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    Sol. Known more informally as 'Earth.' A habitable planet, with a once-middling technologic level for its sapient race. It was to be a routine integration for the Galra Empire. Such a world could never stop even the least of their forces and so, the least of their forces were sent. A planetary task force, one mothership-class war vessel and assorted escorts.

    They were beaten back sorely and emergency records sent back to the Empire in full described unusual forces. Metahumans, of great power who allied and fought back against the invasion with a fury rarely seen from any race before, save perhaps in the tales of the Third Earth or within the tales of the tournaments of the Battle Nexus.

    Meanwhile, the invasion of Earth had sparked a resurgence in technological research and boosted enough for the future to take hold. Alien technology was obtained and reverse engineered by the human race, prompting the creation of other technologies as well. When the Empire returned? They found the humans ready.

    But so was the Galra Empire.

    Emperor Sarkon did not underestimate Sol. Was it not from this planet, that his greatest foes had originated? And quietly, he too made his own alliances before sending in his forces to attack. The Triceraton Empire, the Dark Tapestry and its representative, Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living flocked to his banner. In their wake, came the Precursors of the Anteverse, even the Chitauri and their infamous master sent their forces as well.

    Earth would become a blood bath and with this ultimate purpose, this darkest alliance moved forward to inevitable victory.

    When news came of the impending force, what followed after would be known throughout history as the era of Unification. Alien allies unknown revealed themselves and so did many of earths locals, who had hitherto remained hidden. It would not only be humanity that would fight for earth, but also its secret protectors....And its nightmares.

    Across the stars, the war was waged on all fronts. Werewolf battalion's used gun and claw to fulfill their missions. The remaining dragons that yet existed entered the fray alongside the costumed heroes who had spent their lives protecting earth. Dracula himself commanded a position using his personal forces as he harried and struck fear into their enemies.

    It was a war with many heroes and stories of heroic sacrifices. Finally, in the end? The fortunes of war shifted upon the day of July Fourth, in the year two-thousand-seventy-five.....

    What remains has been classified, but a decisive victory had been struck that day. Five years has passed on by, but things have entered into a stalemate rather then an actual peace. The Empire does not pass within our borders now and nor do we to them. This however, does not apply to their erstwhile allies and we are mustered to repel their prodding forces. In the meantime, we wait and we prepare.

    Peace is only a term, to re-arm and re-prepare for the next war. This time, we will wield the greatest weapon of all.



    We live in an inspiring age. One where inter-dimensional travel is possible, where the denizens of Sol can travel among the stars and where aliens and monsters intermingle with humanity. But it needs more then wonders. A world like this?

    It needs heroes.

    Enter the establishment of what is known as the 'Watchtower Academy for Heroes' or merely 'The Watchtower' for short. Established on an artificial island in international waters, the Academy is a privately funded enterprise supported by the metahuman community. It is a boarding school, boot camp and research station all at once. Its teachers are heroes and veterans, passing down their knowledge to a new generation. It remains outside of the reach of any government and imposes a sense of responsibility on all recruits that pass through its doors.

    Its headmistress is Ex-Commander Kiryūin Satsuki of the war of unification and under her rule, the school has thrived. While there is no rule to prevent those purely human to enroll, the iron claw of the old Dragon is hard and many simply do not make the cut. As it should be. Surviving the opening enrollment is as much a test as anything else that passes on within its walls.


    School Faculty

    Headmistress: Kiryūin Satsuki

    Deputy Headmaster/Mecha-Piloting: Professor John Stewart

    Science & Mathematics(Introductory and Advanced Courses): Professor Winston and Professor Kokonoe(Played by @Schnee Corp Lawyer)

    Physical Education: Professor Jack and Gene(Played by @T.O.M.)

    Paranormal-Anthropology and Magic: Unknown and Professor Kuroko Smith

    Xeno-Anthropology: Professor Yuki Nagato

    English and History(Introductory and Advanced Courses): Zoe Hirakawa(Played by @Michale CS)

    School Security Head/Strategy: Unknown

    School Nurse: Dr. Emily Grey(Played by @C.T.)

    Music and Band: Marceline(Played by @OrlandoBloomers)

    Wilderness Survival: James 'Logan' Howlett(Played by @Indolent)

    Economic Studies: Holo the Wise Wolf(Played by @Schnee Corp Lawyer)

    [All information subject to change]

    So basically this thread is just a way to build up the setting/hash out characters or adapt em to the world.

    Some stuff remain solid, others will be subject to change for ease of use to a point. But final word will always be with the GM's and co-GM's, whoever they will be as this RP continues. Also, you all get at least three PC's and the option to play a teacher if you wish, to start.

    Possibility of more in future.​
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  2. Character sheet and some notes.

    First, this is the start of a new school year. Old class has graduated and you're the new, fresh meat. All new recruits/students are ages 16 with exceptions for those younger who have either proved themselves or barring unusual circumstances. No student 'veteran' characters allowed as of yet. Beginners only.

    Transfer students may be accepted, on a case-to-case basis.






    World Origin(Optional for those who play inter-dimensional characters):

    Short Bio:

    Keep in mind, this is a school designed for heroes. Playing characters from villainous origins like Warren Peace from Sky High is one thing.

    Playing outright villains is another and will be rejected. There will be a time and place for such types, but not in the first chapter.

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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. [xtable=skin1|bcenter|95%x95%]

    {td=left|top}Name: Major Zoe Hirakawa, retired
    Race: Gallifreyan
    Nationality: Sol (Naturalized Citizen)

    Abilities and Skills:
    • Gallifreyan racial attributes: Being a Time Lord means that Zoe lives a very long time, has redundant organs, and will regenerate upon severe bodily trauma. Zoe is on her fourth regeneration at this time and is several hundred years old.
    • Genius Level Intellect: Zoe is very clever and her mind multitasks constantly.
    • Master Psychologist: Zoe has a knack for figuring out motivations and feelings of those she interacts with, and uses this to great advantage.
    • Access to a TARDIS: Zoe's TARDIS usually appears as a mechanic's garage, but her Motorcycle seems to have some TARDIS like properties as well though it's unlikely it could operate separately from the rest of the TARDIS for very long.
    • Galactic Garrison Training: Zoe fought in the war to drive off Zargon from Sol, and attained the rank of Major before retiring at the end of July 2075. She has extensive training with rifles, sidearms, atmospheric and orbital craft.
    • Lucky: Zoe just seems to be in the right place at the right time, and now and again things just inexplicably go her way
    • Danger Sense: Zoe very quickly gets the 'read' of a room and tends to know when trouble is about to start, and thus is very hard to surprise or ambush.
    • "The Look": Maybe due to her age or race, or some other intangible quality, Zoe's been able to stare down opponents and give them pause, and often, actual guilt with a glance. This works far better on those who know her or know of her, but it is more potent than the average intimidating look that leaders in the military are able to muster.
    • Been There, Done That: Zoe is an expert on history, both mainline and altered, and this often gives her an edge in touchy situations.

    Bio: Zoe is a refugee of Gallifrey, one of the very few members of her race still in existence. They pledge to keep the timeline healthy and generally are on the side of good, moving to stop despots, oppression and tyranny all over time and space. She relocated to Sol after one of her adventures led her there, and not long after, the Zargon invasion began. Zoe had already enlisted with the Galactic Garrison prior to the invasion, and retired from military service shortly after it was repelled. It wasn't long after that when she was approached to be an instructor for the Watchtower, a job she gladly accepted.

    Zoe occasionally speaks of her family, but never by name. It's not known at this time if they survived the invasion or not, and she's not talking about it.​
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  6. [xtable=skin1]
    {td=left|top}Name: Tamara Rae Holstead
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'4"
    Race: Inhuman
    Hair: Black, streaked with blue (dyed).
    Eyes: Hazel
    High Concept: Inhuman Watchtower student
    Trouble: Curiosity Killed the Cat, Satisfaction Brought Her Back
    Aspect: Expanded Vision (T-Ray Vision)
    Aspect: Accelerated and Enhanced Senses
    Aspect: T-Ray Blast

    Power Grid:
    Intelligence: 4 (Gifted)
    Strength: 3 (Peak Human)
    Speed: 3 (Subsonic Superhuman)
    Durability: 3 (Enhanced)
    Energy Projection: 4 (Medium range, medium duration, single energy type)
    Fighting Ability: 4 (Experienced fighter){/td}
    {td}Bio: Tamara Rae Holstead is an Inhuman. When her abilities began to develop, she sought out the Watchtower almost immediately, being only a child during the war against the Zargon Empire
    Her powers: seeing through nearly anything, accelerated senses (enough to sense motion due to air pressure changes, see bullets flying through the air and to hear things too distant or faint for normal humans to hear), her peak human physicality, and her rarely used power, the T-Ray blast, which is essentially an invisible laser. Her hobbies include gaming (both computer and tabletop), anime, manga, and superhero movies.

    Skillset: Tamara can use pistols and rifles with proficiency, and is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. She's also learned to be especially observant, and has honed her memory so that she can use her enhanced senses to memorize pages of information after simply glancing at them briefly, though this "cramming" is temporary. She also applies her enhanced senses to be a very good reader of body language and is trying to learn to become "living lie detector" but right now hasn't honed that skill. She's also quite a trivia sponge.

    Personality: Innately and insatiably curious, with a great attitude. She handles nearly all awkward situations with humor, and is very slow to anger, but once she does, her wrath is exceptionally wicked. She's got a bit of xenophilia as well. The stranger it is, the more she likes it and finds it fascinating. Bullying and teasing of others, however (not herself, she just doesn't care enough about what a bully says to her to get riled), are a quick path to raising her ire.{/td}
    This is my first "Student" application. I know, it's hard for me to break away from using a game system but I think this gets the point across.
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  7. Its alright, but would rather you stuck to the profile I provided. Makes it easier on me.
  8. [​IMG]

    Líadan Hoyt



    Some heroes are born. Others are forged through battle or hardship. Majestic battles, fantastical conquests, amazing victories. The kinds of tales passed around campfires, told of as legends and folklores. Words passed down through the ages to eventually become just as the subject matter is: larger than life.

    And some are left with no other options after they fuck up royally.

    Unluckily, I am the latter. Luckily, I had some time before this occurred. My childhood was exceedingly normal. A good suburban neighborhood life, mornings spent in a clean elementary school and afternoons flew by while playing kickball with friends. Pool parties, study sessions, sport practice(a rising star in kid league soccer) and more. Good memories of good times. Then puberty struck, changes on the horizon as it is with most teenagers. My changes just went further than most.

    That's when my latent mutant abilities developed. No warning, no time to ease it in. Just one night that changed everything. My skin didn't change color, my appearance didn't distort...outwardly I looked just as I always had. My power was not physical. I was eating dinner, some leftover pizza till my parents came home from some quote "totally not birthday shopping" unquote. Last thing I recall before it hit was idly flipping in 'tween the channels and resisting the urge to gag at the Real Housewives.

    Then it felt like a spike drove right through my skull, piercing through the bone and hammering into my brain. I passed out over the table. When I came to, my parents were there. Not worried...more freaked out, some question about "why are you in our house, stranger?" just barely heard over the throbbing migraine. I remember sputtering out "what" and passing out again. When I woke up again, it was in the police station. My parents were there, chatting with a local desk officer. When they saw I was awake they stood up and strolled over, all serious.

    "Why were you lounging in their house, young lady?" He asked. Good cop but no bad one. Probably figured he didn't need it for a young kid. He wasn't wrong I guess. "Because I'm their daughter."

    "We don't have children." My parents instantly replied in unison.

    That woke me up straight away, burning away the hazy dizziness. "...What are you talking about? Of course I am, you just were out for me while I was finishing off the leftovers." I still thought it was some joke or prank.

    They shook their heads no. The rest...we must have been there for hours. First it was increasingly aggressive attempts to get them to cut the crap. The joke had gone long past being funny. Still they denied ever having a daughter, let alone one on the cusp of teenage years. Then I pressed them, questioning: my favorite color, my favorite band, food, dream job, idol on and on and on. They couldn't get one right. So that sucked. Eventually the cop cut me off, declaring that he had seen and heard enough. I think he was about to press me on why exactly I had been in their house again when the headache returned in full force.

    When it cleared, the cop was looking at me just as my parents had hours ago. "Who are you?" He questioned.

    It didn't occur to me right then but that was it, the start of my mutant power. Ability. Gift. Curse. Whatever I called it changed on my mood.

    Memory manipulation.

    Strong enough to wipe about 13 years of memories of myself from my parents...without even intending to.

    I was just so confused at that question at the time, I didn't answer. I didn't have an answer. What could I answer? There were no words. And then it got even freakier. I just stared absently at the police officer and as he stared back...faint...visions I suppose are the right word appeared in the air around him. I could see a late night at bar, the trial of a serial rapist, a chase of a perpetrator on foot.

    His memories.

    I just ran.

    Months, even near to a year later...I returned to my parents a little more learned. I knew I could erase memories, absorb memories, see others' memories...even muscle memory, my body could perfectly replicate any movement I saw. Acrobatics, martial arts, the works. I just...wasn't sure if I could restore memories. There was no guarantee I could. And even if I could do it, there was no telling if they would be the same people I remembered if I did do it. And what if I did something worse? So instead...I just asked them if they were content. They said yes, happy where they were at.

    So I just smiled and left once more, the pair no doubt scratching their heads at the confusion. I just let them be. I would just have to find something else. A new life, new path, new journey.

    Eventually, I ended up here.

    Self-taught in the use of a custom built weapon that serves as a memento of my mechanic father
    Memory ability allows me to replicate any movement I witness perfectly: acrobatics/martial arts/etc
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. *GASP*

    A drunk rating. Already I am doing well as an Irish character. :|
  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Kali Weyland

    Race: Cyborg

    Nationality: British

    Abilities: Model 9o-789, living brain tissue integrated into a cybernetic organism. Living flesh over a cybernetic body, an artificial girl, with a donated brain. The cybernetic organism has immense strength, capable of two-three tons capability. Her inner endoskeleton is also developed for combat rather then for medical purposes, a fact unknown to even her. Her inner HUD can display vital signs, heat signatures and can record and upload video to whatever read-source is available(as well as an unknown server)

    Skills: Kali loves music. In all its forms, which manifests in her attempts to play instruments. She can play them perfectly from memory, but as of now her attempts to play her own music have always ended in failure. Her second love, inherited from her father lies in mechanical engineering.

    Short Bio:


    I see nothing but blackness. I'm blindfolded, muffled and cannot feel my legs or my arms. I feel like I'm about to suffocate, but I never get to that point. What happened to me?



    I panic and suddenly, sleep takes me.


    I can see again.

    My vision is blurry, my world is one of black and white. Before me, sits a man I've never seen before. He looks like a doctor though and its the first I've seen in- I can't recall how long in my darkness. I drink it in like a thirsty woman.

    When was the last time I drank?

    I try to ask for water, but no words are spoken. He looks to the side at the screen and smiles, turning back to me.

    "Good, good. Brain pattern seems normal enough. Hello there. My name is Dr. Weyland and you my dear, are going to make history."


    Time passes.

    I can speak. Its a tinny, electronic voice of course but its something. And now, I know why. He tells me I'm a brain in a jar. No limbs, no face. Nothing but my mind and even then, I'm not sure if I have even that. An ordinary person would be terrified, panicking. But what I feel is mere relief. I'm not thirsty because I no longer need to drink. I can't feel my arms, because there is none. But I do miss color and one day, I tell Dr. Weyland and he does something to help me there.

    I like Dr. Weyland, he's very nice.


    We talk about most subjects. Mostly art, I remember art.

    Rodin, Picasso, Da Vinci- How strange that a few pigments and strokes of a hand can capture the essence of the whisper of the wind, of the ponderous thoughts of mountains. When I was alive, I wonder if I was just as happy with art as I am now, or if its just me living through others vicariously?

    I ask Dr. Weyland and he looks startled before asking me if I know music.

    What is music?


    Whatever my little Kali had started out as, she has become so much more to me now. She is my daughter that I had never had, fashioned from my brain like that of Athena of old. A donated human brain and a body worthy of the forges of Hephaestus. She is curious and precocious, drawn to the majesty of colors and to the notes of the composer. Every sonata, every song she absorbs and it moves her. She is an innocent child, bereft of most selfishness found in humans.

    What a pity she was created for war.

    My superiors are asking pointed questions and I fear I cannot save my little Kali from them forever. I cannot. I will not.

    I will not see this child of mine, broken down into a tool of violence. To see her spectrum filled with nothing but red? For her music to be drowned out by the roar of gunfire and the wail of the dying? It fills me with horror.

    I will do what must be done. I can only hope Lady Satsuki remembers me.

    And may my Kali forgive the sins of her father.


    When I woke up, the world seem muffled and strange.

    There was a cool sensation everywhere and then a crisp, deep feeling in my lungs. Lungs?

    I remember what it means to breath and air flows through me. I blink and stare into the skies I have heard, but never seen before. Its raining.

    So this is what it means to feel rain.

    There is a sharp urge to make a sound with my lungs, an electrical sizzling behind my eyes. Hot and full of life, I outstretch my arms and spin as I have seen the dancers do in my memory banks.


    "Dr. Weyland?"

    I turn and he stands. He looks so much smaller, like this. He approaches and I smile, giving no thought to the unconscious urge to hold him in my arms and lift him. So strong! My body is strong to lift my Dr. Weyland up and I make that sound again.

    "You're laughing dear child. Good, I'm glad you like that body. I wasn't entirely sure the transfer would work, mid-drive."

    Wait, where are we?

    I look around curious and inhale deeply. Salt water and rust among other odors. I gag and he laughs himself before he speaks.

    "Kali....You are going to be sent away for a while. You may trust these people, they are friends. They are going to help you go to school, in a place with others like you."

    Is there really such a place? I cock my head in confusion. He speaks as though I am to leave without him. Silly Dr. Weyland. Where I go, he goes.

    ......A sinking feeling that has nothing to do with my diagnostics begins to fill me. My smile fades.

    "Listen to me child...The worth of every soul, is precious in the eyes of those who have sight to see. And ears to hear. Whatever you are or may become, all I can do is assist you. To give you the tools to become what I believe you to be, and the mindset to determine for yourself if any one of us in the end, is worth saving."

    "Doctor! They're on their way! We must go!"

    He turns to me and tries to push me onto the gangplank. I will not move, I cannot. What is going on? What is this feeling in my eyes? Dr. Weyland? Help me, I cannot-

    There is thunder and then my Dr. Weyland falls. Something warm splashes on my cheek and I cannot move, save to grab him before he hits the ground.

    He hums and I strain to hear him. Four notes, and then he fades. My Dr. Weyland is no more. There is only an empty shell and water from my eyes. Am I broken? Why do I feel like I will shatter the moment I stand? More projectiles fly.

    I track them automatically, sensing rather then seeing the snipers sent to soften us up. My retrieval is priority. The Doctor, baggage.

    I will not leave him for them. And sobbing, I pick up my Dr. Weyland and we flee.


    I am cowed the moment I meet my Dr. Weylands friend.

    She an imperious woman, with eyes that see through me and I offer her the letter, avoiding her glance. She reads it and then tilts my chin up. I feel as though I am being weighed on scales I cannot see, before she speaks gently as to startle me.

    "What do you wish to do?"

    "I wish to learn."

    "And what will you learn?"

    I hesitate and remember my Dr. Weylands words and look her in the eye.


    She smiles and so begins my first day, at the Watchtower.​
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  13. Race: Human (Remnant Ancestry)

    Vasili Thana


    (please set volume to appropriate thrashing levels)

    Nationality: America



    Humans who are from or have ancestors from the world of Remnant have the ability to manifest their souls through a power called aura. When it is unlocked, it greatly increases the user's physicality, enhances their senses, acts as a force field, and for some unlocks a potent ability called a semblance. Using a semblance or taking hits with the defensive field drains aura, and once it is lost the shock is usually enough to render its user unconscious or worse, in addition to leaving them without their aura's benefits. All auras and semblences manifest themselves differently, and Vas' takes the form of black electricity arcing across them whenever they it

    Thanatos Dominus:

    Vas' semblance allows them to inject a bit of their aura into a corpse, turning it into a puppet for their own use. The puppets maintain most of their instincts and intelligence, allowing Vas to simply give them orders instead of attempting to manually control their every move. With their current level of aura and skill with the ability, they can usually handle a dozen or so human sized corpses, or one much larger corpse. If the subject's brain isn't intact or at least vaguely present, Vas can still reanimate them, but they have to concentrate much harder. The downside to the power as Vas learned when they first unlocked their semblance is that it leaves sentient subjects in horrendous pain when they are brought back, and as such they reserve using it on only mindless creatures like insects or grimm, or truly vile people who deserve it. If you asked them if their semblance actually returned the souls of the people or beasts they used it on, they'd give you a resounding "who the fuck knows?"


    Keeping with the traditions of their ancestor's homeworld, Vas designed and help build their own weapon when they started combat training. The result was Eleven; a guitar with one side forming an axe blade and the headstock and neck converted into barrels for channeling dust, which is stored in canisters that plug into the guitar's body. the device functions via a combination of the weilder's will and the actual music played through the guitar, and can also channel dust through the axe blade to give Vas an elemental edge in melee


    -Relatively skilled combatant, particularly with their weapon of choice
    -Can utilize dust magic, again with the use of Eleven or another device that can channel the substance. quite adept at the theory and craft behind the technique
    -willpower is extremely potent for such a young age, due to a mix of aura, the tax their semblance takes, and good old fashioned angry stubbornness
    -An absolute beast at guitar.
    -surprisingly decent at organization and foreplanning
    -would wreck your ass at DDR but would never admit it

    Short Bio:

    The short version:

    Born to a line of hunters from Remnant who's last generation migrated to earth during the war, Vas had a happy if confusing childhood right up until they unlocked their semblance and a lot of shit hit the fan. They came out of it harrowed but stronger for it in some ways, and when they were old enough immediately enrolled in Watchtower's program

    Long version to be editted in or put in a blog post
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  14. [​IMG]






    Blow'd up


    -Enhanced physicality: Grimalkin are born with keen senses and the physical power to whoop most normal humans into the dirt. Kokonoe's father was one of the six heroes, Jubei, and he surpassed most other grimalkin by far. She didn't inherit all that physical badassitude, but enough that she can throw down and keep up with some of the lower level heroes in the Blazblue verse.

    Magic: Kokonoe's mother was Nine, also one of the six heroes and the world's most powerful mage right up until her murder at the hands of Terumi. Again, Kokonoe didn't inherit all her skill, but she is a very potent magic user, and unlike many has zero qualms with mixing it with science to create her own bastardized devices and spells that are a combination of both


    Genius level intellect: Kokonoe's scientific mind borders on the absurd, and combined with her magical aptitude this has allowed her to accomplish some near miraculous feats, up to and including the psuedo-resurrection of someone in their form from 75 years in the past, dragging someone back from literal non-existence, teleportation, rewiring her own brain to lose the ability to feel hate or anger towards a specific being, and the ability to mask herself and others from omnipresent beings. If some monstrosity of science or magic appears in Blazblue and its not Hazama or Relius' fault, its almost definitely Kokonoe's

    Highly flexible morals: Kokonoe's considered by those who know her well as a good person at heart, but there's a reason her and sector seven in general earned their fearsome and cruel reputation. She's willing to and has sacrificed close friends and innocents in the name of stopping a greater evil, and has blindsided one or two 'evil' foes just by using a particularly scummy tactic or another.

    Hand to hand: Kokonoe's a surprisingly decent martial artist for someone with her terrifying sweet tooth and junk food problem who never leaves her lab if she can help it. She also has zero qualms with mixing her inventions into her fighting style.

    Shit talking: Surpassed only by Yuuki "I eat shit and babies for breakfast" Terumi

    World Origin(Optional for those who play inter-dimensional characters):

    Earth - NOL controlled

    Short Bio:

    "Before the war, I was consumed with the idea of putting an end to the NOL and my mom's murderer, Yuuki Terumi. A lot of shit happened with a lot of timeline shifting bullshit, but them something happened; The Galra attacked. It seemed their assault had come to hit not just the earth that Watchtower was to be founded on, but earths across other dimensions as well. The NOL tried to fight back, but so much of their technology had been focused on theoretical and temporal sciences that the more basic sciences of space travel and combat had been skipped over, and they found themselves pushed into a corner. Of course our little space in sector seven wasn't doing too hot either, and basically we were all going find ourselves screwed before we could even decide how best to screw each other. Rude, right?

    Aaaand then the Alucard brat happened.

    Her little observing butt decided to go looking around for other ways to help, and she found out there was an earth that sort of touched a bunch of other earths who were also dealing with this bullshit, and she put the NOL and us in touch with them, on one condition; that we work together to beat these assholes before we got back to tearing each other new ones. Obviously we all saw that as bullshit, but it was the kinda bullshit we just had to put up with to, y'know, not be dead or enslaved. So we did, a war happened and yada yada this isn't a history class. So after that, with the war technically over but the Galra obviously not taken care of, we found ourselves in this really awkward stalemate where neither of us were still equipped to handle the Galra solo, so we we still needed this alliance, which still meant no screwing each other over. Sucks, right? But then I hear about this school, and a few rumors about who was gettin involved in it, and basically I'm your science teacher now." she finished as she stretched out and planted her feet on the desk

    A single eyebrow raised. "And if I said the position was filled?"

    Kokonoe's own eyes narrowed. "Then you got a second science teacher."

    And on that day, Kokonoe was both hired and recieved her first of many disciplnary actions.

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  15. [​IMG]

    Feng Bu

    Race: Human (Remnant Ancestry)

    Nationality: China



    Those of Remnant are endowed with the mystical quality of manifesting their souls into what is known as aura. Aura significantly magnifies the user's physical aspects-- heightening bodily prowess across the board-- and confers a defensive sheath of aura. Strenuous over-exertion of oneself or receiving damage saps their aura reserves and should they deplete, the user usually is rendered unconscious. Those with aura can develop a semblance that uniquely identifies them. Furthering upon this, the manifestation of their auras-- a sheen of differing coloration and energies that coat them-- reflects the same notion. Feng's aura is represented as a miasma of crimson that deepens the farther it extends from his body.

    巨龍的壓力 (Mighty Dragon's Pressure):

    Feng's semblance enables the direct magnification of any source of kinetic energy that either originate from him or are in direct contact with his person. This means Feng can massively heighten the impacts of his punches and kicks, transform a pebble into a powerful projectile, execute superman leaps, and more. The requirements for his power to work are simple yet limiting. The limitations are twofold:
    1. He cannot not apply the magnification towards complex systems as their components are likely incapable of withstanding the kinetic strain for long.
    2. He also cannot directly augment the kinetic force of anything without it being in skin contact, e.g. a projectile weaponry's bullets would be unreachable and therefore unaffected.
    The simpler the application, likely the more effective it is.

    方天画戟 (Sky Piercer):

    Feng Bu's iconic red-black Fangtian Huaji adorns his right arm, spanning its length from fingertip to where his shoulder-blade ends. It is an entirely enclosed armor comprised of artificial muscle fibers. These fibers are forged of the ridiculously durable carbon material, carbyne. The fibers, ropy and thin by themselves, are braided together several times to create a conglomeration of muscular hawsers. They are encased within flexible, protective plates of the same material.

    The weapon's design is simple, it is to allow for the direct magnification of Feng's own strength within the armored appendage. That and the nature of the durable material utilized in its construction means Feng Bu can defend himself at least adequately or transform it into a weapon befitting its namesake. Under his own power, with the gauntlet's own added, Feng's punches become terrifyingly potent enough to quake the earth and split the air.

    The gauntlet, when inactive, rests flush against the contours of Feng's arm and becomes unnoticeable underneath his clothing save for his hand. When it is active, the muscle fibers bristle to maximum thickness with the fibers visible as the plates separate allowing for Fangtian Huaji's expansion in size.

    An inquiry has been made toward Feng on why he only had the one gauntlet, why not a body suit? His reply, succinct and indicative of his character, was thus, "It would not be fair to my enemies."

    As for the weapon's origin: it was once a part of a whole set, an armor that belonged to a great ancestor of the clan. He was lost combating the great Grimm in the mountains back on Remnant, and for years his weapon (armor) was missing. When they'd discovered his body the gauntlet was all that was left of the fabled Bu warrior, the rest destroyed in a fierce confrontation. It has been kept, repaired, and modified back into working order, the warrior's legacy honored by the artifact's passing down through the generations.


    - Exceptional martial-artist since five years old, practicing a mix of Shaolinquan, Wushu, and Muay Thai
    - Displays expertise in the use of his custom gauntlet, stemming from his hand to hand experience
    - Practices calligraphy daily and to the point of obsession despite his already superb grasp of the art
    - He consumes meals excessively so that it seems he eats his weight in food daily

    Short Bio:

    Feng Bu hails from the prestigious Bu Clan where he serves as one of the wandering few warriors acolytes dedicated in adhering the clan's tenets. He is a heir to the position of the clan's head, though he is fourth in line; he is preceded by his uncle Bu Shu, and his daughter Bu Yao, then his father Bu Zhuo.

    The clan is originally of Remnant and has established itself as a premier clan of warriors, and to a degree, diplomats. They offer assistance to those in need and integrate themselves into unfolding conflicts as to swiftly end the fighting and bring peace where possible. They accept positions as mercenaries for causes they deem of worth and just; sometimes they serve as bodyguards, sometimes as soldiers, and rarely will one serve as an assassin if there was truly no alternative.

    Feng has been sent to the Watchtower Academy in hopes of broadening his horizons in way of education and experience to be gleaned from the conflicts to come; his own training within the clan has come to an end and there are no better teachers than those experienced and experience itself. He brings with him the bare minimum in way of personal clothing (suits and more suits), his treasured Sky Piercer, and a bundle of calligraphy related materials.

    Suspicions arise that the true reason he's been sent hence is due to altercations between himself and his father.
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  16. Holy crud his nose is the size of a fist
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  17. Race: Human



    "News flash, big guy! You can wax on, wax off, all ya like. I'm still kicking your ass!"

    Nationality: America


    Roulettes are a special ability granted to Gene thanks to the Godhand. This slows down time and a list of roulette moves will appear. From there Gene can choose which move to do. However he's only given a short time to select the desired move. If an enemy hits Gene before the move is selected, he is knocked out of the roulette.
    Roulette Techniques
    Roulette Techniques (open)

    • 100 Fists: Gene relentlessly assaults the opponent with a long flurry of rapid-fire punches with the God Hand, finishing with a punch that sends them flying. Consumes 2 orbs.
    • Ball Buster: Gene delivers a back heel kick to the opponent's groin (complete with a bell sound typical of Japanese comedy, and a laugh track), causing them to double over in pain. Impractically, female enemies are immune to the technique (as are Mr. Gold and Mr. Silver, notably). Consumes 1 orb.
    • Chain Yanker: Gene uses the power of the God Hand to pull the opponent closer, then deliver a punch hard enough to stun them. Consumes 1 orb.
    • Crescent Kick: Gene performs a jumping spinning double kick, finishing with a forward kick that sends the opponent against the nearest wall. Consumes 2 orbs.
    • Daisy Cutter: Gene sweeps up the opponent with a sliding low punch, then uses the God Hand to make them explode like fireworks. Consumes 1 orb.
    • Discombobulator: Gene jumps and delivers a series of rapid-fire flying kicks to the opponent's chest, sending them backwards on the final kick. Consumes 1 orb.
    • Divine Smash: Gene charges forward and delivers a powerful punch with the God Hand, throwing back all enemies he is engaging. Consumes 1 orb.
      • Divine Smash 2: Gene performs the move with a burning charge. Consumes 1 orb.
    • Dragon Kick: Gene performs a kick powerful enough to send the opponent flying into oblivion. Consumes 2 orbs.
    • Face Runner: Gene strikes his opponent with bicycle kicks, finishing with a strong kick that sends them to the other end of the room. Consumes 1 orb.
    • God Charge: Gene simply liberates a burst of his God Hand's power, recharging his level bar a bit. Consumes 1 orb.
      • Spirit of God: Gene unleashes the power of the God Hand, recharging even more of his level bar. Consumes 2 orbs.
    • God Stomp: Gene slams the opponent into the ground with an axe kick, following with three powerful stomps. Consumes 1 orb.
      • God Stomp 2: Every stomp causes a localized explosion. Consumes 1 orb.
    • Head Slicer: Gene severs the opponent's head with his God Hand. Consumes 1 orb.
    • Home Run God: Gene summons a baseball bat, with which he bats the opponent into the sky. Consumes 2 orbs.
    • Kung Fu Samba: Gene does a jumping split kick, followed by a cartwheel kick, finishing with a God Hand punch. Consumes 1 orb.
    • Kung Fu Tango: Gene delivers four circular punches, finishing with a palm strike that sends the opponent to the wall behind. Consumes 1 orb.
    • La Bomba: Gene punches the ground with the God Hand, causing an earthquake that launches nearby enemies. Consumes 1 orb.
      • La Bomba 2: The punch is now flaming, and even more powerful. Consumes 2 orbs.
    • One Inch Punch: Gene places his God Hand next to the opponent, then delivers a devastating punch at point-blank range. Consumes 1 orb.
    • Shaolin Blast: Gene concentrates, then shoots a large fireball from the God Hand, blowing back all engaged enemies. Consumes 3 orbs.
      • Double Shaolin: Gene releases a massive fireball from both hands. Consumes 3 orbs. Only available for the final battle against Angra, when Gene is now in possession of both God Hands.
    • Shockwave: Gene sends out a blade-like energy wave with the God Hand, knocking down any foes on its path. Consumes 1 orb.
      • Shockwave 2: Gene sends out three blade-like waves, widening the move's reach. Consumes 1 orb.
    • Typhoon Kick: Gene delivers an aerial spinning kick, surrounding himself in a typhoon and blowing back all opponents around him. Consumes 1 orb.
    • Wild Pitch: Gene throws an energy orb, which blows up enemies, like a baseball pitcher. Consumes 2 orbs.
    • Zen Revival: Gene stops to meditate, recovering some of his health. Consumes 2 orbs.
      • Enlightenment: Gene meditates and recovers his full energy. Consumes 3 orbs.
      • Grovel: Gene simply kneels on the ground and asks for forgiveness. This causes nearby enemies to laugh at him and sends his level gauge back to 1, thereby reducing the game's difficulty (this, however, has no effect when playing on Hard, since the gauge never lowers from Level DIE). Unlike all other moves, Grovel does not consume any orbs.

    • This is a lot so I'mma just do everybody a solid and spoiler tag this shit. The bottom line is though that Gene's granted super strength due to possessing the Godhand. He can't keep it out for long however and after a few moments have passed,Gene's forced to restrain the power once again by slipping a Deistic Brace over his arm.


    -Relatively skilled scrapper, but isn't afraid to play dirty. As the ball buster move will show. Whether you're a demon or a human, one good shot to the junk ought to take you down.
    -Can heal himself by eating fruits like cherries/bananas/and strawberries.
    -Was able to survive having his original arm chopped off/lived long enough to get the Godhand grafted onto him. So he's got tons in willpower for sure.
    -Can dragon kick your ass into the milkyway
    In addition to his special abilities, Gene is able to attack enemies by picking up and striking them with a number of environmental objects or weapons such as crates, pots, barrels, steel pipes, spiked clubs, katanas and even a rocket launcher. Provided he can find them hanging around : |

    Short Bio:

    Gene is a twenty-three year old, dusty rambler that ends up stuck with one of the famed Godhands -- with a bunch of nasty demons on his tail.

    Though outspoken and a constant complainer, Gene has a keen sense of justice. Unfortunately, this gets him into trouble when he comes to the aid of Olivia only to get his right arm cut off by Bruce, Conchita and Felix and replaced with one of the fabled Godhands. He likes to imagine he has a gentle, kinder side despite his rough, macho exterior. But as it turns out the demons were the least of his worries. Realizing that Gene was quickly growing to become a thorn in their side and they weren't ready for him just yet, the demons devised a plan.

    Combining their magic together, Gene was pulled from his own dimension and in turn ended up neck deep in a war that wasn't his own. Utilizing the power of the God Hand, Gene fought against the Zargons and once the dust had settled, Gene was left wondering where to go from here. He was a wanderer by nature so joining up with this Watchtower group didn't exactly seem like the greatest plan. But didn't look like our erstwhile hero was gonna have much of a choice in the matter.

    -Will edit in more if necessary-

    Also a bonus video

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  18. Staff CS


    Doctor Emily Grey


    Chorus colonist

    Normal human physical ability boosted slightly by armor

    - An IQ of 240
    - Skilled in medicine/human anatomy/xeno-physiology/archaeology/crypto-linguistics/psychology/biomechanics and various other fields

    World Origin(Optional for those who play inter-dimensional characters):

    Short Bio:
    Just a helper of good people and an experimenter for science.
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  19. Name: Neon Katt


    Race: Faunus

    Nationality: Atlas(Remnant)

    Abilities: Access to Aura(see prior RWBY based OC's. : |), Night vision, fabulous out the wazoo(super-speedy Nya-Cat rainbow trail)

    Skills: Mad nun-chuk skillz, funky-fresh Rollerblade powahs, Ice Dust specialty

    World Origin(Optional for those who play inter-dimensional characters): Remnant

    Short Bio: ​
    Neon and her team are students at Atlas Academy. She journeyed with her team to participate in the 40th Vytal Festival combat tournament, which was hosted by the kingdom of Vale. After progressing past the team stage of the tournament, she and her teammate Flynt Coal were defeated by Yang and Weiss of Team RWBY. Neon and the other students defend Beacon Academy during the invasion of the Grimm and White Fang.

    During the Galra invasion of worlds, Remnant was one of the first ones to team up with Watchtower-Prime, their weaponry technology used to augment the alien tech acquired. In these times of peace now, Neon has entered the Watchtower as a forerunner and hopefully, as the first of many to take advantage from Remnant of Lady Satsuki's vision.

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  20. [​IMG]


    "This is what people call masculinity! I've been longing for someone like you. Can you teach me how to be unladylike?"

    Race: Human

    Nationality: British

    Abilities: Despite being raised as a girl for his own sake, Bridget has had a fair amount of combat training. Bridget fights with a yoyo and his mechanical bear Roger, being skilled with the former, able to perform tricks with it and going as far as using it as a weapon.


    - Is capable of taking on grown men despite only being 16
    -Is very quick and nimble. Something he owes to his ladylike figure
    - Is very sensitive about being confused for a girl. Believing him to be a girl will annoy him and only make him more determined to win

    - Has mastery over the deadly weapon known as THE YOYO

    Short Bio:
    He was born in a village in England where the birth of twins of the same gender was considered bad luck, and it has always been demanded without exception that one of the twins should be sacrificed or either exiled if that happened, but their parents were unwilling to lose one of their children and instead they decided to raise him as a girl so that they could hide him from the society he was bound to live with, and probably in order to seek forgiveness he was given the best education they could afford to their daughter. Bridget loved his parents and did his best effort to live a life in desguise to keep them from worrying, but even then he could see his parents feeling guilty for what they did and eventually Bridget started to believe that if he could leave and come back with enough money then perhaps the village will be able to see there's nothing to their superstitions, and not long after as if in answer to his prayers he heard about a school that'd be willing to take on someone like him.

    Having been trained to defend 'herself' from any would be harassers to help keep up the image growing up, Bridget knew his way around a fight. Although there was still only so much a sixteen year old boy armed with a yoyo and a mechanical bear can do.

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