The Warrior and the Demon

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  1. The Warrior and the Demon
    Written by: Canibelle and Super Cat

    Chapter 1
    Warning: Some of the writing may be considered a bit gruesome. View at your own risk.
    Section 1 (open)

    The crowd roared. Waves were done in the audience as the shadow of the Arena Corporation's ship blocked the sun from view, and lit the stadium with the artificial lights of the vehicle's belly. From a small opening, a circle was cut out, forming into a flat disk that carried the announcer down to the arena ground, which was a rather plain, wide area made of sand.

    "Hello, hello! Are we all doing okay? Are we excited?" the announcer shouted excitedly.

    The crowd responded in the joined cry of hundreds of voices. All was going well for the Arena Corps. Their newest experiment was ready for viewing, and she would show her strength against the strongest fighter they had.

    "Today is a very special event, fans and friends. It is our twentieth anniversary, and a new batch of fighters has been made! One you will see today- CAJA!"

    Another platform lowered from the ship, revealing a tall, slender young woman with white-blonde hair, a large broadsword held by both hands on the hilt, the tip digging into the floor. She wore form-fitting, but modest clothing with bits of armor attached to vital regions.

    "And an old faaaavorite...MANA!"

    The second platform fell, this time with a woman who had fiery red hair in a plait down her back, much heftier than Caja, dressed the same, armed with a similar weapon. The strangest thing about both warriors, though...was the armor wrapped around the base of their necks, extended down their spines. Was that really such a big target? Hmm.

    Lance was standing within the stadium waiting for the fights to begin. He had heard tales of the blood that was shed within the arena, but had never had the time to spend watching others fight for entertainment until recently. It seemed to be his lucky day though as a new type of fighter was being debuted. The lack of armor over anything non vital excited Lance as he knew it would allow more blood to be shed.

    "Alright everyone! Let's hear it for our two fighters." The man exclaimed as his voice was projected throughout the arena. "How about we get them riled up and ready to fight?"

    In quick response to the man’s suggestion the roaring noise from the crowd quickly became a cacophony so intense it could be heard from miles around. But even with all the noise present the two warriors never wavered. Lance enjoyed the look in their eyes. It was a look that someone bred only for killing could have obtained.

    Raising his hands up and then gently lowering them down the announcer was commanding silence. The fight was set to begin.

    As the warriors stepped off of their respective platforms, the women lifted their broadswords and let the silence between them continue.


    Section 2 (open)

    Without any hesitation did the two women sprint for one another, slinging the swords that met in a parry that rang through the arena like thunder. The younger fighter, Caja, dominated in strength, pushing Mana back, but to her own fault. The experienced fighter dropped to the ground at the last second to sweep Caja's feet from underneath her. The young woman fell, but not before raising her sword for the incoming blow that Mana had tried to bring down upon her head. The crowd was filled with so much untamed excitement that several people nearly tumbled into the arena itself.

    Caja quickly kicked at the midsection of the older warrior, putting distance between them to allow her to recover. She rolled to her feet, holding the sword out at Mana's throat as the many-time Champion charged her.

    As the fight ensued Lance became more enthralled and was compelled to move closer and closer to the edge of the arena. He had not expected the two fighters to be so skilled, or so aggressive. It began to wake up old bloodthirsty and malevolent tendencies. Lance had worked hard to try and suppress them, but in the face of violence where the lives of others were put on the line he couldn't help himself. It was like when a recovered junky was in the presence of heroin again, they were going to have to use the drugs no matter how hard they opposed it.

    By this point Lance was standing right before the wall that separated the crowd from the gladiators. As he looked down into the sand pit at the fighters he could almost feel their beating hearts, taste the blood on his tongue. He wanted them to hurt, he wanted them bleed, he wanted them to agonize in pain.

    And it seemed that Lance would get his wish. As the women raged on in their battle, it became obvious who the victor would be. Of course, nearly all the bets had gone to her anyway. She was, after all, the Champion, whacking away swiftly at the more inexperienced fighter as though she were a mere child. Caja, despite being the newer, stronger model, was having a hard time keeping up. Her blocks were lagging behind, and right as she thought she saw an opening-


    The sound of sharp metal slicing through muscle and bone, the sight of blood pooling into the sand, of Mana's manic laughter, made the crowd rabid. Caja's right leg had been severed clean off.

    What Mana did next, however, shocked that crowd into silence. The woman grasped the front of Caja's shirt, and then made a mighty leap, dragging her into the stands. Right beside Lance. Caja was thrown into the cement, gasping as she did, dropping her sword. Raising her own, the Champion turned her head to glance at Lance, a wicked, nasty grin painting otherwise angelic features before she went in for the final blow to her opponent.

    And just before she could, a blast of light sent her reeling back into the arena, skidding on her side in the sand. Someone crawled over the railings with a gun in hand, the barrel lighting up with energy, and the crowd panicked, quickly emptying the arena.

    There was a gurgle, then a groan. The younger warrior- it was incredible!

    She had grabbed her severed leg before being flung.

    As the crowd began to panic and flee in any and every direction Lance took advantage of the confusion to indulge his true self. Lance only had to take a few steps until he was towering over the injured gladiator, with a wicked smile he looked down on her. The expression upon his face as he looked down was that of a true predator, the danger and ferocity was frightening. Slowly he lowered his boot onto the wrist of the warrior’s hand that held her severed leg, at first it was a gentle pressure but slowly it became more intense soon turning to pain and eventually come close to the point of breaking. The woman quickly released the severed limb, almost out of surprise at the sudden pain.

    With a smirk Lance continued to apply the pressure until he could hear the bones with in her wrist break and feel them give way. Raising his foot away from the shattered wrist of the warrior he crouched down in front of her while he picked up her leg. Tracing his fingers around the wounded area his fingers soon became drenched in the girls blood. Almost shaking from anticipation he raised the bloodied fingers to his lips and began to suck them clean. Letting out a small sigh of ecstasy.

    "You did not do so well little warrior." He spoke, eyes still closed and her blood upon his lips.

    The woman looked upon him with...not...horror, or disgust, but...anger. Her teeth grit as she watched him, rolling onto her belly to try and crawl towards the man. " me..." she stammered, her body paling from blood loss.

    Lance reached down and grabbed the girl by the hair on the back of her head and dragged her up to her knee and stub. She cried out, her uninjured hand gripping his wrist. "No. This belongs to me now." He responded placing the severed leg in front of the woman, but just out of her reach. "Do you know why?"

    She nearly refused to answer; something awoke in her that wanted to be stubborn. To spite him. But a voice of reason overpowered it. What if it got her back that leg?


    "Because I have the power to take what I want, and I choose to use it." His voice was cold, and his face was expressionless. "You are weak, and you cannot protect what is yours. So you lose it." He continued as he released the woman’s hair letting her fall to the ground. She had just been able to lessen her fall with her hands outstretched toward the hard stadium floor, but sloped, weak, against it. Her eyes, a cloudy grey, turned to stare at Lance.

    "Do you wish to also lose your life?"

    She had to contemplate this for a moment. Losing her life never had meant much. Surely, the Arena Corporation's machines would just bring her back, wouldn't they? So she replied, saying, "I do not understand."

    "Do you wish to cease to exist in this, or any world?" The ignorance that this woman seemed to be displaying was beginning to infuriate Lance once again. "You will be gone. No more. Deceased." He stated in quick fashion, hoping the repetition might break through the bliss. For a moment, as her eyes wandered off away from him, as her anger died, it nearly seemed to work.

    "And...that is bad?" she said at last. It was a moot point for Lance. One could not threaten death where true life had not existed.

    Lance reached down placing his fingers lightly below her chin raising her face up towards his, "Yes my dear..." he paused as he moved his hand along to the side of her cheek gently caressing her baby soft skin. "...That is bad." He finished his voice a whisper next to her ear. Just as soon as his kindness had come, it had left though and with an unnatural speed Lance smashed the girls face into the hard stone floor of the crowd stands. She all but screamed, her hands groping desperately at the seats, as though her grip would remove some of the pain. Moving to her lower body Lance knelt down next to the stump that remained of her leg. With a careful grace he positioned the dismembered body part and placed his hand upon the seam. Slowly a warmth began to creep into the leg that slowly turned into a roaring inferno.

    Section 3 (open)

    Again, came that miserable cry, the flail of her hands and the convulsion of her body as she did anything she could think of just to relieve the pain. Her cries went out to someone...or rather...something. Those grey orbs in her skull focused, her scream ceased, and her hands dropped, body relaxing completely. That wasn't the strangest part, either; she was looking at Lance calmly, without the hatred from before.

    "You are a hard one to place." said the warrior, through the warrior's voice, but not through her demeanor. It was mature and wizened. "You caused her a great deal of pain. I thought you might have killed her. Why is it you are displaying an act of kindness?"

    Lance was at first confused at the sudden change in expression and demeanor of the warrior, but he quickly got over it as he had no idea what those in the Arena had done to the poor girl. It made him wonder if perhaps she had multiple personalities. "A single act of kindness can prolong many acts of cruelty." The tone of his voice displayed the statement as true, but at the same time it wasn't the whole truth.

    "Ahh," said the woman, nodding as though in understanding. "Then what do you expect to do with this girl's body? Are you going to steal her? It's not as if they're going to keep her alive, a failed experiment, at the Arena Corps."

    "If I was going to leave her here I wouldn't have fixed her leg." Lance retorted as he moved to the front of her body and reached down to lift the warrior up onto her feet. She did not protest, and even helped herself most of the way; however, she wobbled terribly, the mind dizzy as much as she tried to keep it back. She grasped her broken wrist, feeling for exactly which bones he had snapped.

    "And if you choose to keep her, do you understand that they will be wanting to retrieve their little experiment, whether she is failed or not?"

    "I am not weak. I can protect what is mine." The strength and ferocity within his voice was overwhelming. But the warrior’s second personality had raised a good point; he would need to get out of the Arena soon before they came for this one. While she may have been able to walk fine on her own, it was at a slower pace than Lance appreciated. "You will move faster or be left behind." As he spoke Lance was moving ahead of the woman, already leaving her behind.

    Little did he know that, even in her weakened state, the woman was superhuman. Designed to tough it out even as weak as she was. She picked up her pace, red blood cells multiplying at a rate that would have any scientist's curiosity perked. She walked beside Lance with ease, her good hand reaching to let her fingers touch the metal armor at the back of her neck. "This won't do." she said to him. "As soon as we get outside, you'll need to remove me from the girl's spine. They have a tracker chip in my design whose signals I cannot block."

    To be continued...

    I will be updating this thread as Canibelle and I write more. Feel free to leave any comments you have as I will be posting all updates in the first post!

    Lastly this was written for the fun and enjoyment of the two of us, but I thought that others might enjoy it as well! So I posted it here for anyone to read.

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