The War of Zethrex


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The Story So Far...
A new era has begun on the world of Zethrex, known as the Magic-Industrial era. Magic has always been a part of life, but the Circle of Magi in the kingdom of Qortic were the first ones to discover new uses for it besides combat and conjuration. Now, magic is being woven into almost everything in society. New inventions previously unheard of are being created with these new discoveries. Factories powered by magical energy are being built. Technology and magic are breeding new innovations, and improving the quality of life for all.After these new discoveries, the Circle of Magi were heralded as heroes to the kingdom, and were even praised by other nations of the world as their discoveries were spread around the world.

The Magi soon became drunk with their fame, and sought to garner more fame and power still. Soon, they used their intellect in the ways of magic and technology to create something that no one thought possible, the legendary Fountain of Youth. They presented it to the elderly King and Queen of Qortic, who were quick to congratulate them on yet another stunning accomplishment, and used it to stop the effect of aging. Word was quickly spread of this feat, and praise yet again was showered unto the Magi. They continued their research, trying to find the next great thing.However, it was soon discovered that the Magi had much bigger plans...Several years past by, and much of the world was well on its way into the Magic-Industrial Revolution. Soon the time again came for the King and Queen to revitalize themselves with the waters of the Fountain, but when they sought to use it once again, they discovered that it had run dry. This was the day that the Circle of Magi made their move, and easily overtook the throne.

Their thirst for fame and power had driven the Magi to deceive everyone, and take control of Qortic for themselves.The Magi had developed an army of mechanical soldiers to do their bidding. Within weeks, the Qortic military had surrendered to the Magi, and they were declared rulers. But they weren't going to stop there. The Magi sought even greater power, turning their sights to the horizon. What started as a civil war was about to become a world war. They would not stop until they had all of Zethrex under their control.But even this was not the extent of their plan...In fact, it was only the beginning.

The Magi believe they have found the means to make themselves into gods. To go beyond the limitations of technology and create life from nothing. To create worlds even. And that is their true ultimate goal.There is of course, a resistance to the Magi. While some of the weaker, smaller nations are declaring allegiance to the Magi, there are still those who stand against them. Many of the greater nations of Zethrex have united against the Magi, calling themselves the Alliance of Zethrex, and will stop at nothing to see them defeated.War is coming...

Who, or what, will you fight for?
The 3 Factions of Zethrex:

The Circle of Magi
Leader: Archmage Taiberus Kamen

The Magi may specialize in the use of magic, but their technical knowledge is also extensive. Taiberius is by far the most powerful of the Magi, and also one of the oldest members, age 68. Although old, but his power in magic is beyond perhaps anyone else in the world. He is the prime candidate among the Magi to become a god.
The Magi themselves have become a very ruthless group, and have recently become fully militarized after overthrowing their King and Queen, and weeding out the "fools" that refused to swear allegiance to them. They created a small army of automatons that aided them in the process, but have since recruited most of the Qortic military to help further their cause. The automatons are still used in the war effort, but are typically used as elite guards.

Automatrons vary in look and ability, but are usually some type of armor held together by a magical force. They are mindless, but brutally effective in combat. They are prized by the Magi for their ability to follow orders without hesitation, and with the kind of efficiency you would expect from a highly trained soldier.​

The Alliance
This faction is comprised of several of the larger nations who came together to stand against the Circle of Magi. They believe that no man should ever be allowed to possess the power of a god, nor do they even know if such a thing is possible. Whether it is or not, they believe that the Magi's goals are threatening to the entire world, and they need to be stopped before they can cause any major harm to any other parts of Zethrex. The Alliance embraces the same magic and technology as the Magi, but they use it with much more respect. They treat magic as a powerful gift, rather than a tool to be exploited. While some may still take it for granted at times, they never forget how dangerous magic can be in the wrong hands.​

Honor and conviction are what drives the people of the Alliance forward, and what gives them the strength to stand against the Magi without fear. While much more lenient towards their people and their beliefs, They are just as ruthless as the Magi when they take their place on the battlefield. For these brave men and women, there is no higher purpose than fighting for their fellow countrymen.

Standard Alliance Soldier:

The Purgers
They are made up of a fairly large number of people from all across the world. This faction is opposed to any use of magic aside from what could be considered absolutely vital. They have seen, and most of them have even experienced for themselves, the wonders of magic and all that it can do. However, they have also seen the incredible danger that is inherent in magic, and they believe that the danger outweighs the benefits. They believe that both the Alliance and the Magi are guilty of abusing the power of magic. They believe that even though the Alliance claims to shun the ideas presented by the Magi, that eventually, even they would be consumed by the thirst for more power if they continue to abuse magic.

The Purgers have focused all of their efforts into developing weapons and equipment designed specifically to counter magical attacks. While similar technology is in use by both the Circle of Magi and the Alliance of Zethrex, the Purger's technology surpasses them both when it comes to magic-countermeasures. Faced against a fully equipped and trained Purger soldier, any unwitting Alliance or Magi soldier could be easily tricked and disabled. It is worth noting that the Purgers tend to favor defense over offense on the battlefield. Outlast and disable the enemy is a common tactic for them.

Standard Purger Soldier:
We are currently still accepting new players as of December 23, 2011.
There is a summary of what has currently happened on Page 6, post # 147.

Character Template:

Nation (opt):
Personality (opt):
Active Faction Tally:
Alliance: 3
Purgers: 4
Magi: 3

This roleplay is going to be GMed by Zenebaona and Pheonix. The IC thread has been launched If your character is not a part of the Circle of Magi faction, you are allowed to make up a nation for your character. Have a description of your nation in the same post as your character template. However this needs to be approved by Pheonix. We're trying to limit the number of nations on here. Nations that are approved will be listed here for other players to pick from. We will take 7 nations from the players. Please ensure variety with the nations.

Halean: This is a medium sized nation that is bordered by water on two sides. The people of Halean live in small, thatched-roof cottages that are positioned in rows like neighborhoods today. They have a few major towns that specialize in fishing and trade that bring in the majority of money that finances the nation. The terrain is usually grassy and sometimes hilly, but by the coast it gets rockier. The entire nation, though, gets foggy days and much rain, with a few sunny days tossed in.

Okira: The nation of Okira was settled in a tough rocky environment, which led to the people being equally tough. However, it was a lively place, both as a resting and trading spot. Many travelers were thankful for it being in the middle of a harsh place, often stopping to rest here. There are many inns and taverns due to this. Also, there are many minerals to be found in the environment, which has led to it being a popular trading place. The houses are usually made of sturdy stone and fixed with some materials (straw for example) from other places. Okira housed a mixed population of many species, but the original inhabitants are the Thaash, a combination of reptilian and humanoid people who aren't typically born with magical powers.

Qortic: This nation is known as the Magi nation. The place is teeming with knowledge and people. It is a very damp and cold environment because it is a huge island. At one point in time, the island had a lot of vegetation and animals, but the Magical Industrial Revolution destroyed all of the wildlife, so now all that remains are buildings. The nation holds a Big Brother atmosphere - that is to say, control and power dominant the nation. Do something out of line and you will find yourself thrown into the specially made prisons.

Niros: One of the larger nations, Niros is a continent with swampland in the south, a bay in the west, plains in the center of the continent, while the north and east are filled with desert. This particular continent is one of the more diverse nations as well, sporting a variety of culture. The swamps in the south are filled with hardy people who know how to navigate the murky waterways with their boats and live in houses on stilts. The bay dwellers enjoy a relatively mild climate, but are always aware of the dangers of floods. They live in small cozy stone homes. Those living on the plains have to deal with the annual tornadoes but enjoy a tranquil life in the endless fields of grass. The inhabitants are typically farmers or traders. The masters of survival are the desert dwellers. They've learned how to survive on little food and water, their personalities often reflecting the hardships they've endured on the sands.

Circa: A smaller nation that quickly surrendered to the Magi after they took control of Qortic due to lack of a large military force and no allies. It is also rumored that the king of Circa agrees with the Magi's ideals. This island has a tropical atmosphere, known for their citrus fruits, colorful wildlife, and is famous for their beautiful women.

Gaffiery: A nation far to the north. Many generations ago these people were a much larger and much more open empire. But some cataclysmic event occurred which caused them to become reclusive. Most modern nations view them as washed up now, an artifact of a bygone era. But ever since the event the upper echelon of the nation , the prion dominum, have been watching the other nations of the world for people who may misuse magic. Recent events have spurred them quite a bit. Right now there is a huge debate on whether or not to step in and stop the events that are unfolding. The rhetoric is high and there are many people in the nation who think indecision is worse than making a bad choice.
May I join? I'll fill out my character sheet soon when I have the time.
Yup, go ahead.
Alright, thanks. I'm going to make up a nation so I'll PM you the details of it so you can approve it.
Alrighty. You can attach it to your profile template if you want, but it's up to you.
After you approve it, I will. Just want to make sure it's good.

And a quick question, can we be an alien species or no? And if so, will we create it or you?
Alien races are an iffy subject. I'll say that, so long as it's at least humanoid, it should be fine. PM me or zen with the race description if you're unsure.
Yeah go ahead. For anyone else interested, no need to ask if you can join or not. This RP is open to any and all until specified otherwise.
Alright, thanks Pheonix. It might take me a bit to get my character profile done but it'll be done.
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Name: Tasha Langley
Age: 18
Faction: The Alliance
Nation: (You said nations needed to be approved first right? I'll put it here and edit it if you want me to change it.) Halean is a medium sized nation that is bordered by water on two sides. The people of Halean live in small, thatched-roof cottages that are positioned in rows like neighborhoods today. They have a few major towns that specialize in fishing and trade that bring in the majority of money that finances the nation. The terrain is usually grassy and sometimes hilly, but by the coast it gets rockier. The entire nation, though, gets foggy days and much rain, with a few sunny days tossed in.
Appearance: Tasha has long, pale blonde hair and light hazel eyes. Her figure is slim and lithe, not particularly built for battle, but capable nonetheless. She's rather short at about 5' 3" and pale of skin.
History: She grew up within a large family filled with brother, sisters, and cousins. Around the time the Magi invented the Fountain of Youth, most of her family had been wiped out by disease. All that remained of her once large family was a young cousin and her grandmother. Soon even her small cousin died and it was just her and her frail grandmother. Tasha travelled to where the Magi were in an attempt to attain some of them rejuvenating water for her grandmother, but she couldn't even get an audience with them. Upon her return she found her grandmother dead. That spurred her hatred of the Magi and influenced her later decision of joining The Alliance.
Personality: Tasha is an emotionally closed off person. She likes to keep to herself and doesn't normally like talking with people. Ever since her family died her sole purpose has been to defeat the Circle. After that… she doesn't know. She possesses great intellect and uses strategy to win in battle. When around people she normally keeps quiet and just sees and hears. She uses this tactic to learn of news without having to directly speak with someone. However, if someone speaks to her first she may engage in a conversation with them if she thinks that they seem all right.
Weapons/Powers: She knows how to shoot a gun well and carries around a small dagger in her boot. The dagger is usually used as a last resort as she isn't very good in close-range combat.
I should probly go ahead and add: Currently, you all allowed to roll more than 1 character at a time if you wish, but all characters you make must belong to the same faction. Don't want people ending up fighting themselves at some point, among other reasons.
Nation approved Semi, gonna be added to the info post shortly.
Okay, working on my character profile now.

Name: KeRahn Tysuva(nicknamed Rahn by some)
50 years (similar to 25 year old human)
Purgers, though he's kind of a on-off type. Also considering the Alliance.

Nation (opt):
(I'm just leaving this in her for you to approve.) A settlement called Okira. Okira was settled in a tough rocky environment, which led to the people being equally tough. However, it was a lively place, both as a resting and trading spot. Many travelers were thankful for it being in the middle of a harsh place, often stopping to rest here. There are many inns and taverns due to this. Also, there are many minerals to be found in the environment, which has led to it being a popular trading place. The houses are usually made of sturdy stone and fixed with some materials (straw for example) from other places. Okira housed a mixed population of many species. It was originally built by the Thaash who thrived there in the rocky plain, but many other species migrated to the settlement and built some of it with their own methods and cultures.

Very tall about 7'8''. His skin, which looks rough though is smooth to the touch, is dark gray with gray stripes running down from the top of his neck to the middle of his stomach. He has four digits on his hands and feet, with his feet ending in small claws. Has a fairly human-shaped body, except his legs bend backwards a bit and he has a 4'3'' tail with two spikes at the end. Has 6 inch quill-like appendages on the back of his head that are usually limp though stand up depending on his mood. Facial features are fairly human with the exception of the nose, which happens to be elevated lines. Pupils are reptile-like but other than that the eyes are fairly human. Mouth is a bit wider and has sharp teeth, but human-like as well. He has some small scars on his arms, legs, and torsos. There are many slings on belts on him holding his weapons, mainly his guns. (Author Note: The alien appearance was inspired by this picture, though I've changed many things: )

KeRahn was born in Okira, before the Magi took over. He was a single child due to his mother having reproductive problems. Even though KeRahn did not have magical abilities (a Thaash to have magical abilities was unusual) he still found that the world he grew up in was powered by it. He left home early and thirsting for a challenging and reckless life, became a bounty hunter. However his job made him run into many life-harrowing situations and at one point put him in jail (though he was able to somehow get out early). He had grown uneasy of the Magi's growing influence and the world's dependence on magic. He still continued his bounty hunter life, though also smuggled time from time. Shortly after the Magi took over, he was asked by one to become a Purger. He eventually did, though he was a bit more aggressive than most Purgers, leading him to have an uneasy relationship with most of them. Many times he would take some "time off" of being a Purger and go back to his mostly illegal activities before going back to being a Purger. Recently, after seeing the Magi's actions and impacts, he's considered becoming part of the Alliance. Though it'll take some persuasion for that to actually happen...

Personality (opt):
KeRahn is a street-smart and a typical "I don't give a rip" person. He only listens to his judgement and is hardly ever persuaded from his point of view. He's typically reckless, often rushing into things and aggressive to others. Also, he works badly in teams and would prefer to work by himself. He can seem dull to some but in truth, he's surprisingly cunning. He can be rude at times and disrespectful. In his beliefs, he strongly believes in the saying "There's only one person that I can talk to easily, share secrets with, and risk my life for. Me." There are rare times where he'll be unusually quiet and polite, depending on who he's talking to.

Thaash are naturally strong and sturdy. The spikes on the end of a male Thaash's tale can be used as a deadly weapon, which KeRahn uses sometimes. Though usually he prefers to use his guns when he's on his own.
The ones he usually carries:
The weapons he uses when he's with the Purgers. He likes his guns better, however.
His main one:
His back-up one:
Name: Rozel Tobin
Age: 24
Faction: Circle of Magi
Nation: Qortic

Appearance: Rozel stands at nearly 6 foot. He dresses in a more conservative manner then a majority of the magi involved directly with the war effort, favoring a white robe with black and red trim over his light armor. His red hair is kept short and contrasts with his blue eyes. Around his waist is a simple belt carrying his blade and it's sheath.

History: Rozel has been with the Circle of Magi ever since he was a child in his preteens. It was at this young age that he was first sent to them to learn magic. At that point in time the circle was simply a school and fraternity of scholars. In his teenage years he showed himself to be a prodogy with fire magic and artifice, graduating ahead of his classmates. With his education complete he set plans to return home, however on the day of his graduation he recived word that his parents had been killed. With no where else to go he sequestered himself away to study more.

During this time period little was seen of Rozel, those having the most contact with him being those the Circle had assigned to report on his status. However there was one that went out of his way to see the young man, Taiberus Kamen. It is not known what was said but Rozel grew loyal to him during the time they spent and was seen more and more in his company until he disapeared for a few months completely. As the Circle grew more ambitious Rozel began work on creating some of the first automatons for the purpose of taking the Kingdom over, stopping only for the most basic sustenance.

When the revolution came Rozel was ready. He lead his automatons in the first major encounters of the revolution, causing much loss of life for the loyalists. As he distinguished himself his unit was taking serious losses as in most cases they were at the fore front of the fighting. A few months into the fighting and he was badly wounded and hospitalized, his unit shuffled out to serve another Magi. He was not to recover fully until after the war. As the revolution was dewindling to a close however he kept more and more to himself, improving upon the designs for the automatons he initially brought into the conflict.

With the Magi taking control of the country Rozel continued his work, serving as a automaton unit commander still. With his company back up to full strength they have been working as a secret police of a sorts, traveling from city to city to root out insurgants, dissadents, and those the new regime views as traitors. However as the war with the Alliance and the threat of the Purgers escalates there has been talk of Rozel's unit moving to the front once more...

Personality: Rozel, while not so, comes off as an introvert. While he might act like one around strangers, he is more open with those he knows. Despite this he still comes off as cold with an air of nobility to most. With this he has a trust in the Magi that borders on Fanatism.

Weapons: Rozel carries very little by way of weapons. More threatening then him is the assests he has to draw upon.

Firebrand - This longsword was presented to him after the first battle of the revolution. The sword's traits are not fully known do more to a lack of use then anything. What is known is that when drawn it is wreathed in flame and it boosts the fire based magic of the wielder.

Automatons - Rozel's automatons do not take the appearance as some of the other Magi's. Instead of fashioning them after suits of armor bound by magic they are modeled as clockwork soldiers, bound and strengthed by magic. Each carries an elemental gun, a five berrelled rifle specialiy designed for use by Rozel's automatons. The weapon itself forms a sort of magic based gatling gun, magic crystals are aligned with each berrel spinning for a higher rate of fire. Tied to each of these crystals is magical force relating to the classical elements along with a generic magic force for the fifth. The rifle is quite bulky and while not impossible for a human to use, is highly impractical to the point of

The units themselves posess a chassis that provides similar mobility to a human's however with increas

To be completed later...
Yay, character complete! Does he check out alright?
Love are the Thaash native to Okira? If so I'll go ahead and put that info in the Nations post.