The War of Zethrex - Chapter 2

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  1. It has been just over one month since the Battle of Ki'ar was won for the Magi. And since that day, they have been working to prepare for the next battle. The war machine does not stop. And today is the day that they make their next push, into the mainland of Niros. But word has begun to spread throughout the Magi Military. There is a rumor that they found something on the island of Ki'ar, something big. It would seem that taking the island from the Alliance may not have been only to gain a foothold just outside of their mainland. For now, these rumors are being hushed, and outright denied by anyone who might be high ranking enough to know anything about it.

    The Magi are in their final preparation stages. However, the members of the Circle have been instructed to make their way to the Throne Room in about 2 hours for an important announcement from the Archmage himself. He does not make these kinds of announcements often, so whatever the reason behind it, must be important.

    A little over a month has past since the Battle of Ki'ar was lost for the Alliance. Since then, the Alliance military has been preparing for the next battle, which would undoubtedly be right on top of them on the shores of Niros. They have rebuilt several airships that had been lost in battle, sent their soldiers through more rigorous training, and even developed a Battle Mech that has recently been launched into full production. No expense has been spared to prepare, and scout reports have made clear that the Magi are preparing to mobilize. Today is the day. The Magi are already winning more political battles outside of the Alliance, but the Alliance is determined not to allow them any more military victories.

    General Shenzing has called for all Alliance forces to gather on the airfield in 2 hours for a showcasing of the Battle Mech system, in order to get as many soldiers to pilot them as possible. Doing so would dramatically bolster military strength.

    Just over a month since the Battle of Ki'ar, the Purgers have been rather busy. They had stolen 5 ships from the Alliance Skyfleet, and had been working on reverse engineering them in order to create their own. And they have succeeded. However, that is only one of the projects that was being researched and developed. There was another, more secret branch in charge of researching it's own technology. Something that neither the Magi nor the Alliance have done, or perhaps even thought about. Not much has been said about it to the rest of the Purger military, but the title of "Anti-Magic" has been floating around. Intel shows that the Magi are preparing to push into Niros, giving the Purgers the perfect opportunity to show themselves as a real force not to be taken lightly. Today is the day that the Purgers become a true third side in the War of Zethrex.

    A meeting has been called to take place in 1 hour in the main chamber of the Purgers underground HQ. Word is that the Anti-Magic project is going to be formally revealed, as well as the Purgers newly developed airships.

  2. A gentle breeze caressed the sea, making the water ripple in gentle waves around the boat that was coming in to dock. Since the "incident" that Nysa had heard whispers of, the security around the port had been increased and it was clear to her observant gaze, even if the affair was meant to be covert. It would have been too vain of her to assume that the guards were present, trying to seem like nondescript merchants and fishermen, just for her protection. The breeze caught ringlets of her blond hair and teased them on the wind while Nysa gazed pensively into the sea. The trip had not been far and it was a blessing really that Nysa didn't tend to become seasick, but the real danger was at hand now that she had reached her destination.

    A gentle hand, stable and steady, grasped her shoulder. It was a childhood friend turned guardian, one whose loyalty was unquestionable. She smiled at him wanly and he helped her descend from the boat and onto the dock. She must have been expected because she was not stopped by the undercover guards. That or they didn't care about people arriving. Either way, they let her proceed without being examined or questioned. She knew her way well from here to the castle and wordlessly began to move in the direction of it. Her dress was open at the back and sleeveless, exposing a length of pale skin to the chill wind that she was not used to encountering on her island.

    The walk was hardly long enough for Nysa, whose nerves were frayed by the whole ordeal. Her stomach was turning with butterflies and she was once again reminded that her island was more a pet, forcibly taken by the magi, than a child with any sort of rights. Hopefully, however, she would appease whomever it was she was to be meeting with here. No grand fanfare accompanied her and she wasn't sure how one went about gaining access to a castle, but it was fortunate for her that her guardian knew of such things.

    The pair did not enter through the main gate to the castle, which was an imposing door much larger than would be practical to open for just the two of them. Rather, they wound their way around the side to where the stables were kept for the horses who carried the Archmage's carriage. Servants ushered them in through a side door to the castle and Nysa was led to a small room, barely lit and containing a cluster of stiff looking chairs. This was apparently not the end destination, though, since she was left with the advice from the servants "Wait here." Frowning, she seated herself on one of the chairs and found it to be every bit as uncomfortable as it looked.
  3. With a month's time, Frostbite's bones had healed completely. That was not to say that the soldier didn't cheat her way out of bed rest. She bribed many of the healers to speed up the healing process. Many of them protested, but after much begging and whining on Frostbite's part, they relented. Frostbite just wished that such an action didn't leave her coffers empty, but that was to be expected...

    The two hours before the scheduled meeting, the woman busied herself with exercises. She paid particular attention to her hip, where most of the damage was done. Punches, kicks, defensive and offensive stances, and target practice - all were done with incredible speed and precision. It was not long before Frostbite was drenched with sweat and breathing heavily. She hit the showers and hustled to the meeting, clad in her uniform.

    Out in the air field, she found herself completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of their forces. Confidence surged within her - How could her faction lose with numbers on their side?
  4. KeRahn yawned. He was once again, in that one big tree just outside the Purger base. He really liked this tree. The branches were big enough to support him and let him take naps whenever he wanted. Jenkins now kept his mouth shut around him ever since he had broken his nose. He had some bounty hunting business to go through so he had to ditch the Purgers for a little bit. But that was typical so he didn't mind.

    The Purgers had been pretty busy lately. All of KeRahn's wounds were patched up from the last giant battle, though some of them still became sore at night. The Purgers had stolen 5 Alliance ships...they were making great progress. Soon, the War would be turned when the Purgers were shown to be a formidable enemy. That would mean that KeRahn would be getting more busy. He didn't mind.

    There was to be a meeting soon. Apparently it was pretty important and KeRahn couldn't miss it. Well, that was what the look on Jenkins face told him when he strolled outside for his usual resting spot in the tree.

    He didn't mind.
  5. Gareth swore underneath his breath as he walked out of his room to assemble at the Air Field, orders from the General himself. Why was he needed? He wasn't a soldier, he was a wizard. He didn't fire guns and cannons and pilot their flying machines - He flew around and fired energy blasts that were far more deadly than any bullet. He was working on multiple spell webs simultaneously, and the equations have been taxing on him both mentally and physically. Gareth could make a lot of progress in the precious time the scheduled meeting would take up. He wasn't even interested in watching the Battle Mech in action.

    Making sure that the skull in which his recently summoned spirit was taking sanctuary in was kept in a pouch at his side, Gareth walked down the corridor, his hood drawn over his head and the cloak shifting and folding as if it was a living being, constantly in change.

    The wind on the Air Field made Gareth hold on to his cloak, and he quickly muttered a simple spell to regulate the air currents in a small radius around him such that it wouldn't bother him any more, and he stood away from the crowd, underneath the shadow of the building to watch whatever was going on.
  6. Borosi groaned as he made his way through the underground corridors. The base was the head quarters of the up and coming faction , the purgers. He had received his notice not too long ago , his home nation recently joining the purger forces and supporting them in their mission to regulate magic to only those who could be trusted with it. He had contemplated not going to the meeting, sitting out a few more weeks to get used to his new body . But he had decided against it, he needed to get back out in the field to truly test himself out. Despite all of his motivation to be here, the walk from the closest train station to their undisclosed location had been a long one.
    He was nearing the meeting area . Or at least he thought he was, there was beginning to be a higher concentration of important looking people. He most likely didn't look all that official. His hair was flat but neat , he wore functioning and comfortable clothes, a shirt and a pair of slacks , with plain shoes. He hadn't brought his new weapons and armored that had been designed by and for him . They were still kept at home for the time being. All he had on him was his identification and a backpack pull of supplies.
  7. Sethix emerged from his quarters inside the castle, fully equipped and ready to head to the meeting. It had only been roughly a week since the prison break incident had occurred, the final moments of which had left it's mark on him. He had minor burn marks on the lower right side of his face, a scar that would remain with him forever. It was by choice that the scar remained however. It would have been easily healed with magic shortly after the attack, but he chose to keep it as a reminder of his stupidity and failure.

    He wore his usual black cloak, and made his way to the meeting site. Whatever the meeting was about, he wasn't going to miss it, even if he was still recovering. He was a fighter, and he wasn't about to let a few sores keep him down when another battle was right around the corner.

    Kite had just finished his morning routine, ending with breakfast. The excitement and tension was heavy in the air all throughout the base. Everyone knew that today there was to be another battle with the Magi, and it was going to take place right here. It was hard to imagine that the well fortified base they were all in right now would soon become a battlefield. But that didn't matter. Soon the orders would be given, and he would only have to focus on accomplishing the mission.

    He made is way out to the airfield with the others. There was already a huge crowd gathered even though the meeting was still a fair bit of time away. Everyone was talking with one another, wondering what exactly the meeting was about. Rumors were going around about the Mech System, which hadn't yet been officially confirmed, or denied by the military. Even if it were true, there had to be more to the meeting than just revealing it.

    Vitali was already waiting inside the main chamber of the Purger's HQ for the meeting. Currently, he was engaged in speaking to a couple of beautiful young women, who for some reason were infatuated with his unique form of blindness. He had no idea why they found it so "sexy," but he really question it. If it meant he got to have some "fun" when he got back from today's battle, then who cares?

    It had been a month since the last battle, and this time he wanted to make sure that they did more than just sneak in and steal a few ships. This time, he wanted to leave a mark on the battlefield. He wanted to be remembered in the minds of both the Alliance and the Magi. To be a new force int he war. Enough to make the other factions rethink their entire strategies. It would also make for an excellent story to tell the girls when he got back, sure to make his "fun" that much more enjoyable.
  8. A forgotten memory began to reveal itself... of Blood, Betrayal, Torture, Power, Fury, Danger and Last of all Taiberius; flowed into her mind in the forms of dreams and flashbacks. Everything had pieced together, her past and who she was. She was Alyssia, She was Blood raven, the child who used to be the symbol of death feared by all for cunning, with a raw power. But no more. Taiberus, the man she felt she hated more than any, stood here above her in his reign. A Prison of no time, that looked out onto the world. Where she could watch, but not feel, where she could train her strength but not use magic. The long straining period of fifty four years as she watched in righteous fury as her brother began to surpass her. A Traitor.

    Blood. The only thing worth living for. Power? Nay! it it but a small measure. The man with the bigger stick wins the fight, always? impossible. There are so many flaws. Arrogance. Vanity. Being Controlled by it. A foolish brother indeed. One day my brother shall fall. If not by the alliance that oppose him, then I too shall make my move. For now my motives should remain unclear. The man knows my feelings toward him, but he is my brother after all. Care for siblings, family? of course not, neither of us ever had any. I killed our parents and that man tried to kill me but did not succeed...But in order to actually achieve anything my cards must be played right. I cannot go through this façade alone even if I wanted to. Poison will do naught now, nor my magic on its own, however I still have my own wit.

    The Powers she once lost, she recognised, the foolish demons who used to control her? they were in her power now. As Memory she was a fool but felt so much better to be free. Looking at her body she sighed, it seemed to small for her aged mind, but it was still strong enough and the armour she had locked away still lay in her secret compartment. Along with her two swords that her parents had enchanted for her, fools. They were proud of her, until they realised what they had turned their daughter into. Now here she was again, a monster, just a slightly more muscular and more intelligent one. Her brother knew this of course, or she would not be alive. It was simple.

    It was soon she would have to appear in front of her brother, with a an open grin and a cunning look across her small face.

    In white armour with two large one handed swords that glowed brightly, making her way toward the main hall where her brother now resided on his glorified throne. The girl walked past the guards with a sheepish grin painted across her features, her cloak, white with a black raven. Most magi would know the symbol, for she had seen her name in a couple of books in the children's myths and legends - she was surprised she never thought she would get that far as to end up in children's stories. Things were different now, she would have to learn and catch up. Which was not something that Alyssia enjoyed. No longer an idiot to the world, but rather a being who had nothing but blood to use as her satisfaction. Yes, the frenzy, the delight the ecstasy. That was taken away from her by her 'dearly' beloved brother.

    Only time will tell what move I should make...but for no my brother, I will watch you.
    For fifty four years I suffered, Taiberius. Even if you do succeed...You will pay.​
  9. Borosi Finally arrived at the main chamber. He looked around at all the different screens and displays. They were all dark and silent right now , but he knew they would be lit up soon. Not people had arrived yet. Most of the other men and women must be still getting ready. He walked up to three purger soldiers, a guy with white hair and a blind fold on , and two girls in purger armor. the three were obviously having a conversation.
    He walked up to them and waited for them to look at at him. When they did he introduced himself.
    "Hello , my name is Borosi, I'm new here...Sorta"
  10. Vitali was caught off guard by Borosi's introduction. He turned his head to look at him, seeing his familiar energy.

    "Hey i remember seeing you before the last battle... Wait, Borosi? You're one of the ones who were missing. They considered you KIA. What happened?"

    Just then, he remembered the two girls he had been flirting with, and looked back at them.

    "Sorry girls, we'll catch up after the battle. I look forward to it."

    The girls giggled and smiled as they nodded and walked off towards another group of soldiers. The room was starting to fill up now as more and more Purgers started arriving for the meeting. Vitali turned back to Borosi in order to continue their conversation, waiting for his reply.
  11. KeRahn lazily gazed up at the sky and realized he should be heading towards the meeting now, though he really didn't wish to go. With great reluctance, he hopped down his tree and entered the base. Walking through-out the hallways, some of the Purgers greeted him. He ignored them all, brushing of their greetings and continuing to walk down to the hallways.

    Eventually he got to the meeting place. The room was already to fill up with soldiers. KeRahn chose a quiet seat in the back, just in case he wanted to sleep during the meeting. He sat down, once again ignoring the greetings. He put his feet up on a nearby table and rested his head in his hands, leaning backwards. The meeting would start soon; KeRahn could tell by the room filling up almost to its full capacity.
  12. Borosi grinned at the blindfolded man. " You can see my essence? Well that explains why you can recognize me." He put his hand on his chin as he began to think back to the day he had spent in the castle. " I have been resting at home due to my regeneration, a ability a good amount of my people have, it makes our entire bodies regenerate after a death or near death event. To any normal person i would be unrecognizable. You see during my absence i made a visit to the island nation of quortic. The rest is a long story."
  13. The time had come for the Archmage to make his speech to the rest of the Circle. They had all gathered together in the Throne Room, which was plenty big enough to fit everyone in at once. Only the members of the Circle were allowed to attend the meeting rather than the entire military, making the attendance count less than 1,000. Only a few moments after the clock struck 10, Taiberius entered the room from the back entrance, followed by his personal bodyguard Damion. He walked to his throne, and positioned himself in front of it, standing before the gathered mass of people at the other side of the room. He was dressed in his usual armor, and as he began to speak, one would notice that his voice somehow did not sound muffled by his helmet, and echoed throughout the room for all to hear.

    "Greetings my fellow Magi. Today is quite a glorious day, isn't it? As you all know, today we will begin the task of taking the nation of Niros from the control of the Alliance, bringing us one step closer to our ultimate goal. We have already taken Ki'ar from them. They were powerless to stop us then, and they will be powerless to stop us now. I have no doubt in this."

    Taiberius stopped and paused for a moment before continuing his speech, giving everyone a chance to let it sink in.

    "However, that is not why I called for this meeting here. Those of you who have been among the Magi ranks long enough will know that I am not a man for heroic speeches of valor and courage. No no... I speak before you today for something far more important than that. You don't need petty speeches to win this war. You need power. And today I will bestow upon each and every one of you just that, power."

    He paused again as several men in uniform entered the room from the same back entrance that he had used. Five men each carrying a medium sized crate. They lined up behind Taiberius, who then turned to one of them, opened the lid on the crate, and pulled something out, holding the item up for the mass of people to see as he turned back to face them. It appeared to be a small white crystal just large enough to cover the palm of your hand.

    "This is a Power Crystal. It holds within it, the essence of magic. It's technical description and function is rather complex for most people to understand so I won't bore you with the details. Instead I will tell you only what you need to know. If you take one of these crystals and infuse it with any one magic type, then so long as you have it in your possession, you will be able to use that type of magic with triple the power, and with the same amount of energy as you would without it. For example, if you infuse it with fire energy, then you will be able to, say, summon a small firestorm for the same price as a single fireball. But there is another option as well... If you infuse the crystal a second time with the same type of magic, then it will enhance your power of that type by 5 instead of 3. The trade off is that the crystal will prevent you from using any other type of magic than the one it is infused with. So choose wisely. Either 3 times the power while still being able to use other types, of 5 times the power and restricted to a single type."

    He paused yet again to let everyone go over that in their heads.

    "As you know, there are 8 different basic types of magic. Fire, water, earth, air, dark, light, arcane, and blood. Every form of magic falls into one of these catagories, and sometimes more and one type. And no, you cannot have more than one crystal for more than one enhancement. We don't have enough for that. But with these in our possession, we will become even more unstoppable."

    The four men with the crates began walking to the mass of Magi on the other side of the room and started handing out the crystals, making sure that each person only receives one crystal.

    "Now, any questions?"

    A large stage was placed in the middle of the airfield for the presentation, with a huge mass of soldiers on all sides. Several large screens were hovering over the stage, and a few smaller ones scattered throughout the area in order to assure that everyone could clearly see and hear. It was a huge gathering of the Alliance military, thousands of soldiers. It was 8:30 in the morning, and several people had gathered on the stage, General Pheonix taking center stage. As he spoke, his voice was enhanced to carry throughout the airfield for all to hear.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, today we avenge the fallen of the Battle of Ki'ar. Today, we defend the mainland! Today we make each and every single Magi soldier regret ever thinking they could freely step foot here!"

    The crowd of soldiers erupted in a rallying yell, already eager to get revenge and redeem themselves for the last battle. As the noise subsided, Pheonix spoke again.

    "And today, I unveil the latest in Alliance engineering, which will greatly aid us in the coming battle."

    Pheonix walked over to the covered object at one side of the stage, and pulled the sheet off of it, revealing a finalized and well polished Battle Mech. It was currently being piloted by the original test pilot for the prototype. It was holding it's standard weaponry, an enormous sword in one hand, and an equally large gatling gun in the other. The mech moved, turning from one side of the stage to another so that everyone could get a good look. It's movements were very fluid, moving more like a heavy suit of armor than a big chunk of metal.

    "I present to you, the Mech. It is the result of many sleepless nights for our engineering team, lead by newly appointed Sergeant Erays Bathos."

    Pheonix turned and pointed to Erays who was standing on the opposite side of the stage from the Mech.

    "With this new weapon, we will drive the Magi back, and eventually take them out all together. The suit is designed to be as simple to use as possible, requiring no special training in order to pilot. You get into it, close it up, and fight just like you would without it. The only difference is that you're a few feet taller, can move a lot faster, and hit a lot harder. The mech enhances all physical attributes of it's pilot, far surpassing that of the average soldier. It is also designed to channel the pilot's own magical energy, allowing you to use any and all magic abilities you may have, completely unhindered. However, unlike it's ability to enhance physical attributes, it has little effect the pilots magic. It's armor is able to withstand all small arms fire and basic melee attacks with ease, and allows great protection from basic magic attacks as well. It takes quite of bit to take one of these things down. Now keep in mind that you are not required to use one of these if you so choose, though I encourage everyone here to give it a shot. It can only help your chances in battle.

    And now, I'd like to let Erays here say a few words on behalf of the Mech system. If I haven't been able to convince you, then perhaps he can."

    Commander Jack Irverson entered the main chamber of the base right on schedule, holding his hands behind his back. It was 9 in the morning and everyone had gathered for the meeting. The cavern was well lit for the occasion. Jack took his spot in front of the gathered soldiers. The cavern provided natural acoustics that allowed him to be easily heard from anywhere inside.

    "Well now lets get down to it shall we? You all remember that we captured some airships from the Alliance. Well I have some good news. We successfully reverse engineered them, learned the technology, and found a way to improve upon it. The ships were deconstructed, and then reconstructed with our improvements. We even managed to make 2 replicas for each one, giving us a total of 15 ships. Now I know that 15 ships isn't exactly an armada, but with our improvements, 15 should be plenty. I could stand up here and spend all day explaining how exactly we improved the ships, but we don't have time for that and the only people who need to know the details already know them. So, moving on.

    Some of you may have heard rumors about some kind of anti-magic gun or cannon having been invented. Well let me just go ahead and say it. Those rumors are false. We have no anti-magic gun."

    He sounded rather frank about the anti-magic gun, and paused for a moment to let that sink in with everyone.

    "However, we've produced a hell of a lot of anti-magic grenades."

    He pulled his right hand from behind his back and held up a small round object, obviously one of the grenades mentioned. Some of the soldiers in the cavern gave out a laugh.

    "Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have discovered and harnessed the power of anti-magic. What is anti-magic you might ask? Well I'll put it simply. Basically it's a type of energy that inhibits other magical energies that it comes into contact with. You take one of these little grenades here, and detonate it near some mage, and you've got yourself one defenseless sitting duck. Of course, the effects are only temporary, and with enough magical energy, can be overcome. But it's one hell of an effective tool against casters.

    We've also managed to create what we call an anti-magic field generator, or AFG."

    Jack pulled his left hand out from behind his back and held up another small device.

    "These things can be placed on almost any surface, walls, the ceiling, even on someone's armor if you can manage it. It will stick to any hard surface. Once activated, it emits an energy field in a short radius around it that will destroy any magical energy it comes into contact with. Now you may think that means it will deflect it or absorb it or something, but no i said DESTROY and I meant it. Any magcial energy that enters the field it generates will dissipate into nothing. Like shooting a fireball into a void. However, like the grenades, these are also temporary. The fields they generate cannot hold up forever. In fact, each one only gives you about 30 seconds of continuous use. They can also be overpowered just like the grenades can, but any energy that manages to pass through the field and make it out the other side will more than likely be much weaker than it would have been without it.

    Now you may be thinking to yourself, 'great, now those pesky casters won't be so damn tough' but it's more than just for casters. Weapons, equipment, armor, ANYTHING that emits or is powered by any form of magic energy can be affected by these. So don't just limit them to use against mages. As it stands, this is still a very new form of power, and as such, we only have a few different types of anti-magic equipment choices for personal use. You've got your standard grenade type, which works just like any other grenade, then you have the same thing only in the form of a grenade launcher shell. And of course, you have the portable AFG. Both work almost the same way. You just pull the pin, flip the switch, and use as you see fit. Both can be thrown of course. The AFG with stick to surfaces and emit a short field, the grenade with explode after a short fuse and cause a much larger in size pulse that will inhibit all magic use for several seconds. Neither cause any physical harm though. Just because it's a grenade doesn't mean it'll blow someone apart like one.

    And there you have it. Pick up your supply before the battle. There will be stocks of each in both the armory, and on board each airship. Pick them up wherever, but don't go into the fight without them. You'll regret it if you do. Suit up and ship out. We launch in exactly 1 hour.

  14. Mila stood in the crowd he head hanging. Another attack so quickly? She looked around and saw a portion of the magi were still healing. Will they be ready when called upon? She didn't know. What she did know is that Memory was making a fine contribution to The Circle and very powerful one at that. She listened to the Archmage speak about the crystals and began trying to make her decision. Should she increase her blood magic fully, or half? Maybe she should strengthen her arcane arts.

    She was torn apart in which one she should choose. Both were important to her and in a nice balance. If she was going to fuse the crystal with one she'd have to work to get them balanced again. The two powers relied on each other. Sighing she took the white crystal offered to her and put it in her bag for safe keeping. If she was to use it she would have to make a special pocket in her armor. She looked up and looked around for Memory and Thana. She haven't seen them often since the prison break and was hoping to talk to them again.

  15. At the last minute, Nysa had been coaxed from the throne room by one of the men in uniforms who seemed to vanish and appear around the place as if by some magic of their own. In truth, it was more likely that they simply knew the castle like the backs of their hands and used secret passages, as well as never having to pause and be confused at their surroundings. To Nysa, however, the whole place looked much too much the same for her to tell which hallway was which. It made her long for the beach and the breeze, more than anything.

    The guard was quiet, but mostly gentle. With a stern atmosphere surrounding them, which was unlike Nysa at all, she and her single bodyguard had been led to the throne room. Their arrival seemed to be just in time and not a moment too soon, as a man that Nysa recognized to the be Archmage took to his feet and began to speak. At the back of the room, Nysa listened intently, her hands crossed over her lap.

    When the Archmage was done speaking, Nysa was speechless with awe at the new technology. These crystals were positively wondrous, truly something that would give them an edge in battle. She reached her hand out longingly to them, but she wasn't certain which she should take or if she was allowed even one. A split second of thought convinced her to go the route of water enhancement. She edged closer, hopeful. She needed to talk to someone, anyway. She wasn't sure if her meeting was with the Archmage or one of his lackeys, but she had been almost simultaneously sent to the main Magi city by her father and summoned there by "The Circle" or something ominous like that. She supposed that it meant her days of sneaking out to windsurf were over.
  16. The unveiling of the mechs reminded Frostbite of her previous battle and the wounds she sustained.

    On the airship she fared well battling against the Purgers, a faction that the Alliance themselves had recently been aware of. She held her own against them until the Magi's cannons caused her ship to fall apart and throw her off board. On her own was when she got injured. Needless to say Frostbite was capable, but at the same time, if she had the mech she wouldn't have broken her hip. And besides, her plan with Gareth certainly would benefit from such a great machine.

    Exhaling deeply through her nostrils, the woman braced her nerves for her upcoming battle. Not only would she be risking her life but at the same time, defying orders. If she were to finish her own secretive mission and not be dismissed for insubordination, Frostbite would call herself one lucky bitch.

  17. (holy crap, Thiz thread somehow got deleted from my watch-list! >_< grrrr... )

    "War Never changes... men die, women mourn their loss, and chidren fight in their parent's stead.... The only way to break this viscious cycle.. is with something even MORE viscious!!!" he exclaimed, rasing his hands to the air. " Something that even the heavens quiver infront of!"

    Erays smirked, the word SERGEANT rang in the former magi dogs head. he was his own man now,a nd he was embracing it.

    "The BattleMech has been refined over the long weeks to become the single most heavily armored vehicle compared to it's size. Though Magi-techniques power the mechs batteries, it is the pilot who is the true power of this new titan!" he said, gripping the rail infront of him.

    "Yu want venegeance" take it! You want equality, go for it damnit!" he looked to pheonix fro approval. He had already told the commander that he was going to be a little long-winded with his proud creation.

    "I guarantee once the circle see's these man-powered lords of the battlefield, their morale will quiver..." he chuckled, then breathed deeply and calmed down.

    " and besides.. once this war is over, imagine the perks of using these mechs fully functional dexterous hands in construction, agriculture, and mining?" he smiled, having already thought ahead.

    " I trust these creations so much in fact, that today, I will be piloting one on the front lines myself." he crossed his arms and looked over the crowd for a moment.

    " So i ask you, soldiers of the alliance... will you put on this armor?!" He bellowed.

  18. Taiberius waited several seconds, looking around at the mass of people in front of him. After no one spoke up, he spoke again.

    "Good. Well then, you are all bound for Niros. Report to the docks immediately and prepare to get sail. We leave shortly."

    And with that, Taiberius turned, walked to his throne, and took a seat with Damion at his side. As the crowd of Magi began to disperse, he noticed Nysa sitting towards the back of the room. He recognized her from a picture he had seen from her father.

    "Ah, our guest from Circa is it? I was hoping you would arrive in time. Come, step forward."

    A large amount of soldiers yelled out in approval of Erays speech. It was obvious that not every soldier was immediately willing to become a mech pilot, but that was to be expected, and for the best. Foot soldiers were still needed, even with the mechs on the field.

    Pheonix walked over to Erays and gave him an approving smile, coupled with a pat on the shoulder. He then motion for Erays to take his seat again while he finished up the meeting.

    "And for those of you who prefer different weapon choices than what we've shown up here, rest assured. Several different choices can be made. We've developed a physical shield, shoulder mounted cannon, and even a couple different precision rifles. All of which have been designed and calibrated specificly for the mech system. And of course, you may be worried about, 'what if the mech gets disabled somehow and i have to eject?' Well we have of course thought of that as well. Each mech has a built in quick-ejection system that can be activated with a failsafe switch inside the cockpit. The front will pop open, and the pilot will be immediately released from the mech. There is even small compartments inside the upper legs of the mech that can be used to store infantry weapons, which will automatically open if the ejection sequence is activated, allowing the pilot to exit the mech and get right back into the fight."

    "Also, i should mention that each of the mechs are fitted with a self destruction system. If the pilot should somehow be killed while still inside the mech, it will automatically engage the self destruct sequence, which will force the power cores of the mech to overload, destroying it. The sequence will also be engaged a few minutes after the ejection system is activated, giving the pilot time to retrieve their weapons and move away from the mech before it is destroyed. These measure may seem extreme, but I'm sure you can all imagine what might happen if the enemy is allowed to capture one of these. We cannot allow that to happen. Which brings me to my next announcement..."

    Pheonix hung his head for a moment, as if ashamed or disappointed at what he was about to say. But before he spoke again, he raised his head again, and put on an authoritative and confident expression.

    "In the event that we should fail to defend our borders, and are forced to retreat further inland... We have decided to enact a Scorched Earth policy. The civilians of this area have already been safely evacuated further back to a safe zone. Our research and development section of the base has been laced with heavy explosives that can only be detonated by myself to ensure that absolutely nothing from that part of the area is left for the enemy to find. The rest of the area will be bombarded by the Skyfleet prior to our retreat. If the Magi succeed in getting a foothold here... We will not leave them anything they can use against us. All the more reason why WE. MUST. WIN."

    He paused for a moment, before giving his orders.

    "Now, all personnel report to your designated posts and prepare to defend. Anyone who wishes to pilot a mech, report to supply warehouse number 2 where assigned personnel will be waiting to designate you a mech. You will be given new orders once fitted. Dismissed."
  19. There he was, Taiberius. Who was followed by his faithful pet… who by all means, would have been her; if he had succeeded. Things would certainly get interesting, a stone of power? Curious, not to mention so cliché it was unbelievable. The woman, Mila - not too far away from Alyssia, was looking around the crowd. Obviously looking for what Alyssia knew as her old self, or possibly the other woman she knew of, Thana. Alyssia had never seen either of the two for a while, which was probably for the best. The less they knew the better. Placed in front of her was a choice in which power she desired the most - lightning was always her favourite - destruction. Thus her choice was complete. Here Taiberius offered her power, as stated by the very man in his glorified position, looking down upon her.

    As expected though, after being locked in a cell for over fifty years, Alyssia never expected to be on par with her brother…her brother? This man could easily be her grandfather now. While she, could have been potentially the mother of the majority of the people standing in this room. As if! Children were next to pointless, well… unless an heir was mandatory. Two is enough, kill the rest. The first for an heir and the second, a back-up in case the first heir got killed.

    A chillingly cunning smile crept its way across Alyssia’s features as she fixed her glacial gaze upon her brother, who stood above her like a hawk teasing her tigress. No remorse left in her, if there was ever any in the first place, no fear nor any tinge of love left.

    With a single dismissal the party of magi slowly began to leave the room; her brother called to ‘A guest’ the woman seemed to have a certain amount of grace about her with long golden ringlets that flowed gently onto her shoulders, but slightly mattered; possibly due to the passing of the wind against the woman’s features.

    Alyssia lingered for a moment longer to see briefly what her brother had now become, but only… for a second. This would be the first and last time she would look upon the man and give him credit for his cunning. Words were not needed here, and thus useless; with catlike grace, the girl turned her back toward the man whom others used to know as her kin, toward the large doors; lead away from the Hawk’s nest.
  20. KeRahn watched with intense interest at the new weapons. Destroy magic? This would definitely help...For once, KeRahn didn't think about napping during a meeting. He had to admit, this was a major improvement. They would make a much more formidable foe against the Magi and Alliance. He thought back to what Vitali said to him after the big ambush. Did he really want to fight against magic that was abused? It surely seemed like magic was being abused and it should be stopped. Well, KeRahn wanted to get him some of those weapons and maybe a drink or two before he left.

    He left the meeting room and started to make his way towards the armory. He wondered what the battle would be like. He didn't want to be under-supplied.