The Warlord's Plight(OneXOne with Jeremi)

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  1. It seemed like so long ago that the world changed forever. At the battle of Marineford between the Whitebeard Pirates and the forces of the World Government, there were many casualties on both sides with some of the noteworthy ones being the son of Pirate King:Gol D. Roger and Second Division commander, Portgas D. Ace and Whitebeard himself. At the hands of Admiral Akainu and the combined forces of the Blackbeard Pirates. But before the cold hands of death could claim him, Edward Newgate had words that would change the course of the world as everyone knew it.


    "One Piece....DOES EXIST!!"

    With his dying breath, Whitebeard inspired a whole new generation of rookie pirates to hoist their jolly rogers and reach the New World in the hope of finding One Piece and gaining the right to the title of Pirate King! But this was not all that changed. Somehow obtaining the Quake-Quake fruit from Whitebeard after his death, Marshall D. Teach otherwise known as Blackbeard took his former captain's spot in the Yonkou and has also taken many of Whitebeard's islands under his control.

    Also, former Fleet Admiral Sengoku and the 'Legendary Hero' Monkey D. Garp have both resigned from their positions to take on a mentor-like role for the up and coming marines. In order to fill the vacant spot left by Sengoku, Akainu and Aokiji fought for days on end on the island of Punk Hazard until finally Aokiji gave out and left the marines while Akainu was appointed new Fleet Admiral.

    Now having full control of the navy's forces, Akainu's first order of business was moving the Marine HQ from the ruined island of Marineford to the former location of G-1 Base in the New World so as to better deal with the members of the Worst Generation and any new rookies.


    But even with Akainu's iron fist now at the helm, there was still more that could be done while the Navy was occupied with other tasks. This burden fell onto the Seven Warlords of the Sea, a practice that Akainu despised due to the fact that it let pirates who he would have otherwise killed without a second thought free reign to do whatever they please as long as the World Government didn't find out about it.

    It would take some time, that wasn't an issue. But he would use his new position to try and bring an end to the Warlord system and bring in all of the pirates that it had otherwise protected. For now however, they had their uses.

    That said the Warlords usually didn't heed the beckoning call when a meeting between them and the Navy was assembled. But Akainu knew of a way that would bring them whether they wanted to or not.

    "All Warlords are hereby ordered to repeat to Marine HQ lest they be stripped of their titles and thus have the full brunt of Absolute Justice brought down upon them. I will not repeat this a second time. Come to this meeting or reap what you sow, scum of the sea."

    The decree from Fleet Admiral Sakazuki himself was broadcast far and wide so that every Warlord would be sure to hear it. Now, while Akainu was fully aware that the Gorosei would likely not approve of all of the Warlords having their titles taken away from them, the comment had merely been a ruse to bring any of the Warlords who valued their positions enough to come to the meeting to hear the plan that Akainu had in store.

    The first of the warlords to heed the call was by no means a surprise to Akainu or the other vice admirals who had decided to attend.


    Barthlowmew 'The Tyrant' Kuma.
    Former commander of the Revolutionary Army
    Has a frozen bounty of 296,000,000 Berries.

    Having accepted to become the first of the World Government's series of living weapons known as Pacifistas under mysterious circumstances, Kuma went along with the orders as they were given to him by the World Government and if that meant attending the Warlord meetings than so be it. Walking past the stationed guards with a slight robotic feel to his walk, he'd reach down to pull out a chair for himself and sat down, bible still held under his arm.

    The next warlord to make an appearance gave himself away as two of the Vice Admirals reached over and began to strangle each-other. Being the same vice-admirals from the last warlord meeting before the War at Marineford, they and more importantly Akainu knew full well who was behind these antics.


    "I did not order for you to come here to cause mischief, Heavenly Demon. Sengoku may have tolerated such nonsense but I assure you that any more outbursts like this will not bode well for you. Now, take your seat." Akainu warned as his right hand began to emit magma causing a portion of his side of the table to be set ablaze.

    Releasing the vice-admirals just as they were on the verge of passing out, a chuckle could have been heard coming from the entrance as the next warlord entered the meeting room.

    "Fufufufufufu! Have to admit Fleet Admiral, I'm more than willing to respect any man who isn't afraid to speak his mind. But I'll just let it be made clear that I'll not be threatened. Besides, would you really want to wreck this quaint little meeting room you have here? Pleasant enough for you Navy idealists to kick back and think of how you could try to possibly contain the surge of inspired pirates flowing in thanks to Whitebeard's last words."

    Foregoing the usual manner of simply taking a seat next to Kuma, the warlord kicked aside any papers that may have been in his way as he sat down on the table itself and shot a grin Akainu's way as he spread his arms from side to side.

    "But you're a smart man, you have to be to get to the position you're in. So you have to know that the dreams of the masses simply can't be stopped through sheer brute force. Fufufufufu! The era of the legends died along with Whitebeard at Marineford and a new one is on the horizon and to stop it would be taking away the entertainment value that all these naive fools will bring along with them!"


    Donquixote 'Heavenly Demon' Doflamingo
    Captain of the Donquixote Pirates
    Has a frozen bounty of 340, 000, 000 berries

    "Supposing your inane rambling has a point, that's why I've called you and the rest of your ilk here. You'll be helping to eradicate the filth that your fellow pirates have been leaving. Whether you wish to or not is no longer your decision."


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  2. The door would be pushed open signalling the arrival of the third Warlord. A long, slender, and above all beautiful figure would walk into the meeting room.


    Pirate Empress Boa Hancock
    Snake Princess of the Kuja Pirates
    Has a frozen bounty of 80,000,000 berries

    It was quite rare to see her be one of the first to arrive, but she had her reasons. With Straw Hat Luffy training on her island she didn't want to cause any commotion that would jeopardize his safety.

    "I am here, what is so grave that to are forced to summon me, Snake Princess Boa Hancock?"

  3. Glancing over towards the doors as they heralded the arrival of the third Warlord, the guards were understandably smitten by Hancock as she made her way inside. The reactions from the others assembled at the table varied from entranced to sheer indifference such as was the case with Akainu and Kuma, while Doflamingo seemed absolutely pleased that Hancock had showed herself.


    "Ah, isn't this a lovely little set-up we have going on here? The dreaded yet absolutely beautiful Snake Princess, the former tyrant and member of the Revolutionary Army who sold his soul to the government and myself! Please take a seat, Hancock! The Fleet Admiral was about to impart some rather substantial news relating to why he felt the need to drag us all out here!" The warlord cackled as he held up a finger to his mouth to try and mockingly inspire silence within the room so that Akainu could speak.

    The flames near Akainu's side grew brighter and began to spread out a bit more. If only just to show that he was quickly reaching his limit with Doflamingo's incessant prattling. Raising his other hand, Akainu gestured for the guards to take their eyes off Hancock and shut the doors. As the doors finally closed, Akainu lowered his hand and finally raised his head to stare at the three warlords who had come.

    "I doubt Mihawk would feel any inclination to arrive even if his title was being threatened. Not after the Whitebeard debacle. Weevil will be reigned in given time, and I'm sure you're all aware of the newest member to the Warlords." He'd say before sliding over a wanted poster of just who it was that he had been referring to.

    Trafalgar Law
    Captain of the Heart Pirates
    Has a frozen bounty of 500,000,000

    "Sent over 500 hearts of low-level pirates here to HQ to be granted a position as a warlord. What he desires to do with this role is still unknown as of late. But just let it be known that if I or any of my subordinates catch wind of any activity you may be up to? This 'title' will not be enough to protect you. I will not have another 'Blackbeard Incident' on my hands."


    "Oh? Well, I'll make sure to keep that tucked away in the back of my head for future reference, Admiral. But how's about you stop beating around the bush and tell us why we're really here, hm? Because I'm gonna feel like my time was seriously wasted if all you desired to do was to simply lecture us like unrepentant children, fufufufu."

    Doflamingo sneered before glancing down at the poster. Although it was not widely known to many, he had a 'connection' with Law and the news of him becoming a warlord was indeed quite interesting to hear! But now wasn't the place nor the time to go on about all that. He'd run into Law one way or another. He just had to give it time was all.

    Watching as Akainu rose up from his seat, Doflamingo's fingers instinctively twitched. Couldn't be too careful when in the same room as the man who killed Portgas D. Ace and inflicted terrible wounds on Whitebeard himself, now could you?

    But Akainu had no desire to go and fight any of the warlords. Instead, he turned his back to them and walked over to grab what appeared to be a binder off a nearby counter and toss it onto the table so that it's contents would have been revealed.


    "No, you're right Heavenly Demon. I didn't call you here to threaten you. I called you here to give you a mission. For years the government has turned a blind eye to the doings of you pirates due to your status. Who knows what mischief you've been up to since you gained the title of warlord, Doflamingo? As for you Hancock, I know that your title is all that protects your precious island from being set upon by the forces of the World Government and with your 'peculiar' behavior when it came to targeting enemies at Marineford, whether or not this will still apply might be up for debate in the future. In any case, I imagine that dose of reality was enough to make my point clear. If you'll look at the files set before you, you'll notice that intel has noted that a strange weapon has been spotted among the ruins of Tequila Wolf. " Pausing so that he could re-take his seat, he'd lean forward and clasped his hands together.

    "The same Tequlia Wolf that had been recently set upon by the Revolutionary Army. Before the intel-sources could flee however, those manning this new weapon set it upon them and only a few escaped with their lives. Far too shaken up to give any note-worthy details. But that's where you come into it, scum of the sea. I have my own prerogatives dealing with the Yonkou and the Worst Generation. The last thing that needs to be known about is that a powerful weapon has gotten into the hands of a faction we've not been able to identify."

    Leaving it at that so the warlords could see the information for themselves. Doflamingo's smile finally faded as he looked over the files. They mainly contained first-hand descriptions of this weapon's power. Able to withstand multiple cannon shots, faster than anything they'd seen before, able to wipe out a fleet of battleships within the blink of an eye. Almost sounded like these spies were talking about one of the Ancient Weapons from the Void Century.

    Something like that could have been quite handy in his dealings with Kaidou. If things ever turned sour, he would have had that to fall back on. The same went for if the WG ever decided it wished to try and take him down a peg.

    He did have to admit that he was curious why this weapon only surfaced now and who could have been using it if not the Revolutionaries? As far as he knew, all of those who could read the Ponoglyphs had all been massacred at the Buster Call on Ohara. It would have been quite troublesome if it was simply a group of pirates who somehow had the know-how to use the weapon for their own means.

    "So, what you're basically saying in layman term's, Admiral is that you want us to clean up the mess and make sure this weapon's taken out of commission, eh?"

    "It disgusts me that I have to ask this of the very same pirates whom I'm forced to leave to their own devices. But if it were to be discovered that the World Government stood by and did nothing while a mysterious group used this weapon against us and possibly civilians then our credibility would be shattered. But, I do not want the weapon destroyed. Kill every single one of the people who've found it and are running it and bring it back here. What happens to it then is none of your concern. That isn't a problem is it?"

    Doflamingo usually kept up a positive and care-free demeanor. But the attitude that the fleet admiral showed towards him was growing to be a bit more than the warlord cared to tolerate. Before he could attack however, Kuma rose to his feet and turned to lumber off towards the door.


    "Every second we waste here is another second that these unknown vigilantes continue to turn this weapon against their enemies." With that Kuma made his way out the door and Doflamingo slowly lowered his fingers and leaped off the table but not before shooting a glare Akainu's way.

    "The stooge has a point but I'll pass onto you what I said to Sengoku at the last of these meetings, Fleet Admiral. Everyone has their own limits."

  4. Hancock oh so loathed to be told what she could and could not do, but Akainu spoke the truth. Her home and her love was in their cross hairs and she could do nothing else but obey.

    "Who I attack is of no consequence, I will always be forgiven...after all...


    Am I not beautiful?"

    Hancock would do her best cute face sending some of the lesser marines in the room into a frenzy in their declarations of love towards her. Akainu however was as stoned face as usual. Tch, that monster doesn't even have a heart. Hancock thought to herself before turning around.

    "And your request will be granted. I'll find this weapon for you...I'm feeling quite generous today." And with that she'd strut after Kuma and Doflamingo. She was indifferent to the Tyrant, stoic, lumbering and most of all quiet. Doflamingo on the other hand...well if they came to blows I'm sure no one would mind if she turned him to stone and smashed him to bits. Besides...she'd be forgiven, her beauty would see to that
  5. [​IMG]

    "Spare me the attempts at looking cute, Hancock. It's a waste of both of our time."

    As the three warlords finally made their way out, a certain pirate with a honking red nose glanced around until the other three warlords were gone. The vice-admirals and Akainu were probably still in the meeting room. Phew, he really dodged a bullet there!

    Upon reaching the exit of the Marine HQ, Doflamingo smirked as he glanced up at the sky. It was a beautiful day out with clouds as far as the eye could see. Stretching his arms from side to side, he threw back his head and began to laugh.

    "So, here we are the so called 'scum of the sea' being forced to clean up the trash that the Navy refuses to do itself! Yet will we be given our proper due for doing such a task? Or will the Navy whitewash it to claim that it was their doing as usual, fufufufu! Most likely this news will never even reach the average commoner's ears. Just another sign of how truly corrupt the government is. No better than the very pirates they go after. In any case, I see no reason to bring a Fleet Admiral as intense as Sakazuki down upon me just yet. I'll see you two there!"

    With that Doflamingo leaped off the dock and thanks to his string-string fruit, strings that were barely visible to the human eye lashed out and attached themselves to a pair of clouds. The warlord would then began to swing through the air going from cloud to cloud until he eventually reached Tequila Wolf.

    Kuma watched blankly as Doflamingo took off. He would have suggested that he'd simply transport all three of them to the bridge with his Paw-Paw fruit, but the process took three days at the most and a lot could have happened in that time span. But if he allowed Doflamingo to use the clouds to string himself along to the bridge and Hancock had her own transportation, then at the very least they'd be there in a timely manner. Nodding towards the Snake Princess, Kuma pulled off one of his gloves and vanished. Having 'pushed' himself to Tequila Wolf.


    When all three of them would have arrived at their destination, Doflamingo floated down from the clouds and grinned at the brutal carnage left by the Revolutionary's raid on the seven hundred year old bridge. The bodies of marines and guards of the World Nobles were strewn left and right and the ruins of battleships could have been seen with huge chunks taken out of them, likely due to the weapon that Akainu had spoken off.

    "Fufufufu! Now that is power absolute. The ability to destroy battleships as if they were nothing more than a child's plaything. With the recent surge in crew members like Blackbeard's, it's no wonder the World Government wants their hands on this and here we are getting it for them.. To use on pirates just like us, no doubt! If that isn't irony, then I don't know what is!"

    As the three continued on and Doflamingo made sure to step on every corpse unfortunate enough to be in his path, he'd pause and gave a small glare towards some of the ruined tents that were scattered all around the bridge. Given how poor of a condition the tents seemed to be in and knowing the World Nobles, they were probably were the many slaves who were forced to work on this bridge lived. At least until the Revolutionaries saved them. Raising his hand, Doflamingo lashed out with his strings and shredded a tent to pieces. Only to reveal someone who had been residing within it?


    "Eh? You one of the Revolutionaries, pal? Or are you a slave who got left behind during the raid? Either way, s'not nice to hold weapons towards someone you don't know. Especially when they're one of the Seven Warlords." Doflamingo warned the stranger who didn't seem any more willing to lower his weapon after hearing of Doflamingo's status.

    "Warlord, Revolutionary, World Noble. Doesn't matter to us. Now that we have Obsidian under our command, titles and positions of power will be meaningless. If you want to attack me then go right ahead. My death won't matter in the grand scheme of things." The stranger proclaimed and who was Doflamingo not to oblige him? The warlord held his finger out like a gun. "Fufu, just remember something then. You said it, not me."

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  6. Hancock was thankful she didn't have to spend her time with anymore than she needed. Instead she'd head towards her ship to tell them of their destination.

    The actual trip was uneventful with the only thing going through Hancock's mind was Luffy and his own plight with his training. She got a somber look on her face, when he was done he'd leave her...Hancock wasn't quite sure how she could survive that.

    In any event the ship would dock in Tequila Wolf where Hancock would make her way to the bridge and meet up with Kuma and Doflamingo. "Let's just get this over with so we can leave." She replied to Doflamingo's remark. "This bridge is an I would gladly remove from view." Indeed the fact that slave work had been used in building this bridge did not sit well with the Snake Princess at all.

    She didn't have time to lull over it for long however as Doflamingo evidently found someone still alive.

    "Spare me your posturing."


    "You're in the presence of Snake Princess Boa Hancock, and you are going to tell us everything we need to know."
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