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  1. The Water


    The Water is a drama/horror/mystery RP heavily influenced by the works of David Lynch and H.P Lovecraft. This RP will not begin as a straight-horror story, but will instead have its inception as a slice-of-life drama focusing on the lives of the inhabitants of Bridgewater, Oregon-- a seemingly ordinary small coastal town with a dark history hidden to most of its citizens.

    I will not go into detail concerning these 'dark themes' here in the OOC, but will instead introduce them organically into the story as it progresses.

    We will be playing the role of a group of teenagers/young adults with interconnected backgrounds and pre-established relationships. We will be establishing these relationships through the first scene of the story-- a party in the woods with all our characters in attendance. Before that however, we'll have a short discussion period where we brainstorm ideas about how our characters could relate to each other.

    In addition to our primary characters, I am a big believer in having a big cast of colorful second and tertiary characters and encourage you all to create side characters to populate our story with. These side characters can be either be important or act more as window dressing, but I will use them myself if I see the possibility of interesting story developments.

    I will let it be known that I am super into collaborating with my players and insist you guys to not be shy and feel comfortable to improvise and create your own sidestories as you see fit. It could be a bit chaotic doing it this way but I think that's what makes RPing fun. :p


    Bridgewater is a small, solitary coastal town with a population of about 1,890. Bridgewater is surrounded by dense woodlands and numerous lakes with the orange sun-touched peaks of Tiger Mountain looming to the north, empty and bereft of the Chinook people who once called the mountain their home. True to the region, Bridgewater is covered in grey clouds throughout the year and thus days of sunlight are a rarity. Still, despite of its dreary weather, the town possesses a haunting beauty that, along with the historical value of Tiger Mountain as a former site of the Chinook Indians, paint it an interesting destination for tourists. The largest and most famous of the bodies of water that surround the town is Moses Lake, a miniature inland sea which empties out into the Pacific Ocean. There are many dark stories surrounding Moses Lake, many of which date back hundreds of years.

    Many of the families living in Bridgewater go back several generations to the British settlers who founded the town hundreds of years ago. One family in particular, the Sinclairs, have been the traditional "leaders" of the town for as long as anyone can remember. Owing to this tradition, members of the Sinclair clan are traditionally given high posts of office by the mayor of Bridgewater (the current head of the Sinclair family), and so it is not out of the ordinary to see a member of the large and powerful dynasty as a sheriff or treasurer.

    Like many other small towns throughout America, Bridgewater has its own residential section as well as a small downtown area where teens and other young adults can typically be found struggling to find something interesting to do-- Because of this, most of the town's younger residents spend their time hiking, camping and/or throwing parties in the woods.

    As far as the town of Bridgewater itself goes, that's as far as I want to go in creating the "universe" of the RP on my own. I'm intending this RP to be "open" in the way that we, the GM and the players, can create the world of "The Water" together. This means that after you submit a CS and are accepted, we'll have a small period of time before the IC begins where we'll be taking the bits of info I've already listed above and using that to pretty much create the "world" of the RP, as in: secondary and tertiary characters (town residents, ect), your characters' families and histories with each other, certain aspects of the town's history, town locales, ect. I think it could be fun to brainstorm together and create this world in an organic way so that we'll all be familiar with it by the time the story begins.

    I want to have a couple of days' worth of time where we hash out the world of the RP as well as our characters' relationships with one another, so please, don't hold back! I want you guys to not be shy in pitching in ideas for the setting or character relationships. As for our characters, I don't want us to have an "introductory" period, as that just wastes time, so I want our principal avatars (who are all in the same highschool) to know each other as either friends, enemies, families members, lovers, ect, before the story begins.


    Our characters will be teenaged residents of Bridgewater, Oregon. We are all students at Antioch Academy, a regional school which takes in students from Bridgewater as well as its two neighboring towns, Liberty and Ashland.
    We are all either juniors (11th grade) or seniors (12th grade), so all of us should be no older than 18. Besides your age and status as a student, there is one other storyline-essential detail that you must keep in mind while creating your character.

    At school, there is an extracurricular club known as the "Indiana Club", a not very popular program run by Mr. Linklater, the history teacher. The Indiana Club, or "Indy Club", true to its namesake, is an archaeology and anthropology-based after-school program. For the past year, the members of this club, led by Mr. Linklater, have been going on field trips to Tiger Mountain and investigating the Chinook Indians who once lived there. All in all, it is a boring and not very eventful club, but does teach its members (those who were paying attention, at least) vital skills in research and deduction. Even though some less academically-inclined students are forced into it as mandatory extracurricular classwork, the club has very few members. Your character must be one of the few member of this club. Whether they joined of their own free will or were forced to is up to you.

    The Indy Club is currently set to go on a class trip to Egypt.

    (As you can tell, your character's fateful membership in the small Indy Club is what will allow them to have the skills necessary to deal with the dark events that will eventually befall Bridgewater. It is also what could allow some characters who have totally different backgrounds to know each other-- as in, say, a character from a well-off family and one from a poorer one.)


    1. This is an RP that's meant to be more grounded and realistic. When it comes to things your characters can do, remember that they're teenagers and not Batman.

    2. Please write at least one paragraph per post.

    3. Everyone has flaws. No one is perfect. Things WILL befall your character that they won't immediately be able to overcome. Keep this in mind when roleplaying. (basically, no Mary/Gary suing).

    4. God-modding is not allowed. Your character is not omniscent nor are they omnipotent. There will be some amount of information to keep track of in this story, and you should always be mindful of what your character knows and what they don't. I.E if "Steven" knows something that would be beneficial to your character, don't try to inch the storyline towards your character finding out by happenstance.

    5. As mentioned earlier, I am extremely open to your ideas and suggestions. Let me know if you have anything interesting in mind.

    6. The RP takes place in the USA in 2015. Our characters are teenagers and could be of any sexuality, gender or creed and in general the town of Bridgewater is an open-minded and accepting community. I would rather there wasn't anything super hateful, homophobic or transphobic going on in the RP, unless it's a character trait that absolutely makes sense in the given context.

    7. The story can and will have sexual themes, but please, nothing super explicit.

    8. This shouldn't even need to be said, but please be cool to your fellow RPers. If there are disagreements, be adults about it and discuss in a civil manner. I won't tolerate anyone being a dick, so please try and be friendly!

    9. HAVE FUN!!!


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  2. Just swinging by to express my extreme interest in this roleplay!
    It sounds like it shall be quite enjoyable, and the fact that Twin Peaks was an inspiration is a plus! (Or at least, I'm assuming it was. xD)
    I already have a character in mind, and - if you'll have me - shall begin attempting to grab the muddled gooey mess that is my thoughts on the subject, and form them into a concise and understandable character sheet.

    How often would you expect people to post, by the way?
    I'm normally not too slow of a poster, but school and boring real life responsibilities do have a tendency to get in the way of my oh-so-beloved hobby from time to time, so I just wanted to take that into consideration before I moved on farther.
  3. @Cwolf0615 Awesome! Glad to have you (tentatively) aboard! Yes, Twin Peaks is a pretty big inspiration, but the story also takes some influences from more 'mundane' works, like East of Eden and To Kill A Mockingbird for example :p. When it comes post-count, I'm honestly not sure yet. I'm hoping we can come up with a good balance once we have our final cast.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your character!
  4. Oh! I like this so far.
    Is there a particular subject or part of the RP that should be focused on for idea giving?
  5. I suppose a good thing to keep in mind would be to try and have your character's background be something that can lead to interesting stories in a small town setting, so all in all, try to include at least a bit of dramatic flair. I like to think of this RP as kind of a tv show, and in tv shows we need interesting personalities to push storylines forward. As I mentioned before, you can be as creative as you want when it comes to creating aspects of the town that relate to your character, since the town and its citizens are something that we'll all be creating together. Also, it'll be a good idea to try and have a tangible connection to the town, be it good or bad. For example, maybe your mom or dad could be the town drunk (so there's a stigma surrounding you), or maybe you come from a rich family that's been buying out all the property or something. Basically, I want you guys to really get your feet wet in creating some interesting personalities with well-thought out backgrounds. So, please, don't be shy in coming up with stuff!
  6. @lost_wisdom

    1. I am keeping an eye on this but not quite committed yet (I'll have to see how it works out with my RL schedule, bleh, but it sounds like fun).

    And 2. Have you ever listened to the podcast "Welcome to Night Vale"? Because if you haven't you would like it.
  7. Am definitely still interested. I will probably try to work on a CS at some point.
    And you said predetermined relationships- which means that we get to wait to see what other characters there will be and work with them to find out their interactions, correct?
    (My mind is a bit slow right now, but even if it makes me look silly, I will post it.)
  8. I think it's something the GM wants us (the players) to work out as we go through the process of character creation. In my mind I assumed we'd make our CS's and they'd all be WIPs until we'd figured out who knows who and how everyone is connected, or it could go the other way and we'd team up with someone and work on making our characters compatible as friends/enemies/significant others.

    That's just my take on it from the OP.
  9. I'll be choosing an end date for when characters can be submitted, at which point we'll start working on relationships with the final cast. Until then, you guys should create your characters using the CS skeleton above. Basically, feel free in getting as creative as you want with your backgrounds, and then we'll work together to see if we can build relationships out of those backgrounds.
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  10. NAME:
    Idony "Doni" Kierstead




    Idony is on the taller, lankier side, standing in at 5'7, and weighing around 129 pounds. She sports a rather boyish figure, and a fit build - appearing on the slimmer side, though she has a good bit of muscle. She has thick, brown, unmanageable hair, which isn't ever, and has never been, allowed to grow past chin-length. She has light skin, which sports a heavy sprinkling of dark freckles. Her eyes are speckled, and greyish in color, something which seems to be typical of the Kierstead clan. She has multiple marks and scars from various accidents, including her nose, which is bent due to being broken as a child. Her teeth are slightly crooked - a trait which she, as well as a few other of her siblings, seem to have inherited from her father. She is usually dressed rather shoddily, wearing over-sized hand-me-downs from her older brother.

    - Passionate - Energetic - Intelligent - Determined - Impulsive/Reckless - Aggressive - Slight Troublemaker - Brave

    Idony is a very passionate individual, and often either goes all out on something, or barely tries at all, seeming to have little to no inbetween. She's a very energetic girl, with big plans for the future, though these plans change at a childishly erratic pace - with her ranting about being a teacher one day, and eagerly going on about how she's going to get a job as a doctor the next. Fiercely determined, she is a rather bullheaded individual, and has difficulty giving up, or admitting she's wrong. Though she is an intelligent girl, Idony's recklessness and impulsiveness often get the best of her. Though she strives to be better than her family, her upbringing shows through in her aggressive nature. She can be quite confrontational, and is always quick to jump into arguments and fights. She's a bit of a troublemaker, though not nearly as much as her family. She gets into stupid teenage mischief often, and has gotten into a few scrapes with the law in the past, though almost all were simply the result of her being near the wrong family member at the wrong time and getting grouped in with something bad they were doing. She is generally quite brave; This is largely attributed to the fact that her family is, or is friends with someone who is, involved in much of the criminal activity in the area, and as such she feels she is immune, and has nothing to fear.


    Every town has that one family that, throughout the generations, has proven itself to be the lowest of the low – the very definition of white trash. They are the bums, the delinquents, the undesirables. Their children are seen roaming the streets unsupervised from a young age, and any responsible parent forbids their child from visiting their home. They are not all bad, however, and every few generations it seems they have that one child; The one child who breaks the mold – the smart, the determined, the ambitious. They spend their lives aspiring to be more than their roots, to break free from their background so tainted with mediocrity, and to turn their existence into something beautiful – to become someone that society needs. They are the children who rebel by being responsible, by being studious, by being everything their parents weren’t. Yes, every town has that one family, and every family has that one child, and in the little community of Bridgewater, Oregon, it has become clear who filled those roles – the Kiersteads are that one family, and their daughter Idony is that one child.
    Idony spent her early life as all Kierstead children did, running wild through the streets, going on romps in the woods, and causing general unattended mischief. She was known, as most Kiersteads were, for being a troublemaker. Despite being a generally bright child, who had little trouble learning or understanding what was taught in school, she was on bad grounds with most staff and many students - known for causing fights, mouthing off, and refusing to do any work she deemed 'stupid', 'uneeded', or just plain 'boring'. In all senses of the words, she was an unruly brat who hadn't been taught and didn't understand how to follow rules.

    This all changed sometime during middle school, however. Idony was growing older, and with her newfound maturity and life experience she came to a realization - the realization that she didn't want to grow up to be like her family. Sick and tired of the idiotic acts carried out by her relatives on a daily basis, and by the constant stigma that came with being 'just another one of those Kierstead kids', she decided she wasn't just going to break the Kierstead mold - she was going to go above and beyond, proving to people that despite her last name, she could be so much better than the simpleminded residents of Bridgewater, Oregon ever thought possible - that she could be so much better than they themselves.

    This attitude carried on through highschool, and Idony quickly worked her way up to having some of the best grades at school, even going so far as to join the "Indiana Club" completely by her own choice - actually viewing it to be somewhat fun and interesting. She became used to being the 'star student' in her classes, the 'smart kid' that grasped new concepts within a few seconds, and some could say this almost went to her head. Still, even when she did begin to allow her ego to get too big, she was always quickly shattered back down by an "Oh, you're one of them", or "You're going to fail - it's genetic" sort of comment - whether it was from one of her peers, or an adult.

    She was watched closely in stores, turned away from job interviews, and singled out by teachers. No matter how good she did, it always seemed at least one person in the room was suspicious of her. After all, she was a Kierstead, the goody two-shoes thing must just be an act, right?
    Most who had come into contact or heard of her family had a bad first impression of the teenage girl, and oftentimes allowed this bad first impression to effect their later viewpoint of her. She was always expected to be a troublemaker - and in some cases, this was correct. Still, she certainly didn't think her actions, even the at times less than honorable ones, deserved the reactions they received.


    Lenny Kierstead
    (Idony's father, age 40. A relatively skilled carpenter who is mainly employed through odd jobs. It's strongly suspected he supports his income in other less legal ways.)

    Aileen Kierstead
    (Idony's mother, age 38. Doesn't seem to have a job, as far as anyone knows, and is considered by many to be a flake when it comes to mothering. Her and Lenny's marriage was a shotgun one, and it's been rumored that some of her many children are illegitimate, and don't belong to her husband.)

    Hunter Kierstead
    (Idony's older brother, 21. A trouble child since the beginning, Hunter seems to be in an everlasting war with the police, and has long been known to be involved in the world of drugs.)

    Carry Kierstead
    (Idony's older sister, 19. A step-in mother of sorts for the younger children, Carry is a bit of a petty thief, and has a reputation for being easy.)

    Ethan Kierstead
    (Idony's younger brother, 15. A juvenile delinquent who enjoys vandalism too much. He's usually seen following closely behind Hunter, though - despite fighting with her tooth and nail - he has the closest relationship with Idony.)

    Sarah and Logan Kierstead
    (Idony's younger sister and brother, age 11. The first set of twins in the Kierstead clan for four generations, the two are doted on by the family - at least by Kierstead standards.)

    Noah Kierstead
    (Idony's younger brother, age 5. The newest addition to Idony's branch of the Kierstead clan, Noah is a generally sweet kid, though he's already developed a bad attitude.)

    (we'll fill this out after we establish our player-character relationships dynamics. Basically it should look something like this once we're done:
    Sample Character #1: Best friends since elementary school
    Sample Character #2: Ex-girlfriend)
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  11. I'd love to join, if I'm allowed to make a sheet without a photographic reference. This is disgusting, and wrong, and I refuse to do anything of the sort.

    If I've wasted your time, my apologies in advance.
  12. NAME:

    Sai Jackson


    Height: 5ft 5
    Weight: Healthy 135
    Description: Black hair, chocolate eyes.


    Hard working, studious, definite opinion and will make it known when she deems it proper


    American father, Indian mother, Sai had always thought she had to prove something. So she tried to keep up with her grades and take opportunities as they come to her. She may have stepped on a few toes to take some of those opportunities, and has been known to not necessarily be the nicest of people. Yet the title of Valedictorian evades her, being the one thing that haunts her. She should be proud of being Salutatorian, but she can't help but wonder what type of person beat her.

    She is the type of person that once you have earned her respect it was pretty easy to keep. Just getting there may be harder. She wants to get out of this town where it feels like more people know each other than not. She would rather go to a big city where her accomplishments seem to be a bit more noticed because it is much harder of a place to 'make it'.

    Her parents met by her mother accidentally traveling into to town one day, looking for directions. She met her father and they hit it off. Soon she was extending her stay and the rest was history. Sai resents her mother for settling when she could have had bigger plans and grander places to go.


    Chanhna Brown - Sai's mother.
    Richard Brown - Sai's father.

    Sai isn't sure what to make of Robin. The choice eir has made has made it so that she isn't sure what to make of it and just tends to try as if maybe Robin doesn't exist to a point. It is one of those things were she is weary, and will interact if called upon, but considered possibly not important. Who knows. I think I will have to see their interactions to really figure this one out. I am excited to see how they actually interact.

    Since Michael will make it his goal to annoy her, she will make it her goal to scoff/ignore him to the best of her ability. Especially with his poor grade point average. If he isn't going to make an effort there, why bother type of thing. ;P

    I don't see how Jason and Sai would interact much. Not until the project anyway. Maybe he's more of an 'under her radar' because she doesn't think it is worth her time to know everyone. Another one of those "Who is he," deals that she won't figure out what she thinks until everything goes down. Who knows.

    Nick is Someone she can converse with. She will oblivious to any sort of feelings he may have, but again, it is because she is very goal oriented. Though she does have to admit she likes how him and his siblings are definitely appearing to not be stuck in a rink place and possibly going somewhere in the world.

    Quinn was the one to introduce her to adderall. In her 'perfectionistic' mind she would take it, she no longer allows herself to do such a thing, for it made her accomplishments seem tainted. But she does have to admit to the craving or want of it from time to time.

    Sai strongly dislikes Idony a huge part because of the fact that she doesn't even try to get decent grades and it ticks Sai off because she has to try so hard. She didn't ask to have 'followers' but that must mean she is doing something right, which she reasons in her mind that Idony is doing something wrong. Being an outcast isn't desirable. ;P

    Mallory is her a good rival. She will finds Mallory quite infuriating , plus Sai believes that Mallory cares about her appearance too much just to have something to pick at.
    I pretty much kept it basic because it said not to add too much to it and we'll expand as we go... let me know if I need to change anything.​
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  13. @Tatsua Aiisen - Sure, if it's really important to you, you can use an illustration if you want. I only asked for photographic references because this is supposed to be more of a realistic story and I'd rather we use realistic physical depictions of our characters, just to keep in the theme of things. But I have nothing against illustrated references, if that's what you really want. I suppose this goes for everyone else too. :)

    @Oyoa - Awesome character! Any ideas concerning what Sai's parents do for a living? Also, you mentioned her grades, is she one of Antioch Academy's top students, like the valedictorian or anything along those lines? I should also mention that the story takes place in the final months of the school year, so either your characters are getting ready to go to college or are just finishing up their junior year.

    @Cwolf0615 - Oh, cool! I see lots of potential for your character. Hopefully you end up finishing your CS at some point. I had an idea about there being like a crazy group of crystal-meth dealers living in the outskirts of town and maybe some of the Kiersteads could be involved somehow.​
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  14. NAME: Robin Kirkland-Boivin
    height: 5'8
    weight: 146 lbs
    description: Androgynous, brown hair, hazel green eyes, Usually wearing this vintage jacket.

    Brave/Usually the first to jump in, relaxed, and tends to hold grudges.

    Robin is the offspring of mother Linda Kirkland owner of her own small clothing line for children and father Greg Kirkland who owned his own construction business in Ashland. Robin's mother would often use Robin as a child to model both boys and girls clothes. However, Robin found joy spending time with eir father. Building things made more sense to Robin, ey never minded assisting eir mother but ey always looked forward to hanging out with eir father. The Kirkland family moved to Bridgewater when eir mother business began to grow. They all lived in a suburban style home. They weren't filthy rich, but they were well-off and were able to live a comfortable life. 2 years ago Robin's father past away, details on his death were mucky and never clearly explained. Last year Robin's mother remarried to Harvey Boivin, a brown noising wealthy man whose "secret hobbies" angered Robin. Robin absolutely detested Boivin and eir mother's marriage and refused to move in with them. After a violent confrontation with Boivin over the matter. All charges were dropped under the condition that Robin would be allowed to live in the suburban home if ey took on the Boivin surname. In the present, Robin's mother comes by and visits daily. Robin attends Antioch Academy with grades that would be consider average. After school Robin works odd jobs around town and at times ey works with eir mother in order to put food on eir table and pay some bills.

    Robin doesn't mind the town setting, ey just wants to find a different place that offers peace, happiness, and some fun.

    gender neutral:

    Greg Kirkland - Father (deceased)
    Linda Boivin - Mother
    Harvey Boivin - Step-father

    RELATIONSHIPS: (we'll fill this out after we establish our player-character relationships dynamics. Basically it should look something like this once we're done:

    Let me know if I should change anything.​
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  15. @lost_wisdom - Ah, yes, I should be able to finish it some time soon.
    I'm a bit busy with school right now, but once I get back on track with my homework I should be alright.
    Teachers at my school have this unfortunate obsession with giving their students an insane amount of homework at the end of the year. (I've never understood that. All of us are already so burnt out, why do they have to add on extra work? It's like kicking us when we're down.)

    And glad to see you like what has been posted of my character so far, as little as it is!
    I pretty much have her all planned out, I just need to find the time to transfer my thoughts into words.
    She was partly inspired by the Ewells from To Kill a Mockingbird (less the Ewells themselves, and more the idea that every town had that one trash heap of a family - like Atticus brought out to Scout), and my own personal experiences with how annoying it is to share your last name, only to have someone respond with "Oh, I know that name. You're related to so-and-so who was in the paper for -insert incredibly stupid criminal action here-, right?"

    And I couuld totally see some of the Kiersteads being involved in something like that!
    That's right up their alley.
    The Kiersteads can pretty much be broke up into three categories:
    1. The bums/dropouts
    2. The petty criminals/abusers
    3. The totally batshit crazies

    A lot of them fall right into all three, unfortunately for Idony.
    The only way for her to fill that need for teenage rebellion is to be a respectable citizen.
    The rest of her family have already covered everything else. :P
  16. Thank you! Hm... I want her to be slightly frustrated, so there is one person who did better than she did. She is Salutatorian, but highly believes she should have been Valedictorian. I think I'll put that in somewhere. I like the idea that she had to be knocked a peg down, and probably by someone who didn't try as hard as she did. Ha.
    As for what her parents do... I don't know. They're normal middle class. Possible that she doesn't know because she just doesn't care - in her mind, they could have done better and she is disappointed that they didn't try.
  17. NAME: Micheal Martin

    AGE: 17

    152.3 lbs -- 5'10"

    PERSONALITY: Optimistic, easy-going, stubborn, overly protective, flirtatious

    Micheal was originally born in New York. The result of a teacher-student affair gone awry, he was soon put up for adoption as an infant. He went through several foster homes before finally being adopted by the Martin's at five. His childhood from then on was fairly normal, if a bit chaotic thanks to his siblings. Micheal expressed interest in boys in middle school, though it wasn't until high school that he came out as bisexual.
    A couple years back, financial trouble hit the family. With no choice other than bankruptcy, Micheal's father was forced to make some unsavory deals around town, and Micheal and his older sister took up several part-time jobs to help their family along.
    Micheal isn't exactly the most academic guy at school. In fact, he sees school as a time to joke around and sleep. Not to mention, his abundance of jobs have led to him neglecting homework and projects. He boasts an impressive collection of F's, D's, and the occasional C if he's lucky. As a result, he was thrown into the Indiana Club.

    Amelia Martin - Mother
    Daniel Martin - Father
    Jeanne Martin - Sister (19)
    Doug Martin - Brother (15)
    Katy Martin- Sister (13)
    Alice Martin - Sister (9)
    Benny and Franky Martin - Brothers (5)

    RELATIONSHIPS: (we'll fill this out after we establish our player-character relationships dynamics. Basically it should look something like this once we're done:
    Sample Character #1: Best friends since elementary school
    Sample Character #2: Ex-girlfriend)

    WOOP WOOP DUN! Let me know if I should add, remove, or change anything. :)​
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  18. Yes, this. XD
  19. NAME: Jason Miguel Chavez

    AGE: 18

    APPEARANCE: 1376456_3601790061079_753335266_n.jpg

    PERSONALITY: Moody, prone to depression, distrustful, solemn

    BACKGROUND: Jason Chavez was born to lower middle class parents on the east side of Manhattan. Even though his home life was a normal one and his household wasn't poverty stricken, Jason still had to navigate the rough streets of his surrounding neighborhoods. Being only two years apart, he always looked out for his younger brother, Troy. After a seemingly uneventful childhood, tragedy struck. Both Jason's parents were killed in a car wreck that left him and his brother orphaned.

    Afterward, Jason and Troy were sent to live with their older half brother, Damien Chavez who was a deputy sheriff of a little town called Bridewater in the northern part of Oregon. Damien had served about eight years in the U.S. Army and afterward pursued a career in law enforcement. Damien was a very by the book and successful ex-military man who was suddenly thrust into the role of care giver and provider for his two much younger siblings. Damien tried to secure a normal life for both Jason and Troy, trying to steer them on a good path, as he believes his father would've wanted. However despite his best efforts, Jason slipped into a deep depression after his parents death, one from which he never really recovered. For several years he slipped into a troubled and destructive lifestyle of drug use, poor grades and minor criminal infractions. Now in his senior year at Antioch Academy, Jason has been given one last chance to perform. He was placed into the Indiana Club after school to boost his grades and maybe give him a chance for a future.

    FAMILY: Troy Chavez(brother)
    Damien Chavez(brother)
    Javier Chavez(Father-deceased)
    Maria Theresa Chavez(Mother- deceased)

    RELATIONSHIPS: (we'll fill this out after we establish our player-character relationships dynamics.
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  20. Sorry for the absence guys! Was dragged to a wedding and didn't get back until last night. Was kind of crazy actually. At one point there was a huge dramatic argument and people had to be escorted out of the reception. Anyway, the new characters you guys submitted are super interesting and I think they'll fit in pretty well. I do have a few comments concerning them, which I'll get to below.

    @Alis_Audāx - Robin is so cool! I love that you created an androgynous character who doesn't feel the need to identify with any particular gender! I think that most people eir age would understand this about Robin and be totally cool with it, but I do think that some older and less-informed people would find that particular aspect odd and would refer to Robin as either a he or she (since they don't know any better). It's more of an in-story thing that I think would make sense, seeing as a lot of the population of Bridgewater are of an older generation. Let me know if you have any issues with this.

    So, about Robin's job. I have a character, Quinn, who's parents are the owners of SAVE LOTS, a massive department store that's been causing problems for Bridgewater's main street mom and pop shops. I think it'd be cool if Robin worked there part-time. What do you think about this? Also, I might have some ideas that would tie Robin's step-dad with the Sinclair family, if that's cool with you.

    @Phaesaris - Michael seems like a pretty chill dude. Looking forward to reading more!

    @Chris_Reaper - I'm glad we have a non-white character, ha ha. Jason has a pretty interesting history and there's a lot of ways I think he could add to the story. I have one suggestion to make though. There isn't really a military base anywhere near Bridgewater, so would you be okay with making Jason's brother a member of the sheriff's department instead? I'm thinking he could be the sheriff's like, right-hand man. Would this be cool with you?

    Anyway, I'm going to wait a few more days to hopefully get a few more people in this. In the meantime I'll be posting some characters myself. Once again, sorry for the pause guys.
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