SIDE STORY The Warlord and the Impaler [Non-Canon]

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    Located South of the Bottomless Canyon and accessible by the Hoshidan sea lies Castle Memorium.

    A monument to the peace between the traditional warring kingdoms of Nohr and Hoshido, now friends after so long. Brought together by the fair princess Corrin, this castle was created as an emblem of the two kingdoms unity and a place of neutral ground to be used by both in times of hardship and protected by both. Its use as a meeting place had never needed to be initiated....Until now.

    Warships of both nations anchor themselves outside the castle as diplomats and royals move to congregate in their hall. The stores of food are brought and a feast is prepared, to emphasize both nations dishes in harmony. But there is an air above the castle that stinks of war. Like a storm of fire, ever onward and approaching. Thunder rumbles and a storm makes itself known.

    In one of the rooms, a servant brushes Corrin's hair as she smiles.

    "You look very beautiful milady. Will you require us to assist you in getting dressed?"


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    "No, I'm fine. Thank you, though." Corrin said happily. She stood up from her seat, and approached her dresser. She put on her usual armor and sash/cape. She put her rose in her headband, and gave a small curtsey to the maid. She straightened her sash so that it draped across her chest.


    She brushed some hair back behind her ear with her finger. She was ready to meet the diplomats and others who would be at the party. Since uniting Hoshido and Nohr, and being in that Murder Game, she had just been with her family, she hadn't been to an official event. She thought back on the Murder Game and her allies in it, on Darv, who followed her around to defend her. Of Tomoko who had a weird obsession with her. She missed them, but then she remembered she had her family here for her. She smiled happily.

    "Are they ready for me?" She asked her maid.

    @Ringmaster @Alright, let's do this.
  3. "Yes milady. The meeting should begin in ten minutes, just enough time to get there."

    The castle halls were cool and well lit, the smell of the sea wafting and aired throughout Castle Memorium. The stone felt smooth beneath Corrin's feet, her bare-foot tendencies well known and when she entered the Hall of Peace, the brighter lights and the sun would illuminate the room in a dazzling display. A rounded table, with an engraving of the known world on the floor would be the first thing seen. The table itself a symbol of how the two kingdoms would forever be equal and unified.

    Though not much of that would be seen here.


    Such were the words flung between the national representatives of Nohr and Hoshido. Both enemies at the best of times before, currently enthralled in a screaming match at each other as fingers stabbed like blades, which more then a few seemed to have their hands on.

    It was a powder keg, threatening to explode. Citizens of both kingdoms vanishing in the night, entire villages scourged and all soldiers sent from both sides wiped out.

    War is inevitable once more, unless the Princess who brought the kingdoms together manages to find out who truly is responsible. Which was what the meeting was about.

    Discovering the truth.

    The herald by the door took this opportunity to announce loudly.


    All eyes turned to their hero. The argument subsiding...For now.

    What happened now was up to her.

  4. Corrin sat down next to her family at the table. She held Yato at her side, and the dragon orb in her lap.She wished her brothers Xander and Ryoma could have been there, but they were busy ruling their respective kingdoms. She looked at her sisters Sakura and Camilla, who sat onn either side of her. She needed a second to think, and having all eyes on her made her feel awkward.

    She finally collected herself, and stood up at her spot in the table.


    "We are now united." She said. "Think of the sacrifices made by your kingdoms to bring us to this point. We can't all be fighting like this. We have to hold out peace, if only temporarily. Xander and Ryoma are working to get the situation resolved, I promise you!" She said firmly. "I, and the rest of the royal families, will do anything in our power to resolve the situation."
  5. "United? Resolved?!"

    The table was thumped by a Nohr representive as he rose to his feet.

    "Is it the royal family, who are out there dying or worse?! Who have seen with their eyes the atrocities brought on by the monsters of Hoshido? My fief is in ruins, my people slain like animals!"

    "Perhaps if you spent more time protecting your fief and less time hunting, they would still-"

    "-You dare?!"

    The arguing voices rose before a voice cut through the silence.


    All eyes turned to the figure. The elderly man who presided over this conference with dignity as he spoke.

    "As the princess says, accusations will avail us nothing without proof. These atrocities are great, true...But I find it hard to believe, after all we've sacrificed that they were conducted by Nohr OR Hoshido. But first, a little explanation."

    It had began around two months ago, when the moon was red and full. Mages from both kingdoms reported power flowing into the root of the world, before all went silent once more. Then in the past few months, it began....People began to vanish on the road. Then entire villages were found, burning or worse. The people missing, always missing and the land spoiled by whatever had come. Bereft of most enemies, what else could people do but point fingers?

    Who else could it possibly be?

    But there was one, clue that might assist.

    "-Princess Corrin. In your opinion...Do you believe this to be a new enemy? One from our world...Or beyond?"

  6. "It's...." Corrin began to say. She was going to speak about Valla, about Garon and Anankos. She couldn't however, due to the fact that its curse still remained. She stood silent for a moment. She collected herself and thought of what she was going to say.

    "I believe it's a threat from beyond. I've been to a different world. It's not out of the realm of possibility." She said calmly. "We can combat this threat, but only if we work together."
  7. "As to that highness, I believe I have a solution."

    The chamberlain said quietly as he rose up.

    "We currently have evidence, obtained from the ashes of the places struck...And one, fresh area to be investigated. Let a joint project be made here, consisting of both our nations cleverest. While Princess Corrin and those she deems trustworthy accompany her to gather more. She will be impartial and seek out all and we will be able to watch each other. Is this acceptable?"

    There was quiet before even the most argumentative nodded.

    "It is for me."

  8. Corrin stepped forward and nodded. "Right, if it is indeed a threat from beyond our world, we have to get through this together. From my families, I will be taking my sisters Camilla and Hinoka with me, my brothers Leo and Takumi. They've aided me well in the past." She had considered taking Xander, Ryoma, Sakura, and Elise, but her older brothers were busy, and her sisters were too innocent and pure to take on this adventure.

    Corrin picked up a chalice that say on the table in front of her. "I will also take any who are brave enough to volunteer for such a quest." She brushed her hair back behind her ears. She was calm, and would take those who volunteered to venture with her and the Royal family.
  9. So be it. With her force chosen, Corrin would have left with her retinue; The fate of two nations upon her shoulders, lest war break out once again. Away from the castle they traveled till one night, it all came to a head....


    There was a village close by. Close enough to the attack and well defended after hearing of their neighbors. A good place for the caravan to rest before heading to the site. But something was wrong. The prevailing winds smelled sour, charred flesh and ash causing the horses to be spooked. And in the dim light, they could see it...The village.

    It was burning.


    Screams echoed out in the night, indicating not all were lost just yet.

    It was time for action.

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