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    Female 1: Blaire Forrest @Me
    Female 2: Onawa Wylde @catalyst
    Female 3: Saphire @RayChel

    Male 1: Nathar Mactear @Catz in Pajamas
    Male 2: Kirar Blooddrinker @RayChel
    Male 3: @Nenshou Tamashii

    The King of the Light Kingdom stood in the large room with only a round table, the Queen of the Neutral Kingdom stood in front of him. They were there for a meeting and even though the Dark King is in hiding at the moment, he had written a letter clearly stating that he's willing to team up with both kingdoms to get rid of the demons that had began to take over the Dark Kingdom. Everything in the world is starting to fall apart as demons kill and murderer without a second thought, it was like amusement to them.
    Demons are strong and very powerful, the last time they were up on land was in the old days, when chaos ruled the world. Unfortunately the the three Kingdoms got together and sealed all demons right underneath the castle of the Dark Kingdom. After that the population of living beings began to grow and things got just a bit better... that was all about 50 years ago.

    Now that the demon seal is broken chaos once again is beginning to gain its grip back on everyone but just like last time, the three Kingdoms stand in the way or success.
    "I agree, I will send 2 of my best Warriors on this mission," King Athetz spoke in his deep voice as his green eyes starred at Queen Olivia for a while.
    "I agree, 2 of my best warriors will go as well; King Morter requests two of his own warriors as well," Queen Olivia responded with a calm tone, her long pale blue hair was in a fancy bun with her gold crown laying on her head.

    "Where are the warriors at?" Athetz asked Olivia since she had ordered for all the warriors to go into the dining room of the castle, while the two of them talked it gave the warriors a chance to prepare themselves for their journey.
    "Getting ready for what could possible be the end of everything," Olivia sighed with a small shake of her head, most would believe that Queen Olivia is elegant and soft but she's a warrioress that shouldn't be taken lightly.
    If she could, she would've joined the warriors and the look on King Athetz face said the same... sadly they had to help hide their people as well as protect them. This isn't a job that they could do alone.

    Blaire sat on the dining table with her long black hair that reached her knees lay in a braid over her shoulder, her pale blue eyes held boredom as she watched the other warriors carefully. She had come because the Queen had asked if she could be one of her warriors and without any hesitation Blaire had accepted the request. At the moment she was a bit stiff and uncomfortable since it was rare for the Neutral territory to even be involved with either the Dark or Light Kingdom.
    Around her shoulder was a black and white bow with light emitting from it, if you pulled the string of the bow back an arrow would appear; clasped around her waist was a sheath that held a sword, she didn't usually use it since she was good at both hand-to-hand combat and never missed a target with her bow and arrows.

    Luckily for Blaire all three Kingdoms agreed to have 2 warriors from each Kingdom, Blaire would've hated it if she was alone with a group of people she didn't know. The other warrior from the Neutral Kingdom is Onawa and Blaire got along with Onawa when not many in the Neutral Kingdom did.
    "I'm ready," Blaire sighed as she laid her back down on the table, her eyes looked up at the ceiling but from her peripheral vision she could easily see everyone. She was always fast on her feet so she made sure she was always prepared as well. To be on a mission against the Demons... being prepared was probably a good idea.
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  2. "I was ready when it began. Why are we wasting time here to begin with?" Kirar was sitting in a chair a few feet back from the table, his lavender eyes watching the elf's movements as he worked through the most efficient way to kill her, then everyone else in the room. He wasn't in a very good mood, but it was better than it used to be. To begin with, he'd been forced to come here and leave the demons behind--that had soured him fast. But on the other hand, the demons were still there for him to get back to, and he'd have plenty of meat-shields to help him when he did. The Spirit had been effective in helping him consume the pair they'd met during the trip; another four for fodder would undoubtedly prove useful.

    Saphira knelt in the corner of the room, her sword laid across her lap and her right hand still wrapped around the hilt. Her eyes were shut and her body relaxed, but that could change in a moment if necessary. Her orders were to join with the other Kingdoms, but she was to follow Kirar over all others. And well he knew it.
  3. "Now now, no need to get upset." Caeden said in a calm and unwavering tone. "Act too rashly and you might end up at the bottom of the demons' food chain instead."
    Truth be told, however, Caeden was getting pretty excited himself. Usually, when an average warrior is put in his situation, he or she would get nervous and crack under the pressure. But for Caeden, he sees this as a golden opportunity to prove himself worthy of being one of the Light Kingdom's strongest warriors. He adjusted his shield strap, which he has made a habit of doing whenever he's excited.
    He looked over at the group of warriors laid out before him. If there's one thing Caeden is worried about, it'd be that he'd feel left out for being the only pure human out of a bunch of unusual beings or half-bloods. Already he was quite intimidated by the Offspring that spoke in such an unnerving tone. Not once did he ever think he'd be working with someone from the Dark Kingdom. Nevertheless, he tried his best to keep his demeanor intact. For this journey to go along smoothly, he would need to get along with these people.

    "So why don't we start with introductions while we're waiting?" Caeden stood up from his chair. "The name's Caeden Lynsith, but you can just call me Cae." He donned a crooked grin, obviously nervous of what'll happen if people didn't follow his lead. He'd look like an idiot if that were to happen. Maybe he should've just shut up and sat down like the rest of them...
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  4. Onawa sat quietly at the large table in Queen Olivia's dining room. Two warriors were chosen from each of the three kingdoms which gathered six warriors in total for this affair, the gender ratio split perfectly in half. While the Neutral Queen and Light King discussed matters in a different room, they all waited for word. They were to fight together to protect the kingdoms from the ghastly demons that had escaped from the broken seal and were terrorizing whomever they could.

    The hybrid Neutral observed everybody as they began to speak. She knew the basics of these warriors as they were actually all fairly known. The Dark male - who was from the line of the Offspring as far as Onawa knew - seemed to be in rather unpleasant mood and seemed eager to get the show on the road. The Dark female looked calm and relaxed at the moment, but being a Spirit was something nobody should regard lightly. There was also the Neutral elf, Blaire, who was raised as the Queen's step-daughter and was currently laying on top of the table. Her and Onawa knew each other as acquaintances and got along fine.

    There were also the Light warriors; both male and majestic in their Light Kingdom way. One was a Siren and the other a mere human, whom actually wanted to start introductions. His name was Caeden, or Cae, and was the only pure human within the group. Onawa figured she could speak for the first time since they all gathered, but she did not stand as the Light human had. "I'm Onawa."
  5. Kirar considered not saying anything, just to make the light boy sweat. But one of the neutrals--the scaley one--bailed him out. At that point it became moot, and they'd need to know what to call him. "Kirar Blooddrinker. Saphira, introduce yourself."

    The girl stood and walked to the table. "Saphira," she said first, pointing to herself. "Sonzai," she added, presenting her sword. With her task completed, she backed away several steps and knelt once again, shutting her eyes.
  6. Blaire was quiet for a moment as she listened to everyone's introduction, she had hoped that everyone here had known the situation from their King seeing as how Blaire learned it from her Queen. Her pale blue eyes looked up at the ceiling as she continued to lay her back down on it and with a sigh she sat up to look at everyone she was going to have to work with.
    "My name is Blaire," She introduced herself without adding that she's the adopted daughter of Queen Olivia, that was information she didn't think was even important for this mission. Throwing her braid off her shoulder she stood up and stretched, maybe she should change her outfit when they left seeing as how it wasn't armor... nah, to much trouble.

    (I'll have the RP start when/if Akuma makes his CS, if he doesn't in at least two days then we start, that sound ok?)
  7. The wind rushing into a man with his eyes closed leaning against a pillar on top of the gate, causing the midnight black hair to sway in the direction of the forcing wind. The silence was hoped for but the sound of armor clanking and the whistling of some birds whirled in the air. A voice echoed in his head " WAKE UP YOU OBLIVIOUS FOOL, A GUARD IS CALLING YOU " it was one of the summons in his grasp, there ability to speak to him further enveloped for there personas as that persona was Azail the close quartered summoning. The mans eyes slowly opened to the shouting and waving young soldier, The soldier called out " VANTIS THE KING HAS SUMMONED YOU! VERY IMPORTANT! HURRRRYYY!!!" the soldier said pointing to the tower were he knew the two castles were conversing. His first thought was that they had turned as he thought they would, Vantis eyes opened wide before he let himself fall from the ledge backwards and upside down before spinning and landing in a kneeling position. The air swooshing from beneath him kicking up some small dust fragments, Vantis stood up straight as another voice spoke in his head " You must hurry Vantis " It was the archer Auria, she to was also a bit frantic. for some odd reason but maybe she was lusting for a battle, he had not used them in a while so that may be the case. " You all must let Vantis make his own decision on when he wants to leave, BUT GODDAMMIT VANTIS HURRY! " Vantis's eye twitched before taking in a deep breathe and taking off in a blazing run towards the castle.

    The stairs would take to long to climb so he was taking the scenic route, He came running to the castle wall and began to force his way up it. as He reached a broken stone he latched onto it, lunging himself up higher and grabbing onto a space between two other stones. He was slowly climbing at this rate and i slowly became a bad idea until a voice rang in his head again, " why not use the fire to propel yourself idiot..." " brilliant idea " " why didn't you think of that vantis " once again vantis's eye twitched. He then closed them and let go of the wall, emitting a small blast of fire from beneath his hands, it was enough to get him moving. He continued to send out these short burst's until he landed on he window sill, to the open window. He stood there his shadow casting over those who stood in the room. Before leaping in and landing softly, he dusted his shirt off and smirked once more. He bowed to the king who he had now faced and spoke his voice that of a raspy yet very attractive tone " You called my liege? " yes the entrance was over dramatic but, the way the guard made such haste of his arrival it had to be important.
  8. King Athetz stared at Vantis for a moment before looking over at Queen Olivia, with a nod to each other Queen Olivia walked toward the door with her own elegance.
    "Because I know your loyalty and your abilities, I have chosen you to help the 3 Kingdoms with the important issues of the demons... I will explain the situation as soon as Queen Olivia gets the other warriors, you can decide if you will help us then," King Athetz spoke in a deep voice with his eyes starring at Vantis with an unwavering stare. This is an important mission and even though King Athetz knew he could just order Vantis to go on the mission, he wanted anyone in his kingdom to have the choice on whether they wanted to risk their lives or not.

    Queen Olivia left the room and stretched her arms, she was tired seeing as how she stayed up playing a game of poker with Blaire last night; even though she's supposed to be serious about the demon matter, having a bit of fun was always necessary.
    "It seems you've all met, please follow after me," Olivia spoke when she opened the door to the dining room, her eyes swept over everyone's face and without another second she turned around and began to make her way back into the ball room.
    "As you all know, the demons are planning on taking over the world and making all three Kingdoms disappear... forever. The last time the demons were out King Morter, Queen Olivia and I had managed to seal them under the Dark Kingdom. We need the all six of you warriors to go destroy as many demons as you can while making your way to the deepest depths of the Dark Kingdom that have been off limits to its own people," King Athetz spoke when he seen the warriors gather into the room.

    "You will have to risk your life on this mission in order to save the world, if we could do it ourselves we would've but unfortunately our Kingdoms are in a panic and need us to put things back in order. You all have an option, those of you who are willing to join say 'I'... those of you who wish to leave, then you are free to leave as you please," He finished his words, there was probably a 78% chance that the warriors were going to die but because that percentage was so high, King Athetz and Queen Olivia were willing to risk it in order for a better outcome.

    Blaire stood with her head held high and her eyes sparkled with thoughts as she looked at both her mother and King Athetz... it would seem this was the only choice and Blaire was always one to put her life down on the line for her mom.
    "I," Blaire spoke with her voice held firm and a smirk on her face, she knew the warriors around her were strong so she had confidence that they would make it out alive... of course there was that nagging feeling in the back of Blaire's mind but she pushed it away and replaced it with courage like she always did.

    [[Sorry its so long, xP]]
  9. Kirar had stopped listening at the words 'As you all know.' Bloody stupid, repeating what they all knew. The next thing they would do is offer an out for cowards too scared to leave their posh treehouses. Listening with half an ear, he found himself wrong: the next thing was a 'back in my day;' then they offered the out. "Bloody stupid," he said aloud, though quietly. "If we weren't going to go, we wouldn't be here now, would we?" he stated, louder this time. "Are you even rulers? These are your servants, they obey your orders. My King ordered me to kill some demons, so I'm going to go kill some infernal demons. Don't wait up."

    Kirar left the way he'd come. He knew the way back to his kingdom, and the others would catch up soon enough. It wasn't until he'd stepped outside that he realized the Spirit wasn't following him. He frowned, reviewing what he'd said earlier. Nothing in there was an order that she follow him, so she hadn't followed. Inconvenient, but she'd come with the rest.
  10. Onawa listened as the rest introduced themselves. Kirar, the Offspring, introduced himself first before ordering Saphira, the Spirit, to go afterwards. Then Blaire was the last to introduce herself before Queen Olivia stepped inside the room and beckoned for everybody to follow. They all did so quietly and entered the ballroom, King Athetz standing there with another warrior at his side. He looked to be a guard, very Light Kingdom like just as Caeden, but Onawa's attention was quickly caught by the King as he began addressing them.

    Honestly, the blonde Neutral warrior had not a single doubt that all warriors in the room would agree to go on this mission together. They had been personally called by their reigning monarch and it was their chance to serve their kingdom well. But if one of them ended up opting out, then Onawa couldn't necessarily blame them either.

    She was about to follow Blaire's lead when Kirar spoke up and blatantly disrespected the King and Queen. She looked to him coldly until he walked out of the castle entirely; she wanted to say something but knew that there was a great chance that it would only make things worse. She just didn't know how long she'd be able to put up with such a rude, unpleasant attitude.

    "I," Onawa spoke now, looking back to the King and Queen and giving a firm nod of the head.
  11. " i was called here to go out into the forest were my father was slain? " Nodding his head " Why not " but all he spoke was in his own head and he looked like an idiot not talking but just nodding his head, until he noticed and spoke aloud " You want me to kill demons? doesn't seem hard, sure why not " He rolled his shoulders sighing " Am i going now? or do i have to wait for my prey? " a devilish smile came over his face " Aye ". " Are you even rulers? These are your servants, they obey your orders. " he chuckled when Kirar said that, it almost made him laugh. " I have to work with him? " nodding his head and raising his shoulders " This will be interesting, i think i just might follow him " Leaning against the wall. He kept his focus on the king.
  12. "...Huh, so much for being the only Human here..." Caeden muttered under his breath. "Anyways..."

    His sentence was interrupted by the voice of the Offspring.

    "Bloody stupid," he'd said. Though Caeden did not pay heed to him. He wouldn't want to hate on someone before the journey even begins. After the little scene with the Offspring, he was finally able to continue his sentence.

    "...Anyways... There would not be any reason for us to be gathered here if we are not to accept the fate laid out before us. I will gladly sacrifice myself to save the people from these wretched demons. Though... I'd prefer it if we all come back from this arduous journey alive."
  13. Saphira was still evaluating the King's words while Kirar left. 'You all have an option,' he had said. The Spirit pitted that against the orders she had received from King Morter. The orders were to join this group to fight the demons, and that excluded any second option. Unless there was an option that included slaying the demons without following the Light King's instructions. Saphira filed that conclusion away.

    The second part she was stuck on was the concept of 'willing.' She tried gauging if she was willing or not, but did not have much success; what she did find was that she was not unwilling. The logical conclusion then was that she was willing. She gave a small nod to herself to confirm her findings, then raised her head to face the King.

  14. King Athetz was unphased by the words that questione how he was a King, there were plenty of others who were against him being the ruler so those words didn't even make him flinch. His eyes starre at everyone for a moment before nodding his head over at Queen Olivia.
    "Be warned, there will be plenty of strong demons who will stand in your way so try to stay alive; Onawa and Blaire will guide you through this thick forest and will tell you about the enemies and creatures that lay around. All I can say is... stay alive and try not to make a deal with the devil, it'll back fire," Queen Olivia spoke before she picked a grape from the fruit basket that lay on the table.
    "Now, go onto your journey," Olivia waved them off and just as Blaire was about to jump from the window, Olivia gave her a look that told her to be careful. Queen Olivia looked over at Onawa and gave her the same look as well, she was always protective over her people and there was no exception.
    Blaire nodded at her mother before jumping from the window and landing silently on her feet, she didn't move from her spot as she waited for the others to follow along. There were definitely dangers and enemies in the forest and they were no joke, even an experienced warrior would have difficulties at some point.
  15. Onawa listened intently to her queen. Though she was Neutral, the warrioress did feel loyal to her queen. Anybody should considering Olivia's personality; she was kind and generous yet stern and hard when the appropriate time called for it. She also had respect for both the Light and Dark King, though she would always remain in neutrality as she was born in it.

    From what Queen Olivia informed the group, Onawa and Blaire would lead the rest through the thick forests of the Neutral Kingdom since they knew it best. She then warned all of them to try to remain alive and not make any rash decisions, such as making a deal with one of the demons. The blonde could be wrong, but she did not believe that any of the warriors would do such an act.

    Blaire jumped out of the window but... Onawa much preferred the simpler way of walking out the door. Whether anybody followed in her footsteps or not, the young woman was soon outside and met her fellow Neutraler in the courtyard. Kirar wasn't in sight so either he had already made it down to the village or he was waiting for them past the castle. Whatever he was doing, she believed he was still part of their group. After all, his Spirit sidekick was still here.

    (( Not sure if they're in an actual castle or not, since you didn't provide any information in the OOC thread and the picture didn't indicate that there could be a castle there. :P ))
  16. Obedient to the Queen's instructions, Saphira followed after Onawa. She took the short time before entering the courtyard to organize her new instructions. Stay alive. Follow Blaire and Onawa. Hear their briefing on local enemies. Don't make a deal with the devil. Then there was join the party, kill demons, and obey Kirar's orders, all of which she had been told by King Morter before coming here.

    With that all in order, Saphira looked up at the two women that would lead the group. "What monsters?" she asked simply. The Queen had said they would tell her about the monsters in the area, so she was ready to hear it.
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