The Wasteland Rebellion: Godkillers (Sign Ups/OOC)

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  1. Sorry, but I'm cancelling this project due to cpmplications. Thank you all for your interest.
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    • Name: Ashley "Priest" Holt
      Age: 24
      Sex: Female
      Height: 5'10"
      Appearance: Priest is not the most threatening figure at first glance, hardly packing on the pounds or looking like the gruffest with her rounded features. Her steel coloured eyes, hold a sharpness, though that demand respect as her whole presence exudes an authoritative air. Her red hair is shaggy and wind tossed and often in the way. She dresses with a hint of both the old west vibe and military in her attire, both call-outs to the organization that she belongs. Around her neck are dog tags from when she was trained by the NDL, at least, they had the tools to make them then. Her left wrist is wrapped in thick bracelets, one of which has a silver cross embedded into the leather. On her hip, she has a rose with thorns tattooed. At one side, she has a sidearm hung. She slings her combat shotgun around her back.

      Bio: She was raised in a small community that traveled from place to place in the wastes. They barely scraped by, but they made it. They survived by trading for what they needed with those who stayed in one place. She always thought it was foolish that they stayed in one place when she was young. They never seemed to be there when they came back around the next season. It was a harsh lesson in how the forces of the wastelands could be. There were enough guns in their little convoy that they never had to worry about the small raiding parties or the occasional small beast. Not for awhile, at least.

      Somehow, they knew what direction their route was going one year. Her parents had split off with her and they were staying at a junction. The convoy was taken and lost. Her parents sought refuge elsewhere. They found a town that seemed well enough to do. They tried to set up shop there. Her father knew how to repair a vehicle decent enough, he plied his trade around the town. It went alright for a time til a bandit and his cronies came to overtake his shop.

      It was unlike anything Ashley had ever seen, though. One moment the bandits were everywhere, about to do who knows what to her family. The next, six shots rang off and a bullet was clean between the eyes of each of them as they slumped to the ground. She stared in awe at the man in the door as he blew the smoke from his barrel then tipped his hat. The light caught a glint off the star on his chest and Ashley felt a calling. She scrambled after the man and demanded to know who he was, why he helped, how he learned to shoot like that and more.

      That was how she came to know of the New Deadwood Lawmen. As a teenager, she packed up and went with the man to where he knew they were doing testing. She was exuberant. There was a spark in her life and a spirit in her to be able to do good and protect the people of the wastes and bring justice. She supposed they liked her flair because they passed her through in what she believed was remarkable time. Not that she knew what was good timing for such a program.

      So with a cocky attitude and a twitchy trigger finger, she was loosed into the world. That was surely not a recipe for disaster.

      Ashley met her first trouble in a hub a few days out. There were two people getting into it and going on as if to kill each other. She called out for them to cease. They ignored her. She made to shoot a warning shot. The young girl missed. It hit a passerby. It did the trick, though. The fighting ceased as the mother screamed. The father in the fight panicked and went to his child. The other looked to her in horror. Ashley panicked and ran.

      She made her way down until she reached a dead end and crumpled. She could not believe what had happened. Someone followed her. An older woman sat across on a box and smiled toothlessly at her. It shook Ashley to see her smile like that. The woman simply looked to her and said, "Pray. Ask forgiveness." Ashley was confused but did as she was told, doubling over and wishing with all her heart that someone would forgive what she had just done. All the while, the old woman told her about her god, who punished the wicked and forgive those who sought it. The god who made the bombs drop and brought the fire. Ashley began to buy into it all. The woman asked her to convert. Ashley nodded. The woman removed a bracelet and snapped it onto Ashley's wrist and told her to wear it well.

      The girl began to take a different approach to taking the law into her hand. While she would apprehend criminals. She offered them the chance to confess to god and beg forgiveness. Should they submit, she found punishment befit their crimes for them to commit to. The program worked well in several cases. There were some problems, no doubt. It began to earn her a reputation, though. Some jokingly started to call her Priest. The name stuck. She continues to work the wastes to improve it for everyone.

      Faction: New Deadwood Lawmen
      • Commanding Presence: Both in and out of combat, people turn to you when in need of guidance. You have the ability to get people to listen and follow your orders, and you have a tremendous chance of boosting morale.
      • Gunner: Give you anything with a trigger and you're happy. Pistols, rifles, even some of the more unconventional ranged weapons such as plasma rifles that sometimes surface are all weapons you excel with. Your aim is better than someone who just decided to pick up ranged weaponry for the first time
      • Compassionate: Maybe you have an innocent face or something, but people tend to be more at ease with you and you have a greater ease in getting information out of someone who is perhaps young, old, sick, injured, or frightened. You make allies more easily with this trait, and even some animals seem to be drawn to you in a, perhaps, less murderous manner.
      • Tactical: If it weren't for you, the people around you would probably be picking mismatched fights and getting their asses handed to them every few moments. Lucky for them, you have an eye for picking out weaknesses in your opponent's defenses and exploiting them, as well as directing some of your allies away from fights that would easily end in defeat.
      • Confession: Priest has built a presence as a source to offer forgiveness for sins and crimes if you confess freely to what you have been part to and honestly seek redemption. As a consequence, people are more likely to provide information to her related to sins and criminal activity, especially at gun point.

    • Name: Cole "Dizz" Neuman
      Age: 19
      Sex: Male
      Height: 5'7"
      Appearance: As far as is possible living in the Wastes, Dizz is on the huskier side: a consequence of a diet of liberated prepackaged meals and snacks from Neptune C.B.. He has dyed aqua hair with pink tips that is typically in a curly disarray. He views the world through rose-tinted glasses that obscure the bright blue colour of his eyes. He typically has on a large pair of headphones, either on his ears to listen to a stream or about his neck, which has metal protrusions pressed along that will fold out into his helmet. His exosuit is partly hidden under a large pink hoodie, though the wings are collapsed as small metal nubs sticking out the back of it.

      Bio: He is a simple man with simple tastes. Or so he says. Dizz was born on the outskirts of Neptune C.B. to two rowdy protesters who often dodged the cops. Or blew them up. One or the other. One day his mother blew up his father. That was traumatic. He does not talk about it much. He would rather sip on his juice box a little bit more and play on his video games. His mother after that had a far more explosive personality. He likes that pun. She does not. She would typically get into it with neighbors over silly things. Like stealing her stolen wi-fi. Or scolding him for pilfering her pilfered rations. Who did she think she was? It was no wonder that as soon as he realized he could do his own filching, he blew that popcicle stand.

      Of course, what he started getting his grubby little hands on was not likely the most healthy. She had a habit of raiding things like dried vegetable and fruit packets. Hippie dippie things. Or so he read on old records. He much rather get sugar snacks, dried jerkies and all the greasy carbs he could get his hands on. Those prepackaged pizzas were his favorites, though. That was not the end, though. He realized it was not much harder to get his hands on various bits and pieces of technology. It started out small. Toys and doo-dads. It was not long before he started picking up weapons and high-end things from deeper in, though. It was easier when you could slip your way into their computer systems and stroll in and out.

      Of course, when he got his hands on a T-1PXE Exosuit, people seemed to really notice his presence. It might have been the fact he did not want to sell this one. It may have been the fact he started acting like he was some superhero, like he read in those old records, by fluttering all over the place like some bright pink fairy, but the cops really started to take a shining to chasing after him. It seemed it was really time to bail. After he packed a pizza or two for the road. Maybe three. And a couple sugar snacks.

      Faction: Metropolitans
      • Blackhat: Even with the slightly outdated technology you were able to pick out from a long-abandoned home, you have proven yourself to be a deadly force with your hacking skills. From a personal console, you can cause a bit of chaos, interrupting basic technological functions such as lights minor security features. One would hate to see what you could do if you were put in front of one of the terminals situated around Neptune C.B.
      • Tech-Savvy: Not quite the most talented hacker in the world, you still have skill with the machines that come out of Neptune C.B., and even if it's brand new to the group, you'll usually be the first to uncover exactly how it works. You possess basic hacking skills as well, and prove useful when navigating the neon streets and information highways inside of C.B.s.
      • Inventor: If given a bunch of wires, some circuit boards, and enough time, you could create all manner of interesting devices. With the right parts, you can create high-tech weaponry, gadgets for a hacker, and possibly even a cute robot companion. Not too sure why you'd want to, unless you mercilessly use him as a packmule, but the possibilities are next to endless, so long as you don't run out of supplies.
      • Acrobatic: Light on your feet, you're as fast and graceful as a cat both in and out of battle. You find climbing, jumping, balancing, and rolling much easier than the others, and while you're good at dodging, you don't always hold up quite as well against a stiff blow. However, if you get a head start, not too many people will be able to keep up with you.
      • T-1PXE Exosuit: Living on the outskirts of Neptune C.B. and having certain talents, Dizz has managed to acquire and reprogram an exosuit. This exosuit has slight defensive properties, remote interfacing technology and flight capabilities. There is room for upgrades on the suit and Dizz is not very skilled with the flight program, only being able to take off for brief periods and glide at this time.
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  2. Name:Akimitsu Iishi.
    Age: 67
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: Iishi stands a modest 5'6 tall, with slightly bronzed skin, a trait that shows his okinawan roots. His hair is black, pulled back in a strict samurai knot. His eyesbrows thick, his brown eyes sharp and alert. His face is very hawk like, sharp and and angular. He carries himself with a undeniable, self assured swagger. His body seem to have been amplified geneticly to make sure he is all lean muscle, with wiry but strong limbs. Despite his age and lacking physical stature, Iiishi seem to tower above others. He dresses almost stereotypically old school Japanese, like a bad guy lifted straight out of a Akira Kurosawa movie. He favors Yukatas, and his closes lieutenants and associates all dress the same way, regardless of actual nationality. His upper torso arms and hands are covered with traditional, very elaborate tattoes, and a Net Jack is visible at the base of his neck.

    Bio: The August Star as Iishi is known as, started his career as a low rent thug some 40 years ago. Having cut a bloody path among the low lifes, he utilized the old traditions of Feudal Japan to instill his crew with a sense of superiority and honor. He made them modern day samurai, albeit completely and utterly self serving, shattering any romantic notion of nobility along with it. Akimitsu Iishi is for all intents and purposes, the corrupt heart of Neptune B.C. He is so closely tied to the mainframe, so completely immersed in it's affairs that some have begun to worship him as if he was in fact the God of Evil from Japanese myth. Nobody knows when or why he decided to incorperate Amatsu-Mikaboshi into his central doctrine, but the effect has been felt all across his sphere of influence. The prevalent theory at the moment is simply that if fits his own completely amoral and megalomaniac stance of life. Some would claim he is simply a very powerfull Yakuza, but he not only dismisses that notion, he decapitates the person dumb enough to mention it.

    Iishis latest project has been revealed to be Immortality. True, lasting immortality by uploading himself to the Mainframe in a complete sequented copy of his mind. A task thought both impossible and insane before. He argues that Amamtsu-Mikoboshi has spoken to him, that it lives within the wireless, massive network that spans and connect each conurbation. Regardless if this is the truth or not, any sane person can see why a Iishi In the mainframe is a bad thing for everyone not Iishi.

    Bladesman: Iishis fetishistic obsession of his ancestry includes extensive, obsessive training with the traditional Japanese sword; A Katana. Aswell as wakisashi, tantos and a whole lot of other blades. Unlike the old school Japanese swords however, he keeps blades of nano forged, millimeter thinned edged blades that can literally cut steel like butter.

    Genetic Superiority: Iishis body has been altered, by who and how is unknown. All that is known is that one day, he came back with a body at absolute pique physique. With speed, strength and agility bordering to superhuman.

    Conman; Everyone, including himself, seem to buy into his part of the Japanese Mythos. The man has made a city either fear or worship him.

    Tactician; Say what you want about him. Iishi took over one of civilizations last strong holds. He has a mind for war, battle and the restless peace time in between.

    Mikoboshis chosen one: Whether or not it's a myth or bullshit or actual truth, nobody knows at this point. Iishi seems to be able to “read” the hearts of others, and inspire madness and evil in them. He can turn good, honest men into corrupt thugs over a cup of tea. Whatever this dark blessing is, it is his foremost weapon.
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  3. This will be where I place my baddie, :D.
  4. Name: Yama Orochi
    Age: 32
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'5"
    Faction: None, But she is the Founder/CEO of Eight Snakes LTD


    Pugilist - Yama spent most of her free time learning forms of hand to hand combat from her uncle. She's a skilled practitioner in Aikido, Judo and Karate.

    Con-Woman -

    Acrobatic -

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  7. Adrian Grey

    "God knows, it's easy to be kind; the hard thing is to be just."

    Name: Adrian Grey

    Age: 28

    Sex: Male

    Height: 6'4"

    Weight: Was 79 kg, due to extensive cybernetic implants weighs 127 kg (280 lbs).


    Adrian has gone through an extensive technological transformation, although few could hardly say it was his desire to do so. His mechanically augmented body involves the use of cybernetics in order to improve or replace certain human body parts. It is the progression from basic limb prosthetics with the distinguishing feature being that the machinery and robotics interface directly with the central nervous system as opposed to the ends of peripheral nerves. It was the first method of augmentation which allowed people to assume superhuman abilities, albeit not without limitations, the most salient downsides being the individuals suffering from extreme physical and mental pain, and reliance on the anti-rejection drugs and painkillers all their life.

    A majority of his body was replaced following a near fatal incident wherein he and his former partner where in a shootout with a former gang. He shielded his wounded partner and sustained life-threatening injuries in the process. Both arms and legs were removed, several organs have been replaced. Even his skin was somewhat modified in the areas most crucial to him to help absorb blows or negate them all together. However there are still some human remnants to him. His face has generally been untouched save for the placement of shade implants that protect his eyes from blinding lights. One of his eyes has been replaced with a synthetic optic.

    Faction: N.D.L (New Deadwood Lawmen)

    Weapons: (TBD)

    Bio: Adrian was once one of the most respected lawmen of Neptune. However, his life was irrevocably altered in an instant. He was once a kind man. A gentle man and a lawful man. He helped out whenever he could, be it some insignificant task, such as helping with carrying groceries for some elder or something much more profound as turning the outlook of a troubled youth around. He was a man once noted for letting a juvenile delinquent stay in his home while he turned his life around and even helped him find work.

    In spite of this, the lawful part of him was something to both admire and fear. It's also inevitably led him down the road to becoming what he is today. Running afoul of a notoriously violent gang. They trapped him and his then partner in an ambush. In the end he ended up losing the majority of his self when he selflessly took a hail of bullets that left him on the verge of death. When he awoke from his comatose state brought on by a bullet lodged in his head, he was a new person. It wasn't an easy thing to recover from; his partner quit the force and left him, ashamed he could do nothing in return. Ashamed he couldn't give anything back that had been taken from Adrian.

    Adrian, upon first sight of himself was sickened to the degree he shattered the mirror by punching it. He still feels this disgust, and latent self-loathing to this very day. Believing that, because he was now a majority machine he'd lost his humanity. It's affected him psychologically, he's not as gentle as he was before. No, now he's more firm than ever with laying down the law.


    1.) Gun Aficionado: Any type of gun feels like an extension of your arm to you, by now. You know exactly how to aim with them, the recoil no longer surprises you, and you are generally more successful at cleaning and maintaining your firearms. Outdrawing you would be pretty much impossible.

    2.) Tactical: If it weren't for you, the people around you would probably be picking mismatched fights and getting their asses handed to them every few moments. Lucky for them, you have an eye for picking out weaknesses in your opponent's defenses and exploiting them, as well as directing some of your allies away from fights that would easily end in defeat.

    3.) Bulky: Never to be confused with the star runner or stealthy pickpocket, you have broad shoulders and maybe you're a bit rotund. Nevertheless, your endurance far surpasses most around you, and you can take more hits, even without armor, then some smaller guys. This also means you don't get as weighed down by carrying larger equipment around.

    4.) Guardian: Sure, you're a good fighter, but you're not the most aggressive person in the world. You fight best when you're protecting people, and so you often find yourself acting as a barrier for some of the less combat-oriented members in your group. Possessing nerves of steel, you do seem to be a much better warrior when you're not just fighting for yourself.

    5.) Augmented: Adrian is equipped with several military-grade augments. Some of these are passive, while others require the 'charge' of an implanted battery.

    Passive: Has but does not require an energy cell.

    Charge: Has but requires an energy cell to use.

    Upgrades: Doesn't have yet and may or may not require an energy cell.

    Head (open)
    Quicksilver Reflex Booster

    Info: The Quicksilver Reflex Booster is essentially a supercharger for the human nervous system, boosting reflex speed and the firing of nerve clusters throughout the body. The direct effect of this means that the user is capable of reacting far faster than a 'normal' person in a dangerous situation, enabling him or her to move quickly with split focus to engage more than one adversary.

    The Quicksilver Reflex Booster is a decentralized augmentation connected to nerve bundles in the legs, to a distributed set of disc implants in the spinal column, and to other elements of the body's vestibular system (which controls balance and agility).

    Working in concert, these elements send and receive digital pressure signals to a series of implanted integrated circuits, granting increased agility and corporeal control.

    Multiple Take-Down

    Upgrade Requirement: Reflex Booster Augmentation

    Upgrade Cost: N/A

    Use: Take-down two opponents at once.

    Activation: Contextual

    Energy Consumption: One Energy Cell

    Info: The Quicksilver Reflex Booster brings lightning-fast reflexes and superb agility to its users immediately, allowing them to engage and take down two discrete adversaries in a simultaneous encounter.

    Eyes (open)
    Smart Vision:

    Info: An optical membrane implant that enables people already equipped with the Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis to visually scan through walls, doors, and cover objects and see what lies beyond.

    This augmentation implants the human eye with a series of suspended organic-plastic lenses which, in turn, use embedded circuitry to build on the basic data-frame provided by the Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis. By interfacing directly with the synthetic neural tissue spike that is connected to the optic nerve, it provides the implanted prosthesis with the ability to match visual silhouettes and body kinetics to micro-thermograph and t-wave lens modules, thus providing a limited degree of “x-ray vision” through walls and light cover.

    Retinal HUD

    Upgrade Requirement: Retinal Prosthesis

    Use: Displays the HUD and augmented reality.

    Activation: Automatic

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: The Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis comes with an Optoelectronic Retinal Heads-Up Display that allows digital information to be directly displayed over the user's vision.

    Flash Suppressant

    Upgrade Requirement: Retinal HUD Upgrade

    Use: Protects against the effects of concussion grenades

    Activation: Automatic

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: Experienced users of the Eye-Know Prosthesis can take advantage of its inherent self-preservation abilities, such as the Flash Suppressant, which prevents temporary or permanent blindness from all harsh light, including the most aggressive man-made sources.

    Wall-Penetrating Imager

    Use: Track threats through walls

    Activation: Manual

    Energy Consumption: Low

    Info: The thermographic and t-wave features installed in the Eye-Know Vision Enhancement Package provide limited-range image penetration of low-density objects and cover obstacles immediately, enabling users to see what hides behind them.

    Arms (open)
    Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis

    Info: The Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis replaces the user's organic limbs with enhanced-function mechanical substitutes. Initially, the augmentation allows the user to engage in impressive feats of close-quarter unarmed combat. As the user grows more comfortable with his or her new arm, the range of available skills widens to include punching through light walls, displacing heavy objects, carrying at an increased capacity, and compensating for weapon recoil.

    The Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis is an augmented artificial limb built on a framework of advanced polymers and lightweight metals. In place of an organic musculature, these augmentations utilize myomers -- bunches of electro-stimulated plastic cables that mimic the actions of muscle tissues, but to a greatly strengthened degree. In combination with tiny motors and shock-absorbing liquid polymer buffers, these cyber-limbs are capable of far exceeding human physical abilities.

    Instant Take-down

    Upgrade Requirement: Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis Augmentation

    Use: Take-down a single individual

    Activation: Manual

    Energy Consumption: One Energy Cell

    Info: Fast-link neural servers inside the Cybernetic Arm improve agility and hand-to-hand combat prowess, allowing the user to engage individual targets in close quarters and incapacitate them instantaneously.

    Punch Through Wall

    Upgrade Requirement: Instant Take-Down Upgrade

    Use: Highlights weakened walls (passive); Blast through weakened walls (active)

    Activation: Manual

    Energy Consumption: 1 Energy Cell

    Info: Mastering use of the Cybernetic Arm's shock buffers and strengthened bone frames allows people equipped with the prosthesis to break through light walls with a powerful punch.

    Recoil Compensation 1

    Upgrade Requirement: Punch Through Wall Upgrade

    Use: Reduces recoil by half.

    Activation: Automatic

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: A series of liquid-polymer reaction-management buffers installed in the Cybernetic Arm's wrist and elbow joints will reduce by half the recoil from any firearm once user's become familiar with them.

    Recoil Compensation 2

    Upgrade Requirement: Recoil Compensation 1

    Use: Eliminates all recoil

    Activation: Automatic

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: Learning how to utilize the Cybernetic Arm's reaction-management buffers in conjunction with its bioplastic shock absorption compressor will completely eliminate the recoil generated by any firearm, allowing for a stabilized aim even while firing in fully automatic mode.

    Aim Stabilizer

    Info: The direct practical effect of the Aim Stabilizer is to reduce the radius of the 'traveling reticule' displayed on the user's optic interface, designating the target zone generated by a given firearm. The motion-dampening, stability-inducing augmentation narrows the firing zone, allowing the user to aim at targets with greater efficiency while moving.

    A cranial implant mechanism, the Aim Stabilizer is a decentralized augmentation with elements embedded in the user's nerve-brain connections, inner ear structure, and optic nerves,. From second to second, the augmentation reads and processes inputs from the user's innate senses for balance and orientation and modifies them accordingly based on current circumstances; thus, the user's sense of balance and hand-to-eye muscle control is regulated and enhanced, providing a greater stability even at speed or while in extreme motion.

    Aiming Motion Control 1

    Upgrade Requirement: Aim Stabilizer Augmentation

    Upgrade Cost: N/A

    Use: Reduces inaccuracies due to movement by 50%

    Activation: Automatic Energy Consumption: None

    Info: The Aim Stabilizer's base functionalities enable users to retain up to 50% of their targeting accuracy while in motion.

    Aiming Motion Control 2

    Upgrade Requirement: Aiming Motion Control 1 Upgrade

    Use: Negates all movement-induced inaccuracies.

    Activation: Automatic

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: Increased familiarity with signals coming from the Aim Stabilizer's implanted elements enables users to maintain up to 100% of their targeting accuracy while in motion.

    Torso (open)
    Series 8 Energy Converter

    Info: The Series 8 Energy Converter gives users the ability to maximize the energy available to any and all of their neuroaugmentations by transforming ordinary food to energy within augmentation-specific cells. With practice, these cells can increase in number and efficiency, ensuring that energy will always be there when needed.

    Employing processes similar to those whereby the human digestive system converts organic nutrients from food into electrochemical energy, the Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter further adapts electrochemicals into neuroenhancement-specific potential, first creating discrete capacitors, and then charging those cells with augmentation-dedicated energy.

    Base Energy Level

    Upgrade Requirement: Series 8 Energy Converter Augmentation

    Use: Grants two energy cells

    Activation: Automatic

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: At the basic level, the Energy Converter enables users to fill up 2 energy cells for later use.

    Energy Level Upgrade 1

    Upgrade Requirement: Base Energy Level Upgrade

    Use: Grants an extra energy cell

    Activation: Automatic

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: Intermediate users of the Energy Converter can fill up an additional energy cell for later use, giving them a total count of 3.

    Energy Level Upgrade 2

    Upgrade Requirement: Energy Level 1 Upgrade

    Upgrade Use: Grants an extra energy cell

    Activation: Automatic

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: Advanced Energy Converter users can create yet one more energy cell for later use, giving them a total count of 4.

    Energy Level Upgrade 3

    Upgrade Requirement: Energy Level Upgrade 2 Upgrade

    Use: Grants an extra energy cell

    Activation: Automatic

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: Mastery of the Energy Converter enables users to rely on a total count of 5 energy cells for later use.

    Base Recharge Rate

    Upgrade Requirement: 8 Energy Converter

    Upgrade Cost: N\A

    Use: Recharges partially-depleted energy cells
    Activation: Automatic

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: The base level recharge rate of the Energy Reclamation System takes an initial 10 seconds to kick in but -- once active -- will completely refill any partially-depleted energy cell within an additional 30 seconds.

    Recharge Rate Upgrade 1

    Upgrade Requirement: Base Recharge Rate

    Use: Speeds up energy recharge

    Activation: Automatic

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: Advanced Energy Converter users can feel their Energy Reclamation System start to kick in after only 5 seconds. Once active, the system will recharge a single energy cell in approximately 25 more seconds.

    Recharge Rate Upgrade 2

    Upgrade Requirement: Recharge Rate Upgrade 1

    Use: Speeds up energy recharge

    Activation: Automatic

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: The most experienced Energy Converter users will only need 20 seconds for one cell to recharge fully, with no delay before charge-up begins.

    Dermal Armor

    Info: Essentially a technologically-advanced version of implanted body armor, this augmentation is able to reduce inflicted damage effects from blunt trauma, ballistic attacks, cutting, and/or slashing attacks. Secondary functionality also provides protection from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) assault.
    However, Dermal Armor cannot reduce damage effects from airborne contaminants such as gas, environmental effects (radiation, toxins and poisons), or falling trauma.

    Rhino Dermal Armor is a supple, micro-thin material implanted beneath the epidermis in key areas of the body, as well as over the surface of pre-existing cybernetic limbs. The structure of the plating is a phased composite; the base is a microfiber weave made from carbon nanotubes suspended in a dilatant (or shear-thickening) fluid. When kinetic energy from a physical blow or a weapon discharge strikes the plating, the fluid becomes rigid, deflecting the impact shock. Heat and electromagnetically-conductive elements in the armor matrix serve to dissipate damage from fire-related or energized trauma.

    Damage Reduction 1

    Upgrade Requirement: Dermal Armor Augmentation

    Use: Reduces damage by slightly

    Activation: Automatic

    Consumption: None

    Info: The phased composite technology inside Rhino Dermal Armor provides superlative physical protection against the majority of combat-induced stresses.

    Damage Reduction 2

    Upgrade Requirement: Damage Reduction 1 Upgrade

    Use: Reduces damage moderately

    Activation: Automatic

    Consumption: None

    Info: Learning to anticipate the interaction between carbon nanotubes, dilatant fluid, and kinetic energy can substantially increase the effectiveness of the Dermal Armor.

    Damage Reduction 3

    Upgrade Requirement: Damage Reduction 2 Upgrade

    Use: Reduces damage heavily

    Activation: Automatic

    Consumption: None

    Info: Mastering use of the dermal armor's phased composite structure increases the effectiveness of Rhino skin even more.

    Back (open)
    Icarus Landing System

    Info: The Icarus Landing System is a discreet augmentation surgically implanted in the user's lower back, slightly above the coccyx at the base of the vertebral column. The device has an accelerative descent sensor built in; in freefall, the unit will automatically activate the patented High-Fall Safeguard System, an EMF decelerator generating a fixed-focus electromagnetic lensing field, projected downward along the plane of the drop. This field pushes against the Earth's magnetosphere and slows the user's descent to a manageable velocity, allowing him to fall from almost any height (within reason).

    Descent Velocity Modulator

    Upgrade Requirement: Icarus Landing System

    Upgrade Cost: N/A

    Use: Fall from any height without fear of injury.

    Activation: Automatic. To stun nearby targets upon landing, press the "fire" button while falling.

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: Essentially a safety device to prevent death or serious injury when falling from extreme heights, the Icarus Landing System is an automatically-triggered augmentation that allows users to drop from heights above 10 meters (32 feet) without incurring physical damage. As a side-effect, falling directly on to an enemy combatant will result in a knock-down, knock-out attack, while striking a light object will displace it.

    Legs (open)
    Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis

    Info: The Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis replaces a person's organic limbs with enhanced-function mechanical substitutes. On a basic level, these grant the user the ability to reach greater heights while jumping. Additional functionalities, including enhanced jump range, greater sprint speed, and the ability to move without audible detection, become possible as familiarity with the augmentation increases.

    The Hermes 2027 Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis is an augmented artificial limb built on a framework of advanced polymers and lightweight metals. In place of an organic musculature, these augmentations utilize 'myomers'-bunches of electro-stimulated plastic cables that mimic the actions of muscle tissues, but to a greatly strengthened degree. In combination with tiny motors and shock-absorbing liquid polymer buffers, these cyberlimbs are capable of far exceeding human physical attributes

    Jump Enhancement

    Upgrade Requirement: Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis Augmentation

    Use: Jump up to 3m high

    Activation: Automatic

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: Once comfortable with using the leg's higher-density muscle bunches in tandem with the shock-absorbing gel matrix found in its knee joints and hip mounts, users can leap even higher than before - up to 3 meters (9 feet) into the air.

    Sprint Enhancement

    Upgrade Requirement: Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis Augmentation

    Use: Sprint faster

    Activation: Automatic

    Energy Consumption: None

    Info: Learning to maximize the Cybernetic Leg's lighter phased carbide bone frames with its myomer reaction initiators allows people equipped with the prosthesis to reach a maximum sprinting speed of 7.5 meters (24 feet) per second.


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  8. @Hellis, Akimitsu is accepted.

    @Darog, finish up your CS when you get a chance, but things are looking good so far!

    @Kiita, both Priest and Dizz look good. Accepted.

    @Calamity, Adrian is a step away from review. I know you detail most of the augmentations in the appearance and bio and such, but having it compiled into the custom trait would make it much easier to approve or tweak him as a whole.

    Thanks for the interest so far. @ResistingTheEnlightened, feel free to post up a WIP whenever you're ready.
  9. @Drifter

    Okay I'll add them. Any limits; number of, etc?

    I was going to make him have several, but the more extensive ones, the ones he active has to turn on require "batteries" but the more passive ones didn't.
  10. Stuff like the eye shields that block glare and the more passive stuff are fine. As for a limit, depending on how large or small, I'm willing to sort of establish a range. I hesitate to give concrete numbers because each player handles customs so differently, such as your consciousness of a power source and the limitations that involves. Worst case scenario, I ask you to hold back on one aspect or another until you're able to upgrade, which will definitely happen fairly soon.

    Also, I notice Pope's "Eloisa to Abelard" in your signature. That particular epistle always makes me smile.
  11. Hopefully gonna write up a Hawker by tomorrow, I'm a little busy today!
  12. I would like to point out Calamity, that your custom trait is you specifying 4+ Special traits...
  13. @Calamity, while I do understand the kind of Robocop character you're angling for, I think it would be best, in the interest of scaling, to only pursue one passive and one active at the onset. I say this because the Pharaohs have the highly weaponized cybernetics thing cornered. The other factions do have the capability to create weapons and limbs, but for them, it's more utilitarian. I would be happy to accept Adrian with the passives for the eyes (Retinal HUD, Flash Suppressant) and an active on his arms. Of course, you can also keep his cybernetic legs and metal on the torso and back and such, but save any additional upgrades for later in the RP.

    Does that sound reasonable?
  14. Alright then. I tried to stick close to his Traits (Aim Stabalizer,Instant take-down,etc.)
  15. Mind if I reserve a spot for this?
  16. Go right ahead! We're still definitely well in the recruiting stage :3
  17. Cool. Many thanks.
  18. Ditto here. I am interested
  19. Name:
    Harold "The Iron Skinned Cannon" Carlson




    A tall, well toned man who's rough features and perpetually calm sky blue eyes can make even the toughest sailor crumble. His body is covered in scars from his many, many fights. His blonde hair is kept out of his eyes by a red headband.



    Harold was born on his fathers boat, and worked it ever since. His mother died when he was twelve and his father followed three years later. Since then, he fell into a bad crowd. He drank and drank until he was three quarters to death. However, one night after hours at the bar, he found a way to get it back. A disagreement with a few bikers lead to a fistfight that lasted for five entire hours. Harold knocked out fifteen people before everything was done. After that he sold his fathers business, got on his boat, and moved on to sharpen his skills. From that day forward the first thing he asks when meeting someone is not for a name, but for a fight. As a fighter, he conditioned himself to show no emotion at any time. He remains as emotionally dead as possible, though he is able to comfort his friends if need be.

    • Sea Captain: You either own a boat or know the ins and outs of one well enough to be able to pilot one. Thanks to this, you also possess the somewhat rare ability to actually swim. Neptune C.B.'s position on the shore makes this an invaluable combination in terms of getting resources and escaping from aparticularly heated pursuit.
    • Pugilist: Some people prefer guns, knives, pipes, or bombs to do their dirty work. You, on the other hand, ball up your fists and just get to swinging. With your skill at hand to hand combat, you can easily get up close and knock out an opponent who's much too reliant on fancy gadgetry.
    • Bulky: Never to be confused with the star runner or stealthy pickpocket, you have broad shoulders and maybe you're a bit rotund. Nevertheless, your endurance far surpasses most around you, and you can take more hits, even without armor, then some smaller guys. This also means you don't get as weighed down by carrying larger equipment around.
    • Bruiser: While you enjoy the action of being up close and personal in a fight, you have no desire to charge in without a weapon. So, you bring along blunt instruments to make sure you put your opponent down, and hard. Clubs, batons, staffs or baseball bats, and the like, are what you're happiest carrying.
    • Iron Skin: Being tough is one thing, but having Iron Skin is another thing entirely. Toughened by the wastes, your skin is practically light armor in itself. You resist blades and bullets better than the average man, but armor is incredibly uncomfortable to wear, making your minor resistance pretty much all you have.
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