The War Pact

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    Captain Freed enters the briefing room, an area closed off to personnel bearing high security clearance, given the matters at hand, no one would dare question why he'd even hold a briefing so soon, he just had to give it time and wait, his best soldiers, his only soldiers, a good handful was all the fighting force of humanity had been reduced to and it sickened him. It had been fifty plus years since the earth was lost, countless men and women sent to their deaths, armed with the hope they'd reclaim their home. As much as he tried, the memories he had tried so hard to repress came bubbling up to him.

    He remembered when the first explosion sent shock waves through Georgia, an entire state just rattled, car alarms blaring and windows shattered upon homes, everyone bewildered and running out of their homes, thinking it was the end of the world, to their misfortune, they were right, they were already here, and not a soul had known, the emissaries of death were readily killing and evangelizing their folly. Screams soon filled the entire world and all were scrambling to fight or for a way off their godforsaken planet, watching from an aerial view, sighting those creatures feeding on humans, animals, everything was prey. Fear gripped him, as those monsters began to move with their newly transformed kin, humans 'lucky' enough to be turned were converted into one of them to serve within the fold. Ships pointed toward the heavens, massive carriers soon fled to space, the thousands that clamored aboard were face to face with deliverance itself, but there was no promised land...

    Now, straight to business, it goes like this soldier, gear up, drop in, and fight.
    1. As the GM and creator of this RP I reserve the right to change rules to further enforce them
    2. Please do not use l33t speak, meaning "br0 d1d u s33 th4t z0m61e?" that was a headache, please do not do that, I'll lose my mind.
    3.No god modding, your character might be strong but he/she is not cutting down corrupted by the tens, not without some help anyway.
    4.No Auto-hitting, you cannot under any circumstance aside from collaboration post hit a character without his/or her consent
    5.To further elaborate on rule 3, saying a character did something when they did not also translates to god-modding.
    6.No Mary/Gary sues
    7.Your character CAN and possibly will die, please, remember this is a virus and you aren't invincible..
    8.Your characters know nothing of these things besides what they'll be briefed
    9.Be realistic, not everyone is fearless

    Armor: (Some of us have different armor sets of course)
    Equipment: (What do they have on them for the time being, it's gonna be a long mission. Food, water, etc)
    Weapons: (I know you kids and your guns, don't go crazy)
    Name: Timothy Miller
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (WIP)
    Nationality: American
    Armor: [​IMG]
    Equipment: (What do they have on them for the time being, it's gonna be a long mission Food, water, etc)
    Weapons: (I know you kids and your guns, don't go crazy)
    Personality: (WIP)
    History: (WIP)

    This is just for all of you to get the gist of it in case you need help
  2. Name: Elliot Chang

    Age: 28

    Appearance: medium length black hair. 5' 6" Physically fit for a soldier.


    Equipment: Modified assault rifle. Extra assault rifle clips x 5. Plasma arm blaster attached to armor. Extra plasma cells x 30. Plasma combat knife. Food rations for two weeks. Water for three weeks.

    Personality: Team player, aggressive, rash

    History: Elliot was born on Mars. At the age of 20 he voluntarily joined the army. He quickly gained the attentions of the higher ups and rose through the ranks. After four years od service, Elliot retired from the battlefield and became a bodyguard/escort for hire. Along with the cash that came with his work, Elliot also was paid with weaponry, part and whole. He has been contacted by Captain Reed to join him on a mission to Earth, a planet Elliot himself has never been to. The good pay along with the promise of visiting Earth for the first time was all it took for Elliot to join.
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  3. Looks good so far
  4. I don't actually know what kind of world this RP is so I just assumed that humans have already colonized other planets.
  5. They have but only neighbouring mars is inhabitable while a Orbital Flagship orbits earth to drop soldiers
  6. Quick question, what exactly are we up against? Zombies? Aliens? Sick people?
  7. Alien mutation
  8. Ok. So just shoot them in the head. Got it.
  9. Sounds interesting. Still accepting character sheet?
  10. Is my character accepted? Do I need to change anything?
  11. It's accepted
  12. Name: Levi Merrick
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, 6'1", 175lbs, scar running from his right temple to just below his left jaw, "Marine physique"
    Equipment: Built-in jump pack on back of armor for greater jumping distance, food and water for 3.5 weeks, extra power packs for rifle and pistol
    Weapons: Laser rifle (fires red lasers that burn through most material), Las-Pistol (fires same as rifle, but at a lower velocity) Carbon steel combat knife with plasma edge (activated by a button on the hilt)

    Personality: Levi is intensely loyal. His past has shown him that if you are loyal to someone, they'll more than likely be loyal to you. He's a fierce fighter, but a good friend to knock a couple back with.
    History: He was born on Earth, but left when the invasion happened when he was a toddler. His father was killed during the invasion, and his mother barely got onto a ship as it was getting ready to lift off. He swore an oath to himself he would go back to Earth and hold a memorial for his father.
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  13. Name: WO, Erik Felder
    Age: 29
    Gender: male
    Appearance: caucasian, brown hair, brown eyes, 6'2, average build.

    food: One canteen + water filter, two weeks supply of MREs.
    Hardware: compact reconnaissance drone that feeds real time battlefield footage to his HUD, multiple motion sensors, targeting laser.

    Weapons: Suppressed SMG. x6 mags.
    Laser knife:

    Personality: Level-headed full-time operator. He moves with a purpose and tries not to lose focus. Keep up or be left behind.
    History: (WIP)
  14. I cannot accept this for the following reasons

    -I know this is futuristic but think of them to be having advanced weapons that still fire rounds, IE destiny makes example of that.
    -3.5 weeks of water and food? Don't you think that would be a little much? It's a massive amount and likely heavy, bulky and takes up space, eliminating maneuver ability.
    -50+ years, that would make your character over 50 even if he was a toddler.

    Fix it