The Watchful Seas Part 1: Restoration

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  1. ~Prelude~
    This is year 40 of the fifth age of Centros, known as 'The Age of Demise', this roleplay takes place 30 years after the assassination of the overly corrupted Emperor Fremont by celebrated pirates Bern and Wolf. They continued to purge the old Emperor's evil system and any remaining followers to Fremont, hoping they have cleaned the muck out of the struggling empire for good.

    They didn't.

    As it turns out, the Centrosi Government spiraled lower and lower into struggling and corruption, mostly by greedy Barons killing each other for a throne they will have for only ten seconds before they too, feel the steel of the blade that back-stabs them.

    The Island Empire of Centros, once a Naval Superpower that colonized the New Frontier more than anyone, now struggles to hold on to even it's own capital city, let alone it's colonies! They barely survived an attack from the Nearby Parish Kingdoms. Barons establish themselves apart from the high government, intending to set up nations of their own, morale in the military has reached an all-time low, and piracy has reached an all-time high with everyone hoping to strike it rich, and thrive in this struggling economy, maybe even willing to change it.

    As for our legendary, reveled pirates of Bern and Wolf, they disappeared off of the face of this planet, never to be heard from again...

    That's where you come in. You, for whatever reason, decided the pirate's life was for you, so you grabbed your friends, a sack of potatoes, and your old grandpaw's schooner and set course for fame, wealth, and power! Or perhaps you just want to sail the seas around Centros! (I hear it's very lovely there this time of year!) For whatever reason, you're here, treading the waters and the cities of this broken and dismayed nation, in the midst of a colonial age, where piracy stands supreme! With wealth and death awaiting every change in winds! Who knows, maybe you'll even fool around and restore order to chaos, or make a little order for yourself ;)

    So, where will the road of piracy lead you? To death? To being rich and famous? Or perhaps something else
    ~The Empire of Centros~
    (some of this stuff is not really important but still readable)
    This is the Island Nation/Naval Empire of Centros, they are a group of tropical-esqe islands that are located just below their massive rival superpower of The Parish Kingdoms, located just above Centros, below and toward the left lie the Old Frontier, in which Centros has many strong colonies on, to the far left is the New Frontier, where colonies there is THE STUFF, also southeast there's a thick, green cloud that leaves that land undiscovered, but nobody made it back alive to see what lies there, people call that, and anything near it 'dead mans land'.

    40 years ago, this used to be the most powerful Naval Empire in the world of Ethos, but years of corruption and greed landed this nation separated, and nearly destroyed. Now it struggles to hold itself together.

    Centrosi Government was held in two levels, the High Government, which consisted of the Emperor and his Court of Lords, which serve as advisers and executors to his every decision.

    And the Low Government, which consisted of the Barons of their respective holds, as well as the aristocracy under them, they ruled their holds under the Emperor's rule, although some tended to loophole this.

    There are currently Eight holds in Centros, each ruled by a Baron and defended by a Stronghold of some sort, which control the military actions of the hold. These holds are Lowcliffe (Lowcliffe Pointe and Old Camp Fremont), Freewatch (Freewatch and Canturn), Dragonberry (Dragonberry Island, Dragonberry Rest, Dragon's Outpost and Malcom's Stone Watch), Southwatch (Southwatch Pass, Backwater City, Edgestone Bay, and Dead Man's Outpost)
    Northwatch (Northwatch, Paradise Harbor, and Camp Orthos)
    Seymour's Island (Fort Seymour), Hightowers (Fort Evelyn, Hightowers, and Parish Outpost) and finally, the Capital city of Centros City itself.​

    ~Rules and Leadership~
    ~ Your GM in charge of Lore, Plot, and other juicy stuff will be @Librarian Cat ~
    ~Your GM in charge of Enforcement and whipping the other GM into shape will be @Dedtoo ~
    ~Your Co-GM will be @Archwar ~

    1.If you have any questions, comments, concerns, lore additions, planned events, ideas, help, or anything not said, PLEASE contact the people tagged above, we will go out of our way to help you!

    2. We have no limits on posting, but please make sure your post both A) Moves something along (isn't bland and stagnant) and B) has some sort of interaction with another player in it.

    3. Some standard rules, No god-modding, manipulation of other people's characters or ships w/o permission, no changing story w/o permission, and PLEASE no OOC flaming. It's disgusting, and nobody wants to see it, if you MUST argue, keep it to PC chat please.

    4. Being an all-age group RP, I assume we will have 16 year-olds hanging out with 20 year-olds, that being said, I don't care what you post Romance-wise, but be VERY considerate for people that do.
    I sure as butts know that other people are, and that I, nor any of the GM's here, are not held responsible for your posting actions, if you post stupid, we report you, period. I'm not here to tell you right from wrong, figure out what's appropriate posting material!

    5. Same goes with swearing, pirates swear alot, I mean, it's not that far from a sailor, but don't be like Scar-face and swear every other word.

    6. Character Deaths: Let me state that first, piracy ain't fair, people die in the pirates life, a lot, and life expectancy isn't high, so if your character dies, be sure to have a backup on the ready, If you are REALLY attached to this character we might be nice and make an exception, but don't rely on that. Piracy doesn't tolerate whiners (however WINE IS tolerated!), don't be one.

    7. PVP: The most likely way your character will die is from another character, I'm being serious, If you lose, your fate is theirs whether you like it or not. But people on Iwaku are most likely going to be nice and merciful to you, so I wouldn't sweat it. PVP battles will be determined among the players fighting each other until they come to a conclusion, if they CANNOT come to a conclusion, a vote will be done by the members of the entire group to determine a winner.

    8. Unfair Clause: Keep PVP ties in a low amount here, I get it, we all wanna live and be just as good as that other guy, but that is almost never the truth, plus, it almost never builds a character and give a tear-jerking moment to say they both took a stab at each other and walked away! I mean, what the heck is that?

    9. This roleplay may not have the most plot, or the best setting, but, heck! There's only so much you can write about pirates, that's why I plead to you, fellow roleplayer, join us on our adventure! and help us add lore over time as this story progresses into the next part into the series, yeah that's right, your actions in this roleplay affect the next one! SO HAVE FUN AND PIRATE ON!

    10. In terms of posting speed and inactivity rules, I'm not OCD, I don't have specific time for everything, who even does that whole '2 weeks or your out' thing anyways? Exactly. So here's how we do it here. I RECOMMEND a post once or more a week for posting speed. However, If we think you have been inactive, we will send you a PM, in which you have about five days to reply about something, If you do not reply, your character will become an NPC controlled by one of us GM's, in which chances are you'll end up as cannon fodder. If you were fighting a player during that time, your life is forfeit, sorry. If you were currently interacting with a player and you are deemed inactive, the player you were interacting with has FULL RIGHTS to your character, no questions asked. If you will be inactive on Iwaku for more than a week, please notify us so we can reserve you, however, anything more than a month will just not fly.

    11. If you read the rules, post something about BLUEBEARD in your CS!

    ~Key NPC's~
    ~Centrosi Government~
    Current Emperor of Centros: Emperor Darron Wilkerson
    Lords to the Emperor: Lady Gwen, Lord Bazark, Lord Gunn, and Lord Uungunthal
    Baron of Hightowers: Baron Tarch Leonin
    Baron of Northwatch: Baroness Cynthia Torres
    Baron of Southwatch: Baron Silid Longhammer
    Baron of Dragonberry: Baroness Anais Dragonberry
    Baron of Freewatch: Baroness Rosa Polken
    Baron of Lowcliffe: Baron Rolffe Amon
    Baron of Seymour's Island: Baron Seymour VI
    ~Legendary Ships~
    C.N.S Pterodactyl: Ghost Captain Emperor Fremont
    U.S.C.S Xavier: (WIP later)
    and Phantom: Captain Bern Desmond and Captain 'Wolf' Dar Lomax
    The Flying Fortress: (WIP Later)
    ~Current Characters~
    Captain Steve of The Emperor
    Captain 'The Red Menance' Hazeer Zer'Herak of The Broken Chain
    Navigator Bleurgh of the Urglurp
    Captain Arabella 'The Trickster' Selwyn of The Leviathan
    Captain Casimir 'The Crimson Ghost' Herriot of the Lady Tidepool
    Captain Quinn 'The Baroness' Pierce of The Visitor
    Captain Feozar 'Madfur' Alandi of the Silvermist

    ~Character Sheet~
    Occupation: (hopefully a pirate captain or Centrosi Privateer, but if anything else please tell me!)
    Race/Species: (In the biologically unstable world of Ethos, any race is possible! although the most common ones are Human, Dwarf, Lizardkin, and Canine Beastkin [Sea Dogs] )
    Appearance: (Picture required please, unless you wish to describe in a thousand words!)
    What drove you to sail the seas?: (some backstory basically, what happened to get you to be on a ship?)
    Other: (anything else I need to know about your character?)

    Ship Name/alias:
    Ship Type: (I'm basically taking all assassin's creed ship types, since they do a decent job of it:Ships )
    Ship Appearance: (requires a picture AND description, like, crew life, how it works, any special laser cannons I should be aware about?)
    Ship Captain:
    Crew Count:
    Ship Backstory:(Optional, delete this if you do not wish to add)​
  2. [​IMG]

    Name : Bleurgh ( He forgot his real name )
    Age : 19
    Gender : Male
    Species : Human
    Occupation : Nothing really but a navigator

    Bleurgh originally called Stephen lived in the average sized town of Spifles until desperate raiders burned down a large portion of land and killed many. He did what most people did - flee. Everyone dispersed in random directions , he was unlucky enough not to get any company. He ended up on an island although he did not remeber crossing water.

    He starved for four days. On the fifth day he saw a weakned deer limping towards a tree it only had one ear and was moaning deeply , it rested against the trees seemingly at peace. A wolf emerged from the bushes and approached the immobile deer the deer shouted out for help in horrific fashion , but to no avail... the wolf decapitated the deer and dragged its corpse out of sight. The deer head remained and stared at him , this is when he realized - when he knew ! If he wanted to survive he had to KILL.

    Three years of the island life style ( he arrived at the age of 15 ) he became a predator , he was prey to few. He got so used to it ; he began to forget English. He was found 2 months into the third year , he had no intention of leaving but was forced onto a ship. There he was spoken to in English , a language that seemed distant to him. Learning it again was hell and even after a year of relearning he still struggles forming senteces.

    Now 19 Bleurgh wishes to sail the seas because of the tension on land and ofcourse FOR WEALTH AND RICHES !!!

    Ship Appearance

    The Urglurp is hardly a ship, more a boat but because Bleurgh's vocabulary is very limited he calls it a ship. Moved via oars it's not the quickest it covers around 30 meters a day, assuming waves are calm.

    He packed alot of food , among his things to eat was a " dead " squirrel which he later found was just unconscious, not even 3 years in the wilderness hardened him enough to kill the animal. He occasionally talks to the squirrel not because he's crazy, but as to not forget English AGAIN.

    Now the odd pair sail the seas a duo to be feared . At first he saw the squirrel as a potential waste of space and food , but to his surprise the squirrel has a habit of pointing his tail towards land unconscious or not it's very useful.

    The squirrel motivates him , he thinks about how the squirrel should be on land running around and finding mates but instead is on the ship staring at water all day and how squirrels don't have the highest life expectancy , he has very little time to repay the squirrel he feels indebted to.
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  3. Well, a pirate without a ship! I'm guessing he's going to try and find a ship then? If so, please PM it to the GM to be reviewed. You're also missing the occupation and race parts. Or are you currently working on it?

    My glorious App (open)

    "Why simply Steve!"

    "Currently I don't have one."


    "I would think 27 is a good age to start pirating people."

    "A pirate captain, though I like the term 'Well-Intended Extremist' better."



    What drove you to sail the seas?:
    "Ah, Blackwater City, a place that was supposed to be safe for rising children. Turns out the city had a nasty underbelly and my folks had to move the hell out of dodge because of a deal gone wrong. At the time, I lived a mostly normal, poor ife save for the random pirate attack. We got out of the city, but my older brother stayed behind to act as bait.

    We attempted to head to another city other than Blackwater, but some pirates got our ship and killed most of the people including my family. Took me and several others into a brig. Didn't know what they were going to do, but some of them had their way with our female counterparts. To say I was mentally scarred, yes I was. For the Seas know how long I was stuck in there, but I had enough of our filthy condition so while one of the guards slept, I was able to get a dagger.

    When the guards came in to 'check on us' I jumped one and sliced the neck of one, but thanks to my poor combat skills, the rest were able to subdue me, took me to the Captain, and decided to replace the killed pirate with me. I was forced to clean the ship and had to deal with nightmares on my own.

    And how did I get my very own ship? Killed the pirates one by one in their sleep, watched the chaos erupt in the morning, and freed my fellow captives. We were shortly picked up by yet another pirate crew, though much kinder than the last. The captain even taught me how to read and write. Eventually he died, I became Captain, blah, blah, blah.

    However, the Captain had the dream of reuniting the Empire. Told me stories of the glory before all this mess so why not carry the old man's dreams?

    "I'm aware of the Fourth Wall, though it won't often show, and I like tacos!

    Ship Name/alias:
    "The Emperor"

    Ship Type:
    "The Emperor is a brig."

    Ship Appearance:
    "The Emperor is a moderately large brig with a battering ram, a total of 30 cannons, 50 fire barrels, and a couple of scattered swivel cannons to deal some damage to any small weak points as well as to decimate an enemy's crew. It also contains grappling hooks to draw enemy ships in closer so the crew can board and attack the enemy.

    It is armored, covering the weaker parts while the stronger areas can withhold a few barrages of cannon fire. The crew also have weapons ranging from swords to muskets to a laser gun someone found. Course, that laser gun feeds on a lot of ammo. Oh, and we have Gatling Guns! Granted, we have only two and ammo is so expensive these days.

    There's also a total of around 40 beds excluding the Captain's quarters. The crew has their designated areas for sleeping, eating, whoring, gambling, and what have you. Though, the Captain has a strict rule of not bringing anyone on board, including whores because one time the crew suffered a outbreak. Though one of them brought onboard was a witch.

    Well, there you have it, the Emperor in all its glory. As the Rp goes on, more things will be added and who knows, I might assemble myself a fleet!

    Ship Captain:
    "I, Steve, am captaining this fine brig!"

    Crew Count:
    "There are around 41 of us running this ship. Humans, Dwarf, Beastkin, and Lizardkin are all running around being marry. A lot of them tend to be either former sailors or just glory seekers. No spellcasters yet, but we do have a few who know a couple of spells."

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  4. Name: Hazeer Zer'Herak

    Alias: The Red Menace

    Gender: Male

    Age: 29

    Occupation: Pirate Captain

    Race/Species: Red Lizardkin


    What drove you to sail the seas?: Hazeer lived a pretty normal life with his tribe in the colonial lands when he was young. He wasn't as strong as most of the others, but he made up for it, at least a little, with finesse instead. Which didn't really get him all that much respect.
    But then, one day, a ship came to their village, like they had before, to capture slaves. Yet they had grown complacent, thinking the tribes was easy pickings, only to find them to be a force to be reckoned with. Before they truly knew what had happened, most of the slavers were dead or captured. And thus, the tribe had a frigate which they didn't know what to do with.
    Hazeer suggested taking the ship out to gather riches for the tribe, get some revenge against the slavers that had tormented them for years, and maybe even expand their lands. The council of leaders liked the idea, and Hazeer was allowed to be the captain, as it was his idea. Since then, he's been tormenting the seas, raiding whichever ships he found, and has now found his way to the heart of the Centros empire...

    Other: Has a crew mostly of freed Lizardkin slaves. Often sails back to his tribe, to bring back riches and whichever freed slaves that would prefer not to join his crew.
    Hazeer decided that he and those of his officers who agreed to it would wear the uniform of their enemies, to mock them with slaves in officer uniforms.


    Ship Name/alias: The Broken Chain

    Ship Type: Frigate

    Ship Appearance:
    A little worn in places, due to a lack of know-how on maintenance. Sails made of spider-silk has replaced the original ones, which were shot to shreds. Quite a bit hardier than the average sails. Due to most of the crew being Lizardkin, they require a bit less food than most crews, making it lighter in the long run, and with more room for loot. Otherwise mostly a normal ship, though a few small time spellcasters join from time to time, giving the ship a bit of extra help at times. While quite a few of the crewmembers have simply looted the weapons and uniforms of their enemies, quite a few have brought arms from their homes, meaning that axes, spears, bows and arrows are not rare sights on the ship. 42 cannons.

    Ship Captain: Hazeer Zer'Herak

    Crew Count: Ranging from 250 up to 400, depending on how many of the people they save who decided to join them, as well as losses and those who no longer wishes to sail the seas.

    Ship Backstory: The Westward Chain was a ship that had served many a captain well, carrying many a slave safely from their old homes to their new ones. It had seen quite a few bloody battles, and many a time, it had seemed like it was going to be sunk, but it had made it to port. And now, it has been taken, bringing many a ex-slave back home.
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  5. You are missing a lot buddy, maybe WIP later? anyways, still need to see:

    Race/Species:(I assume Human?)
    Ship Information.
  6. Missed that thing in the rules, but ur a GM, so accepted!
    Same issue as above ^ ^ but accepted nonetheless!

    I'm loving these CS's! Keep up the great work!

    We shall get to shipping real soon!
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  7. Will do ! Usually I'm pretty good at cracking abbreviations but GM is quite the thinker. Would be so kind and tell me what it means ?
  8. A'ight , working on it now
  9. Game Master/Moderater like a dungeon master in d&d
  10. Thanks , appreciate it.
  11. Considering the occupation given, I will accept this character, HOWEVER, keep in mind you have a very high chance of either being integrated into another crew, or ending up dead.

    But before I do accept it though, it appears ur missing something, read the rules
  12. Eulb Draeb , I put it backwords. #Thuglife
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Oi , oi capt'n ! xD
  15. A human and a squirrel up against a kindly evil pirate and a boat full of murderous lizards. Wonder how this is going to turn out.
  16. Duuuuuuuuuude making a sheet right now.
  17. I'm glad you've taken intrest!
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  18. [​IMG]
    Casimir "Cas not Cassie damn it" Herriot
    The Crimson Ghost

    Male | 26 | Pirate Captain

    Race/Species: Halfblood Merman
    What drove you to sail the seas?: Revenge

    The birthplace of Casimir is one where merpeople are prized. Their beauty is sought after by the wealthy and they will enslave them under the pretense that they are entertainers. Casimir and his mother were two of those that were held captive. He was greatly desired as he's an albino which is rare. He had no wish to remain in a cage however so one day he took a knife to his eye and marred the porcelain skin he'd been fawned over for. Casimir escaped with his mother in the ensuing panic. He now wishes to gain experience and strength to one day go back and free all merpeople and kill all of those who enslaved them.

    Casimir is known as the Crimson Ghost because of his spirit like appearance and when he fights he cares not about the blood that spills on him. He purposefully wears blood red clothing to add to the act.


    Ship Name/Alias: Lady Tidepool
    Ship Type: Galleon
    Ship Appearance:
    She's a ship that's looked after well. Casimir was careful to pick a crew that could maintain a ship and not just fight. What he lacks in numbers he makes up for in skill. The crew is free to come and go, have shares of anything they loot, and can party all night as long as they do their jobs. Lady Tidepool's crew are a rowdy bunch who enjoy the freedom of the sea while still keeping reason. They are not to be taken lightly.
    Ship Captain: Casimir Herriot
    Crew Count: roughly 150

    [Blue Beard is a buttface]
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  19. BTW, I'm one of those buttholes that require you to put something in your CS after you read the rules *~*

    other than that, it looks like we got ourselves a fine pirate on our hands!
  20. Now we have a white merman. Now we just need a certain Outlaw to torment the seas!

    Jessie James: Better watch yer ass Cat!

    Arch: He'll be my backup character. ^_^
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