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  1. [​IMG]
    The Dark King: Morter
    The Dark Kingdom

    The Dark Village

    The Light King: Athetz
    The Light Kingdom
    The Light Village

    Neutral Queen: Olivia
    Neutral Kingdom

    Neutral Land

    In a world where nothing is a sweet and soft as most people would dream in a fantasy world, this world has three mains parts in it: The Dark Kingdom, The Light Kingdom, The Neutral Kingdom. Light and Dark have always been at war but unfortunately the two of them were so engrossed in arguing that they didn't realize the demons, under watch by the Dark Kingdom, broke their seal and are seeking in through the demon portal and are attacking the world.
    For the portal to close once again 6 warriors must take their adventure through dangers and destruction in order to go and close the portal that lay deep down in the depths of the Dark Kingdom

    Dark Kingdom: At the moment the demons have taken over the Kingdom, of course nothing really changed since it was already depressing and a very feared place. There are probably about only 16 villagers left that are currently hiding from the demons. The Dark Kingdom dislikes the Light Kingdom. The Dark Kingdom use to hold the most dangerous criminals and did nothing about it, instead King Morter managed to trick half of them into working for him. They have more destructive magic.

    Light Kingdom: They are kind and believe in that everything needs to have judgment, even though they are 'good' they are willing to sacrifice at a group of people in order to save the world; to them its 'sacrifice a few, save the world' and nothing more. They have more of a pure magic

    Neutral Kingdom: They were born and raised in the mysteriously dangerous forest of the Neutral land and do what they want. The Neutral Kingdom stays out of the argument with both the Dark and Light Kingdom, they like to stay in their own business. The Neutral Kingdom use to be outside of the forest but the Dark and Light Kingdom forced them to leave their homes and live in the forest. They deal with more spiritual magic.

    ~No Bullying/being rude to others
    ~If I say you aren't accepted, then you aren't accepted (you could try changing your character if this happens)
    ~No Godmodding, you character isn't perfect and is not immortal
    ~ You can only have two characters, don't want everyone to get confused
    ~Don't make this rp all about you -.-
    ~Romance is encouraged but don't make it evolve around the rp
    ~Don't fight anyone in your group, you can be kicked out and replaced by another character:)

    Character Sheet:

    Ability (only 3, read the info on the kingdoms if you want to know ability types):


    Dark: 2/2~If dark is your only option to be and you don't want to be dark, just tell me
    Neutral: 2/2
    Light: 1/2


    Female 1: Blaire Forrest
    Female 2: Onawa Wylde
    Female 3: Saphire

    Male 1: Nathar Mactear
    Male 2: Kirar Blooddrinker
    Male 3:
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  2. Name: Blaire Forrest
    Age: 18 years old
    Race: Elf
    Kingdom: Neutral
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Ability (only 3, read the info on the kingdoms if you want to know ability types): She has the ability to see the dead/communicate, see the future/past with a touch of her hand (she usually has gloves on), she is very fast on her feet
    Personality: Blaire is a free spirited woman who was raised as the Queen's step-daughter since she hasn't given birth to a heir. Blaire is constantly playing around in the woods and trying to find out new things, of course she has trust issues but it seems as if she would easily trust someone. It isn't smart to cross Blaire's path as an enemy unless you want to see the wrath of a woman's revenge and I'm sure no one wants to see that.
    Background: Blaire was raised in a distant but loving family, they had been traveling through the forest and even though they had expected there to be many dangers they never expected a group of demons to attack them since all demons had been seals away in the Dark Kingdom. Being taken by surprise Blaire's family was slaughtered; her parents had pushed her into a bush to hide but Blaire had been angered and took revenge on the demons with no mercy and blood flowing from her sword.
    Relationship: She has none at the moment >.<
    Weapon: [​IMG](Ignore the woman holding the bow & arrow)
    Other: Blaire carries a small sword at her side just in case.
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  3. I was just wondering, before I got too sucked into this, are there different races besides just the three kingdoms? And also, I could make two characters if needed. [:
  4. Well you can be a different type of race but you have to be by either three of those Kingdoms:)
  5. Of course. [: Are the races all fantasy races then? Like elves, fairies or faeries, dragons, orcs, etc., or did you have something else in mind?
  6. They are all fantasy:), I'll add 'Race' to the CS so that you can put what you are:)
  7. Thanks so much!
  8. Name: Onawa (oh-nah-wah) Wylde
    Age: 19
    Race: Half human, half dragon
    Kingdom: Neutral
    The reptilian hand is always there, and she has eyes the color of milk chocolate. Hair is a very light blond, has a very small and cute gap between her two, upper front teeth. Stands at 5'8" with longer legs and a shorter torso than shown in the picture. Has this tattoo on her back:
    Also has the three, faded brown thick bands around her left bicep as shown in her appearance picture.

    Dragon form:

    Abilities: She can summon spirits and manipulate their will, can breathe fire, and can turn into a dragon though her form is about half the size of a regular dragon. As for her physical abilities, she is rather fit and has good stamina; she also has a talent for dancing and has knowledge of most, if not all, of the flora in the Neutral Kingdom, and a basic knowledge of the other two kingdoms' flora. She cannot read or write except for a few words, and is claustrophobic. Also is afraid of thunder.

    Onawa is free spirited and generally friendly, though she is more reserved than the normal person. She can act a bit animal-like and her natural gait is considerably like an elegant, gracious dragon. Her facial expression differs between stony and playfully unpredictable, as does her attitude along with a sense of whimsicalness. Considering her connection with the spirits, she respects them wholly and shushes anybody who talks ill of them. She also respects Mother Nature and her entirety, so she doesn't like to kill or harm anything without good reason, which goes for humans as well. She is undeniably loyal to those she considers close friends and family, and is also sagacious though - of course - always has more room to grow and learn.

    Onawa was born with a strong gnostic sense to the spirits and their world. A human dragon hybrid is almost unheard of; there are very few others within the three kingdom. Onawa had a dragon mother and a human father, both who loved her dearly and raised her until she was five when they were mugged. The muggers were killed (or at least most of them), but Onawa's parents were injured so badly that neither of them survived by the time healers were able to begin their work. Onawa was taken in by most of the village, though some weren't too kind to her, but she spent most of her time in the forests, eventually learning about her environment and how to control her own powers.

    No one.

    The staff in her appearance picture.

    All black throwing knives.


    If this is too much, I completely understand. I tend to go all out on character sheets, so I'll edit or explain more things if needed.
  9. Name: Nathair Mactaer
    Age: 19
    Race: Siren
    Kingdom: Light Kingdom
    Ability (only 3, read the info on the kingdoms if you want to know ability types): Able to whistle at several frequencies that can have different effects. His whistle is able to hypnotize, break glass, put people to sleep, cure minor headaches, and even cauterize a wound, Capable of controlling people by just singing, humming or whistling. Longevity, as most Sirens have.
    Personality: Nathair is cheerful, carefree, and laidback. He is generally only tense and serious with matters that involve his family, particularly his sister, Val. He is often seen joking and playful, however he does have his serious moments. Nathair is also natural flirtatious, like most if not al sirens.
    Background: Raised within a small clan of Sirens, Nathair was taught how to use his voice as a weapon that was even stronger than his body. However this knowledge did him little good hen his clan was attacked by a small hoard of demons rampaging through the forest. Luckily they had joined their voices to 'convince' the demons to turn back long enough for them to escape, however they were not all so lucky. Sadly Nathair lost his mother and aunt to the demons and his sister Val was severely injured on her throat causing her to loose her voice permanently. After the incident Nathair took Val to the Light kingdom in hopes that their pure magic could heal her, a thought that was reassured when Val had spoken his name not even a fortnight later. Since then he as aligned himself with the Light Kingdom.
    Relationship: None as of yet.
    Weapon: Twin Swords named Uisce agus Doitaein, after his Mother and Aunt
    Other: Nathair has a Fox kit companion named Scath, that follows him everywhere.
  10. The both of you are accepted:), great characters!
  11. Woo, thanks! [:
  12. What's happened to ol' Morty now that the demons are in charge?
  13. At the moment he is weak and in hiding, he'll be planning a few evil things >.<
  14. What do you think the level of dark will be? Will it be really dark, or just sometimes dark?
  15. Most of the time dark, if you sign up to be a dark on the team then that's alright because having a dark on your team is always a good thing; it just makes them a bit more violent and more deadly against enemies >.< if that makes any sense
  16. How long will we wait for more people to sign up? I can make another character if need be.
  17. Name: Saphira
    Age: 18
    Race: Spirit - like a world angel; as Angels come from the skies, so Spirits come from the world.
    Kingdom: Dark

    Ability: Ice - able to freeze an area near to her.
    Battle-trained - much more powerful than a normal human. On top of being a stronger race, she's been raised to fight.
    Wings - though she is unable to sustain them for long, Saphira can fly on her wings for short periods of time. These offer a tremendous speed boost.

    Personality: None to speak of. She's very quiet, displays no emotions, and obeys her orders without question or opinion.
    Background: She's been trained as a fighter since she was a little girl, made to carry out the King's will. She doesn't have much of anything to call her own. She fights and kills without question and without fail.
    Relationship: None.
    Weapon: Existence - a large, two-handed, double-edged sword. The blade and hilt together are as tall as Saphira. It weighs almost as much as she does, but she's able to use it flawlessly since she's held it forever.
    Other: Saphira is a hard person to connect to. Please give it your best effort.

    Name: Kirar Blooddrinker
    Age: 20
    Race: The Offspring - a dark race created to fight demons. Though the years of peace ended all but a few family lines.
    Kingdom: Dark
    5' 7", 140 lbs. Grey trousers on his lower half and an off-white cloak wrapped around his upper half. Lavender eyes when he's not fighting demons.

    Ability: Shadow Dancer - Kirar's magic is based in the shadows. His power is limited by his blood, but will grow with his victories.
    Blooddrinker - how his family earned their name, Kirar feasts upon slain demons (Not gory; 'consumes' would be a better description). They add to his power, enhance it, expand it. Every kill is worth something to a Blooddrinker.
    Mage - beyond his shadows, Kirar does have a few simple cantrips that don't require his heritage, spells that rely on the world's mana instead. Light Orb, Mana Bolt, Levitate, and the like. He must rely on these often at present, until he's fed on enough demons to bring his Shadow Dance up to par.

    Personality: In battle, Kirar is calculating and merciless. Elsewhere, he's usually just bored. He is intelligent but has had nothing to do with it. Needless to say, he's been absolutely giddy ever since the demons broke loose. Devouring demonspawn feels so wonderful, so perfectly right to him, that his bored-with-life attitude has given way to something almost generous. Almost.

    Background: Kirar is the last surviving member of the Blooddrinker clan. The line has been kept pure until this point, but it is no more. Not that Kirar cares in the least. He learned how to fight almost instinctively, first with a sword and then with his magic. He hasn't much practice with his sword because he favored magic early on, but he has enough training to be better than average. His parents died some time ago, and he's been on a few mission for the King in the recent past, but he's never cared for anything until now.

    Relationship: He sees himself as Saphira's baby-sitter at present, but females have never interested him.
    Weapon: He carries a short sword at all times. He can use his bare hands if necessary. But his preference is definitely magic.
    Other: As stated earlier, the Offspring were created. This was done by infusing people with demon blood. Not all experiments were successful, but those that did succeed did so spectacularly. Blooddrinkers were human once.
  18. I've been camping on the fence for a couple days about this. But after conversing with Lona, I've decided I can't resist. So, hi!
  19. Yay! ACCPETED @RayChel
    We only need one more character, a male:)
  20. I thank you for the welcome. Would you want to start the IC so we know where we're beginning? I'll help drum up another person in the meantime.
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