The warrior, and the prince.

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  1. For centuries,
    The kingdoms have gone against each other and have had many wars. Finally after many years, a prince and a princess fell in love. They were both from two different kingdoms, so once they got married, the kingdoms finally made peace.
    Minor incidents happen, every now and again a possible robbery or murder. Other than that, it was just completely peaceful.

    Today, a prince was born.
    He was assigned a Warrior to protect the Prince throughout the years.
    They were at first best friends, but then something happened that ignited their... Secret romance.


    Alright, hi!. So as you can see, it's going to be a Prince x Warrior romance.
    The time shall be Medieval.

    What I would like for you to have for this RP.


    Nice, lengthy sentences with some detail.
    More plot than sex.
    Nice Grammar.


    Things I don't want.


    One Liners! No.
    More sex than plot!. No.
    No 'u see im here'.

    And that it all! I hope someone joins!
  2. I might be interested. ^^
  3. Oh, really? :3 Awesome.​
  4. yeah, why not? XD PM me so we can sort things out~
  5. I'm interested as well, the plot is interesting.
  6. Alright, awesome!. Just send me a PM and we can discuss it. Also, I absolutely love your Profile Picture! Castiel!!!
  7. Ah, a fellow SPN fan! Awesome! ♥ I'll PM you right away.
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  8. Hehe, alright~