded and said, "Right gotcha Quinn. No problem."

    Nick wasn't nervous at all oh no Nick felt like he was The Joker unarmed and he just accidentally walked into a meeting of the Justice League. He knew it was mistake being there, he feared for his life, he had no idea how this happened, and if he tried to run he was fairly certain someone would take him down and it would be very painful.

    With all of that being said it wasn't the prospect of the party that bothered him. They were in an area that the cops didn't go too often, and most of the parties happened on Friday nights. Nick had dabbled in alcohol and tried pot twice that didn't bother him. What was made him somewhat nervous was seeing everyone from the "Indy" club away from school. They didn't socialize as a group too often and things had habit of getting tense at times. Throw booze and drugs into that mix and who knew what could happen.

    One name though made Nick nervous above all others, and it wasn't Jason Chavez who could intimidate anyone. Although he and Nick seemed to get along very nicely because Nick was able to see that there was something more to him. No the name that made Nick nervous above all others; Sai Jackson. She was smart, studious, hard working and a Goddess to Nick. Quinn was the only person who knew about this, or so Nick thought, and he would encourage Nick to let her know how he felt. Nick though would lose his nerve or suddenly become tongue tied. Seeing her tonight and actually getting a chance to be alone to lay out all his cards on the table was making Nick a nervous wreck.

    Nick took a deep breath and said, "Quinn promise me one thing. If I start talking to Sai and you see I'm completely blowing it. Promise me you'll make my death quick and painless."

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  3. Earlier In the day...

    The large parking lot of Antioch Academy was a mass of rustling students, buses running in or out and a mingle or chatter as the school day was set to begin. In a somewhat quieter corner of the lot was a lean and tall figure of a young man wearing a black hoodie. This was eighteen year old Jason Chavez and he casually leaned against a guard rail, calmly smoking a cigarette as he glanced on. Suddenly another boy runs up behind Jason, looking wired up as if he had just snorted some dust. This was fellow student Cory Reed, an emo looking African American teenager.

    “Chavez, you think you can hook me up with smoke?” he asks.

    Jason just continues to glance at the parking lot “These damn things ain’t cheap Reed…what are you gonna give me?” he says as he takes another drag of the cigarette.

    “Oh c’mon dude, just score me one. I promise I’ll never ask you again.” says Cory.

    “You said that last week, dude.”

    “Oh please man, my mouth is aching for some nicotine right now.” Cory says with melodramatic flare.

    Jason rolls his eyes and reluctantly retrieves another cigarette from his pocket and hands it to the other boy without turning around “You fuckin owe me dude.”

    Cory gleefully accepts the smoke and lights the cigarette within seconds of getting it “You’re the shit man, you really are. Listen you plan on partying with the rest of us tonight? Big bonfire down by the old creek.” he says as he puffs a big cloud of smoke into the air.

    “Mal didn't mention anything to me about that. What time is it?” asks Jason.

    “I dunno just yet, probably gonna find out later today. I’ll let you know.”

    “Cool…”says Jason as an all black Jetta pulls up beside the two teenagers and out steps Damien Chavez, Jason’s older brother. Damien was Deputy Sheriff of Bridgewater, but he dressed in street clothes most of the time. He was neatly trimmed and resembled a Miami Vice cop, without the expensive Italian suit.

    “Oh shit, I’ll catch you later huh.” says Cory as he hurriedly makes his way out of there.

    Jason remains defiantly calm and continues to puff on his cigarette as Damien walks up from the side “Wassup hermano, what brings the big bad deputy sheriff round these parts?” he asks in a joking over the top southern accent.

    Damien remains calm at his brother’s mocking tone “I was just in the neighborhood, everything alright? You left the house this morning in a hurry, thought you might’ve forgotten something.”

    “What’s a matter, you upset I left without giving you a goodbye kiss?”

    At this Damien breaks his calm demeanor, yanks the cigarette out of Jason’s mouth and shoves a backpack into his chest forcefully “No smart ass, you left without your books!”

    Jason just smirks “Oops.”

    Damien just stares on for a moment, taking mental note of just how tall his brother really was. He had nearly reached Damien‘s height of well over six feet and it was than that he realized his brother wasn‘t a kid anymore…“Goddamit Jason, when are you gonna start to take your schooling seriously. Now you’ve got just a little under a year before you graduate and you’ve got to make it count. Why can’t you be more like Troy, huh?” says Damien.

    “Look don’t start with your shit right now, alright! If you would stop treatin me like a little kid, always checking up on…”

    “You wanna be treated like an adult, than start fuckin acting like one! I mean look at Troy, keeps his nose clean, always on top of his grades! But you, I have to keep track of whether or not you even come to school. I mean what would dad think?” says Damien angrily.

    “Fuck you man!” says Jason as he slightly shoves his brother “You always gotta bring that shit up!”

    “Truth hurt, huh?” says Damien.

    Jason clenches his fists “Look I don’t have time for this, alright. Just get the hell outta here and leave me alone.” he says as he starts to walk in the other direction.

    “Not so fast!” yells Damien.

    Jason stops dead in his tracks as he starts to walk back over “What now?”

    “Don’t act stupid, cough the shit up now.” says Damien commandingly.

    “I don’t know what the fuck your talkin about.” says Jason defiantly.

    “Jason Miguel Chavez, so help me if you make me frisk you in front of all these people. You know I’ll do it. Give me the fuckin weed, now!”

    Jason sighs and rolls his eyes “Son of a bitch…” he says as he reaches into his back pocket, pulls out a small bag of marijuana and hands it to his brother “C’mon Damien, how am I supposed to get through the day without that?”

    Damien shakes his head slightly, reaches into his jacket pocket, bypassing his holstered gun and pulls out a can of Red Bull, than tosses it to Jason “That’s how…”

    “Great…” says Jason in a disappointed tone as he cracks open the can.

    “Oh and uh one more thing. I’ll probably end up running another late beat tonight, so dinner won’t be ready when you get outta school. There’s some Rice-Or-Roni from last night in the fridge.” says Damien.

    “Naw, it’s cool, I probably won’t be in till late myself, I gotta hit up Mallory about some party tonight.” says Jason in a matter fact type way.

    “Bullshit you are, it’s a school night. When I get home your ass better be in bed and homework done, am I clear?” retorts Damien.

    “Oh c’mon Damien, all the guys are gonna be there!”

    “I don’t give two shits what your scruffy ass friends are doing tonight, and just because your dating this high end society little girl doesn't make you exempt from the rules. You are not leaving the house tonight, point blank.”

    “Are you fucking serious right now? You seriously go out of your way to be a prick, don’t you.” says Jason angrily.

    Damien mockingly pats Jason’s shoulder “That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, now get to class.”
    Just than, the school bell rings and Jason reluctantly walks towards the school building. A few moments later Damien’s cell phone rings “Yea this is Chavez…alright roger that, I’ll be over in fifteen…no everything’s alright, I just had to check up on my brother real quick. Ten four, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

    At that, Deputy Chavez gets back into his car and drives away from Antioch Academy…


    Jason sits whiling away the hours playing the latest edition of Assassin's Creed on his PS4. The Chavez house sat on Delmawr street at the border of Elcott and Cooke's Row. The house was a comfortable three bedroom villa that seemed the quintessential middle class neighborhood. Yet although Damien was seen as a pillar of the community and highly respected, many people regarded Jason as someone to be away of. He seemed to get a lot of slack from his neighbors based solely on that fact that he was the Deputy Sheriff's brother. In any other circumstance, he would have probably been locked up years prior. Still as much as Jason resented Damien for trying to control aspects of his life, he gave him a grudging amount of respect. Damien was a good provider and a good role model, even if Jason didn't gravitate to the squeaky clean "Captain America" persona of his older sibling.

    The on edge teen sat back at looked at his phone. He has just received a text from his girlfriend Mallory accompanied by the usual hearts and kisses emoticons. He was supposed to meet her at a bonfire party hosted by the Crane Club. Sometimes he felt like pinching himself...he many times wondered just how he had managed to attract the interest of such a beautiful and intelligent girl like Mallory. Jason was quite aware that he put off the "bad boy" from the wrong side of the streets aura, but in truth, he was quite reserved, especially when it came to women. He had a deep and rough sounding voice, that many described as intimidating and strangely appealing at the same time. The daylight was slowly fading and Jason shut the video game off. He put on his jean jacket and was about to make his way outside, when he is suddenly stopped by his little brother, Troy.

    "Where you going bro, it's getting late? Oh wait I know, your going to see your little chica, huh." Troy said with a laugh.

    "Maybe, maybe not hermoso." responded Jason with an affectionate ruffling of his brother's hair.

    "Yo, you know Damien's not gonna like that. You know how uptight he is about us going out on a school night."

    "it's a fuckin Friday night dude." says Jason.

    "Any week night is a school night for Damien. What am I supposed to tell him when he gets home?"

    "Tell him I went to Cory's house to play some Grand Theft Auto."

    "C'mon dude. Damien's a cop, he'll see right through that." says Troy.

    "Look i'll give him a call sometime tonight, let him know I'm alright, ok. Pinche Diablo, don't worry so much!" says Jason as he gets into his black 2000 Camaro and drives away into the fading daylight.

    "Great, just great..." says Troy with a sigh.
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  4. Idony was bad at parties. She was bad at parties, and romance, and gossip, and just about everything else she assumed a teenage girl was supposed to be good at. She didn't know clothes, or make-up, and even something as simple as small talk was a foreign concept to her. All in all, she'd have to say she was dreadfully under-qualified for a large gathering such as the sort she was going to today - and her family seemed to take relish in rubbing it in her face.

    "Hey baby doll, ya sure you don't want to borrow any of my makeup? I can give you some before I go." Carry had asked her that morning as she prepared to leave for the day. "It wouldn't hurt to... well... spruce up that face of yours for once - make it a bit easier for people to know you're a girl."

    Hunter had rolled his eyes when he heard she was planning on attending. "You're shittin' me, right?" He scoffed. "Get over yourself Doni, ain't no Kierstead welcome at a party like that. Stop actin' like such a snob all the time; You've already turned yourself into a fuckin' joke, don't make it worse."

    Even the twins, as young as they were, had seemed amused by the idea - and not in a good way either. "Ooh, do you hear that? Doni's going to a party!" Sarah had cooed, glancing over at her brother.
    "There's no way that will go wrong." Logan laughed in response, flashing a knowing smirk.

    And now, Ethan had to give his two cents.
    "Are you really going to wear that?" The boy asked, raising a brow as he watched his sister slip one of Hunter's hand-me-down sweatshirts on over her black tee.

    If Idony were anyone else, she likely would have jumped at the unexpected sound of her younger brother's voice. She, however, was used to her siblings barging in and sneaking up on her. Especially Ethan. Though he spent much of his time following Hunter around, when he was at home, he always seemed to be at her side - they were the closest in age, after all, and had spent their childhood practically joined at the hip because of it.
    "Are you really going to spy on me when I'm getting dressed, perv?" She sighed, unable to mask the intense annoyance in her voice. "Seriously, how long have you even been in here?" She turned to look at him, crossing her arms. He was a dark-haired, ruddy-faced, somewhat awkward looking teen, who stood in at about two inches shorter than herself, and was currently leaning against the wall by her doorway.

    "Eh, not long." He grinned, crossing his arms. "What's it matter, anyways? It ain't like ya were ever naked or somethin'. Besides, if I was goin' to be creepy and gross enough to spy on one of my sisters gettin' dressed, it would be Carry, not you. At least she'll wear a nice top. I mean, seriously, put on some girly clothes for once. You look hideous."

    "Oh, well jeez, thanks!" Idony huffed. "Aren't you sweet? So glad you think I'm disgusting." She went to walk past him to leave her room, roughly reaching out to shove his head back against the wall as she did.

    "Hey, don't you do that!" Ethan exclaimed, following so closely behind her that he was practically stepping on her heels. "I'll get Hunter to beat you up for that shit!"

    Idony barely held back a laugh. "Ooh! I'm just so scared!" She mocked. "You're going to get my own brother to beat me up!" She paused abruptly, simply because she knew it would cause him to smack into her, and then began walking again. "Don't be an idiot! Hunter ain't gonna lay a finger on his little sister. At least, not because you told him to. That pathetic threat only works on your asshole friends."

    "Well... I'll beat you up!" Ethan exclaimed.

    This time, Idony did laugh. "Yeah right! I've been beating you up since we were little! And you're still smaller, so don't think things have changed."

    Her brother fell silent after this, apparently having no response to such a statement, and followed her into the living room. It was a small, shabby room, that anyone rarely bothered to clean. The wallpaper was beginning to peel, and the carpet on the floor was dusty, and almost always seemed to have muddy footprints on it. Idony didn't really mind, though she hated the fact that the second she stepped into the room she was always assaulted by fleas. They were largely caused by the younger Kierstead children, who often seemed to be bringing home stray animals - at times, it was annoying, but none of the older children really complained, as they had all done it themselves when they were little.

    The youngest member of the family was currently curled up in the corner, petting one such stray animal - a skinny orange tabby - with one hand, as he inched a stuff dog towards the animal's face with the other. "Say hi to the puppy, kitty." He murmured quietly, grinning a bit as the cat rubbed up against his arm. "Don't be a'scared of 'im. He's nice, he ain't gonna bite, I promise."

    Idony smiled slightly, and crouched down, motioning to the small blonde-haired child. "Hey, Noah! Come say goodbye!"

    The little boy raised his head, and got to his feet, laying down his dog next to the cat and murmuring a few soft words to it before going to run over to his older sister. "Bye Doni!" He exclaimed, grinning a bit. "You goin' to a party, right?"

    Idony nodded. "Uh huh, I'll be back by the time you wake up tomorrow."

    "Oh, okay." Noah nodded, and then paused. "Carry says you wear dresses to parties."

    "Yeah, I guess so. But I ain't a fan of that sort of stuff. Now, you be a good boy while I'm gone, ya hear?"

    Noah nodded again. "I will."

    "Carry will be home in a bit to give you your bath and read you a story and tuck you in bed. Ethan will keep an eye on you until then. Try to be quiet, don't bother ma."

    "I know, I know, I said I'll be good." He placed his hands on his hips in response, rolling his eyes.

    "Alright, just checkin'." Idony gave him a quick hug, and kissed him on the forehead, before going to stand back up.

    "Ew, Doni, spit." The little boy huffed, before running off to play with the cat again.

    Idony stood straight, and glanced back over at Ethan. "Well, I'm gonna go. Got a bit of a walk. Keep an eye on him, like I said, okay?"

    "Yeah, yeah." He grumbled. "Keep an eye on the kid, got it." He paused. "You sure you're okay walkin'? It's pouring out there. Hunter could drive ya."

    "Aw, your sensitive side is showing through. You do care." Idony grinned. "But nah, I'm fine. I walk up that way all the time - rain or shine. I like the exercise. Besides, Hunter is pissed I'm going as it is, and I figure them kids just invited me to poke fun. I ain't gonna make things worse gettin' a ride from that jerk."

    "Yeah, guess not. Well... just... be careful. Yeah? I'd walk with you part of the way, but..."

    "You're stuck with the kid. I know, I know. Don't worry about it, I'll be careful. Ain't like nobody is gonna do nothin' serious to me - they know Hunter will bash their head in if they did. Stop bein' such a downer."

    Ethan grinned. "Yeah, you're right. And if he didn't, well, I'd do it myself!"

    "I know you would - or at least, you'd try. You got noodle arms." Idony said. "Well, anyways, I'm outta here. Shut up and leave me alone, would ya?" She roughly ruffled his hair, and then bolted out the door, before he had time to retaliate.

    She was right to tell him not to worry, wasn't she? After all, it was just a little party. It couldn't be that bad.
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  5. Sai Jackson rolled her eyes at the texts that were streaming through on her phone, each one a reminder or inquiring about the party happening. She never asked for this. She knew that she was a bit of a personality to deal with and working hard on her studies to get out of his stereotypical small town that was holding back from her true possible greatness. What she never quite expected is that her determination to get out of here helped her gather a little 'group' following. She had quite a few acquaintances that insisted on inviting her to places, involving her in conversations, and asking her for advice. And what she said had impact. She could not help but smile at the fact, for it proved what she had always believed; she was meant for more.

    Would she be considered popular? She had no idea, because she probably had just as many people dislike her. She sighed, realizing she would probably have to deal with many of the others that she just couldn't stand: like that Mallory girl. The infuriating girl who does slightly better than her at school with almost no effort.

    Shaking her head, she knew she couldn't avoid this outing. Otherwise her phone would be blowing up of questions of where she was, why she wasn't there, and she just couldn't handle with maintaining a lie right now. This was ridiculous. She looked back in the mirror to make sure that her make-up was applied well, even though it was only a light touch - mostly eyeliner and gloss - as she took in her appearance. Though she seemed cocky, she was a bit more unstable in regards to her looks. Idiotic really, considering she wasn't too bad looking.

    She mentally made a list of people that would be worth decent conversations and realized the main one would be Nick - if she even got to see him. He was going with the group that Mallory would be around. Which meant that Quinn would be there too. That made her a bit more nervous. Quinn wasn't bad per se, just... he reminds her of her brief stint with adderall she wanted to put behind her.

    Her phone started playing a violin quartet ringtone and she looked at the caller ID. One of her 'group' who was taking her to this party. One last glance in the mirror confirmed that she looked decent enough as she answered.

    "I'm on my way out, see you in a sec."

    Time to get this whole situation over with.
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  6. gender neutral:

    Thank you sweetie, I hope this will be enough.”, an aged hand reached out holding a crumpled 20. The withered faced of Mrs. Jane smiled up at Robin. This lady looked old enough to have discovered the town of Bridgewater. Robin had spent majority of the later afternoon cleaning the cobwebs and dust out of Mrs. Jane’s garage, assisting the woman with organizing her photo collection and swept the drive way. All for 20 bucks, Robin could only smile.

    Robin’s lips slit into a toothy grin of disbelief. But Mrs. Jane’s eyes gave of an, “Back in my day, gum only cost a penny”, look and that was enough evidence for Robin to know that arguing will make no lead way with this woman.

    Sure, Mrs. Jane. Thank you for your generosity.” Robin pulled the zipper of eir jacket roughly.

    Great! Stay dry sweetie.”, Mrs. Jane closed the door with a soft click.

    Robin sighed, the air began to cool and turn eir cheeks a slight red. The rain had just started and ey was now 20 dollars richer. It wasn’t that Robin regretted helping the old lady out. But it would have been nice if the perk was a little more. Hell, Robin would have been pleased if the 20 came with a plate of cookies. Isn’t that what old ladies are known for? Payment in form of baked goods. Robin’s mouth watered as ey thought of the potential food that could be filling the hunger ey was feeling.

    Robin pulled out eir phone, the screen lite up. White numbers popped up on the screen, 6:00 pm. Robin could feel the rain begin to be come down harder, and the sound drew a yawn. Ey shrunk as far as ey could into eir jacket and made a mad dash to eir vehicle. Once securely inside, ey pulled up the GPS on eir phone and put in the address.

    Time to have some fun.” Robin started the car and made eir way to the party.
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  7. The truck groaned and rattled over every bump and crack it crossed over. It's rusty and duct tape covered frame shook violently as it was forced to move forward. Ol' Tom (a title Michael's father had given the metal death trap much to the chagrin of his children and even his wife) wasn't exactly the perfect vehicle for driving to...anywhere, really, let alone a party. But it wasn't like Michael had a choice. The party was a ways away, and there was no way in hell Michael was walking. Not in this weather at least. Michael gritted his teeth as the car shuddered and shook. Although, now that he was actually inside Ol' Tom, walking seemed like a safer option.

    "Just a few more miles," he muttered encouragingly, patting the dust covered dashboard. "Then the both of us can take a break." The truck groaned in response.

    Michael glanced at the crooked rearview mirror, his usual smile dimmer than usual. He was nervous. Not about the party, of course. He was okay with the party. More than okay, really. The music, the people, the drinks -- it was that rush of youthful chaos that excited him like a drug. He loved it and lived for it. No, parties didn't bother him.

    It was getting caught.

    It was his top priority that his outings were never found out by his parents or, worse yet, his older sister. His parents would yell at him and ground him, no big deal. Sneaking out was easy enough, thanks to them being out of the house most of the time and the younger siblings being easy to bribe. Jeanne, though...
    Michael mentally cringed at the memory of his last punishment. He loved his sister, he really did, but sometimes she was just so...brutal. The girl knew how to guilt trip you into sobbing your eyes out one second, make you shit your pants with her yelling the next, before being all sweet with her promise of rewards and junk. It was a bit terrifying, honestly.

    Micheal shrugged away the feeling of unease, choosing instead to focus on the road ahead. Everything was going to be fine. His parents and Jeanne were working tonight. All his younger siblings had been bribed into silence by the promise of candy, money, or both. He was gonna meet up with his friends and have a hell of a time. Everything was going to be fine.
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  8. Mallory

    It was raining. It always seemed to be raining now, covering the small town in mist and slate grey. The slight smell of fish that accompanied the unwelcome precipitation could have made anyone unaccustomed to Bridgewater slightly sick. Not many people enjoyed being out in the dreary weather, but every evening during Mallory's run more and more people were beginning to stir. It was no surprise. Even if Bridgewater was a rather dull place, nothing was more suffocating than staying inside for days on end. At least, that's what she believed. No one and nothing could keep her inside for that long.

    Her run was concluding when a loud beep shook her from her observations of the town. Her concentration was a fickle thing on runs and she would often forget that headphones were playing music from the iPhone into her ears. Unexpected texts and phone calls were unwelcome surprises. Mallory allowed herself to slow to walk as she wrestled with the phone in her pocket. A smile formed as she read the text and replied with a simple, "Kay. See you then," before resuming the last of her run..

    It was just turning 5pm when the girl reached her home. Her mother was cooking in the kitchen, which was evident from rich smell of deliciousness wafting through the house. Mallory's stomach growled as she reached up to pull a sweat-drenched clump of bangs from her forehead.

    "Mal, is that you?" called her mother as the main door to the house was closed.

    "Yeah. Whatcha fixing?"

    "Salmon and buttered potatoes. I'm thinking about making a chocolate pie for your father. He won't be home until around seven tonight and you know how stressed he's been at work, lately."

    "That sounds pretty good. Make sure he doesn't eat it all before I get home," Mallory laughed.

    "Home? Where are you go- Oh, that's right! You've got that..." She paused searching for the word.


    "Yeah!" The older woman laughed at her own forgetfulness. "Quinn coming to pick you up? You know that I don't like you riding in that Jeep of his. They are a death hazard."

    "Yeah, he just sent me a text. Said he'll be here around 6:30." She watched as her mother nodded.

    "Alright, make sure you wear your seat-belt. Try to be home by 10 if you can."

    Mallory made a sound of agreement and left her mother to finish cooking while she headed upstairs to shower and get ready. With each step, the girl calculated how much time she had before her cousin would show up. She only had about an hour and a half, which was pushing it. At least it was only a bonfire party and not a formal.

    By the time 6:30 rolled around, she was groomed and nestled in the couch with her laptop. Her phone sat untouched on the arm of the couch and the headphones that were being used earlier were now plugged into the computer. There was a tap on her shoulder. Mallory jumped, pulling the headphones away from her ears as she looked up to see who needed her.

    "It's 6:30, Mal. Quinn should be here any time," her mother explained, wiping off her hands with a small towel. "Of course, you know how he is always late." She smiled. "I finished that pie if you want a piece." There was no saying no to her mother's baking. Mallory got up and went into the kitchen to cut herself a slice and enjoy a few minutes with her mom before she left. "So, this Jason," the older woman began as soon as Mallory took her first bite. "Are you sure this relationship is going to work out? It can't be getting in the way of your goals, you know."

    She swallowed, grimacing as she felt a decent size piece of crust go down her throat. She really should have chewed it better. "I know, Mom. It'll be fine. He's really a good kid, just had some problems." The two women shared a look before she continued. "Besides, I'm not sure if it's going to work out, but at least I can be a bit of happiness in his life for a short while ." Mallory watched as her mother nodded. "There isn't any reason to worry about me, Mom."

    "Alright, but still. I want to meet this boy. I know that Deputy Chavez is his cousin-"


    "Right. But I know nothing about this boy except from what I hear and I don't know if you should be dealing with him. He could be a bad influence."

    Mallory was about to reply when her phone began to ring. She got up from the table and pushed her chair back in. "That must be Quinn." The girl rushed across the rooms to answer it before it stopped ringing.

    "Hello? Oh, hey! About time."

    "Did you fall asleep?"

    She laughed, "Good excuse. I'll have to be back around ten if that's cool."

    "Alright. Be right out."

    Mallory hung up and slid the phone back in her pocket. "Gotta go, Mom. We'll talk when I get back." She grabbed her purse from the counter and left the house, pulling the hood from her navy jacket up over her head. When she finally made it to Quinn's jeep, Mallory opened the door and climbed into the front seat. "Let's go," she said with a grin. Something moved out of the corner of her vision. "Oh, hey Nick! Glad you decided to come!" She twisted around and gave him a smile before turning back and fastening her seatbelt.

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  9. P E T E R

    The neon guitar hanging on the wall behind the bar pulsed on and off in fading green and red. Christmas colors, Pete thought hazily as he glared at the stinging light, and yet he wagered he would never celebrate the holidays ever again. He welcomed the burning in his eyes and the mounting headache in his temple. The discomfort would keep his mind busy, he convinced himself. It would keep him from returning to the water.

    Pete ran his tongue passed the front of his teeth and tasted the vestiges of the liquor he had been consuming since early afternoon, before Grant had tried to cut him off and told him he wouldn't serve Pete anymore until he went home and got some sleep.

    "I'm not fucking going anywhere", Pete had growled, "and if you know what's good for you you'll keep pouring."

    Pete didn't want to go back. Not to his silent daughter and her locked door. Not to Tommy's room, with his clothes lying strewn about the bed. Tommy liked that, sleeping on his clothes. "It makes me feel like home," Tommy had replied when Pete ordered him to clean his room for the final time. As far as Pete remembered, that was the last thing Tommy had said to his father.

    There was no music playing in the pub, only the pitter-patter sound of the rain hitting the window. The Rainwater Pub, in some strange ironic twist, was nearly empty on this wet evening except for Pete and some college kids sitting at a table at the far end of the room. Peter had been coming here since he first joined the department, some nine years ago. Back then he was like a grizzly bear freshly come in from the woods, a man who towered over everyone else at the bar and commanded their awe and respect through his sheer physicality alone. Pete had shoulders like a bison and arms like a gorilla, but despite being a big powerful-looking cop in a seedy bar, he always greeted his fellow patrons with a warm laugh and the occasional round of free drinks. The rowdy bar, located in a dark street off the pier, was, much to the sheriff department's embarassment, like a second home to Pete. Lately, it had become more like an actual home.

    Normally the place would have been packed on a Friday night, but with Adeline coming all of the folks were hunkered down in their homes, waiting for the worst of the storm to pass. Grant stood behind the counter polishing some glasses, throwing concerned glances at Pete from time to time. The owner of the Rainwater possessed the traditional look that all men of the Kierstead family seemed to have- he appeared long, sinowy and hungry like a coyote, only Grant didn't appear ravenous, only tired. A small LCD tv hung from the back wall behind the counter, where Micky Parke, the squat little weatherman who worked for the local tv station, was droning on about the storm.

    "... down the shore a lot of folks have started packing up and heading out following the orders to evacuate and now, the waiting game begins as Adeline marches north with wind, rain, and of course, the much-dreaded storm surge..."

    "Grant, turn that shit off," Pete grumbled, tilting his cup of whiskey slowly in his fingers. The bartender stared back at Pete unflinchingly, his dark tired eyes suddenly flashing with anger, but then just as quickly the bartender's gaze was replaced with something resembling pitty.

    Grant sighed and set the shot glass he was polishing down on the oaken counter. He leaned in, so close that Pete could see the trenches of the wrinkles surrounding his eyes. "Don't you have to be somewhere?," Grant whispered to him, gesturing towards the tv, "For chrissake you're the sheriff, Pete," he added, even quieter, as if it was some vile secret.

    "It's just flooding precautions, handing out flyers and shit to the old folks down near Moses Lake. Damien and the boys got it covered," Pete replied before bringing his drink to his lips.

    At that moment, a door behind the counter swung open, and three teenaged boys stepped out, their smiling faces flushed red. Upon spotting Peter sitting at the bar, their faces turned white as sheets. They shot glances at Grant, who said nothing in return. Peter seemed oblivious to this and remained focused on his drink, saying nothing as the boys ducked beneath the counter and quickly leaved the bar.

    "Hunter keeping out of trouble?" Pete asked suddenly, his voice steady despite the alchohol coursing through his veins. "Far as I know," Grant replied before picking up the glass and resuming polishing it again.

    Peter set his glass down on the counter, the icecubes clinking together loudly. He reached into his back pocket and removed his phone, bringing it to his face. He examined himself in the black mirror of the phone's screen. His beard had grown coarse and thick over his jaw and in the black reflection Pete could see heavy dark circles under his eyes. His cheeks were hollow and gaunt, as if he hadn't eaten in months. This is what I look like now, he thought.

    His thumb pressed down on the circular indentation at the bottom of the phone and in an instant his reflection was replaced by a picture of his family. In the home screen photo Pete stood tall as ever, his great arms encompassing his two children, a perfect smile lining his face. Caralee stood with a joyful smile of crowded teeth, wearing dark blue overalls, holding a fishing rod in her hands. Tommy stood straight as a rail, bearing the weight of his father's arm, looking older than his seventeen years. Pete stared at Tommy's face. His son wasn't smiling, only staring blankly at the camera, enduring, waiting, biding for it to be over. Behind them, the waters of Moses Lake were frozen, suspended in space and time, silver in the grey autumn light. Peter stared at Tommy's face.

    did you know you would do it? even then?

    The phone vibrated in his hand, the sudden mechanical trembling bringing Pete out of his dark musings. The home screen flashed suddenly and the image of his destroyed family disappeared, replaced by what looked like a text message from Damien, one of his top deputies.


    Maribel Vera-- a Bridgewater resident, recluse by all accounts. She had been reported missing two days ago, but with the storm coming, her case had begin to fall through the cracks. Damien had refused to abandon it however, and now the young ex-military man had found some new information. Pete rose from his stool, placed a twenty on the counter, and walked out into the rainy streets.

    Outside the bar, the rain was falling heavier now, but the sky was still a semi-bright grey. Pete walked down the street, buttoning up his leather jacket. Closed shops and shuttered businesses greeted him along the way, the shadow of the monolithic SAVE LOTS department store, just down the block, still hanging over the abandoned storefronts.

    Even now, a day before the storm was supposed to hit, SAVE LOTS' automatic sliding doors were open. He could glimpse a few stragglers desperately darting through its stark white aisles filling their shopping carts with supplies for the storm. He walked passed the entrance and turned left at a side street, down to where his pickup truck was parked.

    Dozens of wet missing persons posters were hung all throughout the street. Maribel Vera's xeroxed black and white face clung wet to every surface. She was on bus stations, parking meters, lamp-posts. Wherever one looked, one could see her. She was a middle-aged woman, unmarried, and not one person seemed to know a thing about her. She was a ghost that had turned into a phantom and things did not bode well for Miss Vera. Pete knew the entire town was in a state of caution over Adeline. The storm would come and wash over the region and with its coming a million other emergencies would take precedence. Ghost or not, Pete had to find her, and if they didn't find her soon, they likely never would. He reached his truck, a black Ford F-150 he had once planned to give to Tommy, and got inside before sending Damien a text message.


    Peter turned on the engine and drove.

    Q U I N N

    "Let's go," Mal told him, flashing that perfect smile of hers as she got in the frontseat beside Quinn. "Hey, hey, hey watch the leather, man" Quinn said lazily, grinning to himself as his cousin scooted in next to him. Mal gave him a quizzical look, staring at the decidedly crappy non-leather seats in semi-confusion. "Matthew McConaughey? Dazed and Confused? Sigh, fuck it," he muttered, before offering her an 'I'm just messing with you' smile.

    Mal rolled her eyes and turned to face Nick, who was sitting in the backseat, fidgeting with his seatbelt. "Oh, hey Nick! Glad you decided to come!" Mal said, smiling.

    "He actually didn't want to come. Had to convince him. Sai Jackson's gonna be there after all," Quinn said as the jeep began to accelerate down the rain-slicked street. "Oh, speaking of which!", Quinn reached into his brown military jacket, retrieved an old ipod and plugged it into his dashboard. Glancing down at the ancient scarred device, he quickly scrolled through its contents until he found the song he wanted. He clicked the play button, turned his dark green eyes to the rear view mirror and smiled at Nick.


    Quinn rapped along with the lyrics, grinning the whole while. As the song reached the chorus, Quinn began to sing loudly, his laughing voice off-key.


    Quinn tried to get Mal to sing as well, but his cousin wasn't having any of it. She knew how uncomfortable it was making Nick, and eventually, she told Quinn to stop.

    "Fine, goddamit. Just trying to liven things up a bit before the party," he said to her, the smile still on his lips. He turned the volume down, leaving only the sound of rain hitting the windshield to accompany their journey. "Seriously though," he said, turning his attention towards Nick, "You gotta tell her man. Tonight's the perfect time. If you don't, someone else is gonna swoop in there and do it for you. There's gonna be lots of handsome Crane Club boys at that party," Quinn told him, his voice taking on a serious tone, "might be Sal wants a bit of a summer tryst before college and those Crane Club dudes are always down for that, as you know."

    Quinn drummed his fingers on the steering wheel restlessly. He turned to Mal. "Weird thing you're not in the Crane Club, eh Mal?" Quinn asked his cousin as the jeep exited the offramp at Elcott and began to make its way into the backroads. The woods began to close in around the lonesome wet road, the weeping sky finally giving way to darkness. He turned on the overhead light and glanced at his cousin again, seeing her truly for the first time tonight, and began picking at her features. She was beautiful, no one could deny. Mallory Neal was probably the prettiest girl in school by most accounts, and everyone seemed to love and envy her at Antioch. She also had a good heart, and treated everyone with genuine kindness, as if she believed in people and whatever innate goodness they possessed within them. The first part fit with the Crane Club's ideals, but the second part-- well, no. To Quinn, the Crane Club were a bunch of entitled rich fuckers who spent their lives breaking the spines of lesser, more unfortunate creatures. They lived in the most exclusive parts of the Shields, nibbling on water-crest sandwiches and sipping margaritas in those shining white mansions that made his dad so jealous. Quinn didn't care about the Crane Club too much, either way, but he was curious above all else, and the fact that Mal wasn't a member surprised him. It had been two years since Quinn's family arrived in Bridgewater, and in that time, Quinn and Mal had hung out quite a bit, but the two had never really grown all that close. They acted more like close friends who enjoyed each other's company rather than flesh-and-blood family, and that was okay with Quinn. After all, once he graduated, he'd be leaving this shithole of a town and never looking back. He wondered if Mal would do the same. Nick would probably go back to his parents and continue living his boring little life, his time in Bridgewater nothing but a rain-soaked memory.

    "We're near the county line. Almost there," Quinn told them after seeing the destination sign reading "[BCOLOR=#008000]ASHLAND - 10 MILES[/BCOLOR]" speeding past them. The jeep continued making its way through the dark back country as a thick mist began to envelop the road around them.

    "This fog always creeps me the fuck out," Quinn said, his high voice dropping to an almost whisper. Mal pointed out they were near Moses Lake and that during the rainy season in the summer, a heavy fog always enveloped the surface of the lake and spilled onto the shore like the fumes from a witch's cauldron. Whatever the reason, the lake always seemed to fill Quinn with a strange dread. The legends surrounding it, as well as Thomas Townsend, the sheriff's son, offing himself on the lake last year-- none of it helped in curbing the lake's dark reputation. And now of course, the great bonfire party before the coming of the storm was being held in the woods near the lake. It all came around full-circle. Wonderful, Quinn thought. He flashed Mal and Nick an uneasy smile, trying to hide his growing discomfort.

    "Alright, county line bridge," Quinn muttered when the jeep's headlights illuminated the closed-off road ahead. He slowed the jeep to a stop, taking a moment to gaze at the destroyed bridge that once served ast the town's namesake. It was said to have once been a beautiful stone bridge which connected the towns of Bridgewater and Ashland, but it had been destroyed some time ago. Town legend spoke of a crazy huge flood wiping out the bridge. Whatever it was, Quinn wondered why the town had never changed its name. The headlights lit up the road ahead. Ancient, rusted construction barriers barred anyone from going further, but of course, this didn't stop people from sneaking over to the other side and jumping off the cliffs into the dark water, which was a steep 50-foot drop, with rocks at the bottom. Idiot country kids, Quinn thought to himself.

    "Road should be here," Quinn said, tearing his eyes off the ruins of the ancient bridge. He searched left and right, gazing into the darkness of the woods, when he saw it. Squinting, Quinn leaned over Mal, trying to get a good look. A crimson-colored plastic bird was sticking out of the ground, its bright red finish contrasting with the dark brush surrounding it. A dozen unlit candles, flowers and beer cans were carefully laid before it, as if in rememberance. The red plastic crane and its shrine made Quinn's heart skip a beat. The flowers and candles reminded him of street-side effigies in San Franciso, of giant pictures of dead teenagers who died in gang violence or what have you, surrounded by cards and candles and flowers and tallboys. While those curb-side memorials were genuine and heart-felt, the crimson crane shrine, standing there in the middle of the woods with its strange decorum, felt unnatural and fake, as if it was some joke. Quinn suddenly got a very bad feeling about this party, but as was his mantra in his life, he muttered "Fuck it!" and banished all reservations. He drove the jeep into the woods, leaving the scarlet crane to disappear in the darkness behind them.


    The road took them deeper and deeper into the woods. From time to time they would spot a scarlet crane sticking up out of the ground, always planted deeper in the brush, so that Quinn, Mal, and Nick could only glimpse part of them, tiny flecks of crimson half-obscured in the thorny darkness.

    Once they reached the end of the road, they found an open clearing with several cars parked half-hazardly on the overgrown grass. To Quinn's surprise, no one seemed to be around. No one making out in their cars or standing around drinking. The distant sound of loud music could be heard coming from up ahead where the clearing spread out to the shoreline. Quinn's heart did a backflip. He was under the impression that the party would be held in the woods near the lake, not on Moses Lake itself. Quinn looked upon the blacksand shore and could see several bonfires burning red in the mist, which seemed to be thicker now. High up on the shore, surrounded by what appeared to be a huge lawn of well-manicured grass, a huge country house rose out of the fog. On the lawn, dozens of people milled about while loud music could be heard coming from somewhere.

    "I wonder who's house it is?" Quinn wondered out loud, asking no one in particular. Ignoring the uneasy feeling in his stomach, he grinned at Nick and Mal. "Well, let's go have some fun."

    The three got out of the jeep and immediately felt the overgrown wet grass of the clearing swallowing their feet. They made their way to the shore, Quinn burying his hands in the pockets of his coat and bracing against the cold. He brought out his phone and sent Mike a text.

    QUINN: This place is fucking crazy. Are you in the house?

    As they approached the shore Quinn could see dozens of people, some who were dancing around bonfires, others who were swimming in the water, others who were lying in the sand wasting no time in getting intimate with each other. Loud electronic dance music boomed throughout the party, the bass ringing in Quinn's chest like a hammer. As they made their way deeper into the party, the three of them were stopped by a boy wearing a black member's only jacket, who stood clutching an umbrella. Quinn and Mal knew this kid all too well. This was Tyson White, who despite his last name, was a tall wiry black kid who played center in Antioch's basketball team, the Corsairs.

    "Yo, Ty. Working security?" Quinn said to him.

    "Nah man. Just here giving out ranks, if that's okay with you," he said, looking at Mal. She looked at Tyson, not sure what he was on about. This was her first time at a Crane Club party, Quinn knew. He laughed, and told her not worry about it.

    "Do your best," Quinn said to Tyson, with a friendly grin. Tyson took out his phone and glared at it for a long time, his thumb stroking the screen downward repeatedly, as if he was looking for something. Finally, he put his phone away, brought out two markers from his black member's only jacket and then asked for Quinn and Mal's hands. He first took Mal's hand by the wrist, turned it over so that the top of her fist was facing him, and then with a few quick strokes, drew a cartoon blue beaver on it. He then took Quinn's hand, thought for a while and drew an orange goat on it.

    "This looks like shit. Couldn't they have gotten someone who actually knows how to draw?" Quinn asked him.

    "Just keep moving," Tyson told him, pushing Quinn along so that Nick could step forward. Upon seeing Nick, Tyson stifled a laugh and put the two markers back into his jacket. He then dug into his back-pocket and brought out a black stamp.

    Taking Nick's slender pale hand in his own, tyson forcefully pressed the stamp down on Nick's fist. Once Tyson removed the stamp, a stark black monkey was imprinted on Nick's fist. Nick asked Tyson what it meant, but the tall basketball player told him to move on.

    "Don't worry about it, Nick. It's just a thing they do. I don't know what it means either but it's probably not important," Quinn told him, placing an arm around Nick's shoulders. He turned to Tyson and then gestured to the large country house up on the shore.

    "By the way, who's house is that?" Quinn asked Tyson.

    "Ha ha. You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Tyson replied.

    "Seriously. Who lives here?"

    Tyson grinned.

    "Maribel Vera."

    Quinn was dumbfounded. That lady who's missing persons poster was all over town-- this was her place? What in the fuck? Quinn stared at Mal, wondering if she was wondering the same thing.

    "Well, let's see if we can find our fellow Indies. I'm sure Nick here's just chomping at the bits to see Sai, ain't that right?" Quinn told him, squeezing Nick's shoulder. He then turned to Mal, "and I'm sure Jason's going insane trying to find you. I wonder where he--"

    At that moment, a loud cry resonated from somewhere close by. The three of them turned to see a crowd of people gathering near the water's edge, pushing at each other and yelling excitedly.

    "FUCK HIM UP!"


    Quinn stared at Tyson, who only shrugged in response. When Quinn turned back to his friends, they were gone. Mal and Nick had run off to see what the crowd was so excited about. Having no other choice, Quinn chased after them.

    Reaching the crowd, which was now a writhing mass of wet bodies yelling and fighting to make their way to the epicenter of the fray, Quinn spotted Idony sitting alone on a lawnchair, trying to stay warm in her hoodie. Quinn walked toward her, but remained a few paces away, not comfortable in being so close to the Kierstead girl. "Yo, Dony," he said to her uneasily, not making eye-contact, "What's going on in there?"

    The tall girl, her jeans slick with wet sand, pointed her chin at the fray and uttered a single name.

    "Yeah, I figured it was Jason. I'm guessing he got into a fight with some drunk kid?" She nodded, rubbing her hands together. He wondered why Dony hadn't jumped in to help, but then remembered. Jason's brother was a cop, and cops and Kiersteads went together like Starks and Lannisters.

    "I suppose I should go in and help, huh?" Quinn said out loud before rushing in. He knew that Mal would be in there trying to separate it, and Nick would probably end up getting his nose broken by an errant elbow or something. He had to get them out of there. As for Jason, well, he didn't care what happened to Jason.

    Quinn gingerly walked into the maddened crowd, which, to his surprise, was now suddenly starting to dissipate. It seemed that whatever had caused the kids here to go crazy was ending and now had caused them to lose interest. Quinn pushed past the thinning crowd and finally made his way to the center, where he found Mal and Nick standing by Jason, who stood there looking angry by the water's edge, the lake lapping at his boots.

    "Yeah next time, motherfucker," a boy with a black eye and bloodied nose slurred, being led away by his friends. Quinn recognized the bloodied kid as Melvin Rosenmeyer, who was in the wrestling team and was an infrequent customer of his. Looks like he'll be coming to me for some painkillers later. Quinn thought, smiling to himself.

    "Jason, Jason. This is an upscale party, not a quinceañera. Thank god you didn't bring your shiv," Quinn said to him jokingly.

    "What happened? Also, where the hell is everyone?" Quinn asked, picking up Jason's jean jacket from the sand and passing it to him.
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  10. Nick had heard stories about Crane Club parties over the years, and there were certain things that he expected to have happen during the evening. Some of the things that happened before their arrival made him wonder if the evening as a whole was going to end up in the E-R or "The Twilight Zone."

    Quinn outing what he thought was a secret to Mal about his feelings towards Sai was just the beginning of the evening's fun and games for him. Considering he was already a bundle of nerves that wasn't exactly helping him. Not only did he believe that this was a secret, but Mal and Sai were rivals and it wasn't a friendly rivalry either. Nick was friends with both of them and pretty much stayed neutral. Mal was a great person to jog with and easy to talk with. Sai, when Nick thought of her all those stupid sappy love songs on the radio were just fine with him. Sai was easy to talk with, smart, beautiful, and a smile that Nick would go to war for.

    Although to be fair Quinn was right in that Nick should tell her how he felt. Nick was realizing this more and more, and Nick promised himself tonight would be the night. Consequences be damned besides after the ride over Nick was so happy to still be alive death by humiliation couldn't be as bad as dying in a jeep crash. Well physically anyway.

    Getting into the party was also an interesting experience. Nick was hoping by the end of the night that his new marking would be faded out enough not to be noticed. His dad was coming in for a visit on Sunday, and trying to lie to his dad, who was also a Homicide Captain, just didn't happen. Slightest wrong phrase or movement would lead to a trip under lights and his dad sweating it out of him. Then finding out that the house this party was being held was owned by Maribel Vera just made Nick begin looking for something. Not a way out, because Quinn was his ride home so Nick was here as long as he was, but he was looking for Rod Serling Nick was convinced "The Twilight Zone" was his next stop.

    The fight with Jason and Melvin was just another item on the checklist. Jason's reputation as tough guy was endlessly tested, and for the most part Jason held his own on many occasions. However Nick saw another side to Jason that not everyone else did. He was underneath the "bad-ass" exterior a really good guy who had so much potential. He just needed the right circumstances to show it. Nick thought it best to give Jason some space and not pry. Quinn though decided to be more direct and ask what happened. Nick wanted to know on a certain level, but on a larger level he felt it best to let things go for the moment. If Jason wanted to talk or vent he knew that Nick would be around, and besides Mal was with him. If anyone could help Jason Mal was the one person in the world who could.

    Nick looked over at Quinn and said, "I'm gonna be over be the entrance. I'm gonna..." He was already feeling his nerves build up and said, "Yeah as Billy Joel once sang in that song in the 1980's 'Tell her about it'. She needs to know." Nick let out a deep breath and said, "Remember if you see me going down in flames, if you ever had the slightest feelings of friendship towards me..." Nick nodded and said, "Make it quick and painless. Oh and tell everyone my last words were deep and profound." Nick shrugged his shoulders and said, "Make something up."

    Nick made his way back to the entrance. While enroute he asked someone for a bottle of water. The person looked at him as if he committed a sin, but Nick said, "I need to have my wits about me. There's this girl and well I...I ummm she...doesn't know....but..." The person smiled and nodded and said, "I got your back on this one." He did some digging around in a cooler and handed him a bottle of water and said, "Good luck dude."

    Nick smiled back and said, "Thanks." He took the bottle and sat near the front door. Alternating drinks of water with looking at his watch Nick was just hoping Sai would be here.​
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  11. Jason had arrived at the party just as several other vehicles were haphazardly parking on a stretch of unattended grass. Jason pulls in with his usual dramatic flare, his custom stereo blaring the song "Psychosocial" by Slipknot. The music was so loud in fact that the moment he opened his door, several of the beer bottles that many of the parking space denizens were holding, were actually vibrating.

    "Geezus Chavez, must you have that shit so gott damn loud!" says one kid named Burke as Jason was casually walking by.

    Jason stops, looks at the kid and nonchalantly walks up mere inches from his face, looking down in a calm yet menacing sort of way "I'm sorry Burke, you were saying something?"

    Burke just stares on for a moment and nervously takes a breathe, lowering his eyes as if he was being put in a time out "Nuthin dude alright..."

    Jason just subtlety nods his head "Alright than..." he than points in Burke's face as if he were indeed a teacher administrating some sort of discipline to a spoiled child "Oh and one more thing, don't take the Lord's name in's just bad manners, ok."

    "Yea, whatever you say dude." says Burke sheepishly.

    Jason than walks off to join the party by the lake, obviously intimidating the boy and his friends to such an extent that they fail to utter another word until he is clearly out of sight. Jason looks around and notices that the party was indeed a big event, more and more cars were coming in by the minute and a large crowd was already gathering by the edge of the lake with several bonfires going full blast. He takes his cell phone out but notices he's got no service out here. He shoves the device back into his jacket pocket in frustration and begins to look around for his girlfriend, Mallory.

    "Yo son, you gotta get assigned man..." says a voice booming from behind Jason. This was Tyson White, one of the school's top basketball players. Jason turns around and Tyson immediately stops in his tracks, recognizing who it is. "Oh shit...mah nigga Jason Chavez in da house!" says Tyson as he gives Jason a low five and a half hug.

    "How are you Mr. White. Haven't talked to you in a minute."

    "Yo chillin dawg. Just doing mah thang, B-ballin and shit. How you been makin out though?"

    "Laying low I guess you could say. Tryin to get all my shit straight."

    "Yea I bet. But I see you gettin along with that Mallory chick" says Tyson with a telling laugh.

    "Well she's a good girl. I'm not tryin to fuck my chances up, ya know. Going as straight as I can, when I can." says Jason with a grin.

    "Oh yea I definitely feel you on that son. But let me get back to this posting hands and shit. I'll get up with you later though." says Tyson as he draws a black monkey on Jason's hand with a marker and walks off.

    Meanwhile a few yards away, a contingent of Antioch's wrestling team is sitting around one of the plethora of bonfires, drinking and making small talk with each other. One of them, Melvin Rosenmeyer, looks over and spots Jason, who is continuously looking around for Mallory.

    "Well looky who showed up fellas. If it ain't Ricky Retardo himself." Melvin says in a tipsy tone.

    A few of his wrestling mates chuckle when another one speaks up "Oh that's the motherfucker that moved in on your girl right Mel?"

    "Shut the fuck up Connors!" yells Melvin as he takes another large swig from his beer bottle.

    "Oh sorry bro, I didn't mean..."

    "Yea she would've been my girl to if I hadn't waited so long! Than that piece of shit, with his fucking beaner ass self, moves in and steals her away from me! I don't know what a girl like Mal could ever see in a third world fuck head like that!" shouts Melvin cutting off the other boy.

    "We should get his ass over here, teach em' a real lesson, ya know." says another wrestler.

    "That's a great fucking idea dude. Watch this...Hey Chavez, what's up dude. You happen to have a light on ya?" yells Melvin over the din of chatter surrounding the lake shore.

    Jason looks over to see who is calling his name and notices the gaggle of wrestlers over by the bonfire. Melvin holds up a cigarette and waves him over...

    "Are you fucking kidding me?" Jason mumbles to himself as he reluctantly muses over to the bunch.

    "Sorry to bother you Chavy, but my Zippo kinda ran dry, ya mind?" says Melvin as he dangles the cigarette in his mouth.

    "Really, Rosenmeyer...I mean you gotta fuckin bonfire right in front of you. I'd say you've taken one to many shots to the head pal." says Jason in his usual snarky fashion.

    Melvin laughs and turns to his friends "This fuckin guy, he's a riot ain't he? But c'mon dude, don't leave me hangin huh." he says as he turns back to Jason.

    Jason just intakes a deep breath, produces a lighter and ignites Melvin's cigarette "By the way, any of you guys seen Mallory around here?"

    "Afraid not big man..." says Melvin as he takes his first big puff of the smoke.

    Jason shakes his head "Figures..." he says as he begins to walk away, but is immediately grabbed on the arm by Melvin.

    "Hey where ya going? C'mon sit down, talk a little bit with us boys."

    "Maybe next time there Gomer, I've a gotta girlfriend to tend to."

    "Oh what's a matter, you to good for us or something?" says Melvin, his tone getting angrier.

    Jason turns back around and in his usual "in your face" manner strides right up to Melvin. The two teenagers stood at near perfect eye level, both of them standing well over six feet tall. Melvin was a burly and stocky type with equal amounts of fat and muscle, while Jason had more the body of a lean and very fit runner with a far more muscular build. Usually Melvin was used to intimidating others with his height and build, but was himself a little intimidated when he noticed that Jason had matched him in height.

    Jason gets right up in Melvin's face, picks the cigarette out of his mouth and tosses it into the fire "Rosenmeyer, have you ever heard the expression don't shit where you eat?"

    "You think your some big fuckin hot shot, just because your brother is a cop...huh asshole?" says Melvin not flinching at Jason's bravado.

    For a moment Jason assesses the situation as he notices that all the other wrestlers have now ceased sitting down and have begun to slightly gather round him. He was outnumbered seven to one and suddenly realization kicks in. This scenario could go very bad for him if he doesn't find a tactical way out. One thing that Damien was always trying to drill into his head, being an Army veteran, was that strategy was key and to always weigh the strengths and weaknesses of a potential enemy. No matter how tough Jason might have been, he knew that he could only hold off two or possibly three of these bruisers at maximum before he was overwhelmed. His anger and ego had gotten him into some very hot water indeed.

    Trying to play it off, Jason smirks "I really don't have time for this shit." he says as he tries to walk away.

    "Hey I wasn't finished with you, you son of a bitch!? yells Melvin. After he notices Jason continuing to walk away, he gives chase and violently shoves him from behind "I'm talkin to you Juan Valdez!"

    Jason falls to the ground and Melvin grabs a piece of jagged sea shell from the sand. Jason regains his footing but is slashed in the face by Melvin, producing a small gash on his right temple. He falls to his knees, clutching at the wound, blood pouring from the gash. Melvin leaps at him, but Jason grabs a handful of sand and tosses it into the wrestler's face, temporarily blinding him.

    "Oh you cheating motherfucker!" yells Melvin as he staggers back, rubbing his eyes.

    Jason seizes his chance and delivers two savage punches to the other boy's nose, followed by a swift knee to the stomach. He goes in for another attack but is blocked by Melvin, whose wrestling training kicks in. He head butts Jason, the young Latino falling on his back. Melvin immediately places his opponent in a Full Nelson and proceeds to clamp down on the back of Jason's neck, threatening to snap it. Jason reacts quickly, and elbows Melvin in the midsection causing him to relinquish his grip. Jason whirls around and plants a back hand so hard, that blood leaps from Melvin's nose, landing several feet away. By this time several of the party goers have managed to separate the two. Mallory had also shown up and was trying to nurse the gash on his right temple, which was still bleeding profusely. It took nearly four people to hold Melvin back as he was intent on retaliation. It was clear that he had bore the brunt of the damage, with two swollen eyes and a broken nose.

    "Yea next time motherfucker!!! Your dead, you hear me!!!" he yells as his friends cart him off to the side.

    Jason, being held back by only Mallory and Nick, angrily spits in Melvin's direction "Anytime you piece of shit! You know where to find me!"

    Mallory tries to calm him, holding a piece of cloth to his wound when Quinn Meadows appears. Now Jason and Quinn had a somewhat volatile association at best. Jason trusted Quinn about as far as he could throw him and liked him even less. So he was none to happy to see him.

    "Jason, Jason. This is an upscale party, not a quinceañera. Thank god you didn't bring your shiv." says Quinn.

    This prompts a response of rage from Jason as he forcefully grabs Quinn by the collar and yanks him upward "You think this funny Meadows! Everything is a big fucking joke to you isn't it! You won't be laughing when your trying to pry my foot outta your ass!"
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  12. Damien Chavez barrels down the lonely country road that led to the county divide between the neighboring towns of Bridgewater and Ashland. He has finally received a reply from Sheriff Townsend, whom he’s been trying to reach for the past two days. With the Sheriff becoming more and more erratic and unreliable with his day to day duties, Damien found that it was he that had to pick up a lot of the slack. Not so much that he minded the extra duties and overtime, but he realizes that it pulled him away from the time he usually spent with his brothers. Well mostly from his youngestTroy, as Jason was scarcely ever at home anymore. The town bureaucrats had been up in arms over the approaching storm and there was a high profile missing persons case to work. With everything going on, the small precinct had been spread very thin indeed and Townsend was not helping.

    As Damien drives on, his eyes dart all over the darkened roadway, wisps of fog and mist spilling out from the sides. Now Damien has driven these streets many times before, but tonight there was something a bit odd…a bit eerie. He retrieves his cell phone, mounts it on his dashboard and dials his house.

    Troy sits in his living room, stuffing his face with Doritos and feverishly working a game controller in his hands. The phone suddenly rings and jolts him out of his fervor.

    “Oh shit, not now!” he yells as the phone continues to ring. After several seconds, the sixteen year old finally relents, abandons his game and picks up “Yea hello?”

    “Hey hermanito, how’s everything holding up?”

    “Oh hey big bro. Yea everything’s fine over here. Just playing some Battlefield, about to smash my old sniping record, until somebody decided to call…” says Troy in an annoyed yet affectionate way.

    “Don’t tell me you’ve been on that damn PS4 all afternoon, have you even eaten yet?” responds Damien.

    “Don’t sweat it Dame, that day old Rice-R-Roni hit the spot.”

    “Ok good, listen this beat is gonna run on for a little longer than I thought. So I probably won’t be home till after midnight. I don’t want you boys to wait up or anything.”

    “Gotcha, you stay safe out there bro, ok.” says Troy.

    “Gracias…put Jason on real quick.”

    Troy nervously repositions the receiver as he hesitates on his next words “Um, Jason’s not here Dame. He said he was going out to Cory’s house, hasn’t come back yet.”

    “Oh you’ve got to be shittin me! I told him he was not to leave the house tonight, we’ve got that big storm on the way!”

    “I know Dame, I told em he shouldn’t go, but you know how Jason is.”

    “Trust me, I know. Ok listen, I’ll deal with him later. Try to get a hold of him if you can, tell him he better get his ass to the house ASAP. I’ll try to call him from here, but service is kinda shitty.”

    “Alright hermano, I’ll do what I can.”

    “I know you will little bro, try not worry. I’ll try to call again in a few hours, but if not I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Goodnight and I love you…”

    “Ahh Dame, do you seriously gotta go with all the mushy shit?”

    “C’mon, say it back or I’m not hangin up.”

    Troy sighs “I love you too…”

    Damien chuckles slightly “Ok, now shut that fuckin video game off…”

    Troy rolls his eyes “Bye…” he says as he hangs up.

    Damien smiles as the call drops “Damn kids, I’ll tell ya.” he says light heartedly.

    No sooner does he get finished talking with his brother, than an incoming call blares through “Oh fuck me dead, not this asshole again…Yes sir Mr. Mayor!”

    “Deputy, have you gotten a hold of the Sheriff yet?” says an old withered voice on the other end of the line.

    “Yes sir I have, I’ll be rendezvousing with him shortly to discuss the flash flooding checkpoints that you and the rest of the shareholders have brought up.”

    “Good, you tell him that the city council is just about fed up with his derelict of duty. These shenanigans will not be tolerated anymore Deputy. Loss of a child or not, he is still a civil servant and is expected to uphold his duties as an officer of the law.”

    “Yes sir, I’ll be sure to tell him. Will there be anything else Mr. Mayor?”

    “Not at this time, but uh keep up the good work Deputy. Who knows, you might be up for consideration for the town’s next Sheriff.”

    “Oh I’m losing you sir, bad service and all that. I’ll contact you as soon as I can…”

    “But Deputy, I…” Damien ends the call before the mayor can finish.

    “Decrepit old bastard…” says Damien.

    A short time later, the Deputy Sheriff pulls to the edge of the county line where another patrol vehicle sits blocking off the entrance to the old demolished bridge, it’s red and blue strobe lights flashing vigorously. Damien parks just in front of the police car, his own headlights on full blast. He gets out of his civilian vehicle and heads over. Out of the driver’s seat pops another of Bridgewater’s policemen, a Sergeant Andy Myers. Myers was an older man, in his early fifties, dressed in the standard dark beige police uniform. The getup’s tight fit betraying a rather sizeable belly that hung slightly over the lawmen’s waist. But he seemed a friendly sort and got out to meet Damien.


    “How do Deputy. Any word from the Sheriff yet?” asks Myers.

    “Yea, he should be meeting me here in a few minutes. Listen Myers, I need you to run the specs on those flooding checkpoints, you know the ones we mapped out earlier. The Mayor has been up my ass all night. Take Stevens and Kychek if you need any back up.”

    “Sure thing Deputy, you gonna be around if we need to call you?”

    “You bet, you boys need any help gimme a ring. But in the meantime Townsend and I are gonna be running down a new lead in the Maribel Vera case. See if we can actually make any headway before this damn storm hits.”

    “You found something did ya Deputy?” asks Myers with renewed interest.

    “Maybe, I can’t say to much right now, but hopefully something will pan out. I’ll keep you boys in the loop either way. Now you better head on down to those check points, gimme a progress call in about an hour or so.”

    “Will do Deputy…” says Myers as he starts to head to his patrol car. He gets about half way when stops and turns around to once again face Damien “Oh one more thing.”

    “What is it?”asks Damien.

    “Now it could just be my ears playin tricks you understand. But I think there might be some kind of gathering down by old Moses Lake. Maybe some kids out there getting there jolly’s on and such. You and the Sheriff might wanna take a look see. Just a precaution you understand.” says Myers.

    Damien wrinkles his forehead and shines the beam of his large flashlight over in the direction of the shrubbery and the supposed “Crane Shrine” erected by the side of the road. The light illuminates several tracks of tires marks left in the soil. The two officers go over to investigate and crouch down near the tire tracks. Damien probes the disturbed soil and brings a glob of mud up to his nose and sniffs…

    “These tracks are fresh, Andy. Could be a bunch of kids or the gaggle of rednecks that live out in those woods. Could be anything.”

    “You want me to stay behind with ya until the Sheriff gets here Deputy? Personally these parts gimme the willies at night.” says Myers.

    Damien grins a bit “No, I’ll be just fine Andy. You go on ahead, the Sheriff and I will check it out. It’s probably nothing.”

    “Alright if you say so Deputy…” says Myers and he climbs back into his car and rides off back towards town and into the night.

    Damien walks back to his car and leans on the side, every little sound catching his ear. Now needless to say, he wasn’t a man who scares easily. His Armycombat and police training leave him well equipped to deal with just about any eventuality. But still, it was hard to deny that these outlying and back woods had a definite creep factor about them…even to a seasoned military man. Damien begins to whistle nervously as he retrieves his M-9 Beretta handgun from his back waist holster, ejects the clip, checks it contents and snaps it back into the weapon. Holding the gun he continues to whistle and mumbles “C’mon Sheriff, get your ass over here.”
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  13. gender neutral:

    "Damn this thing", Robin shook eir phone roughly.

    Ey knew ey was close by, but the moment ey took a turn into the freaking land of Narnia eir GPS decided it would be all of sudden not know how to function properly. The screen continued to light up followed by an automatic female voice. "" The further ey drove on the louder the female voice became, "Re-routing...RE-Routing...RE-ROUTING!".

    "THAT'S IT, SCREW YOU AND YOUR RE-ROUTING", Robin yelled at eir phone and slamming on the breaks, granted this was a dangerous thing to do. However, there was no one in sight. Nothing but trees, the dirt path, and darkness.

    Robin angrily turned off eir phone and shoved it into eir jacket pocket. Ey looked out the front windshield, luckily the dirt road was straight. This allowed the light from the headlights to illuminate much farther down the road. Though this was reassuring for Robin, looking up at the rear-view mirror was an internally different story. Total darkness, it was even difficult to identify were the tree line ended and the dirt road began. Ey wasn't afraid of the dark but ey has seen enough scary movies to know that sitting in one spot alone in the woods is never a good thing. Perhaps it was time for eir to stop staying up late to watch vintage horror movies on channel 56. They may not effect a person at the moment, but their plots seem to have a nasty way of creeping up at the perfect time.

    "Great, now what?", Robin sighed ey eyes once again flicked up to the rear-view mirror. But this time a faded blue cover and wire binding caught eir attention. Ey smiled, Robin unbuckled the seat belt and quickly scrambled between the center console into the back seat. Ey then stretched out over the backseat into the trunk of the car.

    "Come on, almost there,", Robin wheezed as ey reached for the Road Atlas USA Maps. "Finally" Robin slide back into the drivers seat with the heavy booklet in hand.

    Know ey could have easily gotten out of the car and retrieved the map. However, scary movies have dictated that this would not be a good idea. For now, ey was not willing to go against the rules of the genera.

    Once ey found eir place on the map. Ey looked for the last location displayed on eir GPS. One index finger followed the road all the way up the printed path. The other index finger tracing the path close to Moses Lake. Robin's eyes shut tightly with an "ugh" expression. No more than 3 blocks down an road to the left would open up a road that should lead to where ey wanted to be.

    "Alright then, all of that for nothing", Robin quickly started the car and got eir ass moving.

    *** (wild time warp appeared)***​
    Robin knew ey was in the right place. Poorly parked car, loud music, the smell of alcohol and other substance, and the loud youthful voices involved in many different activities. Quickly ey parked the car and hopped out anticipating some fun.

    "I need a drink", Robin eyeballed the house. Ey notice quite a few people exiting with red plastic cups and bottles. "Ah, perfect. I do love parties. Drinks all around!", doing eir best Jack Sparrow impression for eir own amusement. Robin smiled and made ey way towards the house.

    Robin hopped up the steps and into the house ey went. Practically danced eir way to the location of the drinks and of course there were a group huddling around the station. Ey quickly began to locate eir particular drink of choice. Well, ey spotted it alright, as it was being slowly swung back and forth by Lisa Turner. A pretty little thing that enjoyed spending her time in the photography room or at these parties. Robin's lips broke out into a lazy smile as ey made eir way towards Lisa.

    "Hey there beautiful. Looks like you knew what I was looking for."Ey reached down and embraced the petite female.

    "Of course! When have we ever missed one of these gatherings?", Lisa giggled as they pulled away from each other. She handed Robin eir drink. Her cheeks where already pink from the drink and her voice jumped up an octave in her excitement. "So far we have had two fights. Three people passed out, from I have been able to see. Plus, to many guppies to count are all over the water bank." Her lips pressed together as she imitated a fish lips.

    Robin broke out in a laugh. Ey poured eir drink into a red plastic cup and zipped up eir jacket. "Thank you for the update beautiful. I'm going to head out to one of the bonfire pits. Come join me when your ready." Robin winked at Lisa which drew an high pitched laugh as she reached to take a drink from her cup.

    Robin made eir way outside, many may think ey must be an expert with females. But that wasn't the case. Lisa had met Robin behind a lens as she snapped a picture of Robin. From there, their mutual experiences with photography and its world opened them both to being on friendly terms.
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  14. Sai sighed as she looked at the place her friends had brought her. She wasn't a prude, God no, but sometimes places like this made her nervous. It is the unexpected results of what could happen that made her more nervous than not. With most people drinking, their emotions tend to be more wild - they act on impulse and just did whatever pleased them at that moment. One of the girls that she rode with - Jenny maybe? - elbowed her in a joking manner.

    "Don't tell me the ever impressive Sai is nervous? You've been to a party before right?"

    Sai rolled her eyes at the girl and immediately closed the car door that she had apparently been holding on to. "Of course. I'm not scared. These things are just... unpredictable at times."

    "That's the best part," one of the other girls exclaimed! Someone then grabbed Sai by the arm as she went to quickly head towards the action. "Come on, we probably missed a lot already... I know we were trying to be fashionably late-" to which Sai scoffed, " but it also means that sometimes we miss the beginning to an awesome event."

    "This isn't a show, this is a party! To drink and have fun and possibly hook up," said Jenny. She was newer to the group, but she definitely had a mind and mouth of her own. She probably wouldn't last long, but Sai had decided to try to tolerate her as long as she could. But if Jenny kept insisting on trying to take lead and go against her, she was going to just leave. And when she left, Sai knew that the others would follow.

    "Aw... I wonder if Nick is waiting for you Sai," the one holding her arm - Joy? - squealed. A other couple of girls exchanged a knowing look before heading in their own directions. They all seemed to have plans set in their minds. "You know, you should stop stringing that guy along... he really likes you I think."

    Sai quickly tried to move Joy off of her arm. Her grip just kept getting tighter and tighter. "Nick?" She mentally thanked whoever was arranging this. She needed someone who could keep up decent conversation. The other girls had to be wrong, he was just a nice guy who knew good conversation and could actually keep up. "I am not stringing him along. We're friends, okay? Guys and girls can be friends." She managed to free herself and started to head towards him. "He knows I am trying to leave this place as fast as I can, and he has a good head."

    Jenny scoffed as Joy sadly shook her head. "You just wait. One of these days he'll tell you. How will you react?"

    Sai merely shook her head and turned away to walk towards the ruckus that was gathering a large crowd. Seeing as Jenny and Joy were actually headed in the same direction, they quickly appeared on either side of her. She didn't mind at this moment, because if somehow someone was going to bump into them, they would be able to help each other. She could hear the voices yelling as they got closer, and they immediately gave each other a look. Sound like Mallory's newest 'Boy Toy'/Project was the main on yelling. And there with him was Nick... and Quinn.

    How Nick hung out with them was beyond her, but Quinn, well, he got along with just about everyone it seemed. Even her once. Now when she sees him, she gets nervous because he knows about the one time when she gave in and used something that she vowed to never use again. "Looks like you were right Joy, we did miss something already." Joy sighed in agreement as Jenny broke away trying to get closer to the action and to find out what had happened.
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  15. "Well, shit."

    At first, the trip had been bearable - relaxing, even. Despite the weather, Idony had enjoyed herself. The rain had kept her cool, and given her something to listen to as she trudged towards the party her family had so insisted was going to be a disaster. She'd caught a ride for part of the way, and then had went back to walking. It was then that she started to regret not taking Ethan's advice, and finding someone to drive her the entire way to the party. After a while, her hoodie became heavy with soaked up water, and she accidentally got mud in one of her shoes. Though she wasn't the sort to really care about such things, the creeping darkness and forests that surrounded her were starting to make her feel a bit spooked. She was no scaredy cat, but the story of Maribel Vera began to swirl around in her head. That combined with all the ways she imagined the party could go wrong, as well as the warnings of her family, were starting to get to her. She scowled, and pulled her hood farther over her head, quickening her pace on the off fear that she was going to be terribly unforgivably late.

    "Come on Doni, don't act like that. This ain't you." She huffed, thinking out loud for the pure sake of hearing her own voice break through the silence. "You don't ever get nervous! The party will be fine. We'll hang out for a bit, and then catch a ride home. Maybe Robin will let us go in eir car, or - if it's absolutely necessary - we could always just call Hunter. He's probably off doing who knows what, but I'm sure I can convince him to drop it and get over here for the sake of his baby sister. We'll walk a bit ways down the road, and never even mention the fact we were at the party."

    She nodded slightly, and then continued her trek, the far-off pounding of loud music slowly growing closer.


    Idony wasn't sure whether to grin or frown as she observed the scene unfolding around her. The atmosphere of the party was a slightly familiar one - alcohol, smoke, fighting - if she dared say it, it reminded her of hanging out with her cousins. The key difference? As far as she knew, no other Kiersteads were present, and that made her nervous. Though she was the black sheep of the family - always "trying too hard" and "acting better than the rest of them" - she always knew she could count on her relatives. They had her back, in their own separate ways. Here though, it was just her and a bunch of near strangers. Most of the people she knew only in passing. One such example being Tyson White. though she knew his name and who he was, she'd never actually had a conversation with him. She watched as he grabbed her hand, and stamped a blank monkey on it, musing to herself over how this was likely the most interaction they'd ever had. "A stamp?" She asked, raising a brow. "What the hell? I ain't seen this sort of shit since preschool."

    She waited for a moment, and, getting no explanation - but rather, only a shrug in response -, headed off into the crowd of teenagers.

    She headed straight towards the beach, and grabbed a lawnchair, rubbing her hands together and attempting to warm up before she actually took part in the 'partying'. She wasn't sure where to start, anyways.

    And boy was she glad she stayed, as within only a few moments of her arrival, Mr.So-Fuckin'-Edgy had to start yet another fight. She grinned slightly as she watched it unfold, admittedly enjoying the pain of the older boy. As discriminatory as she knew it was to say, she couldn't stand the police, or anyone related to them - they'd been singling her out since day one.

    She went through the customary nods and muttered responses when another Indy Club member - Quinn - came over and started asking questions about the tussle. He stayed a few paces back as he made his inquiries, seeming somewhat frightened of her - as per usual - which caused her to chuckle a bit.

    She was a bit disappointed to see him break the fight up, but said nothing of it, getting to her feet and taking a few steps away instead.
    "Fuckin' pathetic." She said somewhat loudly, as she slid her phone out of her pocket, staring at Jason out of the corner of her eyes. "Five seconds in and ya gotta prove how big and strong you are. Typical cop. Always showin' off."

    She returned her gaze to the small piece of technology in her hands, and opened up her messaging. "Hey, you here yet?" She typed quickly, sending the text to Robin.
    A moment later, before her friend would even have had time to get eir phone out of eir pocket, she sent another.
    "I'm bored as shit. Don't know who the hell to talk to. Think the lack of socialization is startin' to get to me. I talked to myself on the way over."
    There was a short pause, and she sent yet ANOTHER text. It really wasn't all that surprising, as she was known to send text after text in a row - and not always short ones, either. An annoying habit, but one she'd been unable to break.
    "Mr.So-Fuckin'-Edgy started a fight already. The resident stoner and the cheer queen broke it up. Shame. Was kind of funny to watch."
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  16. gender neutral:

    Robin took a swig from eir cup. The brown liquid was warm and smooth going down, followed by a nice little spice at the very end of it. Eir preferred to drink out of a cool glass but beggars can't be choosers. It was free, the environment was chill for the most part, and after a physical day the plastic red cup was good enough. Robin lazily wondered over towards an open bonfire, the couple that were occupying it took off towards the water banks to join the other lip lockers. Personally ey didn't mind, it would have been awkward having to share the bonfire while having a clear view of the romance. Plus, ey would have looked like a creeper.

    As ey eased into a open chair in front of the bonfire eir jacket pocket began to beep out a familiar tune. Robin began to fish out eir phone when it went off again. Once in hand the screen light up once again with the same tune.

    "Damn dude, who the hell?", Robin quickly unlocked the screen and saw the familiar name pop up. "Should have known."

    Doni seemed to have finally showed up. Robin should have known before even looking at the screen who it was sending text after text. Usually people just wait for a response, but not Doni. Ey smiled at the screen as ey followed the quick transition of boredom to some enjoyment in Doni's texts. Robin quickly responded back.

    "Of course I am here already I'm at a bonfire. Found something to drink too. Also, your not the only one talking to themselves on the way here. Though I like the conversations I have with myself. :)", Robin sent the text and leaned back into the chair.

    Robin could hear the sound of commotion occurring near by. Ey looked over at a group of individuals and was able to identify the people Doni had just text about. Ey didn't see the fight but it was obvious what was going on. Robin quickly sent another text to Doni.

    "I see them. Looks like it was a short fight from the little blood.", Ey sent the text and relaxed back into eir chair.

    Taking another swig of eir drink ey stretching out eir legs setting eir feet as close to the fire as ey could. This had to be eir favorite part about being outdoors. Despite the loud music and people, the warm fire and the smell of burning wood mixed with the cool freshness of the already passing rain was very appealing.
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  17. Nick sipped on his water and kept looking around and trying to sip on his water as the evening's festivities were moving along, and the fight was still dying out. Though the way Jason was acting it looked as though it might start up all over again. Gee a group that barely gets a long as it is, and introducing drugs and alcohol into that mix what could possibly go wrong, Nick thought.

    He looked like someone who was trying not to look nervous, and succeeding to a large part but there was only one flaw. He was so nervous he was already out of water and Nick hadn't realized that. Until he tried to suck in some water and the bottle made a collapsing sound. That was enough to bring Nick back into reality and induce a moment of eye rolling from Nick.

    Really smooth there Dawson. Real smooth.

    He was just glad he didn't spill any of it on him. Then again with Nick wearing black jeans and a dark green shirt it would've been difficult to tell anyway. Then he saw Joy, Jenny and the reason Nick even thought about coming here. Sai Jackson herself was there the only reason Nick wou;d even be caught dead here tonight. She even had a hint of make-up on, but that matter to Nick she was beautiful without it. Though it was a nice enhancement for Nick and made her even more like a Goddess to him.

    Nick just smiled slightly and looked around for some reason as though he were waiting for someone to talk to him or something. Just then the guy who gave Nick the water saw Nick look at Sai and Nick glanced over at him. He nodded towards Sai while keeping eye contact with Nick, and Nick sheepishly nodded as the guy gave him a thumbs-up and a couple of nods.

    Nick took a deep breath and said, "Come on Dawson it's only your humiliation." He stood up and threw the bottle away andmade a bee-line to Sai. Nick knew that the perfect moment was never going to come along, and so he had to make one for himself.

    He tapped Sai on the shoulder and Nick said, "It's really awesome seeing you here Sai. You look great you really do." Nick then said, "Well not that you don't look great normally, but well..." Nick closed his eyes and then opened them and said with a bit more control, "Hello Sai. I'm glad you're here."

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  18. P E T E R

    By the time Pete's truck reached the closed-off road that marked the town's end, the sky had faded to a murky grey. The forest surrounding the thinning road was as dark as he had ever seen it. The vestigial clouds above passed without hurry, the last of their rain still trickling down. Up ahead, Pete spotted Deputy Chavez' car parked by the side of the road. Near the woods, half-obscured by the green darkness of the trees, stood Chavez himself.

    As Pete pulled up in his truck, Chavez shielded his eyes from the headlights. Even while engulfed in the bright lights, Pete could see the look of annoyance on the deputy's face. He had been ignoring Chavez for two days. It wasn't fair to the deputy, the sheriff understood, but whatever Chavez had to say about the storm didn't concern him in the least. Maribel Vera however, was a piercing light that cut through the fog of his malaise and carelessness, one that returned Pete to the surface.

    Pete stepped out of the truck, his boots touching down on the weeping concrete. "What do you have?" Pete asked Chavez. He walked unsteadily beneath one of the trees on the side of the road, traces of the day's worth of alcohol still swimming in his veins. He brought a bent cigarette to his lips, but left it unlit, waiting for Chavez to tell him what he knew.

    The deputy wrinkled his brow in annoyance. There was anger there, Pete noted. His sleep-deprived eyes mirrored Chavez's own as the military vet approached. Pete knew he should feel some remorse for ignoring his duties. He wasn't a bad cop. He knew this to be a truth that beat like a heart within him. Even now, he felt proud of the badge hiding in his wallet, but even so, the coming of the anniversary of Tommy's passing had ruptured a still-wet scar. Some bleeding emptiness, deeper and more boundless than that which had suffocated him for the past year, had been made manifest and everything else in his life was now drowning in it, consumed. What was a storm compared to that?

    "Got a lead from one of the Chinooks up at the Ashland reservation," Damien spoke, his voice laced with a feint aggression. Pete didn't respond. He stared into the darkness of the wood. The reservation was a haven for criminals and drug dealers. Pete didn't believe in cultural stereotypes, but unfortunately, when it came to the Ashland Reservation, those conventions had proved true time and time again. Nothing good had ever come from that place, and certainly, Maribel Vera having any connection with it was hard to believe. A wealthy, reclusive white woman stepping foot in an indian reservation, one with a terrifying reputation no least-- It didn't make a lick of sense.

    "Those posters are everywhere... and those people are desperate. You sure you didn't get some meth-head trying to get in good with you? " Pete muttered, the cigarette bouncing on his lips. Damien glared at Pete incredulously, but tried to rein in the fury in his voice.

    "I'm not stupid, sheriff. I wouldn't come to you with this if I knew there wasn't a chance of it being legit," the deputy said. Pete removed the unlit cigarette from his lips and tossed it on the concrete. He stared at Chavez, regarding the deputy with tired eyes.

    "You're right. Sorry Chavez," he said. Pete cleared his throat and lowered his eyes to the road. He considered how selfish he was being, and offered Chavez an apologetic look.

    "What did you learn?"

    Chavez reached into his jacket and brought out his phone. He swiped across the screen a few times before turning it over and showing it to Pete. "You know this guy?", the deputy asked.

    Pete's eyes narrowed when he saw the photo being presented to him. On the screen was an image, 'a 'selfie', as the kids would say, of a pale white man who's body was covered in garish tattoos. A strange misshappen depiction of what appeared to be Little Red Riding Hood covered the entirety of his torso, while what looked like a crudely-drawn tiny red and white candy cane was tattooed on his cheek like a cheerful little tear. His hair was braided in tight cornrows while long dread-locks fell from the back of his scalp, cascading over his bare chest like a slithering mess of thin black snakes. The man, who was smiling, had a silver grill, with what seemed to be a cheap-looking Photoshopped lensflare glinting off the oral jewelry. Resting on his thin gaunt face were a pair of black sunglasses which looked normal compared to everything else about him. In Pete's eyes, the man in the photo looked like a complete and utter lunatic, and staring at the image made him feel uneasy, as if the man was somehow not real, but some painted parody of what real people were supposed to look like.

    "Who is he?" Pete asked after a while, unable to tear his eyes from the image.

    "Some gringo wannabe rapper. Calls himself 'Frog Eyez'. Yes, with a 'z'. He lives on the reservation. Tries to keep out of sight," Chavez said. He turned off his phone, and finally, the image on the screen blacked out.

    "The Chinooks let a white boy live among them? How's that work out?"

    "Asked him the same thing. Turns out he's got some connections to the elders who run the place. But anyway, that's not what's important," the deputy responded.

    Chavez looked around the abandoned road, as if to see if anybody was there. The wind lashed at the trees, the sound of whispers reverberating as the leaves rustled in the darkness.

    "He's her son."


    "Maribel Vera. He's her son. At least, he claims to be."

    Chavez's revelation was like a bullet hitting a mirror. A thousand questions shattered forth from some dark unknowable place, the remnants scattering all over the unswept floors of Pete's subconscious.

    "What the fuck are you talking about?," was all he could say.

    "The missing person's case. It was an anonymous tip. Turns out Frog Eyez filed it himself," Chavez told him.

    "Wait, did you talk to this guy? How the hell did you even get in contact with him in the first place?"

    "He got in contact with me. Gave me a call at the station and arranged a meeting. After he told me the time and place I drove up to Ashland yesterday and we met at a Denny's. Was surprised when I saw what he looked like."

    Pete took a breath, filling his lungs with the cold wet air. "Then what?", he asked.

    "Frog Eyez claims Maribel Vera visited him a few nights ago, looking white as a ghost. She begged him to get away. He says she was shrieking at him about the storm. They apparently weren't on good terms, and hadn't been for years, so he yelled at her to leave, basically kicked her out. That's the last he saw or heard of her."

    Pete's eyes were once again drawn to the darkness of the wood. He thought he saw something moving in the shadows. A few silent moments passed before Pete returned his gaze to the deputy.

    "Is that all?" Pete asked, trying to ignore the uneasy feeling draping over his shoulders.

    A darkness fell over Chavez's face. It was the look of fear, of uncertainty. Pete could not recall ever seeing Chavez so shaken like this.

    "Assuming he's telling the truth about who he is, you won't like what I have to tell you," the deputy whispered.

    "The old court house. We'll head there tonight and check the records. See what we can find out about Maribel Vera and this supposed son of hers," Pete said, the cold beginning to bite at him. "Then, you'll tell me everything."

    The sheriff made his way to the truck, Deputy Chavez not far behind. The night had grown oppressive in its darkness, the dancing shadows of the trees threatening to devour them. Even the island of light cast from the truck's headlights seemed to be dimming. Pete wondered whether this was all in his head, if it had always been in his head. The town's frontier, with the black woods and its shattered bridge and the mists of Moses Lake strangling the shores, it had always haunted him. Ever since he was a child. Today was no different.

    Chavez stopped behind him and turned towards the forest.

    "Saw Andy earlier. He said he heard something about a party at Moses Lake. Might be some Antioch kids there," the deputy said.

    Pete scratched the stubble on his jaw and turned to look at what Chavez was staring at. The red crane, half-hidden in the black brush, stared at him back.

    He took a half-step backward, his boot grinding against the concrete, his skin turning the color of old milk. Something thrust into Pete's chest and turned, driving itself into his heart. He quickly tried to regain his composure, but it was too late. Chavez was staring at him with a dumbfounded look.

    "You alright, sheriff?"

    Pete didn't answer. Instead, he continued walking towards his truck.

    "Wait! What about what Myers said? I mean, there's this crane and all these beer bottles here--"

    "Ignore it."


    "Ignore it. Now, you want to get in your car?" Pete said, a cold edge in his voice.

    Chavez raised an eyebrow, stared at the scarlet crane once more, and got into his car.

    Q U I N N

    "You think this is funny Meadows! Everything is a big fucking joke to you isn't it! You won't be laughing when you're trying to pry my foot outta your ass!"

    Ah, here we are. It wouldn't be an Indy Club gathering without El Nino over here threatening to kill me, Quinn thought to himself. He smiled. Just as he always did when confronted with Jason's rage.

    "Five seconds in and ya gotta prove how big and strong you are. Typical cop. Always showin' off," Idony said from her lawnchair, her eyes still concentrating on her phone.

    "Dony's right, Jason. It is funny. You finally get invited to a Crane Club party and first thing you do is get into a fight. You need to learn how to calm down, mister," Quinn said in a mocking, sing-song tone, wagging his finger at Jason the way an adult scolds a child.

    "Also, what's with the hostility, hombre? We used to be cool. Remember that time we got high together back in sophomore year? Hell, remember the time we got high last summer? Cause I don't."

    This didn't seem to calm Jason's anger at all, not that Quinn cared. He enjoyed picking at Jason the way a kid liked throwing pebbles at a chained-up pitbull. It gave Quinn something to do to alleviate the eternal boredom he felt, especially at the Indy Club meetings. Besides, if anyone could handle Quinn's needling, it was Jason.

    "Wait, where the fuck's Nick? Also, where's everyone else?", Quinn asked to no one in particular. He looked around the lake shore, where a dozen different bonfires were burning like red jewels in the night, while the waters of the lake churned softly in the distance. Quinn could see a few people swimming in the water and wondered how they could endure the cold. The rain had stopped, but the temperature was dropping.

    He turned back to Idony and Jason. He put an arm around Mal. "I know you guys are complete social outcasts and well, as fellow Indy Club members, I can't have you embarrass us at a Crane Club party," he said, loud enough so that he could be heard above the roaring noise of the party, "I think you should all just stick with Mal and me to get through this night together. Hell, if some of you actually play your cards right, I bet you'll actually manage to have some fun," he added, directing the last of his speech to Idony, who remained sitting on her lawnchair. She rolled her eyes at him and got back to texting on her phone.

    "Quinn's being a dick about it, but he's right. I know the Crane Club can be mean, but they invited everyone to this party and I say we should try to enjoy ourselves," Mal said, before turning to Jason, "And I know you didn't start that fight, but try and be cool, okay?"

    A freezing gale blew in from somewhere far in the dark expanse of the lake, bringing with it a roiling in the water that sent a couple of small waves crashing towards the shore. Quinn could see a few of the people consumed by the sudden movements in the water, only to re-emerge, laughing and cursing.

    Quinn could feel his slightly-larger than normal ears freezing and he hugged his arms tightly, trying to keep warm. He saw his friends do the same. They needed drinks, and they needed to get inside, away from the cold. "The others are probably inside. Let's head in," Mal said. All of them seemed to be in unspoken agreement. Idony got up from her lawnchair, brushing sand off her jeans and hoodie before heading off towards the huge country manor further inland. Quinn, Mal and Jason followed her.

    Further up from the shore, the sand gave way to a massive well-manicured lawn. The front yard of the manor, which was at least the size of half a football field, was home to crowds of teenagers and parked cars. As they made their way through the crowd, trying to avoid drunken teenagers while attempting not to trip over party-goers sitting on blankets, it dawned to Quinn just how many people were at this party. He began to come across faces of people he didn't recognize, which was odd, seeing as he was at the very least vaguely aware of most of the students at Antioch Academy. He wondered if the Crane Club had invited students from other schools as well. The strange feeling he got in his stomach earlier upon seeing the scarlet crane suddenly returned. Crane Club parties were typically intimate meetings at secret locations in town which you were lucky to be invited to, not massive gatherings with drunk teenagers throwing up everywhere. Why had the Crane Club invited all these people here?

    "What the fuck is going on over there?", Quinn heard Jason say.

    Nearing the massive entrance of the manor, with its stone arches and sculpted walkway, a small speedboat was lying half-turned over on the grass, with several teenaged boys jumping and hollaring drunkenly on its bilge. The boat appeared brand new, bar the muddied footprint of the boys who were stomping and jumping on it, as if it had never been touched, let alone used. On the ground behind the boat, Quinn spotted what looked like a wake of ruined grass leading towards a separate building on the far opposite end of the shore. A garage, by the looks of it.

    Suddenly, one of the boys standing on the turned-over speedboat raised a bottle of something in the air and slurred, "WHO'S THE CAPTAIN NOW, BITCH?!" before laughing hysterically, spilling liquor all over the once-pristine bow of the ship. The boy's companions erupted in laughter, several of them losing their balance and on their asses down on the grass.

    One of the boys, still cackling like a hyena, grabbed an umbrella lying on the grass and, with some difficulty, climbed back up on the boat. Quinn could see the tell-tale redness on the drunk kid's face, and felt embarrassed for him. The boy on the boat turned to face the small crowd that was gathering around him and his friends. Amidst the sound of raucous laughter he began to yell incoherently.

    "WHO AM I?! HA HA HA WHO AM I?!"

    The boy held on to the umbrella, turned its point around so that it was jutting at him, and then laughed some more.


    The drunk boy then cocked the umbrella as if it was some sort of rifle, aimed it at his head, and jerked it backwards. His friends shouted "BOOM!" in unison, and the boy on the boat tumbled off the boat, falling on his ass.

    Some of the crowd laughed uneasily at the drunk boy's show, while others sneered in disgust. Quinn did neither, his face a solemn blank wall. He turned to Jason and whispered, "Fuck that kid up at school later and I'll make it worth your while."

    "Come on, let's get inside. Don't wanna be out here anymore," Mal said before heading into the manor, the others following her.
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  19. Jason's anger was only slightly quelled by Mallory's presence, but the entire scenario just made his blood boil to the point that Jason thought he might almost black out. Quinn's needling didn't help matters and Jason was literally seeing red. Mallory gently pulls him aside and try's to sooth him the best she can...

    "...And I know you didn't start that fight, but try and be cool, okay?" she said.

    Jason kicks a nearby wooden bench with such force, one of the side planks is iterally torn off. It was no secret that Jason had an immense anger problem, so much so that he had required more than a few counseling sessions to help him manage his anger. In this way he fit the stereotypical "hot blooded Latino". But things were different now, as before Jason really didn't care what kind of damage he wrought in his rage induced tirades, however these days, he genuinely wanted to control his anger, mainly for Mallory's sake. He turns back towards her, sweat and dirt smudged across his face...

    "I didn't want you to see that Mal. I'm not that person anymore baby. This whole thing is just fucked up!"

    Mal takes the next several moments to try and calm her enraged boyfriend down. It was at this moment that Idony Kierstead mouths something to the effect of mocking Jason. The comment is not lost on the young Hispanic and he clenches his fists, but holds his tongue, fearing he might cause his girlfriend more grief with another outburst. Eventually Mallory, Jason, Nick and Quinn make their way towards the lone house on the shore at Mallory's behest, where even more teens partake in the night's rowdy atmosphere of partying, booze and fun. It is here that one of the drunk teens is making a public show of mocking the Sheriff's son for his apparent suicide. The gesture was in very poor taste indeed, but Jason feels more or less indifferent towards the incident. It was than that Quinn quietly whispers to Jason...

    "Fuck that kid up at school later and I'll make it worth your while." he says to Jason.

    Upon hearing this, Jason smirks and once again yanks Quinn's collar with force and slams him up against a nearby wall "How about I just fuck you up and call it a day. Now you listen and you listen real good Meadows. Personally you fucking disgust me and I regard you with the same amount of sympathy I would show to a rotting piece of road kill. Now that's point one, point two is simply this. Your gonna start taking care of your own little errands from now on. You can take your fix its and shove em up your sorry ass, because I'm done. Now onto point three, I want you to make yourself scarce for the rest of the night. If I so much as catch of glimpse of your pale, bony ass little face tonight your gonna be gargling wood splinters through your I make myself abundantly clear?" Jason says in a low yet sinister whisper. He releases Quinn and gives him a slight shove ahead "Now get the fuck out of my sight."

    He turns to Mallory with a much softer expression as he gently caresses the back of her hand "If it makes you comfortable Mal, your more than free to go with him. I won't force you to stay with me. I just have some loose ends to tie up here..."

    Jason turns and slowly walks away, heading towards his second intended target, the girl who had so maliciously mocked him on the beach moments after his altercation. Idony has also made her way to the house and seems to be conversing with some others. Jason shoves his hand into her field of vision, "We gotta talk." he says as he grabs her shoulder and firmly begins to pull her away from the people she was talking to. "Scuse us, ole Doni and I have something to discuss..."

    Jason pulls Idony far enough away and into a small corner where he asserts his authority as he would a small child, in the same menacing whisper he used on Quinn "Listen up you sorry excuse for a bull dyke, now I am not the best person to be fucking around with tonight, you feel. If you've a comment, have the fucking balls to say it to my face and looking at you I wouldn't be surprised if you actually had a pair. Now if you've got a beef with my brother, you cry your tears into someone else's handkerchief, you don't spread em all over me. The next time you open your fucking mouth and either my name or Damien's comes out of it..." he pulls out a cigarette from his pocket " I'll shove this cigarette so far down your fucking throat, Smokey the Bear will be knocking on your door for a free blow job..."

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  20. gender neutral:
    Robin was enjoying the fire when ey noticed the group that Doni had texted about began to move. Ey simply watched, though ey may be part of the same club ey would preferred to sit back and observed. It wasn't that ey didn't find some of their antics funny, it is just sometimes the group gets themselves into trouble. They seem to all dislike each other yet they are drawn to each other, somehow gravitating to each other during social activities. This is why ey would rather watch.

    "Doni?", Robin's eyes followed the group and between their moving bodies ey spotted Doni.

    When they drew close to the front of the house a loud voice called out "WHO'S THE CAPTAIN NOW, BITCH?!". Another drunk individual making themselves known. But that wasn't what drew eir attention. It was Jason's sudden move on Quinn, it looked like a hard shove against the wall. It had begun, this wasn't the first time Robin had seen this act play out. One always pisses the other off, this has happen so many times it was about time they just did each other and got over this tension they had.

    "Shit..", Robin scrambled up from eir chair and began to walk quickly towards the home. Once Jason was done with Quinn he began to make his way towards Doni.

    When ey saw Jason grab Doni's shoulder, ey knew exactly what was going to happen. At this point Robin broke out into a full out run, "Mother fucker...", Robin cursed hissed out from eir lips. For a moment Indiana Jones themed song came to mind as ey hoped over obstacles and drew closer to the house.

    By the time Robin made it to the house, Jason and Doni had already entered. The way ey burst through the door drew looks from the same group that had been huddling around the drink station. He caught the eyes of Lisa Turner, she gave Robin a wide eyed look and quickly pointed in the direction Jason had disappeared with Doni.

    Robin lifted a finger to eir lips in a "shh" motion. Ey drew close to their location and heard Jason words to Doni. Robin rounded the corner and did not like what ey saw. Jason using his body to block and trying to intimidate Doni, for a moment eir step-fathers face flashed before eir eyes. Right away, Robin felt a burning sensation in eir stomach. It spread it's way up to eir chest and out through eir finger tips as it grabbed Jason's shoulder and gave a hard pull. Separating Jason from Doni. Ey hated bullies, ey hated people who thought they could use their size to intimidate others, ey hated people who tried to act bigger than they were and ey was not ok having someone mess with eir friends.

    Robin quickly let go of Jason shoulder and placed eir body in front of Doni. Doni wouldn't take shit from people like this, and could probably handle it on her own. But that didn't stop Robin from stepping in. Robin stood with eir left foot in front and eir right foot slightly behind, knees slightly bent, and diagonal to Jason's stance. Hands loose by eir sides, shoulders relaxed, and a smile on eir face.

    "Blow job?, is that what you are sniffing around here for Jason? And from a fictional male too! Poor Mal.", Robin said in a neutral tone. "You know why everyone gives you those nicknames? It is because you like to do shit like this. You jump at the first sign to try and show how big your dick is, even if that means messing with anyone that does something or says something your sensitive ego can't handle.", Robin made a crude jester of flopping eir arm slightly in the air and allowing it to slap loudly against eir thigh.

    "Everyone fucking talks shit about everyone else. Your little situation ain't special.", Robin's lips broke out into a smile. It wasn't a happy smile, but more of one that expressed disbelief that this individual once again is trying to start something that didn't need to happen.

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