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  1. Time had been kind to the former commander, Lady Satsuki Kiryuin. Headmistress of the Watchtower. As a woman, her already-regal bearing shone with the intensity of a sun and like the eagle most compared her to in contrast to her sister the dragon, her eyes seemed to pierce the crowd of students as though she was seeing into their very souls. By her side, her professors and her most immediate One of Four watched on at the students, each one seeing something different. Lady Satsuki herself saw only one thing.


    Clay to be molded, twisted and put through the wringer. Clay that would endure grit and fire to become its finished project, or shattered and tossed away. Watchtower was an unforgiving place and while her rewards were lavish when earned, it was the punishments people remembered. Not as severe as her own homeland academy or even the predecessor of the Watchtower where she gained the remainder of her education, alongside a few beside her today.

    "Whether from distant worlds, dimensions or lands you have all come here for a reason. To learn how to use your skills for the betterment of yourself and your fellow comrades and for freedom. But what is freedom? Who are your comrades? These are questions we can only assist you with, in the journey to graduation. It will be perilous, some of you may not be here when that day comes. That is the truth of it."

    Her eyes flashed as she thumped her sheathed blade for emphasis.

    And then with a smile warm and eyes chilling to behold, even at this distance she spoke.

    "Welcome to the Watchtower Academy."

    So ended the address from the Headmistress and the students would be free to move. Droid drones would have been broadcasting translations among the crowd, for those whom english would not be their first language as across the airwaves came Korean, Russian, Japanese, and various xeno tongues that reflected the sheer diversity here. And then came a language everyone knew well.


    Dinner was ready and Lady Satsuki's kitchens in the school would have been busy, as numerous teenagers marched into the dining hall as they left the courtyard. As they did, one among them...A white haired girl with headphones resting around her neck would be examining the scroll given them, for free as part of their standard school packet. On the screen, a smiling chibi would speak.


    "Hello there Kali Weyland. I am Chibi-Hazama! Your friendly guide to Watchtower Academy! You have embarked on a journey, one where many are called but few are chosen. I shake you warmly by the hand and wish you the very best. What would you like to know first?"

    A menu popped up then, for the following.

    Island Map



    Dorm Rules

    Kali blinked and picked the map, falling a little behind as she stared with interest. From an engineering standpoint alone, Watchtower Academy was a place of intense interest.

    Funded mostly by its Headmistress and supported by the metahuman community as well as military organizations, such as the Galactic Garrison, Watchtower Academy was by and large, free of most red tape. Its students were no longer compelled to go to war as the prior incarnation of the school was and Lady Satsuki herself, if you followed the news was first to put her foot down in that area. As far as the island was concerned, there were several things known about it. One was the fact it was artificial. A moving, techno-biological ark. 382,000 acres of topsoil, biospheres and so much more. Its center made to resemble an extinct volcano and where the majority of the school was placed, where they were now. Beyond the crater, were the farmlands, the factories- The training ground and spaceport. Everything needed to make this place entirely self-sufficient, yet large enough to allow their more rampant students to run amok if needed. She was amazed, she was in awe-!

    She was suddenly bumped into and she gasped as her scroll dropped and she hurried quickly to grab it.

    Please no one step on it. ;_;

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  2. Phoebe Thunderman was shocked about how much there was to learn from this school and she hadn't even started her first day. She opened her own scroll and pressed on the dorm rules. Rules were always very important to her, so she wanted to know about them first. Nothing else mattered quite yet. Well, except her classes, and that was second to the rules. She was thankfully not stupid enough to run over the map.

    Ian Archer let out a sigh. He had opened his scroll and saw that was where all the rules were. There were rules here. He wondered how many of them he would break and he ran towards the dorm, but not before he accidently stepped onto the map that the girl had dropped.

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  3. Fortunately, she was in the right place at exactly the right time--or not, the scroll already being stepped on before she could retrieve it. Pity. She narrowed her eyes, pushing the guy off lightly and scooping up the scroll to check if it was still functional before extending her hand over to Kali. "Not a good start to the first day, but I believe I can help if the scroll no longer works." The slender, raven-haired teen commented. Líadan took hers out, just in case.

    All the while, mentally replaying the memory of that speech from the Headmistress, keeping it fresh. Every detail. That bit about some not being here when graduation came. True, the lifestyle could be perilous...but she doubted the staff would allow for any real danger to the student body. Can't afford to lose many of them. So that likely was purposeful, a way to survey who would flinch at that or not. A test, even on the first day. Sounds like school.

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    "Gracias Dios." She muttered, practically sprinting in once the aroma hit. Her stomach was almost begging at this point, she could almost taste the cheesy goodness of pizza on her tongue...if they had pizza. Anya hoped and prayed they did.

    Meanwhile on the sides, another girl stood, surveying through her scroll. Mainly the staff list. Food could wait.​
  4. So! This was the school that she'd be attending with Darkness and Megumin, huh? It didn't look half bad! Certainly fitting enough for a goddess like herself! Though Aqua did have to admit that maneuvering around those strange machine things was certainly not what she had in mind. Even if it made speaking to some of the other students easier!~ Things were so busy however! With the students rushing every which way like a tidal wave of teenagers! But she wouldn't be deterred on her first day! She'd go and find her two companions and they'd have lunch together just like back home! Or at least that's what Aqua would have liked had someone not so rudely bumped into her.

    "Ow! Hey, can't you see who you're stepping into, girl?!" Aqua cried out, clearly affronted as not even receiving an apology for the unintended collision! The 'girl' that Aqua had called out however had a slender figure with a blue and white dress with what appeared to be a teddy bear clinging to her shoulder. Turning around as Aqua called her out, the boy yelled back.


    "Sorry about that and girl??? I'm a boy!"

    The voice sounded young and could have been confused for a girl's-likely having to do with how young this apparent crossdresser was. Aqua couldn't help but be taken aback. Not just by this shocking revelation but that a boy could look as feminine as this. Though it did bring a smirk to Aqua's face as she leaned in towards the boy with a sly grin on her face. Slinging an arm over the boy's shoulder, Aqua spoke in a low tone.


    "Oh, I see I see. You're one of those types huh?"

    "...Not following. One of those types? People confuse me for a girl all the time. So I just correct em is all."

    Removing her arm from the boy's shoulder, Aqua held a hand up to try and stifle the ensuing giggles. But it really couldn't have been helped either way. What a sight she ended up finding on the way to get something to eat! A boy who looked like a girl and who had a teddy bear? It didn't seem like he was intentionally trying to lead people on. But the goddess couldn't help herself. The giggles came full force and the boy wasn't exactly amused as he scratched at the side of his head.

    "Are you okay..? First day jitters get ya?"

    "No, no! I'm fine! I just never thought I'd meet something as outlandish as a crossdresser on my first day of schooling!~"

    "Oh! Their's a long story behind it! Don't worry! I'm not some kind of weirdo...My name's Bridget.."

    "Of course, of course! Boys like you should be free to wear what they want! You don't have to explain yourself to me! But, tell me one thing." Aqua poked at the teddy bear sitting atop Bridget's shoulder. "What's with the bear? I would have figured we were all a bit old for stuff like that is all. I'm Aqua, a goddess!" Well former goddess anyway but it's not like Bridget would have understood if she tried to explain that further. Bridget for his part seemed relatively calm about the news and smiled as Aqua pointed out the bear. "Oh Roger? He's my companion and fighting partner! Not just a bear! Right Roger?"

    Aqua would have just assumed Bridget had a very overactive imagination when Roger sat up on Bridget's shoulder and hopped off. It was at that point that Aqua realized she had made a grave mistake. Roger was indeed no average teddy bear. But a mechanical one that had a spirit residing within it that allowed Roger to fight alongside Bridget when the occasion arose.

    "Roger can even do tricks with my yo-yo! Show her, Roger!" With that Bridget drew his yoyo and flicking his wrist up, Roger leaped up into the air with the yoyo seeming to appear in the center of his chest.

    Aqua took the display in rather well if you think about it.

    If by well it meant clutching her knees to her chest and looking down at the floor.


    "I see, I see. That's...quite the friend you have there. Is it you who moves him around, Bridget?" Aqua asked, sounding hopeful that Bridget was still the puppetmaster in all of this. Completely oblivious to how bothered Aqua was by Roger, Bridget shook his head.

    "No. Roger does what Roger wants. That's all."

    Before the conversation could go any further and thankfully before Aqua fled in a panic, the two turned their attention to another newcomer. This one looked like she fit the rough and tough atmosphere of the academy to a t with a leather jacket draped over her shoulders and a skull motif bike helmet tucked under one arm.


    Not even giving Aqua or Bridget/Roger the slightest glance, the new girl continued forward with scroll in the other hand. She wasn't about to start wandering around blind after all. Thankful for the distraction, Aqua quickly rose to her feet and hurried after the biker girl. Hopefully Aqua could just hang around her until Megumin and Darkness popped up :,)

    "Well, it was fun meeting you Bridget and your unnerving bear! Perhaps we'll have classes together! Bye!" Aqua said as she clung to the new girl's arm which earned her a bemused 'ahem.' and Aqua slowly turned to look at the girl's face which might have frightened her more than Roger. Just how serious this girl appeared to be and given the rest of her outfit was quite intimidating.

    "S-Sorry about that, you know! First day jitters and all that! Who knows where anybody's hands go! Hahaha..hah.."




    "Soooooooo, I'm Aqua, it's nice to meet you!"

    Hoping that a introduction would have cut through the awkward tension between them, Aqua eagerly stuck out her hand as the girl blinked before her demeanor relaxed as she reached out and took the offered hand.



    Yes! Plan to salavage this impromptu meetup was a success! Not letting go of Akira's hand, Aqua began to lead her off to a table as she started to ramble off. All the while Akira's expression took on a more confused one. She wasn't exactly blessed with social graces but something seemed off about this girl despite her bubbly nature. Watching the two girls interact,Bridget tilted his head in confusion. Despite having been raised as one, Bridget felt there were still somethings about girls that eluded him.

    Or maybe that blue haired girl was just weird. For one, Bridget noticed that she didn't seem to be wearing underwear. That combined with everything else left Bridget feeling pretty confused after their brief interaction.

    "I have a feeling if everyone here is as interesting as that girl, we'll be in for a exciting time, Roger. I think you can count on that!"

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  5. Orion
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    Orion wasn't quite sure where to start in a vast place like this... By far, this was one of the largest housing complexes he had seen, far larger than anything his parents had provided... Which was a good thing. He had been trying to keep up to date on the newest technologies going on, namely to see if there were any advances in the "reinforced doors" department and all that, and perhaps if any new cool blades, particularly Katanas had been invented lately. He was so lost in his thoughts that he wasn't paying very close attention to his surroundings, which resulted in him bumping into someone, jolting him straight out of his train of thought, and back into reality as it was. Though he was about to try and apologize to the random stranger he accidentally bumped into, he was too late!

    Unwittingly, he had set off some inconvenient chain reaction, causing that particular stranger to bump into someone else walking by, causing them to stumble and then bump into a fellow student holding their scroll, causing them to drop it. He ran over, deciding to try and pick up the dropped scroll, but, it seemed the situation had already been handled by someone else. Not before the scroll had been stepped on suddenly, oof, he couldn't help but grimace a little, hoping it wasn't damaged easily.

    After the entire scene played out in front of him, that is after he wrested his hand from that little area of chaos, he decided it was best to get out his scroll and check the dorm rules for the time being. Perhaps he'd apologize later, but... It seemed like the student he had accidentally ended up getting bumped in some strange chain reaction of students bumping into students already had her hands full.​
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  6. Within the roving students was a stationary individual, of Chinese descent, with his head inclined downward as his thick fingers manipulated free his shirt-cuffs' buttons. He repeated the same for those lacing his Calvin Klein jacket and shirt adorning his squat frame, making himself comfortable now that the formality was over with. The act would reveal a corded necklace with metal bracing at its bottom, connected to a vertical rectangle of bamboo with Chinese calligraphy inscribed upon it, resting against his chest. It would be taken into his fingers briefly, looked over with care, and gingerly released. That done, the man glanced upward and straight ahead, his eyes settling on the dining hall everyone gathered towards. His was an air of stoic discipline, his features failing to convey an iota of emotion. But his intention would be made especially clear with what followed, comically so. His stomach uttered a fierce growl.

    "Glad that's done with," Feng Bu murmured as he made his approach for the dining hall, his right hand caressing his stomach. Headmistress Kiryuin's speech was the last thing on his mind. Unfortunately Bu was so singled-minded that he was oblivious to a fellow student dropping her scroll against the ground; he maintained his approach for what he predicted to be a grand, hearty meal.

    Within a few minutes, the look to Feng Bu's face would be different. It was elation.

    Feng was surrounded by at least a dozen different plates of food, varying in their ethnic/cultural origins; it ranged from the greasy hamburger to soba noodles to butter chicken curry, and more. His delight would be made known through his noisy eating, the slurping occasionally interrupted by his washing it all down with sparkling water.​

    "Ah~ ♫," the Bu acolyte hummed, "They've got good eats!"

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  7. [​IMG]

    Her disgust at the manner that this guy ate, slurping and noisy even in the din of the large crowd...was matched only by how impressed she was that he could put away so much. There was at least an even twelve dishes in arm's reach. One was even a hamburger that looked too greasy even for McDonald's! Then again...the guy is built like a wall as far as I can tell. Pure muscle, rather than fat. Sorta like Wilson Fisk...except not white. Exercise routine must be off the charts, how else to explain that meal...unless he can put away like Jabba the Hutt because that's his power. Super metabolism! Though...couldn't do much with that

    With her own tray, meager in comparison(only a few slices of pizza and a water bottle), she approached the big guy while most of the others gave him a wide berth. "Hola! Would you mind if I sat here?"

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  8. Feng's silence was imminent when Anya approached him, his noisy chewing completely ceased, as he stared the other for a good minute. The only movement came from his eyes scanning the woman opposite him up and down, taking stock of her intriguing attire of choice. Then without any ounce of hesitation to his words Feng uttered, "Shuh, haf uh sheat."

    Bu resumed his chewing, the delightment returning as he took a swig of his drink.

    Setting the oversized glass down, the squat warrior looked to the other with a fairly polite, if slightly apathetic, expression. "Name's Feng. What's yours?" He made his inquiry toward Anya... and without missing a beat, resumed devouring his meal.


  9. "..."

    Longest minute of her life. Every second seemed to drag on waaaaaaaay past comfortable as she stood there in awkward silence, feeling like a deer in headlights while he scanned her practically from head to toe. Making it even worse, she couldn't help but have her attention drawn to his face. Don't say anything about his nose, don't say anything about his nose, don't say anything about his nose she repeated a few times in her mind before, finally, at long last...he spoke up.


    "Cool." She slid into the seat, placing her tray on the table where she could and took a bite. Mhhhhhhhhhmmmmm cheesy goodness, delicious all the way down the throat. "Me?" She hesitated for a second...but then, it was a hero school, yeah? No villains around here to track her down. And he gave his freely. "I'm Anya. Spider-Girl. One of them anyway."

  10. Rin Tohsaka was among the many giving Lady Satsuki her full attention as she gave her short speech. But while most others looked like they were doing so out of respect or mild fear, Rin's face was one of calm determination. Maybe others were here out of pure altruism, to protect freedom and their family or whatever else, but she wasn't. No, she was here because there wasn't going to be another challenge like the Galra and their forces again in a hundred, maybe a thousand years. The Grail war her family helped design may have been ceased, but if it was going to be replaced a task this seemingly insurmountable, well... far be it from her to argue with fate to give her a challenge that much more exciting. When the speech was over, she smirked and turned on her heel towards the dining hall. She may have been hyped up for the reason of this school's existence, but she knew that she had to get past the test that was the school itself first. she doubted that everyone she saw around her was going to make it through even one semester. Maybe it'd even be a sort of tryout, a test of merit, and she had to be good enough, to be the best if possible. But that wouldn't be easy. These other teens weren't just from around the world, they came from other planets and even dimensions. The cream of the crop, the absolute best of the best, and she couldn't wait to see just how she measured up to-

    She knew better than to judge a book by its cover and all that but... this didn't exactly look promising. Were the entrance exams easier than she thought? Was she just having a bad day that day? She rolled her eyes and just sort of looped her way around that mess near the front of the dining hall and eventually settled down at a table near the back end with a small plate of salad and a tea. Her own scrolled was slipped from her bag, and she arched an eyebrow at the chibi display it created before she clicked on the link for classes


  11. "Something on my face?" Feng asked amid a lull in his eating, though one hand was hovering over a half-eaten burger. With the shake of his head, he discarded his query having decided for himself that of course there must have been something on his face what with how he consumed food. Naturally Feng went back to eating his food, namely that burger he helicoptered over earlier.

    Regardless? A thought simmered in the back of his mind. Anya's sense of fashion was something to be admired. Especially seeing that she elected to wear the costume among everyone else. That meant one thing at least: an abundance of self-esteem. Not unlike himself! That and she seemed nice.


    "Spider-girl? Fits," Feng murmured casually, clearly referring to her outfit. "Superhero?" *chomp*

  12. "Nope." She commented, glad he moved right along eating anyway. She did likewise, finishing off one of her slices, downed with a gulp of water before turning to the other slice with a smirk. Alright, it didn't hold up to Tony's Pizzeria back home, but as that place had cheese that had to be heavenly, she wasn't too hard on this pizza.
    "Yeah, for a while now. You?"


  13. Chibi-Hazama moved out of the way on the screen, as words came down revealing the following. Chibi-Hazama spoke, gesturing to them.


    "Dorms are separated into the following categories. Metahuman, Mystic, Human, Xeno and Cyborg/Derivative. Each headed by a member of the staff according to our students needs. You will be sorted according to your file transferred in, when you registered. Rules are as follows, as a whole."

    1.) Obey your Dorm Leader.

    2.) Curfew is at 9:00pm sharp.

    3.) The Dorms are split and are not co-ed. By curfew, all students must return to their respective sides. Any caught in violation will be summarily expelled and deported from Watchtower Academy.

    4.) There is no harassment. Arguments must be settled outside of the Dorm, to keep the peace. Any caught violating by the Security Council will be punished.

    There were more, but these were the most obvious at the moment as it went on about interaction with roommates assigned and how cooperation was essential to a future bright.

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    The white-haired girl wilted for a moment, one shoulder up in automatic tensing before relaxing as she saw what the two were doing. Taking the device gingerly, she scanned it briefly before offering both a grateful smile and a nod of thanks.

    "Thank you."

    British. Or some place with a similar accent. Quiet and clipped, she put the scroll away and cleared her throat.

    "No harm done I think. I am sorry for your hand though."

    She added, glancing over at Orion as he read the dorm rules. Giving both a smile she added.

    "I'm Kali Weyland."

    She extended a hand to shake. That was what people did, greeting others...Right?

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  14. [​IMG]

    "Well, 'ello there!"

    It was the same slightly British-accented voice that Rin might have heard earlier if she'd seen that altercation Bridget had with Aqua and Akira. Having decided to step into the dining hall himself, Bridget noticed how Rin seemed to be sitting by herself and decided that simply wouldn't do! If they were all going to be students here then the least he could do was try to be as open of a book as possible!

    "I saw you sitting by yourself and decided I'd pop up and introduce myself! I'm Bridget, and it's really nice to meet you!"

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  15. Phoebe remembered having to fill out a form and her parents had told her to put meta-human or something to that effect, to be honest, she was just excited to be at this school at all. She had heard that getting in here was hard and they rarely accepted new students there and that was the truth of the matter for her to be honest.

    Rule 1 was easy, she loved listening to people.

    Rule 2 seemed a little early, but she would be in at 8:30 for sure.

    Rule 3 made a ton of sense to her, the makers must have known that the teenagers could be teens and try to do bad things. She wondered if you weren't caught what would happen. She had no plans to get expelled or stay on the boy's side though.

    Rule 4 seemed strange to her. Had they had issues with harassment before and they needed to implant it, she shrugged it off as she also planned to not argue with anyone at all anyone too.

    The rest of the rules seemed pretty straight forward to her, she was used to those due to her big family, she paused when the sentence was future bright, must have been a typo, she would inform the headmaster of the typo. She clicked on her classes next.


    Ian hadn't even noticed that he had stepped on a map until two people pointed it out and he felt slightly ashamed. He was usually more careful and his preflex usually kicked in. " I am terribly sorry about that, I am usually much more careful. I'm Ian Archer,"he said, introducing himself to the others and he paused at his own map. " Has anyone checked to see if we share classes or anything?" He asked them, curious, opening his own class section.

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  16. "You're welcome." She replied, sliding her hand back into her pockets...only for the other to extend her own in a handshake. She withdrew her hand once more, clasping over the other's for a quick shake. "Líadan Hoyt."
    "Not me, no."

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  17. "Hunter. Different though, cuz of my clan," he replied, elaborating vaguely at the end there. The burger disappeared, swallowed whole inside his gaping maw and followed next in was the aforementioned butter chicken curry. "Trained all my life for it. We follow the tenets of the Clan. Oh." He exclaimed at the end there, almost as if he'd forgotten pertinent details.

    Then he ate the rest of his soba noodles.

    "I'm of Clan Bu; traveling warriors dedicated to our tenetsssslurp. Taaa-sssty. We seek peace and diplomacy, and strive to end conflicts. Our talents are sought after so they're strict on us acolytes to complete our training and expand our world-views. I'm here to do that. And eat all the food I can."

    Then Feng looked toward Anya expectantly, looking to hear her own story for why she was here.

  18. "Oi, Aquaaa! There you are!" A familiar voice to the blue-haired goddess would ring out in the distance. Through the halls, a blonde haired female knight dressed in heavy armor would shuffle forward before stopping in front of her, hands poised on her hips as she took a breath. Lalatina Dustiness Ford, prefers to go by the alias of "Darkness," was a good friend of Aqua's. Or so she liked to come to believe after all their misadventures with Kazuma, at least.

    With a smile, Darkness gave a small wave to her friend. "I'm relieved I managed to come across you quickly, else I would have become hopelessly lost in no time and... and maybe kidnapped by a dastardly fiend who would intend to make me suffer an ero--"


    "A-Anyway, who is that girl over there you were talking to, in any case?"

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  19. [​IMG]

    She was clearly hanging on to his every word at this point, so eager to hear another hero's story she didn't even catch on to him clearly waiting for her to speak up for a few more seconds. Oh sure, she'd been in multiversal stuff before but usually it was variations on Captain America, or Iron Man, or Thor, or Spider-man that she ran into. Having someone completely new is refreshing. "Well Feng, hunter of Clan Bu...I'm just a teenage gymnast from Brooklyn. My dad...was an investigative reporter. Normal life, school and all that. Not like this one though. One night though, I saw a stranger being attacked by a whole bunch of other strangers. Course, I stepped in. Got stabbed for my trouble. Would have died there if not for the stranger who gave me some of his power. Not going to bore you with the details but I worked alongside this stranger for a while after that. His name was Miguel. When he died...I quit working with his organization. Continued hero work after that though. Had Ms Marvel as a mentor for a while, though she goes by Captain Marvel now. Lost my powers eventually but I still did went on busting crooks when I could. Met a few great friends around then."

    "Then y'know, comes the multiversal stuff. The Galra Invasion, nevermind the other aliens invasions that never seem to cease. Skrull, Kree, being dragged into a war when a bunch of jerks wanted to kill every single Spider that existed, in whatever reality. All that stuff, well you know, just shows that learning never stops for any of us. Universes loves surprises. So when I heard about this place, I figured I'd give it a shot. So here I am. And uh...sorry if I rambled too much!"

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  20. The prospective students who would be attending the academy this year could be fundamentally boiled down to two groups: the ones who looked like they belonged and the ones who didn't. You could make that kind of assessment without even trying, just by giving any given student a once-over; You had the teens who were bright-eyed and peppy and surrounded themselves with other people, already making friends, your prom queens and aces and jocks who seemed born to be in the prototypical high school environment this place so-creepily imitated. If this were any other place in the world, those would've been the ones who belonged. Here... Here they were just posers. People who had no idea what this place was really about, or were just kidding themselves into thinking it was something else. He would've felt sorry for them if he gave a crap. Right now all it did was piss him off. So while the sheep teemed around in their flocks and kept up their steady, meaningless murmur in the aftermath of the headmistress's speech, someone who decisively checked the other box of those two student groups just shook his head with an incredulous scoff at what he was seeing, features a subtle grimace of disgust.


    Everything about this felt wrong. This war wasn't his war. How many demons were watching him spinning his wheels like some asshole right now? How many of them were here? He gave a piercing glare in the direction of the first camera he noticed, turned with a sweep of his ebony and crimson longcoat and stalked away, the bitter taste in his mouth magnified. He had no clear destination in mind and he wasn't about to open that shitty little leprechaun app to figure it out. He was just going away from all this.

    The path Dante took happened to lead him right past a lone girl who looked like she was using said app herself, and in a moment of brimming frustration he lashed out and made to smack the device out of her hands in a drive-by.


    He turned without stopping a moment later, casually continuing his walk backwards and raising his arms to either side of him in disingenuous apology.

    "Hey, my bad. But maybe you're better off without the little green man listening in from your pocket."

    Shaking his head scornfully, he turned back around and kept going. She probably didn't even remotely deserve that, but he wasn't in the most amicable of moods.




    From a little behind (and halfway up the wall from) the podium where Satsuki had given her speech, a single eyebrow raised across pale-grey skin that was mercifully shaded from the sun, lips drawing into an intrigued smile tinged with mischief. There were certain things certain teachers looked for in freshman crowds, and slapstick routines that ended with multiple people bumping into one another and phones being dropped were one of hers. The headmistress might've looked at the new kids and seen clay, but Marceline the Band Class Queen looked at them and saw... kids! And kids could be fun, she guessed.

    While most of the other staff elected to get back to their business or go sharpen their chalk or whatever, she felt compelled to float over to the scene, levitating a foot or so off the ground and holding up the opaque parasol she carried to shield her from the sunlight as she gave a breezy wave and a fanged simper to the trio.

    "Sup guys, I couldn't help but notice that li'l commotion over here. Everything all right?"

    She leaned her head to one side as the smile widened to fully reveal those fangs, but barely waited for a response before she went on.

    "Too bad. School policy. Those who drop their scroll on first day must pay..."


    "...The vampire's price."

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