The Warring Kingdoms

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    • BackgroundFor a century, the Five Kingdoms have lived in harmony with each other.

      However, magic itself has been fading from the world and the land has begun to wither and die without mana to sustain it. Each kingdom blames the other, and terrible conflicts have broken out amongst their citizens. The world is falling into disarray and chaos, thereby speeding up its imminent destruction.

      You have been drawn together by an unknown force, and felt the spark of magic between each of you. You do not yet know why, but the pull towards each other was too powerful to fight against, whether or not you wanted to resist.

      (Still in development; feel free to ask any questions)

      KingdomsIn total, the world is comprised of five kingdoms, each named after their respective Deity.

      Genbu (Black Tortoise)
      The northern kingdom, its ruling God takes on the depiction of a giant, black tortoise. Much of the fertile land is inhabited by tribes of people who live in humble dwellings made of wood shacks or canvas tents. However, the capital city has been carved into and built upon the back of a colossal creature called the Lion Turtle; many believe it is in actuality the reincarnation of their deity, Genbu. They rely mainly on wind power generated from the beast constantly moving.

      Seiryu (Azure Dragon)
      The eastern kingdom, Seiryu is the most industrialized of all the kingdoms. They rely on steam power and their buildings are often made of strong metals, creating shining, metallic cities. They are the only kingdom who have mastered air travel, and their capital city is a flying wonder, constantly moving around; the only way to reach it through simple hydrogen blimps.

      Suzaku (Vermilion Bird)
      Those who are native to the southern kingdom often dwell in the vast mountain ranges that cover most of the kingdom. They build their homes of clay and stone, and are famous for their glass and bronze work. They provide most of the materials needed by Seiryu in exchange for bits of technology in order to improve their lives.

      Byakko (White Tiger)
      Comprised mostly of island settlements, the western kingdom relies largely on fishing and trade in order to flourish. Commonly known for having amphibious natives, they have built vast cities underwater, only accessible to those who are able to breathe underwater for long periods of time. It is also not uncommon for pirates to patrol the high seas.

      Qilin (Chimera)
      The most isolated of the kingdoms, despite being in the direct center of them; the kingdom is surrounded on all sides by nearly un-traversable mountain ranges. As such, they have not had the opportunity to trade and utilize the technology of the other kingdoms. They are a traditionalistic people, still living in the equivalent of the feudal era. The natives of this kingdom are known for having strangely pale hair and eyes, and are rarely seen among the other kingdoms – they are regarded as an oddity among other races.

      Character SheetName:
      (any humanoid)
      Kingdom of Origin: (see Cast List for availability)
      (min. 5 lines)
      Appearance: (min. 3 lines)
      Background/Backstory: (min. 5 lines)
      • No Godmode or power play.
      • Limit: 1 Character.
      • 1 Character from each nation only (total five players).
      • Posts must be a minimum of 5 sentences.
      • Don't double post.
      • I expect a post-secondary level of literacy, spelling, grammar and punctuation.
      • Please respect your fellow Roleplayers.
      • Real Life > Roleplay; that being said, please attempt to be active every day.
    • Celestial WarriorsGENBU - West as Johnathan Groundshaker
      SEIRYU - Koda Lewis Lanfear
      SUZAKU - Batty as Tyra Mikella
      BYAKKO - vivi as
      QILIN - Synren as Amara

      VillainsNinth Tail as Dere Mo
      Karakui as Akuma

    The Warring Kingdoms (Signups CLOSED)


    Name: Amara
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Race: Unknown
    Nation: Qilin


    A soft-spoken and kind-hearted young woman. She is resilient and determined. Despite surviving many tragedies, she has overcome strife and refused to become bitter or jaded. She believes in the good in people and beauty in the world, but is not naive to the ways of humanity.

    Possessing an unnatural beauty known to those who hail from Qilin, she has the reputable flowing, white hair and gold-rimmed eyes. She has gentle, rounded features, adding to the appearance of her youth. Her eyes are almond-shaped, curling upward at the outer corner. She has thin, curved eyebrows, a small, rounded nose and small, pink lips. She wears flowing, mid-length dresses in pale shades and soft materials.

    Amara spent the majority of her youth growing up in a small farming village in the central of Qirin. She was born into poverty, but never resented or lamented the hand she was dealt in life. She was sheltered, as the middle aged of three children, and knew very little beyond the border of their farmland. She tended to the animals, and made it a personal project to tend to the gardens in their yard in an attempt to brighten her family's lives.

    In her adolescence, an earthquake decimated most of her village, including her farmyard, and she lost her father and newborn baby brother in the devastation that followed. Her father had returned into their home in order to save the newborn, and both were crushed when the poorly constructed house collapsed.

    Her family, heartbroken, relocated to the nearest village where she and her mother found work as seamstresses. Her elder brother joined in with the militia in the wake of a civil war. During the conflict, her brother was killed in action after having saved his squadron from an ambush.

    Only a couple years later, she then lost her mother to illness. However, the heartbreak her mother had suffered likely contributed to her losing the will to live, and left Amara completely alone in the world.

    Left completely alone, Amara began to travel the world, hoping to find a place where she could belong and feel at home.
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  2. Well I'm not sure entirely how this feature works yet, so tell me if this is in the wrong place. If that potentially reserved slot opens up, I'll take it off your hands. Otherwise, is there a villain/minor character role free?
  3. There is definitely place for a villain and/or minor character.
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  4. If that does end up happening because the reserved character slot gets posted, I'm going to need some information as to what your planned plotline is. That is of course, if the villain is going to operate that. I might make them have a completely different agenda :D
  5. I'm giving the reserved spots 24 hours to post a character bio, otherwise I'll open them up.
    If you end up playing a villain, I'll PM you the plot line planned out so far. And you can absolutely make changes with it.
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  6. Character Sheet
    Name: Lewis Lanfear
    Gender: Male
    Age: 44
    Race: Dwarf (let me know if this is allowed, I went off the humanoid basis)
    Kingdom of Origin: Seiryu (Azure Dragon)
    Personality: Lewis is a cheerful, lighthearted person, always eager for something to laugh at. His cheerful shell can be shed, at times of great danger, importance, or just when he is angry. When this happens, he becomes gruff, quiet and anti-social. One of Lewis's first impressions of a person is their height, and he immediately takes a liking to shorter people, and the opposite to taller people. This can change though, (just a subconscious first impression). He likes to learn all he can, and loves books.
    Appearance: Lewis is short (as you might imagine) and square, his large belly often cinched back behind an uncomfortably tight belt. His belt contains various pouches and containers filled with tools or steam powered contraptions, most still being 'tinkered' or built by Lewis. He has an almost permanent pair of bronze goggles on his head, and light, gripping boots for ease of movement on an airship. He has similar gloves, and a leathery face covered in laugh lines. His beard reaches to his sternum, while his hair is messy and often blackened with soot, mixing in with his ginger scruff.
    Lewis worked a decent life in the capital living as an independent engineer/toymaker and as a stand-in airship repairman. Lewis's family never got along with him, so when he came of age he left home, to live in the capital, and was happy with his decision. He was never very succesful, but he loved making toys for children, and watching them play. He is very proud of his toymaking, and it is his favourite job. Sometimes, a friendly parent of a loyal young customer would come and ask for something to be repaired, or a custom-made toy for their child's birthday. His close second favourite job was an airship repairman, where he could climb the rigging and feel the wind in his beard. He never really minded the grease, soot and oil he got on himself, however bad the smell.
  7. @Koda That's perfectly fine. Dwarf is still humanoid (humanoid merely means having recognizably human-like features such as standing upright on two legs).
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  8. @Synren So how does my CS look? Anything go against your plot or world rules?
  9. No, I think that's perfect. Your character works amazingly well with their nation of origin. :) I look forward to RPing with you; we'll start likely tomorrow (once everyone has a chance to post a character sheet).
  10. Ok, look forward to RPing with you too! Haha, yeah, I looked closely at the nations backround, and tried to make it fit well.
  11. b370e6266b2db5f236dfb94f8d2750ba5.png
    Tyra MikellaGender •
    Age •
    Race •
    Kingdom of Origin •
    Personality •
    Bubbly, cheerful, and always looking at the bright side of things, Tyra enjoys every moment of her seemingly simple existence. Her constant high spirits seem to come with a blindness to those in need, whether intentional or not is anyone's guess. She loves to play her violin, and dance about while doing so. The only apparent time when she is not fully of energy is when she is asleep.
    Appearance •
    She has long, dark pink hair, with short bangs that frame her face. He skin is fair, and her frame lithe. She stands at 5'6", and her gait is lively. Her favourite colours are reds, purples, and anything in between, as well as whites and blacks.
    Background/Backstory •
    Born in the lands of Suzaku, Tyra has spent the better portion of her life in eccentricity to those around her, and seemingly little worship of their deity. Many viewed her as naive and troublesome, even for a child, though they usually just chalked it up to her being an orphan. Her mother had abandoned her when she was about five years of age, outside of the capital's church. Up until she was ten, she lived there in servitude, cleaning the vast halls of the building. She grew tired of this, and ran away, and decided that she had worshipped Suzaku quite enough, especially since when she refused, the head priest would beat her.

    She used her new-found freedom to catch up on her missed childhood, to run around, and play, go on adventures with the help of her imagination. At age fourteen, she happened on a kind lady who gave her the violin she carries with her still today, and taught her to play it. From there, she took good care of the instrument, and also used it as a mean to get some pocket change. It slowly lead her to becoming the animated, cheery person she is today.
  12. Name: Johnathan Groundshaker.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 32

    Race: Human

    Kingdom of Origin: Genbu

    Alignment: Lawfully Good

    Personality: Stubborn when it comes to Justice and relaxed when it comes to his closest of friends, Johnathan Groundshaker may be one of the most honorable men alive, considering he refused to kill a man he believe to be innocent, and stands for his beliefs, even when the majority of people would hate him for it. To his closest of friends, he shows a more weaker portion of himself, a man forever changed by what happened during that night with his family, but to others, a strong man whose courage is only hindered by the fear of innocents getting caught in the middle of his job, or killed because of him.

    Johnathan Groundshaker is 5.8 Feet tall (1.8M tall), has long hair covering the sides of his head and back, and a regularly trimmed hair on his forehead, ensuring no hair were to block his vision in combat. He has a rather husky build, but doesn't seem that much of a muscle bearing man. He wears the armor of his father, with the hole in the back plating still there as an eternal reminder of what happened to his family. Underneath, a man covered in scars ranging from his back to his chest.


    "May Genbu either strengthen my sword if you're guilty, or bring strength into yours if you're innocent."

    Johnathan Groundshaker was not necessarily born with that name. He was given the birthname Johnathan, yes, but his last name was much different- of a house whose name was never properly recorded. What little was known of the house was that the members in it exercised the management of the laws and fair judgement, ensuring that when there was none to uphold the law in a region of Genbu, their house would ride out to ensure it was kept in a proper manner. Although they were born atop the Lion Turtle, they were known to have traveled far and wide to ensure the law was always upheld. However, during one of their tours, they were all slaughtered for a reason unknown, killed when they were presented with salt and bread- signifying they had a guests defence, yet it did not matter. Johnathan, the youngest of the three brothers, played dead during this and was mistakenly tossed away, alive and healthy, although his mind was another thing at the time.

    He was taken up by another house, and became the squire for the lord. Eight years passed since his family's murder, he was twenty four, and now ready to face the world once more, he bowed to his lord, was given a horse and was told to go and keep up his family's traditions, even if they were dead, the lord had a feeling the god of Earth would very well watch over Johnathan. Johnathan began to practice upholding the law by being posted as a guard, but was instead a year later moved over to be an executioner, as the most recent one had died by a stroke in his bed. At the open courthouse, he looked at the man and shook his head. He was sure the man was innocent, but he had been sentenced to death regardless. Thus, he began a tradition within the specific courthouse to settle the matters in a more honorable way. He gave the man his sword, and said that if the man could slay him, he would be freed of his charges; as the god watching over them would either strengthen the condemned, or Johnathan's sword. He was given another sword in return, and after less than ten seconds: the man was slain. The ground itself shook as the man's blood ran down the streets, until it finally seized. It earned him the new last name "Groundshaker", as whenever the battle was over and Johnathan stood ontop, the ground would shake for a few seconds.

    Years upon years of doing so, he still never felt at ease with himself, shaken by what had happened to his family and seeing the lands he called home being slowly killed off by the lack of magic to sustain it, Johnathan quit his duty as an executioner to travel across the lands, to find a chance of saving this world from it's inhabitants and restore peace.
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  15. Now then, to create the Incredibly-Harmless-and-by-No-Means-Evil Villain character!

    Name: True name unknown, but calls herself "Akuma"
    Seems to be around 14.
    Unknown, but it seems human-based at least.
    Kingdom of Origin: Unknown
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Akuma is typically a serious character with a strong sense of ambition, and who never loses sight of her objectives. She is incredibly intelligent and wise well beyond her years. She speaks in quite a neutral and monotonous way, and has a stunningly good poker face - even psychics have a hard time telling what she's thinking. As a rule of thumb, she never tells a lie, but is skilled at warping the truth to sound like something else and hide her true intentions. In contrast to her indifference, she has quite a good sense of humour, and wields it like a razor sharp sarcastic blade.
    Appearance: Akuma is about average height and slightly under average weight for a 14 year old female. She has long, white hair that would reach her ankles if it were down, which she ties up in twintails. Her body is covered in a series of faint line-like tattoos that look rather like various crop circles, though they're easy to miss if you're not looking for them She has crimson irises, and wears modified traditional eastern-style clothes which are impossible to describe so here's a picture.

    For plot purposes, this will be revealed IC should the good guys figure out that she's technically a villain.
  16. Just a quick thing; are we supposed to write this as if it was in the past, or the present?
  17. Either present or past leading up to the present.
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