The Watchful Seas: Restoration (IC)

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  1. <Centros City, The Red Palace>

    ~ "Emperor Wilkerson, you requested to see us?"
    "Indeed I did, I must always be surrounded by those whom I trust these days!"
    "Tis very true, but why, my Emperor, must you stay in here? Huddled alone in your palace?"
    "Well, wouldn't you be as well? Do you think I am proud to call myself Emperor? Do you think I should be parading down the streets, cheering the fair people of Centros for standing idly by while Centros sinks in its own corruption, greed, and piracy? I would rather hide my shame than bask in it!"
    "We understand sir...what are your orders?"
    "Check with the Barons of the land! See if they can work together to make this place better for once!"~

    <Lowcliffe Pointe>
    As The Visitor follows on it's path through the isles of Lowcliffe in Lowcliffe Hold, it is quickly realized that these are no low cliffs at all! No, this place should be renamed Highcliffe or something like that, once your ship sinks, there's no way that that you're going to get to land THAT high and THAT steep.`

    Luckily, for the Baron of Lowcliffe, there was a nice, conveniently placed flat clearing coincidentally named Lowcliffe Pointe. The founding Baron used this place to set up one of the only and most prosperous mining settlements, due to Lowcliffe being the only area in Centros with enough rocks and minerals to mine!

    Now, Lowcliffe Pointe became a Prosperous and powerful multi-purpose city of Centros and the Capital of Lowcliffe hold, since it has a Stronghold of the same name. It suffers from a huge gap between the rich and poor, the rich being the ones who drive the poor dockworkers and miners. Piracy, although unrespected in the fort, is very much allowed, and there's a very high chance of you getting a lot more crew than you asked for...
    Lowcliffe Pointe's Stronghold (As pictured above) Is located through a steep road winding up to the near high cliffs of Lowcliffe, and seem to watch over the town like a menacing hawk. This is the location of where most of the city's rich live, as well as the residency of the Baron and the entire military operations of that hold. It's high location and cannon amount make it almost unbeatable by ships, and it would require a vast amount of gunpowder pointed upwards to defeat this thing, going inside is also a challenge, as the only real way is up a narrow, winding road to a well-defended set of doors that only allow certain people to pass through.

    The citizens of the city shiver upon the sight of The Visitor and fear strikes them upon hearing about The Baroness, people gossip, hoping that she doesn't make her stop here and just passes along, like the city never existed.


    <Westward, Near Freewatch>
    After long months of travelling east, the crew of The Broken Chain finally see land in Centros, although it isn't as much of a wonderful sight to see...
    The Stronghold of Freewatch stands before you, and, as the capital of Freewatch hold, and the coordination of pretty much every military force in that hold...they don't take kindly to pirates, you could reset your course for Canturn, which is much more kindlier to people like you...or you can try to best the fort, see how things go!


    <Parish Watch>

    The Emperor made it's way toward Parish Watch and discovered something...the watch was under attack from Parish forces, it's being led by the Parish Frigate Avernaise accompanied by a brig and two schooners bombing the island to shreds, however, the Centros holds a pretty tight defensive against the Parish forces, will you intervene? Or pass on?

    @Librarian Cat ( In 2nd post will reply collabing with @Amai Kyuti )@Archwar @Daspro @Dedtoo @GreatWest @Lady Martinet
  2. Captain Steve was at the helm sailing his brig, The Emperor, enjoying the salty air, calm waters, blue skies, and the scent of sulfur as cannons boomed in the distance. The crew had a nervous air clinging to them, fearful the Parish Navy might turn their guns on them instead of the outpost they were firing upon. Steve, however, just smiled reassuringly, as if he knew what would happen. In reality, he knew what would happen. A plan was formulating in his mind, and oh how sinister it was.

    The First Mate, a beastkin fox called 'Foxy' by the crew, stomped up the stairs to the helm. He gripped the railing with the hook hand to steady himself and opened his mouth to say something, but started coughing and gagging. After a moment, Foxy spat out a fly that buzzed back to the seas.

    "Cursed bugs," Foxy muttered before raising his voice." Cap, the crew is nervous. We've been been bobbing near this battle for near sixty and done nothing."

    "Yet. My friend, I have a plan. Now, we have a few options at our disposal. We could simply go our merry way and pretend nothing happened, but there wouldn't be much fun. We could help, get a little gold in the process, and be on our merry way. Again, not much fun. Or, We could go in, help our shabby military, cut their throats while we shake hands, and run off with as much gold lining our pockets before the Parish regrouped and attacked. We could also capture one of the schooners for our devious purposes. What say you now?"

    "Cap, you're addle brained, but that's why I stick around. Crazy is what you are!"

    "Good, now go tell the crew."

    Foxy nodded and his voice boomed across the deck as he explained the plan in simple terms for the simple minded pirates. The crew's nervousness was quickly replaced with lust for gold and glory. Some were even plotting to take the title of captain themselves if they managed to capture a ship. Steve grinned at their enthusiasm, but was concerned for their safety. The frigate would likely be their most troublesome foe in this fight, at least for now, but killing the captain should rout the enemy, or at the very least demoralize them. Also, who knew what kind of loot was onboard that vessel?

    "All hands prepare for battle!"

    @Librarian Cat
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  3. “Stealing rum rations, Mister Snubb?”

    The little man cowered on the floor at the first mate’s feet, whimpering pathetically. Though Snubb was his actual surname, passed to him by his father, he lived up to it. He was squat and pudgy, with a nose that looked like it had been squashed into his face. His eyes were puffy and red.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you, Mister Snubb. Your superior officer asked you a question.You’ve been accused of sneaking rum rations, what do you have to say for yourself?”

    Aboard The Visitor, only Captain Lhiano Strye was afforded the luxury of a private cabin. The infamous Quinn Pierce shared this cabin with the other officers - the bosun, the sailing master, the ship’s carpenter, the master gunner. Of them, only she had an actual bed. When she saw members of the crew individually, she stood at the foot of it, never sat.

    A vicious backhand lashed out, catching Snubb across the cheek. “Say something, dog!” The man fell hard onto the wood with a grunt of pain. “Either you committed the crime, or you did not. If you did, speaking out will commute your sentence from torture and death to simply… death. If you did not, then you’ve nothing to fear, no?”

    Snubb nodded vigorously, sobbing. “Aye, I did it, sir! I stole, I needed a drink something terrible, what with... all the bad business. ! I have nothing but regrets, deepest sympathies, truly! I never should have done!”

    There was a long silence after that. Snubb couldn’t bring himself to look up, but there was no doubt she was staring down at him, eyes cold and serious. Some people mastered a look of disappointment so withering it could stop hardened criminals in their tracks, but the Baroness had much more important concerns. Her stare devastated because there was no disappointment at all. Quinn Pierce expected failure and disappointment from everyone but herself, and it was brutally obvious.

    Finally she spoke. “On that, we are agreed, Mister Snubb. You shouldn’t have done. But you did.” Another pause. Pierce walked slowly around the heap on the floor, all the way to the doorway to the cabin, which she rapped on twice. The bosun entered, sleek black feathers glistening in the light from outside. “I suppose I owe you some gratitude though. Hangings are excellent for morale. Take him away, Mister Cooper. Throw his sorry ass in the brig.”

    The crow gave a curt nod and dragged the squealing man from the cabin, closing the door behind him. The sounds of his pleas took some time to fade, but Pierce paid them no mind. She was already crouched beside the footlocker beneath her bed. From inside it, she lifted an unadorned, unremarkable scroll case.

    The Baroness smiled.
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  4. The Broken Chain cuts through the sea, heading east as the lookout yells out, warning the first mate of the land ahead, with a fort. Just like the maps on the ship said. The first mate, a green scaled lady, tall even by the standards of the Lizardkin, raises her spyglass to her one eye to confirm the lookout's claim, before stomping the floor a few times, to summon the captain himself.

    Moments later, Captain Hazeer kicks open the doors to his quarters, and quickly makes his way up to the wheel. He nods to his first mate, who returns the gesture. "Z'Gara." "Captain." He stands by her, and holds out a hand for the spyglass, which she hands over dutifully. He studies the fort for a few moments, before handing it back and stepping over to the wheel. "Change the course to north by northeast. We'll go around the fort, just in case they aren't the friendly types. Then we follow the coast until we get to... To..." He reached into his coat and pulled out a map, unfolding it to freshen his memory. "To... Ch... Cho-Cha... To whatever this place is called!" He said, pointing to the map with a growl of annoyance. Damn the Humans and their odd writing. "Canturn, Sir," the one at the wheel added helpfully, with a teasing smile.

    The Captain stepped over to the railing down to the deck, glaring over his shoulder for a moment, before turning forwards. "Lads! Lassies! We're finally here! Centros! The source of the slavers that has been plaguing us for years! Let us free those who have been taken before! Let us take what we damn well deserve for all the suffering they've put us through! And most importantly: Let's have a good time doing it!" He roared, and the crew roared in return.

    The Broken Chain could be heard from far away that day, it's crew singing in joy of finally being at their destination!
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  5. Bleurgh dived into the sea in search for fish - or so he convinced himself. The thought of catching fish in the wild waves was preposterous , the real reason he dived in was to escape the sinister stare of his only shipmate , the squirrel. It gave him an uneasy feeling , like the squirrel was plotting something he felt as though he'd wake up one day with no arms or legs which would be severed by the squirrel. This was the kind of relationship he had with the squirrel. 'PLOP' was the sound made when a fish slapped into his face ; he hadn't been paying attention by pure luck he had caught the fish. Bleurgh swam back to his boat and threw the flopping fish on the floor with unreasonable pride although he had killed bigger , faster and stronger. The fish was bigger than the squirrel and it lay dead to his hands , this was a good message to the squirrel , it showed he was in charge.
    The Urglurp was launched into motion by heavy waves. " We go center of the sea. " His English was still flawed but he reckons talking to the squirrel is helping.
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  6. The Emperor closed in, Steve barking orders to the crew and they obeying quickly. The cannons were loaded with balls, prepped, and ready to discharge their deadly package. They all aimed at one of the schooners that had strayed just a little too far from her pack so with a single yell, the cannons roared their fury towards the ship. Under the tense barrage, the schooner had little time to react as hot metal smashed into their side tearing apart the wood. A few unlucky sailors had the misfortune of going overboard.

    Steve grinned as he watched the display. His men had performed admirably, quick and efficient that helped won this battle. The captain waited to see what the schooner would do. A moment after the initial barrage, a bell rung out and she turned tail to run. The other Parish ships didn't seem to respond. Steve could only guess that they were far too absorbed in bloodshed to care about the lone ship that was running back to them. Another barrage could disable it and thus another yell went out for the attack. The crew loaded the guns and fired once more only for it to miss because the schooner had managed to get out of range.

    A few crewmates cursed, but Steve just kept grinning. He hurried the brig closer to the Parish fleet and ordered yet another bombardment. This time, all the ships would be hit or at least tried to. The crew did as they were told, though not without great hesitation. When the cannons fired again, more bells rung and the sweet battle would soon begin.

    "I think I might have bitten off more than I could chew..." Steve thought, still maintaining his grin to cover his fear as the Parish fleet turned their guns to The Emperor.
  7. <Backwater City>[​IMG] Backwater City, the southernmost city in Centros and possibly in all of Ethos. Back in earlier times Centros usually threw any criminals on this southernmost island and leave them there to defend for themselves. It was a fairly decent way to handle criminals, as Centros had little room for prisons. But as the crime grew, so did the population of the island, and with that a settlement was made for the betterment and survival of the criminals. For years they acted as some standalone city-state among Centros until it was agreed into the Empire some fifteen years ago.

    The city is poor and the crime is high. Being the only city without a Baron leaves the lace in complete anarchy, with only the toughest pirate lords and criminal leaders taking control of little portions of the land. People fight over every coin here, and life expectancy is low. However if you are a criminal or pirate sailing the seas looking for a little break here and there, this is the perfect place to go to! Much better than its corrupted counterpart Edgewater Bay.


    Silvermist lays asleep on the docks, taking a much needed repair and rest break after a very successful raid on the Centrosi brig, C.N.S Daiymo. The captain of the ship, Madfur, leans up on the starboard railings and stares out into the salty blue horizon with baggy, bloodshot eyes, and the sun ever so high in the sky. He grows ever so weary and annoyed at this scene, yet he continues to stare, watching the ships go on and pass by, watching as some even more notorious ones pass by, saying "Hey, I know that ship! Has a great Captain I'm sure."

    Another ship he recognizes comes along, Lady Tidepool was the name, led by 'The Crimson Ghost'. It's another one of those mysterious do-gooders that want to save the world from slavery, corruption, and other bad things, truth is, slavery is mostly outlawed in Centros. But with all the greed and loop-holing lately with Centros's current aristocracy, slavery is very well still happening, maybe there's another word for it, but perhaps that's what they're all coming to Centros for.

    Madfur gave the ship another good glance before finally calling it quits for staring out into the sea for one day and decided it was best to spend the rest of the day in town for a bit, buy some rice and rations, for he sure as heck cannot trust anyone else with the funds, he gives each crew-member a sack of coins and a time limit-two days, before coming back to repair and go back out for yet another long bout in the seas. A few people remain on the ship, the Quartermaster, a hardworking, strange dwarf known as Brimly Barnacles (at least that's what he likes to be called). A strange name indeed, but he is a treasure most people can only hope to find in a crewmember. His whole mind is fixated and dedicated onto the benefit of the ship, he'll spend the whole day augmenting and repairing the ship, and almost never leaves the ship to enjoy town, he'll probably run down to gather some supplies, a few drinks, and something to eat before getting right back on track with his work. A man who truly loves the never get sick of something the Sea Dog only wished he had the traits of.

    Madfur extended a kind gesture to the dwarf, "I'll be leaving the ship for a few, I take it you'll make sure she doesn't get raided while I'm gone?"
    Brimly nodded, "Only if there something in it for me, if you know what I mean."
    Madfur knew what he meant, a simple demand really, nothing to worry or be afraid about. He whistled and on command, the parrot Crackers swooped down to meet them both. Madfur pointed to Brimly's shoulder and down he went to stay, such an obedient bird. It was a great idea to not add him to the list of fatalities, though he gets old with his intelligence, it's not everyday you have a bird that's survived longer than it's captain!

    Madfur petted the bird gently and it purred in response. "There you go, someone to talk to while you slowly go down the rabbit hole, HEH! Now, I'll be back in 'few time, take care!"

    Before he ventured out into Backwater City, though, he checked the cabin to make sure he came defended, as criminals are always a thing to worry about in these troubled times. He got out a bunch of assorted sharp, pointy things, a sword, and two gunpowder pistols with ammo to call things a deal.
    With that he set out, eager to tell how he'll get blood on his hands this time.


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  8. The first mate emerged from Lhiano Strye's cabin a few minutes before Snubb's hanging was scheduled. She'd been speaking with the captain for well over an hour, likely planning their next move. The Visitor was fresh off an impressive take, and it'd be easy to sit back on their laurels. The crew was sure that was Strye's preference. But Quinn Pierce hadn't slowed down since taking up her officer position.

    "Evening lads," she said, standing at the top of the stairs to the quarterdeck. She didn't need to lift her voice for every head to snap to, like canvas in the wind. "I hear tell we're to have a hanging tonight, is that correct?" A cheer went up amongst the crewmen clambering about in the rigging and those on the deck. Snubb was far from popular.

    "And who is the miserable soul what earned this fate?" she asked, drumming up a bit more theatricality. Much as she hated doing this, her own attitude would influence their attitudes. A pair of sailors threw the culprit onto the deck at the foot of the stairs. "Ah, but of course. Philium Snubb." She took a slow, measured step down. "A slimy, scurvy, sea-dog, if I ever saw one. May the gods see fit to-"

    "With all due respect, what the gods see fit to do is my purview, sir." A tall, willowy man stepped forth. Quinn had trouble believing he had no elven blood in him, but it seemed he was human through and through. The man's name was Khoros. Just Khoros, no surname. He had one once, but he had abandoned it upon taking up the title of priest. Even the clergy of a god dedicated to rape and plunder had to hold to some traditions.

    "Good evening, Khoros." The words were dripping with scorn, as they had been since the priest's first night aboard the ship. He had sailed aboard The Assumption before joining Strye's crew, and there he had enjoyed a position of great importance. When The Assumption caught fire in the night due to poor cleaning habits and a foolish crewman eager for a smoke, only a few had survived, rowing away in a small dinghy. The Visitor had rescued them, and never one to take chances with his afterlife, Strye had afforded Khoros a position here.

    While Quinn Pierce shared her cabin with several other officers, Khoros shared his with only an alter boy, and the zealous quartermaster. That still stung.

    "Good evening to you as well, sir. Please, don't allow me to interrupt. I'm sure you know all the rites by heart." It was both a dig at her lack of religious fervor and her propensity for hanging unruly crewmen. The bastard was good.

    Forced to back down, Pierce descended the stairs and stood toe to toe with her long-time adversary. She came up to his chest. "I've no doubt you could perform them better. Carry on." She gestured to the whimpering sailor, has tied behind his back. There was a brief moment of silence, which Khoros spent grinning wickedly at the Baroness. And then he spoke, in a booming voice.

    His speech was quite good, as rousing as any other he had given atop the steps, but Quinn didn't stay to hear it. She disappeared into the officers' cabin. By the time Snubb's life was brought to an end, she was already asleep.
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  9. "Cap'n, come on! We don't have time for this!"

    Long, blond hair whipped as its owner turned their head to look at the source of the voice. Captain Arabella Selwyn wrinkled her nose at the first mate, who in turn crossed his arms at the murderous stare of his boss. He had learned how to deal with her mood swings, and the best way to deal with this kind of situation was to not show fear, though it would only work with people the pirate knew. Bella couldn't careless about those who made no difference in her life.

    "Re-release me, you wh-whore!" Came the weak voice from the trembling body trapped under the other pirate's hold. Oh ow, wrong thing to say. Tydes, the first mate, scratched his head in frustration, already knowing what was about to happen.

    "Oh, bloody hell..." He murmured, turning on his heels as he left the scene behind, not really wanting to see the bloodbath that he was sure was going to happen. "I'm going to see the carpenter, cap'n! Meet you back at the ship, 'aight?" As was expected, he didn't get an answer.


    Arabella was having a rather good day, if she said so herself. Uneventful. It would be even better if she could get this blood out of her hands, oh well, it was on her clothes as well, bloody hell. She knew she shouldn't have worn her favorite shirt while going to a tavern, she never learns. Well, there was nothing she could do but sigh.

    "Tyyydes!" The Captain yelled from the dock outside the Leviathan. "Tydes, for bard's sake!"

    The mate appeared on the deck with a frustrated look on his face, not one bit amused by his captain's antics. "Captain, how many times have I said to not go yelling on the dock?"

    Arabella scoffed. "What? You're my mother now?"

    "No, I am not. But it sure does look like you need one!"

    "Oh, fuck you." Arabella flipped him the bird as she used the ramp towards the deck, walking to her cabin as she still showed Tydes the finger. The latter simply rolled his eyes, by now used to the lack of politeness of his captain. "By the way, how did the meeting with the carpenter go? I hope you got what we needed."

    "It went surprisingly well, actually." The first mate started as he turned around in respect as Arabella started to take off her clothes, throwing them on the corner of the cabin as she hunted for clean ones. "I had a bit of trouble at the start, but that was quickly dealt with."

    "Good, where did you throw the body?" The blonde asked out of sheer curiosity, looking at her reflection in the mirror and admiring the new piece of cloth she put on. Tydes didn't answer the question right away, instead he just shrugged and made a careless motion towards the floor.

    "Nowhere. They don't care about these kind of things here in Backwater, you know that."

    "Yeah, yeah I do." Suddenly, Arabella quickly left the room in a haste uncharacteristic of her, passing through Tydes carelessly, not really caring if she bumped into him, or not. "Except that they will care now because I accidentally killed the wayward son of someone really important, don't really know who, don't really care I just know that from now on our heads will be twice the price." The mate was about to say something, but Bella beat him into it. "Nay, not a word. I want this ship out of here in five minutes, no more than it." The Captain made her way to the quarter desk, grabbing the ship wheel as she watched Tydes unite all of the crew.

    "Alright, you useless sacks of meat! Here's the thing! We are out of here! The reason: I pissed off the wrong people! Don't laugh you ignorant pricks!" However, despite saying that, Arabella couldn't keep the grin off herself, already feeling the adrenaline running through hers and her crew's veins. Oh, what a marvelous feeling! The wind hitting on her face, the sound of the waves, the happy tunes of her crew. Arabella couldn't help but laugh as The Leviathan gained life, and, just like the myths, stroke fear into people's hearts.

  10. <A Disclosed Location>
    "Ah, Baroness of Northwatch! A very fine pleasure to see that you have considered our Emperor's reformation!"
    "Indeed Lord Gunn, It's about time we started a reformation around here, and I'm glad to be the first one on board!"
    "What do you have as a status on the other Barons?"
    "Well, the lesser Barons like Amon and Polken should be on board if we just give them a good thrashing in the right direction. We all know well the huge piracy situation going on in Southwatch, and there is almost no hope getting help from a place in complete anarchy. Dragonberry's too uptight and in the mindset of a 'Utopia' to be with us, and Leonin's not even the one in power in Hightowers! Most people say he's gone mad! But Hightowers is a powerful hold, so I suggest to replace Leonin with a puppet leader, and hopefully, things should be fine and we can get to work on the reformation."
    "Thank you, Mrs.Torres, for debriefing and reminding us of our current state in Centros. It serves as the main reason why our sickly king constantly stays indoors."
    "Ha! Wilkerson? I'm surprised he is still alive and leading this country instead of you Gunn!...Well, aside from our current political standing, we have...another issue that came up."
    "And what would that be?"
    "We're being attack, once again by Parish forces up North, It seem's that a well-known pirate brig, The Emperor is up there as well, probably being hired to help the Parish."
    "That's a major threat to Centros! What can we do about it?"
    "Send three of your finest frigates at once! That shall dispatch with the enemy, while we continue with our more...political plans."
    "Yes ma'am!"


    The Broken Chain, once again, weary and tired of so much traveling, finally circles it's way around the island to be met with quite possibly the nicest City in Centros! Although it isn't criminal-friendly, and the chances of you losing your crew to the city are high, while gaining some is low. However, the city offers a level of hospitality that you will not find anywhere else! Crime is very low here surprisingly, mainly because of the rich education that comes here with it's universities, and with all the nice people around. What it lacks in resources it makes up for in intelligent people, having engineers, scientists, and politicians to offer as a source of income, the Baroness Rosa Polken, who rules Freewatch Hold with a fair hand, resides in Bluecastle, located in the center-back of the city.
    It should also be noted, however, that this city is very religious and racist against non-humans, since not every city is perfect :3
    Nobody seems to care about the ship's presence near the docks...for now.

    Should this be a place to take a rest break? ​
  11. The Broken Chain slowly approached Canturn, doing it's best to not show any hostility. They'd find few enough ports to land in even if they didn't start attacking the first ones they found.

    "They seem to not be alarmed, captain... No cannons firing yet, none seeming to be watching us too carefully... No ships preparing to defend the harbor..." Z'Gara said, looking through her spyglass. "Either they don't know us, or they don't mind us..." She mused, frowning slightly as she lowered the spyglass, and put it on her belt.

    "Good enough for me! Let's have a rest here! See if we can't get us some proper food and drink, eh?!" Captain Hazeer chuckled, speaking loudly enough for the crew around the wheel to hear, to approving chuckles. The Chain kept a straight course, heading for one of the available docks, doing their best to follow whatever signals and rules they could understand.

    As soon as the ship was moored, the crew gathered on deck, as Hazeer stood on the railing up in front of the wheel, speaking to his crew. "Alright ladies and lads! We're heading into port! Any one of you who wants, will get to visit the town... But only in groups, and on your best behavior! I don't want any of you causing trouble and making us unwelcome here! We're guests, and we'll behave like guests, understood?" He asked loudly, looking at his crew, who cheered positively in return.

    "Good enough for me! Now let me just chat with the portmaster, and we're good to go!" He said, as he hopped down onto deck, walked over to the side of the ship, and hopped down onto the dock. He straightened his uniform a little, and stood tall and proud, as he awaited whoever he'd have to talk to with a smile. And just to be sure, he kept his hands on his coat, rather than on his blade.
  12. The squirrels tail was moving around, he thought the tail would point towards land as it always did but it didn't. " No ground, water yes, tail move why? " His English really was getting better a month or two and he'd tackle counting but he wasn't thinking about that when he realized that the squirrel's tail didn't point to land, necessarily. It pointed to large pockets of mass. " ...Ships.." He murmured to himself. The fact that the squirrel excluded the mass of water meant the squirrel was trained, it's trainer probably died. So here it is with me. " If- when I death, you be someone else and no care ? " He looked at the squirrel like an obsessed girlfriend and laughed after holding the stare for a couple seconds. It was a joke but he, to some extent, was serious. They were low on food and would benefit greatly from a trade, well more begging for resources than trading. He began rowing his boat in the direction of one proposed diection the squirrel's tail offered. Bleurgh rowed a mile and a half after three hours, the waves hadn't been on his side. The ship he was pursuing was out of sight he guesed he'd be there within 6 hours of rowing if the waves agrred. " At night we strike. " He remembered the phrase was from a play he watched when he was a kid. " Now, must wait, night soon happen...."

  13. <Canturn>
    The people of Canturn turn a blind eye and a disgruntled voice to The Broken Chain as it sets itself ashore, but no hostilities toward the Red Menance or its crew as of yet...
    The portmaster come toward the ship with joyous swagger and a toothy grin, he allows the ship to dock here for 9 gold coins an hour.

    <Backwater City>
    Madfur strolled into town, hands stuffed in his pockets as he went and did his daily run with each of his known fences around the city, making and ensuring that supplies to his ship and possibly growing army is going as planned. Until then, just then, on his way to grab some cheese and chips, he happened to 'stumble' on a most amazing sight, a well-of carpenter, probably here on a mission from a wealthy guy or some Baron or Noble, just get the shit beaten out of him right there on the floor of some dirty street in a dark and disturbing town.
    But it's not like this is the first time somebody's been murdered in a place like Backwater. This IS a place of near anarchy anyways. It's a surprise relly how this city's not burned down and falling into the swamp yet!

    But what piqued his interest about the murder was that he saw it in the making, which made his heart jump for joy as he saw the life being ripped from the carpenter's corpse. His eyes gazed only briefly of that of the murderer as they ran off, and Madfur took in the rejuvenating scent of fresh death as he took a sip of the exotic, expensive, and very sought after Parish Wine.

    After a few minutes though four Centros soldiers quickly surrounded the sea-dog and shouted "You will pay for your crimes, murderer!"
    Madfur giggled "Oh really? How original for you to say, what next? Are you going to become Bern and save the world?"
    The soldiers charged forward with their swords, but Madfur had his pistols at the ready, and very easily un-slipped them from his waist and pointed at the charging soldier's heads, which were very easy to get do to the fact that they ran with them sticking out up front, like they were going to headbutt him before stabbing him.

    As expected the hits were direct and fatal, the red-coated soldiers did a backward flip in the air before smacking the ground and dying instantly. The other two guards were smarter than these two , as they ran back into the city, to probably spread word. That's good for Madfur at least, when word spreads, fame rises, but not good in this particular case, as he is now being framed for a murder he didn't commit. He laughed hysterically as he slumped down to the recently-deceased guards and extracted the 'finest meat' off of them, as soldiers are known to carry the best kind, in Madfur's on personal opinion. he wrapped up the meat and proceeded to make his way toward the dock, hoping to meet eyes with the murderer again to pinpoint the ship.

    Sure enough, there the guy ( or girl perhaps) stood, having an argument wit what appears to be the captain of a ship, which is good, because now he knows his murderer's ship and it's captain, which seems like a familiar figure but seems to escape his mind as to who it is. He returns to the ship, giving orders to pack up ship, "Sorry, but we're leaving early! As your's truly has gotten himself into a rather...beneficial opportunity."
    Soon enough, the Silvermist will be finished with repairs and all, and ready to follow Leviathan to wherever it is she may go...and to catch a good murderer for a generous price.
  14. Hazeer almost snapped at the portmaster for that price, and by the hour! Either these cities near the heart of the capital felt that they could charge more just because of their location, this specific one felt it could do what it wanted because of it's fanciness... Or they were just dicks, who felt they could charge whatever they wanted from his kin. He didn't like any of the options... But the last one truly made him angry to think about. He should have just gutted this fool right then and there. Made this place respect the Red Menace! But alas, he didn't want to alienate the first port he arrive in. Every ship needed a port of call, after all...

    "Very well. We stay until morning. Leave towards sun as soon as see. No afford any longer" He growled, as he pulled out his coin purse, and started counting out the coins, before handing them over with a glare. He could afford more, of course, having been pirating for quite a while now. But he wasn't going to tell this man that. Then he hopped back onto the side of his ship, and climbed onto it. He stood tall and proud on the edge, and shouted to his crew. "Alright you tall buggers! The first half of you go now, run off into the city and enjoy yourself! But be back in four hours, so the rest of us here gets a break, yeah?!" He grinned as he looked over the cheering crowd. Then he waved a hand towards the city, and half the crew jumped or climbed off the ship and headed for the city, one group running, while most of them simply walked eagerly.

    He hopped down onto the deck, at once disappearing from the view of those in the back. "Now, the rest of you, get to maintaining her! I don't want her to sink like a normal chain!" He yelled with a smile, as he headed to his cabin for a rest for himself, and motioned for Z'Gara to come with.
  15. <Canturn>
    As Z'Gara and the crew of The Broken Chain were resting...little did they know that someone had arranged a different kind of day for them instead. In what seemed like out of nowhere, Armies of what seemed like a very organized mercenary force gathered up and marched orderly toward the slumbering ship, all armed with the technolgically advanced semi-automatic muskets, and clad in a tan and brown uniform, it's almost easy to identify that these are members of the Men of Progress (or MoP). No doubt their famed 'steam ships' are bound to come here very soon. Human supremacists, and more funded than any other criminal group in Centros, a ship full of lizardkin is BOUND to piss what is pretty much the police force of Canturn off!​
  16. "Captain! Captain! Warriors are coming our way! Lots of 'em!" One of the lookouts yelled, as she rushed into Hazeer's cabin.

    The captain fumbled his way out of his pile of pillows, quickly got to his feet, and paused for a moment before he stormed out onto deck, to shout orders.

    "Get a few runners out to gather thecrew! Have them swim around the enemies, and set up in case we need to attack them from behind! Load the cannons facing the docks with shrapnel, and get ready lads!" He roared in their tongue, before hopping onto the railing, facing the approaching foe, ready to duck for cover, should it be needed, or parley if that was an option...
  17. <Canturn>

    Moment's later, what seemed like an officer or well-uniformed soldier clad in the MoP's colors and brandishing a sword pointed it at the people of The Broken Chain, and shouted at the captain: "We have reasoning to believe that this ship used to contain captive Lizardkin. We also have reasoning to believe that the lizardkin overthrew their captors and are now ruling this ship, we have no wish to quarrel with you, and instead, desire for you to speak with your 'leader' over in the Factory, as we only wish to have great profits, and death is not good for business!"

    Apperently, for some reason, they wish to reason with you...why? It must have been the mustache!

    <A disclosed location>
    "What's wrong, m'lady?"
    "Did you notice something...odd about the Human Lord Gunn?"
    "Hmm...okay then, you may leave."
    "But, m'lady, If I may ask, what do YOU think is wrong with Lord Gunn?"
    "In my opinion, he's been acting...quite aloof these past few weeks, missing most Imperial callings, and doing almost nothing when he is there..."
    "I see...well, if there's anything you can let me know..."
    "Yes, there is, message the Baron of Hightowers."
    "NO! THE 'OTHER' ONE!"
    *A paused silence occurs between the speakers, before the one addressing the Lady nodds, words trembling in their mouth.*
    "Y-yes ma'am! I-I'll report to them immediately!"
  18. Well, well, well... Claiming to be friends to lead them into a trap? Old trick, very old. Though to refuse an offer of peaceful talks while in what could be considered enemy territory? Possibly even more foolish.

    Hazeer stood on the railing, hearing the proclamations, and answered with a voice full of pride. "There are no captives on this ship! All here are willing! None of the Humans who sailed here were willing to share this ship with us without chains, so we did indeed take command of it!" He yelled, to make sure he was heard, possibly by more than just the gunners opposing them.

    "But why should this one trust you? This one has had little experience with your kin outside of slavers and murderers!" He locked his eyes with that of the Human commander, wanting to hear a good reason... But also to see his blood flow...
  19. The officer roller his eyes and crossed his arms "Well, It's not me you have to make trust's the big man, of course, you can die by my hand, and to my enjoyment i'm sure we'd rather do that, but if you make your way to the big factory with the green rooftops over there (please refer to canturn image for reference) Than I am sure we can arrange a talk with you 'free lizards'." He closed his mouth, and pointed a hand toward the large building, which, now coming out of the front of it, were two of the infamous 'Steam Ships'. If there was a time to act...Now would be that time!
  20. Hazeer looked towards the two ships that were emerging out into the waters, an obvious threat, which he understood all too well that he couldn't escape. He frowned slightly, before turning back to the leader of the troopers. "Very well. To the factory. Just need to give orders..." He said, before turning back towards his ship, and hopping down from the railing.

    "Z'Gara! Get together the squad! We'll be going into an exposed position. We might need to fight our way out. Xer, you know what to do if all goes to shit?" He asked, as Z started gathering the people.

    "Yes, captain. If you are lost, we'll sail off, to continue the fight." He said with certainty, before he went to his position.

    Hazeer and his small gang of warriors hopped off the boat, and walked up to the soldiers, showing how short Hazeer was compared to the rest. "Take me to leader." He said simply, ready to follow along.
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