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    You are arrive home one night, drenched in sweat, and sore and tired from your last dance class. You tiredly unlock the front door, where your parents wait for you, smiling and looking very accepted. They hug you tightly and without a word, hand you a professionally sealed envelope. They gesture for you to open it up. With shaking hands, you break open the seal.

    You got in.


    You share the news and after celebrating for a couple minutes and rereading the first sentence over and over again to make sure you didn't misread it, you decide to completely read the letter. Taking out the three pages included, you begin to read.


    Congratulations on being accepted to the Washington Conservatory of Dance! Here, you will learn to dance like you never have before. You will not dance like you did at your old studio or your private little ballet school; here you dance for real. You will work harder than you have before, receive training unattainable elsewhere, and you will be with others just like you for the next four years.

    First and formost, congratulations on getting accepted to the WCCD. This year was the hardest yet in terms of being accepted. To get accepted, not only did you have to hit every mark in the audition, you also had to add your own personality and flare to the mix, which is a tremendous accomplishment. There are currently 50 students in each of the four Bachelor’s Program levels. This year, we had 12,000 applicants. Those accepted were those who stood out quite differently than all the rest. Well done.

    The Washington Conservatory of Dance (WCD) requires each of its students to take at least one class a semester of each commercial dance style, as well as dance history, conditioning and pilates classes. No student is accepted or denied based on financial capability, however no one above the age of 26 can be accepted into the program as our Bachelor's program is four years long. Should you choose to stay, our Master’s program is an additional two years.

    The required classes include: Ballet, Pointe (girls only), Heels (girl's only) Men's Class (twice a week for men), Commercial Jazz, Classic Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Tap, Hip Hop, a Jazz turns class, Modern, Pilates, Dance History, and Body Conditioning. Students also choose a second dance style to take a second class in. With 16, one and a half hour classes a week (24 hours), and 11 hours of rehearsal on the weekends, (a total of 35 hours per week) the students who train at this conservatory will be better prepared than anyone to go into the professional world.

    Every weekday morning, you will wake up and head to the cafeteria for breakfast at 6:45. Your fist class starts at 7:30 sharp and goes until 9:00. You are to be in your dance attire, with your shoes on and ready to start warm-up at exactly 7:30. If late, you can accrue demerits, which can eventually lead to expulsion. Lunch is at 11:15, and your second class of the day is at 12 noon. The same rules apply for the second and third class, which is at 6:30 PM. Dinner is at 5:45 PM. Every class is 90 minutes, giving ample time to do warm-up, across-the-floors, center and floor work, and a small combination.

    Saturdays and Sundays are used solely for rehearsal for upcoming shows, except for one class on Saturday. No regular mealtime is scheduled on those days, but the cafeteria, on all days, is open 24/7. It is up to the director and teacher of your show when you may eat or have a break. Every 3 months, the whole conservatory performs at a show, a Fall, Winter, and Spring show. No show is done in the summer, as our summer program here is optional and is only done by those even more serious than others about improving their technique.

    Finally, let us stress upon you how important and serious the first three weeks are. The next three weeks are placement exams for the next year. They determine what is to be taught to your class, what performances you do during the year, and if any extracurricular intervention or enrichment is needed for you. Once again, congratulations on being accepted. We hope to see you soon.

    - Dr. Jim Kolb

    Welcome to this RP! I know that a lot of information is included in this first post, but reading it will get you ready to RP in this world that I have created for you.


    - Try to be as literate as possible. I know that some people have autocorrect and some just have a hard time with grammar and spelling. I totally understand, but do your best
    - No Gary-Stus/Mary-Sues. This makes the RP boring.
    - When not RPing, please use brackets [], braces {}, or parentheses (). This is helpful so people can disginguish between messaging and RPing.
    - Follow the forum rules please!
    - Be polite to others!

    To join, please fill out the character info sheet below and post it on this page:

    Screen Name:
    Character Name:
    Physical Attributes:
    Background Information:
    Specific Focus:
    Other Info:


    Screen Name: SilverLizard
    Character Name: Matthew Morell
    Physical Attributes: Matthew is tall and fit with long, straight blonde hair that touches his back. He has a good dancer's body: good turnout and toe point, with longer legs and arms and a shorter torso.
    Personality: Matthew is sweet and loves to dance, but is also very shy and humble. He can be awkward around people he is attracted to.
    Background Information: Matthew comes from a relatively poor family, growing up in a poor district of Los Angeles. Matthew started dance when he was twelve, which in the dance world is a little late to start dance, but he was deemed a natural dancer and given a scholarship and danced intensively for six years before auditioning for WCCD.
    Age: 18
    Specific Focus: Contemporary
    Other Info:

    1st year schedule:
    Ballet - 7:30 AM
    Men's Class - 12:00 PM
    Pointe - 12:00 PM
    Conditioning - 6:30 PM
    Classic Jazz - 7:30 AM
    Commercial Jazz - 12:00 PM
    Dance History - 6:30 PM
    Modern - 7:30 PM
    Contemporary - 12:00 PM
    Lyrical - 6:30 PM
    Pilates - 7:30 AM
    Heels - 12:00 PM
    Men's Class - 12:00 PM
    Jazz Turns Class - 6:30 PM
    Friday -
    Musical Theatre - 7:30 AM
    Tap - 12:00 PM
    Individual Focus - 6:30 PM
    Saturday -
    Hip Hop - 12:00
    Rehearsal - 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
    Rehearsal: 10: 00 AM to 12:00 PM and 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM

    August [x]







    March []

    April []

    May []



    Fall Equinox

    Winter Solstice

    Spring Equinox

    Let me know how I can change or update this to make it more enjoyable for you guys!
    - Silver Lizard
  2. It may be my lack of sleep, but I'm a little confused.
    Is the schedule presented your character's, and if so do we make up a schedule like that for our own? I'm guessing you choose the semester based on the list of months, but I would like conformation on that as well. Finally, are the shows listed below what we can choose from, or are they what your character is participating in?
  3. Well, the schedule is a point of reference for all the characters because all the characters are going to be in their first year and every character goes to every class. The only thing that differs for each character is the Friday 6:30 class, because that class is the only class a character can choose to go to. Make sense?
  4. Oh, and the shows: every character performs in all the shows listed
  5. Oh okay, thank you. (ノ・ェ・)ノ
  6. Screen Name: johnnytesttubebaby

    Character Name: Winona Apachito

    Physical Attributes: Winona is 5’10 with a slim frame. Her limbs are long and her face is composed of mostly sharp angles. Her right eye is noticeably smaller than the other. She has long brunette hair that reaches her waist.

    Personality: Winona is a very social woman, she almost never seems to stop talking, even in sleep. One of her biggest fears is being alone, she can’t handle the silence. She is very organized, and won’t allow herself (or others) to stray too far from the path. Winona is also very aggressive and goal orientated. Her personality usually causes Winona a great deal of stress, and she is prone to sudden spouts of anger.

    Background Information: Winona grew up on the Quapaw Indian reservation in Oklahoma. She grew up in a fairly extended family, due mostly to the close knit community of the reservation. Winona saw her first musical ‘Oklahoma’ (oddly enough) at the age of 8, and fell in love with theater. She can dance, she can act, but she can’t carry a tune for more than two steps. She began professional dance classes at the age of 14, tried out for WCCD at 16, failed, and tried again at 20 and made it.

    Age: 20

    Specific Focus: Musical Theater
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