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  1. BackgroundA century ago, it was said that the Deities Seiryu, Suzaku, Byakko, Genbu and Qirin created a Celestial Warrior in their image, imbued with the power of all five Gods. However, their creation was filled with ambition and vanity, deeming itself to be owed more power than its creators. The Gods, filled with sorrow, sealed away their creation. Using the very last of their strength, they each created their own Celestial Warrior before each fell into a deep slumber. The five Celestial Warriors were a safeguard in case their former creation ever broke its seal and escaped back into the world.

    For a century, the Five Kingdoms have lived in harmony with each other.

    However, in recent years, magic itself has been fading from the world without the Deities to infuse the world with their power. The lands of Seiryu, Suzaku, Byakko and Qirin have begun a steady decline as the land slowly withers and dies. Only the land of Genbu continues to prosper, and many have accused the Kingdom of causing the chaos that has ensued. In response, the Five Kingdoms have fallen into chaos and conflict, each accusing the other and becoming more desperate as the lands wither and people continue to die.

    In the present day, the Five Celestial Warriors were raised with the constant knowledge that they were meant for something greater in life. That they had a purpose, a calling.

    Their entire lives, Johnathan Groundshaker, Lewis Lanfear, Tyra Mikella, Adrianna Luna Gonzalez and Amara were told that they were special, a Celestial Warrior, and that one day your time would come when you would have to commune with the Gods in order to protect your beloved Kingdom.

    That day has come. After receiving a vision of the Seiryu Temple, the Five Celestial Warriors know their destiny.
    The journey was long and hard, but you have just arrived in the capital of Seiryu, where the Grand Cathedral resides. You gather just outside the Cathedral's grand doors, where you meet each other. You know your journey together has only just begun.

    Please post an intro post as you meet your fellow Celestial Warriors.
    Villains, feel free to also post an introduction among yourselves, though it is unlikely you have yet me the 'Heroes'.
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    The journey to Seiryu was long and tedious. Qirin was far less technologically advanced with only simplified travel options. She and her companion, Damien, traveled by horse back for a week to the kingdoms border. There were limited options how to come and go through Qirin as the kingdom was surrounded on all side by towering mountain ranges.
    A hundred years ago, tunnels were created and completed between each kingdom using then-newly developed steam powered technology from Seiryu. They marked a life changing connection between the kingdoms and an Era of peace followed.

    Now, as the world was withering, conflict had broken out between each of the kingdoms. Travel had become dangerous as many travelers were attacked at the borders and along the main roads.
    With Damien at her side, she traveled unhindered through the countryside towards the Seiryu capital city.

    The capital was a floating fortress in the sky, reachable only by mechanical birds and flying balloons. Contraptions the people of Qirin can barely fathom. The city itself was a shining, metal rising of tall buildings and steam powered engines. It was majestic and beautiful in its enginuity.

    At the station, Damien took his leave, needed back in his own home. She kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for all he had done for her. She hoped to see him well again soon, but she needed to fulfill her destiny alone.

    Amara was a beautiful woman but a wall flower. She stood out with white hair and vibrant golden eyes, the appearance reputable uniquely from Qirin. She knew how to blend in by wearing a full cloak, refusing to draw unnecessary attention to herself. After years of travel, she had tired of the stares from those who had never seen a native of Qirin (as very few ever left the nation).

    Standing at the doors of the Grand Cathedral of Seiryu, in the floating capital city, she pulled back her hood and looked up in fascination by the beautifully constructed metal building. Such things were unfamiliar to her and she marveled at the engineering.

    There, she waited just inside the grand doors, knowing somehow thst she would soon be joined by the Celestial Warriors, just as her vision had foretold.
  3. Johnathan Groundshaker sighed quietly to himself as he approached the Grand Cathedral of Seiryu. Finally, days of traveling has lead him to the infamous floating city, with it's Cathedral eyeing down all the citizens of this Kingdom. His mind had for some reason or another, shown him a vision, that let him see a temple, floating above in a majestic city- free from the grasp of soil, open it's gates for him. Quite personally, Johnathan never truely liked being up in the sky, as he always feared that he might just slip off, or get pushed off, and what'd happen then? It's not like a sword battle, where the skill and finesse of a fighter decides the faith of the duelists, it was a simple push and then it'd be all over. He dislikes the very notion that a simple mistake like that would get any man killed, and probably has gotten it's fair share of inhabitants killed through just that, be it accidental or not.

    He looked over the Cathedral once more, his eyes gazing upon it's structure, and deciding that he had been standing around for too long, he approaches the entrance, his feet thumped along with each step, his chainmail clinged and clanged with itself and his sword dangling from his leg, the blade itself easily one and a half meter long, the handle itself showing that it's a two handed sword. He lays a hand upon the handle of the cathedral doors, until he suddenly stopped. Something from within was barking at him, telling him to wait for the rest of the supposed Celestial Warriors. He groaned at himself from within his head, but let it go a second later. He backed away from the cathedral, and turned around, looking around for any of the possible Celestial warriors- yet those that were walking left and right was just common folk, and some easily recognised Johnathan Groundshaker. His name was more or less imprinted upon any book about Genbu, "The man who made the very earth shake", and his sword- Judgement, who "cleaved through the guilty, while harmlessly bouncing off the innocent". Some tales were true, others weren't. No, Johnathan is certainly no god... even though others did a great job telling him he was, and he certainly wouldn't try to bring Armageddon upon this world.

    He needed to save it, and the cathedral- and the other Celestial warriors that the folk spoke of needed to arrive, in order to aid him in this quest. This was most certainly not a job only for the last kin of a bloodline, but the combined work of numerous skilled individuals, as far as he could tell- they were spoken in high regards of when he asked for their names in each land that he visited, at the very least, that's what he thought. He reached over for his satchel, and took out a small piece of paper, made of the skin of a boar. His eyes scanned the paper, the charcoal mixture that had been used to write it still readable. He looked at the piece of paper, reading it to remind himself of the individuals he's trying to find.

    -Tyra of the lands Suzaku
    -Lewis of the sky Seiryu
    - ???, of the lands Qilin
    - Adriana, of the lands Byakko

    Suddenly, Johnathan felt a grasp at his shoulder and turned around to greet whoever it was that disturbed him. "Ah! The Groundshaker himself! I must beg your pardon sir for disturbing you!" said what appeares to be a small adult, roughly in her twenties, smiling brightly at him. He gave her a calm nod, returning with a friendly smile "Aye, that I am. Say, have you seen a man going by the name first name Lewis?" To which the gal looked a bit puzzled towards to ground, before bouncing back up in excitement "Oh-oh! You mean him-the Celestial Knight I've heard of? Well uhm... I wouldn't know, as of the moment, he's a mysterious fellow from what I've heard... Can apparently cleave a mountain in two!" To which Johnathan gave her a shuckle. Only the gods themselves would ever be able to handle such power, to cleave a mountain in half. As he was about to move on, she quipped at him "And uh- there's another person in that building. She looked uh, really odd. Like- an outsider, y'know?" That gave Johnathan some slight hope of finding the Celestial Warrior of the land Qilin. "I thank you for this information, m'lady, and must beg your pardon for my rudeness, but I must bid you farewell, as I have duties within the Cathedral." She smiled and waved him away "Farewell, Groundshaker!"

    Johnathan stepped up towards the Cathedral doors, this time with certainty that the answers were within. He pushed open the doors to the building, and went inside. He did indeed see the stranger that the early adult had spoken off, and even though she said the person would look strange, Johnathan was surprised to see the figure before him. Almost like a snowflake, she looked brittle, and gentle to the touch. Never the less, this would be one of his fellow colleague for the upcoming journey they would share. He was just about to introduce himself, when he spotted her eyes. Golden, like freshly smelt gold, lingered within. It got him thinking of a night, salt and bread, of pain and misery, of screams and death. The night he became a lone figure in the world. He shook off the thought, and extended his right hand out to greet the woman. "Greetings, fair lady. I am Johnathan Groundshaker of Genbu, first and only member of the family Groundshaker, and the right hand of Justice in Genbu." was what he uttered out, looking over her appearance once more before nodding. "And... I suppose, A Celestial Warrior, as many others have called me. I take it you were brought here for the same reason?"
  4. Lewis Lanfear Of Seiryu

    Lewis grumbled as he made his way to the Grand Cathedral. Soot covered his hair and he had barely managed to clean the oil from his clothes and hands. He combed back his hair in an attempt to appear presentable. Let's get this ridiculous celestial nonsense over with, I don't have time for adventures. Lewis sighed, and forced his mood to lighten, something he'd practiced for many children he made toys for. He looked up and realised he had arrived. He shook himself, straightened his tunic, and entered. He spotted a couple talking, and assumed by their unusual appearance that they were foreigners; his fellow celestial warriors. He approached with a warm smile, holding his hand out. "Greetings, I am Lewis Lanfear, a celestial warrior. I assume you are too? Ah, I am being rude, what are your names, and how was the journey?"
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    Amara turned her golden eyes on the two newcomers, looking them over. She had rarely seen those from outside her own nation, and was constantly fascinated by how much more diverse those of the other nations appeared. Before her stood the men who introduced themselves as Jonathan Groundshaker of Genbu and Lewis Lanfear of Seiryu. She had heard of The Groundshaker in her travels, of his prowess in combat and his infamy within his nation. He was a somewhat attractive man, in Amara's standards, and she found his husky build to be appealing and exotic. Lewis was a name she only knew from her vision, and she was pleasantly surprised to find herself face-to-face with a gruff-looking, long-bearded dwarf; she had rarely interacted with many dwarves during her travels as she was fairly new to Seiryu's customs and culture.

    "Indeed, I am one of the Celestial Warriors. My name is Amara, and I hail from Qirin," she greeted them with both a handshake and formal curtsy. "Have either of you yet met the other warriors?" She asked, both inquisitive and excited to see how exotic of breed the others may turn out to be.​
  6. "Ah, Amara of the... I must beg your pardon, madam, I believed that after your name, the name of your house would follow. The places I've traveled range from the skies to lands close to Genbu, but I never had the time to visit the Mountainous regions of Qirin myself." Johnathan Groundshaker said, whilst slowly scratching his neck in what would be an act of trying to ease himself up- such a simple mistake, yet it felt like he placed his foot wrong during a duel, which would've gotten his throat slit by an agile man- if he were to take that opportunity, instead of playing it safe. He calmed himself down, and spoke once more to answer he question "Well, I've traveled the lands to try and find them, but finding a Celestial Warrior is no easy task, especially when Justice relies on you to deal it out, especially with the Kingdoms to patrol. But given that we're currently missing..." He eyed his list, looking over the candidates once more. "Mhm..." For some reason, his list felt a bit off, but never the less- his eyes were focused in on the letters once more, as his mind started to read up the people once more. He quickly wrote in Amara's name along with the land of Qilin.

    -Tyra of the lands Suzaku
    -Lewis of the sky Seiryu
    - ??? Amara, of the lands Qilin
    - ???, of the lands Byakko

    "Right, A dwarf, I had no clue would recide in this Kingdom specifically, but based upon everything else, we're missing a Tyra of the lands Suzaku, and someone from the lands of Byakko, given each of their Kingdom's nature, one would most likely be specialized in breathing underwater, whilst another would make a handy smith." Johnathan was certain of that, at the very least- that they'd get someone who was skilled in combat along with him- as, so far he had seen, he wasn't all too impressed with those around him. A pretty face, and a dwarf who swung some form of a hammer, but not towards someone- no, at something. He never the less decided to pay his respect, this was- after all, their first meeting. He couldn't start spitting at them all when he himself hadn't even seen what they were capable of. Although now he began to realise that the dwarf had introdued himself- and quickly turned to him.

    "I must beg your pardon, sir, I forgot to introduce myself to you. I'm Johnathan Groundshaker of Genbu,first and only member of the family Groundshaker and the right hand of justice in Genbu. Also, a celestial warrior, what the title may give- I am unsure. And, after days of traveling continuosly to catch up with this flying city..." He looked around the Cathedral, as if to emphasize what he ment "It feels mighty fine to be standing in this Cathedral. Neither of you are unaware of what we are doing here... specifically?" His voice gave away a tone of uncertainty, as he stood and looked between the two figures- although he had to bow his head slightly to get the dwarf into full view.
  7. Amara smiled with kind eyes. "We in Qirin rarely introduce ourselves by our House names, as few of us have high standing. It is a very simple nation in comparison to the others," she explained. "It is also a beautiful place, and I recommend visiting if you ever have time -- however, I may be bias as it is my homeland," she added.


    OOC: I'll try to get the other Celestial Warriors to post soon, so this doesn't just die out.
  8. Tyra Port.png

    Tyra had already been at the cathedral when the first warrior had arrived, she sat by herself for some quiet time upon the roof, to observe her companions. They were all so different, and mildly repulsive at first glance, but she decided that they would make fine companions. She took up her violin, which was safely tucked in its case beside her, and slung it over her shoulder. With a hop, and a skip, she jumped off the room, landing with grace before the entrance of the cathedral. This rather bold display brought out gasps from some of those around her, but she ignored them as she was not here to entertain.

    She burst into the building, flourishing her arms, crying out, "Greetings! You must be Celestial Warriors! I am Tyra Mikella, of Suzaku!" She ended her greeting with a dramatic bow. She pranced over to where the others were congregated. "So what's the word?" she asked, looking as though if she possessed the tail of a dog, it would be wagging vigorously. She the placed fists upon her hips as she looked over the others, then announced, "Someone is missing! Oh well, they're late, I'm certain they can catch up. If we could find each other here, I see no reason why we can't find each other elsewhere."

    She did a little spin, looking over the architecture around her. It was quite different from her own lands architecture, or any other land, for that matter. They were all different, and she had manage to travel to each and every one at some point, or other. "There must be a reason we are here, right? So what's the plan?" she asked, finally settling down a bit.
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