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  1. IC Thread here.


    Watchtower is an adventure campaign based upon the concept behind the Justice League, Overwatch and City of Heroes. Upon an earth, they roam- Some secretly, acting as vigilantes spreading terror through the hearts of criminals. Others act openly, as world celebrities who strive to use their influence for good. Still more have been around for ages past, seeing heroes come and go, guiding them on their way. Heroes, villains- Soon the world will become a battleground as the eldest struggle of all brings allies of circumstance together...

    The Setup

    For this one, you'll need to fill out several things.

    Name: Obviously

    Moniker: What the public knows them as. Superhero codename in other words, or the like.

    Notoriety: Are they loved? Feared? How does the public see your character?

    City: What kind of city does your hero or heroine patrol? Whats it like?

    Rogues Gallery: What kind of villains does your hero face? 1-3 at most for now.

    Ally: Does your hero or heroine have their own Commissioner Gordon or Lois Lane? If so, what role do they play? One for now.




    Natalya Ivankov: AKA "Siegebreaker: Woman of Steel." One of the older generation of metahumans, connected to the team known as the Watchtower, led by Paragon against the evil forces of Spyder and its leader fifty years ago to the current day. Currently retired and an advocate of metahuman roles in the world as well as philanthropist. Very wealthy from her patents she made from her armor she once fought in.

    Paragon: The original superhero, for many. Super strong and nigh-invulnerable, he was created in a project meant to supersede the Prometheus project that created the Iron Giant back in WWII. A new hero, for a new era. It was an unmitigated success and his charisma and strong moral character made him the face of the heroic metahuman community. More so, after he founded Watchtower. Died in battle against his nemesis, when they both perished on the moon in a final confrontation.

    Iron Giant and Ruth: A cyborg created from the Prometheus project back during WWII. Using Jewish Mysticism in terms of Golem creation and the science of those days, the Iron Giant was created. A powerful force on the battlefield against the Axis and their darker allies. Gaining sentience along the way, Iron Giant grew to exemplify the American way though when the war ended, he was shut down. Prometheus survived, though the principal scientists and work that crafted him did not. Either dying of old age or destroyed to prevent Spyder from getting their hands on it to replicate him for evil.

    It wasn't until recently however, that Ivankov corp. used modern science to create the impossible...A truly, sentient robot from the get-go. Rather then learn the long way, via experience as Iron Giant did in wartime, she was raised up like a normal child. And she was utterly fascinated by the tales of her predecessor. Her first act, once she was downloaded into an appropriate body made to mimic humans as closely as possible, was to fly to the Iron Giants resting place and look at him with her own eyes. She'd later awaken him herself, to assist her against the fearsome Tyrant: A genetic Nazi experiment who fought Iron Giant back in the war. With his experience and her humanistic and bubbly nature, the old golem and the new robot became fast friends and partners against the forces of evil.

    White Knight: A superhero from Germany, clad in white plate armor and carrying a warhammer three times his size. Possesses super strength and became a hero by accident. After a dragon attacked the museum he worked at, he dressed up in armor, grabbed one of the ancient weapons and beat the crap out of it. The event was caught on camera and became an overnight sensation online.

    DJ Dazzler: A superheroine from Australia. Transforms kinetic energy into sound and light, got into the hero line of work to promote herself and her music. Shes popular with the younger crowd and has her own line of brand clothing and products.​
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  2. Name: Lucifer Anghelscu Tepes

    Moniker: Father Blood

    Notoriety: In the gothic-structured city that is Scholomance City, school children tell stories of the urban legend known as Father Blood. A hooded priest who comes at night and feeds upon people, hunting down those who dare the city after dark. With his sword in hand, dragging on the ground he seeks the hearts of those who bear wicked thoughts.

    The police on the other hand dismiss the stories as well, but recent events with a special calling card within the past year alone has forced them to open a file, based on these strange sightings.

    The Criminals fear the night and the coming of dark. They know what lurks out there and that it comes for them.

    City: Scholomance City


    Scholomance City is a city ancient and rife with atmosphere. Established on the crumbled foundations of a school of the blackest arts, its prior owners were purportedly defeated in legend and the fortress-school destroyed, the castle foundations and its surrounding territories left alone due to fear. In time, people came and began to establish towns and such areas, in part defiance against the ancient enemy of their past. From fear and their defiance of the dark, the city grew until it became the ghoulish place the world knows it today.

    Rife with the Supernatural community, their presence warps and taints the already stained grounds and works to create a place where the Night is master and Blood, the currency in which dark deals are made and sealed.

    Its only protector, a single priest in a rundown chapel.


    The Catacombs: Deep beneath the city sewers, these are the underground remains of the once-vaunted Scholomance.

    Klaw Industries Sector: Corporation sector in which the famous pharmaceutical company works its experiments without the watchdogs that other cities might have. Its like its own mini-community in which the workers can live out their lives without venturing beyond into the wider city.

    The Kennel: Ghetto area, predominantly Roma population here.

    Euphoria: A black skyscraper/hotel under the thumb of Castlevania City's most predominant supernatural crime family, the Caanites. The lobby and subsequent first quarter floors are geared towards the party crowd among other pleasures. The higher levels are where the principal bloodsuckers live and conduct their clan business among themselves and their allies.

    The Opera House: In a city so full of the bourgeoisie, it was only a matter of time before the Opera House soon became famous throughout the world. Its performances are spoken of in the same tone as Broadway, with many musicals, concertos and other performances held within its halls.

    The Church of Saint Giles: Patron Saint of Lepers and Long-Sufferers, built upon consecrated ground. Along with a few other protections from its priest, its as much a safehouse as a place of worship where the supernatural is concerned, set on the outskirts of the city and upon a hill. Lucifer's place of operations.

    Brigid Manor: A mansion located in the gated district of Scholomance City. Local HQ of the Brotherhood of Light, an organization of those who vowed to rid the world of all monsters. The Scholomance was their greatest foe and upon its defeat, they swore they would not rest till all of its kind was gone from the face of the Earth. The principal enemy of the Caanites in the city.

    Rogues Gallery: Dapper Jack: An eldritch abomination, who works as an enforcer for the Caanites. A surgical sort with a blade, the last time he was unleashed was in 1888, Whitechapel.


    Mr.Tugarin: A Russian tycoon and retired general to the public. An immensely powerful and particularly sinister dragon in reality. He delights in the dark nature of the city and his hobby is to stir various factions up for his own amusement. Regards Lucifer as the "best entertainer" he's ever had.


    The Witch Seeker: A knight of the Brotherhood of Light, wielding a sword with a piece of the stone that killed Abel embedded in the handle. It gives him immense power and durability, as well as an almost fanatical bent when hunting...Among his targets, Lucifer.


    Ally: Detective Cassandra Adler, a brilliant young police detective with full on xenophilia - the stranger it is the more she wants to know about it. Most of the others on the force know this and as such all of the strangest cases fall her way.




    Name: Lucifer Anghelscu Tepes

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight:180 lbs
    Age: 25
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Red

    Weapons/Equipment Altered Priests garb(More pockets, Hidden and otherwise)

    Standard equipment(Blessed Shuriken: Crucifix Form, Silver Caltrops, Cold Iron Rope Dart, Herbal Smoke Bombs(Combination of Cinquefoil, Garlic and Holly flowers to create a noxious anti-magic smoke cloud.), Lockpick Tools.

    Dawnbreaker: A katana reforged from the remains of his old sword, Saint Guillotine. Dubbed Dawnbreaker for the symbol of hope that Lucifer wished to inspire, the blade is unique that its full power will only be unlocked in the hands of its one, true wielder. It is a light in dark places without hope, and brings the Sun's judgement upon those wholly given over to the night.
    Especially effective against monsters, evil aligned demigods and dark spirits. Once per day, it can bring sunlight to the area around its wielder.

    Abilities, in Brief:

    Vampire Bloodline - By night and in darkness, he gains powers and enhancements akin to what seems to be a powerful vampiric bloodline. Wall climbing, Transformation into a swarm of bats, fog or a black wolf. Hypnotism and great strength and agility. Minor bodily regeneration and command over rats, bats and wolves.

    Heat Vision and Enhanced Senses - He can see in the infrared spectrum and detect heat sources. His sense of smell and hearing is increased to immense heights by night and in the dark.

    Snake Style - It is a fighting style that aims at vital weak points like the forehead, throat, heart and spine, each strike launched with with extreme precision and quick speed to the point where he can deliver three fatal strikes in a single breath.
    The crux of the fighting style is to keep his arms flexible like whips while quickly moving at unexpected right angles in order to keep it from having a concrete shape. He keeps his arms and stance steady like a rock while waiting to strike, and he is able quickly close in without revealing any hints as to how he advanced. His arms quickly extend, and his forearms move even more quickly from that point to strike with his hands. The strikes come from the outside to the inside, the swinging arms changing direction using the elbow as the fulcrum to strike from impossible directions. He can easily strike the back of the head from a very close distance completely unbeknownst to the target. Even if that strike is seen through, he can easily alter the circular orbit of the path into a straight line directed from above to smash down on their head. He can quickly reach through an opponent's guard to strike them with the "serpent's fangs", and then use the "body of the snake", an elbow, to deal an additional blow.
    Its weakness is that its not a martial art meant for extensive combat, as its origins lie in assassination.

    Kenjutsu - Mastery of the sword. Lucifers main weapon of choice.

    Ninjitsu Mastery - Trained since he was six years old, his martial arts lessons included a wide range of skills to enable him to be flexible in most situations. His perception and skill is as good as humanly possible for a person of his age and drive.

    Multilingual - Speaks Romanian, English, French and Japanese. Can read Latin.

    Peak Human Athlete by day. This is increased by night and in darkness.

    Monster Knowledge - Well-versed in the ways and habits of the majority of supernatural creatures.

    Detective: Solving Crimes means doing more then just whacking people. Something that thankfully, Lucifer has a knack for in the town he's in.

    Bio: My name is Lucifer Anghelscu Tepes. Named for an angel who fell from grace. Named by the gypsies who saw my future and what I could become. Named for the only link I have to my past. Names have power...And so do I. By night, I wage war against the creatures in a city most would have long abandoned as a lost cause. By day, I seek to save my soul as I act as Gods sword. If I can save even one person, in the right place, at the right time...Then perhaps I can find a measure of peace that I cannot find within. My name is Lucifer.

    And this is my story.

    Weaknesses: Using his abilities from his bloodline will require him to feed as a vampire, often with a stronger craving. Consuming too much blood will push him over the edge and become a true vampire. Otherwise, he's not bulletproof nor does he have a vampires immunity to poison.
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  3. [xtable=skin1]
    Name: Rin Kurasawa
    Moniker: Avatar
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'6" (But See Below)
    Eyes: Hazel as Rin, Pink when transformed.
    Hair: Brown

    Notoriety: Avatar is a friendly heroine who has been known to pose for pics with her fans. She is known all across Galveston and Pelican Islands, and her noteriety spreads as far as Houston.

    City: Galveston is a coastal city located on Galveston Island and Pelican Island in the U.S. state of Texas. The community of 208.3 square miles, with its population of 47,762 people, is the county seat and second-largest municipality of Galveston County. It is located within Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area. Being Texan, most residents see supers as just another part of life - there's no major prejudice against them.

    Powers/Abilities: Flight, Telekinesis, Teleportation, "Holy" Blasts, Size Alteration (8"-35'), Emotion Sense/Manipulation/Vampirism, Super Strength (Current size x20), all triggered by her Transformation using her magical Wand. Outside of that, she has only a fraction of her strength and telekinesis (about 4 times human levels) and loses all of her other abilities other than her Emotion Sense and Vampirism which cannot be "turned off".

    Bio: Rin used to have a spirit guide named Kuruumi, but he and the rest of her team were either de-powered, killed or disappeared during their last mission in Japan. Rin's not sure of Kuruumi's fate, but something inside her tells her that if he died she'd lose her powers - this may be utter conjecture on Rin's part. The victory of great cost is what drove Rin to drop out of her university in Japan and move to another island - Galveston Island. For the first year in Galveston she used none of her powers, but when supervillains began cropping up, Rin's good soul couldn't stand idly by. She adopted the moniker of Avatar and began a crime fighting career while attending Texas A&M.{/td}
    {td=left|top|551x@}Rogues Gallery: Lord Zumah, an amphibious supervillian who claims to be the last survivor of the lost colony of Mu, whose goal is similar to what Gorilla Grodd's is in the DC universe - he wishes to create more of his own kind. Ebony, a human who was caught in the crossfire of two wizards and ended up being turned into a living shadow. Ebony survives by draining life energy from others, though rarely kills - but only because that would bring more attention to her. Her goal is to destroy anything magical in the world, as she despises her current existence. Gremlin, a super-intelligent college age man whose main super power is figuring out how to break things. He's mostly been innocuous right now, in fact his first 'crime wave' was him causing a lot of students' and teachers' computers to break so that he could boost his computer repair business.{/td}
    {td=left|top|876x@}Allies: Marsha Lee, a local 911 dispatcher, who Avatar saved in one of her first outings in Galveston. Marsha often leaks incoming 911 calls to Avatar when she thinks the heroine can be of help.{/td}
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