The Washed Up Boy

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  1. My Character (open)


    His Pet (its Hellhound, jewel, death Mix)

    His Hellhound form everyone see's unless the magic is broken



    Sephtis (means Eternal Death) was born of the god Thanatos the god of death, said that these children where rarest of all children to ever be seen. Their arua was that of death and fear itself as the children came from the god of death. But young Sephtis was not like the others, he was a tall male with white hair and deep blowing blue eyes. he also had a pet hellhound , but the hound magic bound itself to a form of a massive black dog he named Coda. Sephtis didn't remember much from what happened all he did know was that he was running, then his father voice told him to run into the ocean. He did as he was told and had blacked out swimming and now he laid un-moving on the shore beach of a small lake wet, his hound nuzzled into his side to make sure he was ok. he was breathing very slightly.
  2. Walking around the coast was, Aiolos admitted, not a thing that kids of Hermes should do. With no abilities over the water, a nymph coming out to drown was very likely. Especially if he decided to piss them off. Again.He kept his distance from the water. This particular day, however, didn't seem at all like a day to be outside. There were dark clouds overhead.

    Making his way along the coastline, he heard something off in the distance. At first, he had waved it off. Maybe there were still people outside? It wasn't his business. That is, until the sounds became more frequent, and louder. Aiolos sighed, and began a light trek over to the noise. He was surprised with what he found.

    A young boy, and his dog? Aiolos slowed down, inching closer to the pair. Whoever he was, he need help. Aiolos rushed over. "Hey, are you alright?" He called, kneeling next to the boy.
  3. Sephtis could hear the voice but was unable to wake up, all he did was agive a small moan of pain and misery . The hound head shot up and looked at the male and fangs bared sharply and snarled. the wolf like dog stood at a alarming hieght of five feet tall its fur britstled and made it look six feet tall.

    "no enough" groaned the fainted boy as the hound calmed down and yipped at the male he called master and laid down beside him once more and gave a small huff slowly and the male coughed and rolled onto his stomach and coughed up a large amount of salt water and rasped gently and shuddered gently. he had a coat and on the back part was covered in feather like substance.
  4. Aiolos cringed. Whatever happened to this guy, he need medical attention. Aiolos, bent over to help the boy up. "Come on, now. I'm gonna help you up." He said softly. No reason to panic or yell yet, right? He lifted the other male onto his back, and began to stand. Looking back to the hound he huffed. "You probably want to come along." He walked ahead. The storm clouds were growing, and you could hear the thunder.

    Aiolos wasn't aware of when it started raining. Just sometime as he was carrying the strange male, it did. A mixture of both white and brown hair threatened to get in his vision, but he managed. He carried the boy to his home. Though it wasn't really that. He walked up to the front door, in the rain, and stared at it. He looked down to the loyal hound following him. "Don't suppose you can knock, eh?"
  5. He coughed gently as he kept waking up the last of the sea water his mind still drowzy and was out cold. the hound fallowed after then and walked to the door and tapped the door several times sharply that of a human knock that was sharp. he barked once and sat down and looked at them and sniffed his master to make sure he was still alive. the strange male was still out cold limp his jacket and feathered pattern soaking wet .

    The hound eyes glowed as it stuck a claw into the lock and opened the door and walked over to the couch and then barked deeply and wagged its tail and flopped on the floor happily. The male was out cold, his body was badly bruided and some bones broken, his chest was slashed open from a monster had attacked him. His hound was limping slightly from a broken paw but would heal ina week r so
  6. The door opened, revealing an old man. When he saw Aiolos, he sighed, almost as if he expected him. But then, he saw the kid dangling from his back. His eyes widened, as if he knew something about him, and then he stepped out of the doorway. "You're late, Aiolos." The brunette shrugged. "Can't you see I've been saving people?" He walked into the middle of the walkway, and looked around. Children, as far as the eye could see. Aiolos walked up to a random spot, and stared.

    "Get up." He ordered, "I need to put him somewhere." The children did as he said, though some grumbled about it. Aiolos carefully laid down the boy, and the hound walked up to him. Aiolos stretched, and then turned back to the old man. "We need to help him." The old man nodded, and walked over to the boy. It was time to work some magic.
  7. The wolf hound dog sat beside them all careful and barked sharply and looked at the kids and sniffed and started to let them play with him. The owner eyes fluttered half open able to hear voices but only voices. His vision blurry eyes closed and then collasped blacking out completely.

    After a few hour

    He grunted slowly after he felt his wounds had starred to heal itself and eyes closed gently "ugh" he said as his opened his stone blue eyes that where brighter then the sky itself. His eyes fluttered aroudn the strange place and rolled onto his side and coughed sharply in pain and hears his hound whine and run over and nuzzle him happily and he smiles gently "hey buddy where are we?" he rasped gently looking around slowly.
  8. Aiolos looks up from what he was doing, reading a book, and turns to where the dog went. "You're awake, eh?" Putting his book down, he turned his whole body around to face the stranger. "You were passed out on the coast." He gestured to the area around him. "I took you and your dog here. It's ind of like a half-way house for, um~ special kids." He gave a light smile. He stood and began to walk out of the room.

    "Stay here, I'm going to get you something to drink." Aiolos turned his head and walked away, without another thought.
  9. He was confused and grunted in paiin as his back throbbed but smiles and eyes closed gently "ok" he mutters as he rested against his gaitn dog that curled around him fully and he smiles as he blinked as his dog growled slightly at the stranger still not trusting him completely "no bad" he mutters as the hound looked at hiim confused why he trusted him so much. Being a son of Thantos he should know well enough to never trust anyone.
  10. Otto tried to quickly get something, as the stranger was in pain. But he was also wondering why he was passed out near the coast. Was he a runaway? And if so, how far did he run? He was close to death's door, and that was saying something. He had decided that he was gonna find out, most definitely. But, for now, he needed to make the stranger some food. He quickly made him some food, and something to drink.

    When he ran back into the other room, he placed the food and drink in front of his new guest. He kneeled in front of him, ignoring the hound who was growling at him. "So, what's your name?"
  11. Sephtis blinked gently "My name is Sephtis . " he said greeting the other slowly and looked at the food and drank the water down rather fast. His coat shines slightly as his feathers glowed slightly as it started to fix itself once more. Soon he would have to go and run off, his father kept calling for come home...said some place in Las Angelos.

    "oh this is Coda my dog" smiles and pets the large dogs head as it barked happily as it was reconized by the other and wagged its tail brightly and its fur glowed brightly as he blinked "why are you different from all the others?" asked slowly.
  12. "Different?" Aiolos questioned. "I'm not different." He looked around, the others were doing what they normally would. Reading, or watching t.v. He looked back to the silverette. "I mean...we're all runaways here." He joked slightly. He tried to smile, but the comment hit home. Did he seem different? "It depends, on what you mean by 'different'." He suggested, maybe he needed a clearer explanation. He wasn't that different after all.
  13. "from Humans. You said this was for gifted people meanign you are different then the normal human being no ?" he asked as he sat up straight and grunted in pain as hius back throbbed as his hound barked deeply wagging its tail and helped him sit up straihgt.
  14. "..."Aiolos looked to his feet. Is that what he meant? Or did Sephtis just guess right away? "I meant, that this house was for runaways." He muttered. "I thought you were one too. But, you're not?" He looked up to Sephtis. "You're like me? Different from these guys?" He asked. Was it too much to hope for that there was another demigod around him. Sure, that probably meant doom and despair, but hey, that's life.

    "You're a demigod?"
  15. Sephtis looked at them slowly and grunted and blinked slowly "Yes I am a demigod, I do not know of my father but he s[peaks to me at night and in my dreams often. Comes in the form of a shadow figure walking to me but before he comes into the light of the room he vanishes as if he sticks to the darkness" he said and got up slowly and was a tall fellow
  16. Aiolos slowly stood to his feet. He had a gentle smile plastered over his face. "My dad's Hermes. Or at least, that's what my ma says." He shrugged. "I'm not sure if I believe it or not, but it explains how I'm so good at thievery." He looked round the room. "What are you going to do? You're not exactly in perfect health." He crossed his arms. "You're not seriously planning on leaving."
  17. "i will have to leave eventually, I am needed home whereever that is" he said slowly as his coat sparkles gently and started to glow brightly as he smiles eyes closed. The dog barked and shook itself off and ran off into the shadows and was gone . He smiles "I will have to leave when i am better , can' put you through what others had to"
  18. "Are you sure that's what you want to do?" Aiolos asked. "It's probably not the greatest idea, even if you're looking for your father." Aiolos tilted his head. "I could probably help you, ya' know?" He crossed his arms over his chest. "It may ot look like it, but I have some connections around here. They could help you out." He gave a grin. "Besides, we don't want you drowning again.."
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