The War On The Gods

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  1. In a different world, in the future, there is a special race of humans called "Gods". These humans gain that name because they live lives longer than normal humans, can posses great beauty, and have great powers. One thing every God has in common are element, beautiful wings that, if not in use, are large intricate wing tattoos going down there back. These Gods are envied by normal humans, but not worshiped. Though some may insist they should be.

    But humans have grown jealous, hating how some act better than the normal humans. They say they aren't being who belong on earth, and bands of rebel humans called The Rebellion, even countries began banning and hunting down these Gods.

    The God began running, hiding. Some with more dark powers even began fighting back and called themselves Gods Of Justice, killing the humans. The two races began warring each other, authorities asking to turn in anyone suspicious of being a God.

    Some other Gods who wish to have things return to peace have called themselves Gods Of Peace. They use nonviolent protests and show they are just like the Humans. They hurt, they die, they scar. Some humans even joined them.

    Then there are the Rouges who belong to no party, who try to slip past being seen. They try to move on, stay alive. They try to find there own way to peace without interacting. Rouge Gods fight for themselves, and are often found by The Rebellion and killed.

    Which party will you choose? The Rebellion, Gods Of Justice, Gods Of Peace, or the Rouges?



    Name: Evangeline
    Age: 120
    Race/Power: God, Elements.
    Party: Rouge
    Personality: Quiet, keeps to herself. Tough person to get along with and prefers to be alone.
    Bio: Though Evangeline is 120 years old she has the appearance of a 19-21 year old human. Her parents were Gods like her but died. It was nothin tragic her mother had simply caught an illness that kills Gods when she was already out the house and her father died in a car accident some years later. Evangeline hadn't been close to her parents at all, so it didn't bother her they were gone. When the war against the Gods was just starting she sensed danger and fled her large home and moved to a quiet area. Though it didn't stay quiet for long. Often times there are riots in town or gun shots ringing. Still, Evangeline seemed neutral by everything that happens.
    Other: Aside from her wings/wing tattoos, her right eye is a giveaway of her power. It changes colors whenever she uses her elemental powers so he keeps it hidden under an eyepatch.

    Evangeline walked quietly in town. Everyone in her neighborhood assumed she a normal Human. She was good at deceiving people, she had done it for about forty years now, even though the war against the Gods has only gone on for three years. She simply didn't enjoy drawing attention to herself or having humans think she though she was better.

    Evangeline turned the street corner, glancing to the sky and adjusting the eyepatch. The sun was fading and the dark was The Gods Of Justice's favorite time to cause trouble. She sighs. She may be a Rouge but she did help the Justice every now and then. Overall she thought they were jut causing more trouble for the Gods.

    She pauses, her eyes moving to a couple of dark dressed men walking the same sidewalk as she. Even from where she was she could smell alcohol on them. She knew who they were, the four of them were strong Rebellion supporters and made sure everyone knew it. They caused trouble for anyone they guess was a God, which pretty much was anyone they didn't like.

    Evangeline lowers her head. So far they didn't suspect her and she didn't want to give them a reason to now. She busied herself with checking her bags, making sure she got everything on her grocery list. "Hey you! Cocky little creep. You think your better than us?! You some fricken God?! Look at us when we talk to you!" She heard one slur drunkly. When she looked up the four men walked past her.

    Watching them, she saw the men walk to someone behind her, blocking her view of who it was they were talking to. She saw one shove the person behind her.
    "We had our eye on you for a while. Your a fricken God huh?! You think your so much better than us?! I'll show you who's better!!" He said and drew his fist back to punch the person.
  2. The boy looked up. He had gentle green eyes and white hair. He was incredibly handsome. He wore all white with a scarf around his neck. He grabbed the drunk mans arms and threw him across the wall knocking him out. He then saw the other man and held his arms up. The man threw a punch but the boy dodged and hit his armpit hard as a warning. The guy tried hitting with the other arm but the guy ducked again and punched him in the stomach. The guy kneeled and coughed badly. The rest of the guys ran away and the boy looked at Evangeline with those eyes and ran from the scene of the crime.
  3. Evangeline tilted her head slighty. She hadn't recognized the boy, but people come and go a lot. She shrugged and walked away shortly after he did. She knew no one would be calling the cops dice most the people here liked to pretend not to see fights like that. She briefly wondered if he was in fact a God or not.

    Turning the corner, she approached te street her house was on. She walked towards her house, being the one in the corner made it easy for her to get home as quickly as possible. Evangeline unlocked the door and stepped in, locking it again. She could hear the tv, which she let on, do it's daily brodcast about the search of Gods and to report unusual characters in the neighborhood.
  4. The boy only stopped when he was completely out of breath. With a sigh he slid down against an old dilapidated wall that was once a restaurant. Thank goodness he grew up in the streets otherwise he wouldn't of know how to fight. Why was everyone accusing people of being a God? Random fights on the streets were happening because of it. He slowly walked into an abandoned apartment complex that was still working for some unknown reason and took off his shirt. He had what looked like tattoos of Angel wings on his back. "What the-?" He began as he twisted his back to see it more clearly.
  5. Evangeline pulled of the eyepatch and plopped down in her couch. Rubbing her temples she sighs. Humans were such a bother, worrying about who's better too much. But Gods were just as bad, they showed of too much. Shrugging, she pulled off her hoodie and stood again. She made her way to the kitchen, opening the fridge.

    She pauses a moment, glancing up. She could feel vibrations in the earth of people walking. Many people. A riot, but why so close to home? She quickly opened a cupboard where she stashed a backpack with food, first aid kits and other items incase she needed to leave fast. She walks back to the couch, turning off the tv and lights and slips on her hoodie and eyepatch.

    Evangeline peeked through the blinds. She saw men and women of different ages carrying guns and shouting. They made there way to her neighbors house and she quickly caught on. They were going door to door. They were gonna make people prove they weren't Gods. Sighing, Evangeline shifted her backpack as her wing tattoos came to life, forming real feathers. Her wings stretched out holes she cut in her clothes and rushed to the back door.

    Evangeline slipped out as silently as possible and ran a way before her wings pushed down, using muscles she had forgotten she had. Her wings were a dark black that shone purple and blue when the sun hit them. She use to be proud of her wings but now they were a burden. They were what separated her from a safer life. But of well. Her powerful wings kept moving, lifting her higher and higher above the trees and homes. Below, she could hear men in the riot shouting about how they can see her flying away. Evangeline rolled her eyes, making her way to whatever secluded place she could find.
  6. The young boy heard a knock on his door. He answered it only to get tackled to the ground. His fear triggered his powers. As his tattoos glow white his wings transcend out. They were completely white and fluffy. His wings flapped and people backed up scared, all except the men who were holding him down. "GET OFF!" He shouted but the men didn't listen. He had to think quickly before they were going to kill him.

    "THERE ARE MORE OF US!" He shouted. The men looked at him. One of them yanked him by the hair "what was that?" He said.

    "There are more of us...they are in my bedroom" he said. Both men that were holding the God down looked at each other then one got up to go check. That wouldn't by him much time.
    Just then a the man who was about to walk into the bedroom had a knife in a hilt strapped around his ankle. The boy wiggled out of the man's reach and grabbed the knife.
    Before the man holding him could react the God swung swung the knife, slitting the man's throat. His window was left open and he flew out.
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  7. Evangeline glances around, seeing a flicker of movement from a building near her. Another God? She glances over spotting someone with white wings. She tilts her wings, flying towards the left. There was a more abandoned part of town that way, a part that has been ruined and trashes from riots. Once the town came into view she began gliding down to the road. She could rest for the night, and if the other God knew what was good for it, it would do the same. The Gods Of Justice would buys the Rebellions long enough for her to rest up and high tail it out of there.

    Evangeline stumbled into an ungraceful landing. It had been some time since she flew. Pulling her wings back in, they molded against her skin to form her black tattoos once again. She turns and walked to what use to be a small drug store and crawls trough the broken window. She sighs, wishing she could sleep in her comfortable bed.
  8. He tried not to panic but he had no idea how to work his wings. He landed body first in the snow ungracefully. He groaned as he stood up.
  9. She moved behind the counter and sat down. She was exhausted and leans against a wall. She briefly wondered why that God would choose to fly from the building, it was near a semi-busy town. She shrugged and figured the person was in a hurry. Evangeline yawns and stretches her arms, looking towards the broken window. She had a great view of outside, but no one could see her easily. She rubs her good eye and slouched a little.
  10. The boy kept walking with his wings still out and a bloody blade in his hand. He knew a place where he could stay for the night. In the meantime though he practiced flapping his wings. He was just getting the hang of it when he arrived to his destination. What he didn't know however was that it was the same place where Evangeline was staying.
  11. Evangeline stiffened at the sound of someone. She quickly flattened herself against the floor, laying against her stomach. She presses her ear against the floor, her earth element kicking in, sensing vibrations in the ground each time the boy stepped. She waited till he came to a stop before she leaped up, her hand bursting and engulfing in flames as she glared at him. "Stop! Who are you?" She pauses, eyeing his wings and the bloody knife.
  12. He stared at the flames as they danced in her hand. "Your not human either are you...your a God" he said. "If your a God...does that make me one too?" He looked around "I used to come here all the time whenever I was scared" he said not knowing why he was telling her this. He looked to the wall and touched it gently. The wind blew and his wings seemed to respond by flexing out a little. "I had no idea I was..your kind perhaps? All I know is that I grew wings and flew away after killing a guy...I didn't mean to but it was either me or them!" he felt sick just talking about killing. "My name is Snow" he said before leaning against the wall across from her, his wings still out.
  13. She tilted her head, the flames in her hand dying down as she relaxed a little. Evangeline sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "Uh, yeah. Gods have wings... Some develop a little later in life. It's more like some genetic mutation or whatever." She glances to the window before walking around the counter and towards him. "I'm Evangeline. Mind if I take a look at your wings?" She asked and walked around him, looking at his wings from a distance at first. She never had to really deal with another God in three years since the war started. "Have you discovered any other gifts? Besides flying, I mean."
  14. "No...none so far" he said more curious then ever. With the reflection of the light hitting the top of his wings they shined a gold color. The many layers of his feathers shone a gold color at the very tip of each feather.
  15. Evangeline reached for a wing and gently extended it. "Your wings are certainly beautiful. Something other Gods would envy." She shrugs a little and let's his wing go, turning to face him. "No powers? You sure? Sometimes hints of them surface when someone is in danger." She spoke quietly, her eyes flickering to the broken window every now and then making sure no one is walking by. Evangeline turns her gaze back towards his wings. She did, if course, envy his wings. But she was still content with her own.