The War of Zethrex - Chapter 2

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  1. The War of Zethrex
    Chapter 2

    The war has begun, and the first major battle, the battle of Ki'ar, has been won by the ambitious Circle of Magi. One month has passed since the battle was fought, and all sides have been making preparations for the next great battle. The Magi are about to make their push to the mainland of Niros. Several other nations have already chosen to ally themselves with the Magi, some out of fear, others for their own ambitions. The Alliance stands ready to defend against them. After taking a major defeat at Ki'ar, the Alliance has been working on new tech to give them an edge over the Magi. And this time, the Coastal Defense Artillary cannons on the Magi home nation of Qortic, will not be able to aid them in battle. Meanwhile, the Purgers have been secretly and discreetly reverse engineering the captured Alliance Airships, improving upon them, and developing their own brand of advanced anti-magic combat weapons.

    The war is far from over. The fate of the world remains yet undecided. Will the Magi prove too powerful to stop? Will the Alliance's new weapons, coupled with their unwavering resolve, rise to the challenge? Or perhaps, the Purgers will prove themselves to be the dominate faction with their unique and ingenious anti-magic countermeasures. Only time will tell...

    The Factions:

    Circle of Magi
    Lead by Archmage Taiberius Kamen
    The Magi are dedicated to a single goal: To rule the world as gods among men.
    They believe, as Taiberius believes, that with enough magical power and control, they can actually transcend beyond the boundaries of mortality and become gods, in a very literal sense. They wield magic as their primary weapon, often choosing to simply dominate their enemies with their magical superiority. While they are not the only people or faction to wield magic, it is widely accepted that members of the Circle are far superior to anyone else in the use of the magical arts in all it's forms. However, with their conquest of the world, they have developed several branches of their military power. Some of which use little to no magic at all. As nations submit to their rule, their military grows.
    The soldiers with little or no magical talent remain as they are, and are put into the Army branch. This branch tends to be used as front line cannon fodder, going in to soften the enemy up before sending in the big guns.
    And those big guns, are the members of the Circle of Magi themselves. The actual Circle consists of both original members, as well as any magically talented soldiers from conquered nations who have been conscripted. They are the main force of the military, normally sent in behind the Army to hit the enemy hard. They are brutal, smart, and damn powerful. Where the enemy might use guns or other even more advanced weaponry, the Mage tends to use no physical weaponry at all, or at best, nothing more than a blade or 2. They rely on their powerful magics to dominate the battlefield.
    And then there are the Automatons.
    Automatons are soulless beings created of magic that are made to perform simple tasks. In the case of the Magi, that task is often killing. While automatons are not capable of personal thought, they are able to perform their duties rather well, capable of independently choosing how best to accomplish whatever objective in given to them, provided that the objective itself in something simple, such as killing enemy soldiers. In this regard, they perform with brutal efficiency, as the are all but immune to conventional methods of attack.

    The Alliance
    Lead by General Pheonix Shenzing
    The Alliance was formed by a number of powerful nations after the Circle of Magi established themselves as a military force. It was formed with a single goal: Stop the Magi at all costs.
    The Alliance is the most balanced of the factions, choosing to wield and mix both magic and technology in order to win. While many of the Alliance soldiers do wield magic in battle, the term "Mage" has become a derogatory term referring specifically to a member of the Circle of Magi. You would be hard pressed to find a single soldier within the Alliance that does not use any form of magic, but at the same time, it would be equally difficult to find one who uses it as their primary weapon, and with the same amount of power as a member of the Circle.
    One of the key features of the Alliance military is the Skyfleet. A massive fleet of airships, where airships themselves have only recently been invented. The Alliance takes pride in the Skyfleet, the only such fleet of it's kind in the world.
    Newly added to the arsenal of the Alliance, are the invention of Battle Mechs. Mechanized armored units piloted by a single soldier, standing roughly the size of 2-3 humans. These machines are capable of greatly enhancing the physical abilities of the pilot, as well as channeling the pilot's own magical energy through the machine itself in order to be used by the mech, allowing the pilot to use magic effectively even though the pilot is encased inside of the armor. However, this technology was literally just invented a few days ago, and though it has been rigorously tested, the project is still considered to be in it's infancy.

    The Purgers
    Lead by Commander Jack Iverson
    The Purgers were formed in secret not long after the Alliance was formed. They are made up of people all over the world who share a common view: That the Magi do need to be stopped, but that the Alliance is heading down an almost identical path as the Magi. They believe that, while the Magi are the ultimate evil, the Alliance will simply misuse it's power in a similar fashion if allowed to win the war. Ultimately, they believe that the gross overuse of magic by both the Magi and the Alliance is the root of all this conflict. Magic is not something to be used for destruction, but for creation and preservation.
    Because of this belief, there are very few among the Purgers that wield magic on the battlefield, at least, in the traditional way. Instead, they have found whole new ways to use magic in conjunction with advanced technology. They have developed various devices which are capable of absorbing or otherwise disabling all forms of magical energy. These devices come in many forms, from anti-magic grenades which temporarily disable the generation of magical energy by whatever in within the blast radius, all the way to anti-magic fields which absorb any form of magical energy that it comes in contact with.
    In a war where magical superiority often decides the victor, the ability to negate magic is a highly unique and valuable asset. This coupled with their unmatched technological strength could make them a force to be reckoned with. They have the smallest military, but arguably the most ambitious goal: To defeat both the Circle of Magi and the Alliance in order to bring true peace to the world.

    Chapter 1 located here:
    Chapter 2 IC thread located here:
  2. Previously in Chapter 1...

    A new era has begun on the world of Zethrex, known as the Magic-Industrial era. Magic has always been a part of life, but the Circle of Magi in the kingdom of Qortic were the first ones to discover new uses for it besides combat and conjuration. Now, magic is being woven into almost everything in society. New inventions previously unheard of are being created with these new discoveries. Factories powered by magical energy are being built. Technology and magic are breeding new innovations, and improving the quality of life for all.After these new discoveries, the Circle of Magi were heralded as heroes to the kingdom, and were even praised by other nations of the world as their discoveries were spread around the world.

    The Magi soon became drunk with their fame, and sought to garner more fame and power still. Soon, they used their intellect in the ways of magic and technology to create something that no one thought possible, the legendary Fountain of Youth. They presented it to the elderly King and Queen of Qortic, who were quick to congratulate them on yet another stunning accomplishment, and used it to stop the effect of aging. Word was quickly spread of this feat, and praise yet again was showered unto the Magi. They continued their research, trying to find the next great thing.However, it was soon discovered that the Magi had much bigger plans...Several years past by, and much of the world was well on its way into the Magic-Industrial Revolution. Soon the time again came for the King and Queen to revitalize themselves with the waters of the Fountain, but when they sought to use it once again, they discovered that it had run dry. This was the day that the Circle of Magi made their move, and easily overtook the throne.

    Their thirst for fame and power had driven the Magi to deceive everyone, and take control of Qortic for themselves.The Magi had developed an army of mechanical soldiers to do their bidding. Within weeks, the Qortic military had surrendered to the Magi, and they were declared rulers. But they weren't going to stop there. The Magi sought even greater power, turning their sights to the horizon. What started as a civil war was about to become a world war. They would not stop until they had all of Zethrex under their control.But even this was not the extent of their plan...In fact, it was only the beginning.

    The Magi believe they have found the means to make themselves into gods. To go beyond the limitations of technology and create life from nothing. To create worlds even. And that is their true ultimate goal.There is of course, a resistance to the Magi. While some of the weaker, smaller nations are declaring allegiance to the Magi, there are still those who stand against them. Many of the greater nations of Zethrex have united against the Magi, calling themselves the Alliance of Zethrex, and will stop at nothing to see them defeated.War is coming...

    Who, or what, will you fight for?

    The Circle of Magi
    Leader: Archmage Taiberus Kamen
    The Magi may specialize in the use of magic, but their technical knowledge is also extensive. Taiberius is by far the most powerful of the Magi, and also one of the oldest members, age 68. Although old, but his power in magic is beyond perhaps anyone else in the world. He is the prime candidate among the Magi to become a god.
    The Magi themselves have become a very ruthless group, and have recently become fully militarized after overthrowing their King and Queen, and weeding out the "fools" that refused to swear allegiance to them. They created a small army of automatons that aided them in the process, but have since recruited most of the Qortic military to help further their cause. The automatons are still used in the war effort, but are typically used as elite guards.

    Automatrons vary in look and ability, but are usually some type of armor held together by a magical force. They are mindless, but brutally effective in combat. They are prized by the Magi for their ability to follow orders without hesitation, and with the kind of efficiency you would expect from a highly trained soldier.

    The Alliance
    This faction is comprised of several of the larger nations who came together to stand against the Circle of Magi. They believe that no man should ever be allowed to possess the power of a god, nor do they even know if such a thing is possible. Whether it is or not, they believe that the Magi's goals are threatening to the entire world, and they need to be stopped before they can cause any major harm to any other parts of Zethrex. The Alliance embraces the same magic and technology as the Magi, but they use it with much more respect. They treat magic as a powerful gift, rather than a tool to be exploited. While some may still take it for granted at times, they never forget how dangerous magic can be in the wrong hands.

    Honor and conviction are what drives the people of the Alliance forward, and what gives them the strength to stand against the Magi without fear. While much more lenient towards their people and their beliefs, They are just as ruthless as the Magi when they take their place on the battlefield. For these brave men and women, there is no higher purpose than fighting for their fellow countrymen.

    Standard Alliance Soldier:

    The Purgers
    They are made up of a fairly large number of people from all across the world. This faction is opposed to any use of magic aside from what could be considered absolutely vital. They have seen, and most of them have even experienced for themselves, the wonders of magic and all that it can do. However, they have also seen the incredible danger that is inherent in magic, and they believe that the danger outweighs the benefits. They believe that both the Alliance and the Magi are guilty of abusing the power of magic. They believe that even though the Alliance claims to shun the ideas presented by the Magi, that eventually, even they would be consumed by the thirst for more power if they continue to abuse magic.

    The Purgers have focused all of their efforts into developing weapons and equipment designed specifically to counter magical attacks. While similar technology is in use by both the Circle of Magi and the Alliance of Zethrex, the Purger's technology surpasses them both when it comes to magic-countermeasures. Faced against a fully equipped and trained Purger soldier, any unwitting Alliance or Magi soldier could be easily tricked and disabled. It is worth noting that the Purgers tend to favor defense over offense on the battlefield. Outlast and disable the enemy is a common tactic for them.

    Standard Purger Soldier:
  3. Character Template:

    Nation (opt):
    Personality (opt):


    Halean: This is a medium sized nation that is bordered by water on two sides. The people of Halean live in small, thatched-roof cottages that are positioned in rows like neighborhoods today. They have a few major towns that specialize in fishing and trade that bring in the majority of money that finances the nation. The terrain is usually grassy and sometimes hilly, but by the coast it gets rockier. The entire nation, though, gets foggy days and much rain, with a few sunny days tossed in.

    Okira: The nation of Okira was settled in a tough rocky environment, which led to the people being equally tough. However, it was a lively place, both as a resting and trading spot. Many travelers were thankful for it being in the middle of a harsh place, often stopping to rest here. There are many inns and taverns due to this. Also, there are many minerals to be found in the environment, which has led to it being a popular trading place. The houses are usually made of sturdy stone and fixed with some materials (straw for example) from other places. Okira housed a mixed population of many species, but the original inhabitants are the Thaash, a combination of reptilian and humanoid people who aren't typically born with magical powers.

    Qortic: This nation is known as the Magi nation. The place is teeming with knowledge and people. It is a very damp and cold environment because it is a huge island. At one point in time, the island had a lot of vegetation and animals, but the Magical Industrial Revolution destroyed all of the wildlife, so now all that remains are buildings. The nation holds a Big Brother atmosphere - that is to say, control and power dominant the nation. Do something out of line and you will find yourself thrown into the specially made prisons.

    Niros: One of the larger nations, Niros is a continent with swampland in the south, a bay in the west, plains in the center of the continent, while the north and east are filled with desert. This particular continent is one of the more diverse nations as well, sporting a variety of culture. The swamps in the south are filled with hardy people who know how to navigate the murky waterways with their boats and live in houses on stilts. The bay dwellers enjoy a relatively mild climate, but are always aware of the dangers of floods. They live in small cozy stone homes. Those living on the plains have to deal with the annual tornadoes but enjoy a tranquil life in the endless fields of grass. The inhabitants are typically farmers or traders. The masters of survival are the desert dwellers. They've learned how to survive on little food and water, their personalities often reflecting the hardships they've endured on the sands.

    Circa: A smaller nation that quickly surrendered to the Magi after they took control of Qortic due to lack of a large military force and no allies. It is also rumored that the king of Circa agrees with the Magi's ideals. This island has a tropical atmosphere, known for their citrus fruits, colorful wildlife, and is famous for their beautiful women.

    Gaffiery: A nation far to the north. Many generations ago these people were a much larger and much more open empire. But some cataclysmic event occurred which caused them to become reclusive. Most modern nations view them as washed up now, an artifact of a bygone era. But ever since the event the upper echelon of the nation , the prion dominum, have been watching the other nations of the world for people who may misuse magic. Recent events have spurred them quite a bit. Right now there is a huge debate on whether or not to step in and stop the events that are unfolding. The rhetoric is high and there are many people in the nation who think indecision is worse than making a bad choice.

    Godmodding Guidelines

    1: Teleportation of ANY kind, including portals and moving at a speed that is so fast that it might as well be teleporting, if used during a fight or for the purpose of starting a fight, such as teleporting behind someone to hit them or anything like that, is a god mod. It is a mod because it makes it nearly impossible, if not entirely impossible to hit you. It is ok to use outside of combat, but once your character is engaged in a fight, it becomes unfair to use. This means that using it to escape a fight is also not fair to do. Moving abnormally fast is ok, so long as it is still possible for someone to keep up with you, provided they have the ability to do so.

    2: You cannot block an attack with your body and take no damage from it. No matter how insanely powerful your character may be, if you are directly hit with any attack, you take damage from it that is relative to the attack dealt. For example: if someone slices your arm, and you fail to either dodge it or block it with a weapon or shield or something of the like, your arm gets cut. Depending on how the attacker worded the post, your arm could in fact be cut clean off.

    3: Your attack, no matter how complex, no matter how powerful, no matter how fucking long it took you to charge it, CAN AND MUST be able to be completely avoided in some way. Now the way it can be avoided can be extremely hard to figure out, sure. Or it can take a lot of power to avoid, power equal to the amount of power it took to make the attack. Which means that if you put every last ounce of your energy into an attack and someone manages to avoid getting hit by it, you're shit out of luck because you just used up all your power and are now almost completely defenseless. Bottom line is, there is no such thing as an attack that cannot be avoided, period.

    4: Armor does not protect you from everything. If someone with the strength to punch a building and turn it into a crater slashes you with a sword, I don't care how thick your suit of armor is, that steel isn't going to prevent it from penetrating. A basic suit of heavy armor cannot withstand a direct hit from an artillery cannon. Armor can protect, but not from everything.

    5: In case I didn't clear this up earlier, an attack requires an equal amount of power to create as the amount of damage it causes. So the harder it is to defend against, the more power it must drain from you in the process. For example: If someone makes an attack that is powerful enough to take out several people and deal incredible destruction to the area at the same time, that is what we call a "Finisher" move. Such a move usually requires the user to be drained of nearly all power after usage. It is a trump card, if you will.

    6: Illusions are a tricky thing to call into an RP fight for several reasons. One of those reasons is that it's so easy to god mod when using one, and usually takes a lot of skill and practice in order to use one that is not a mod. In order to use an illusion, you MUST make it possible to whomever it is being used on to figure out that it is an illusion. You can make it difficult to figure it out, but it must be able to be figured out without asking if it is an illusion. Another, more noobish way of doing it, is to include in the post itself that it is an illusion. You can't make some kind of super crazy attack that nearly destroys someone and then say "oh it was an illusion, don't worry" UNLESS you make it so that they can figure out what it is BEFORE it is used. They don't HAVE to actually figure it out, but you have to provide what is needed in order for them to be able to figure it out.

    7: Any weapon can be broken if it is put under enough strain. You can augment your weapon, enchant it, forge it, whateverthefuckyouwant it to make it stronger both physically and magically, but it is by no means completely indestructible. Even if a weapon can be disassembled and reconstructed, or shattered and reconstructed, it can be permanently disabled/broken somehow. Again, the way to do it can be hard to figure out, but it can be done.

    8: Doing something as incredible as moving planets, stars, controlling the flow of souls, or anything that outrageous, is a godmod. Doing things like that would require VAST amounts of power to accomplish even in a small way. So much power that, short of being a god character, you shouldn’t be able to do. There are times when something like this may be possible, but only for story reasons, and almost never during a fight.

    9: You do not have an unlimited amount of energy. You do not have the ability to completely drain your energy in an attack, and then absorb energy from something else to regenerate all the energy you used up. You may be able to become stronger or obtain more energy based on certain circumstances, but it is not unlimited no matter what. Absorbing energy in and of itself is a touchy subject in a fight. It is generally accepted that when someone absorbs energy that does not belong to them, they cannot hold on to that energy for more than a few seconds, and it causes a certain amount of discomfort/pain depending on the type and amount of energy absorbed. It can be a great way to deflect an energy attack and/or keep from having to use your own store of energy, but it does not come without a price.

    10: Hybrid races are a tricky thing to use. But here’s the deal. If you choose to play as a hybrid character that is made up of more than 1 race, such as a vampire/demon, or any other mixture, then you take into account the weaknesses that both races have. You cannot have all of the strengths and none of the weaknesses; it just doesn’t work that way. Any strengths that you get from one side will be halved since you are only 50% of that race. However, the same goes for its weaknesses. You will only be half as affected by whatever that race is weak to. If you play a character that is made up of 2 races that both share similar strengths and/or weaknesses, then those would be amplified accordingly, however it is generally accepted that you would never be as powerful as a pure breed. You could be close, and in certain cases could surpass a purebreed, but it varies depending on the combination. Switching between 2 halves is a tricky thing as well. Doing so can change your attributes dramatically, like perhaps a demon/angel. Some people might make a character with that combination and instead of being a weird looking white/black creature, they would prefer to switch between the 2. When doing so, their affinity changes accordingly from light to dark and vise versa. However, it is still expected that the character will not be as powerful as a purebred of either race. It would be a bit unfair to say that one minute you’re as strong as a full blooded dark demon, and the next your affinity changes to be as strong as a full blooded light angel.

    11: Custom races/species are rarely used, but if you think you’ve got a great idea for one in mind and want to use it, there are a few simple rules you need to know. The race, like all others, must have equal but opposite strengths and weaknesses. There is no such thing as a perfect race or species. For every abnormal positive, there must be a corresponding negative. Follow this rule and you should have no problem creating a believable and useable new custom race.

    12: Custom magic follows very similar rules as custom races. If you wish to create a new power through magic, it must have disadvantages to balance its advantages. For example, I myself created a type of magic I call Chaos magic/energy by taking light and dark energy and forcing them together. The result is a highly unstable and violent new energy that is a result of the 2 opposite conflicting energies fighting against each other. It is a very powerful form of magic and can be used in a variety of ways, but due to its unstable nature, it is almost as dangerous to the user as it is to its target. But that is the tradeoff. I get to use a much more powerful magic against my opponents, but in return, I take damage from it as well. So it works.

    13: Healing in combat is another tricky thing. Typically, healing in combat is considered cheap, but in some cases, it can even be an outright godmod. First of all, there is no such thing as an instant full heal. Your character cannot be severely injured in multiple places, and then you cast a super uber heal spell and suddenly your character is perfectly fine. Healing magic follows the same principles as any other magic: The output must be proportional to the input, meaning that if a super heal of that magnitude were to be done, then virtually all of your energy would have to be used up in the process, and you would more than likely still die because you'd be a sitting duck after that. Healing should only be done in small amounts during combat, if at all, and never instantly, always over time. Things like bandages and whatnot can be used, provided that you can find the time during a battle to apply them (and no, magic self-applying bandages are not ok to use.) Passive healing (healing that works without the need for magic, such as the way vampires are known to have quick regenerating abilities.) are never powerful enough to patch you up fully during combat. While such a thing will heal your wounds more quickly than a normal human, the process will still take time, at least a day or 2 depending on the injury. You can't be like Wolverine from the X men and take a bullet to the brain and recover from it in just a few minutes. That kind of passive healing is way to powerful and is considered a godmod if used in combat. In fact, recovering from a shot to the brain AT ALL would be considered a godmod, even if it's not passively.

    Please keep in mind. I know that we were trying to avoid player death before in the previous chapter because it was still so early, but it's Chapter 2 now. That means the gloves are coming off. Player death will no longer be blocked by the GM hand. Balancing in major battles will still happen, but beyond that, you are on your own. If you die, you die. Someone has to win this war, right?

    We are in need of more players on the Magi and Purger factions. All new players are welcome to join.
  4. ​Reservered​​
  5. Name: Gareth Levitas
    Age: 29
    Faction: Alliance

    View attachment 6945


    - Spent the majority of his childhood up to 12 learning from his father how to fight. His father was an ex-assassin, though knowledge of that was hidden from anyone but his closest family members.

    - Discovered that he could use magic, at the age of 12 when he channeled the lightning that was in the sky to strike a bully who was going to beat him half to death.

    - Traveled to Qorti, learning magic.

    - Excelled in the casting of spells and the clever use of magic in tricky situations.

    - War declared, unhappy and felt that no one should have the power of a God.

    - Killed three Magi when he left as they tried to stop him.

    - Joined the Alliance.


    - Imbuement of energy within weapons and body parts to enhance their abilities.
    - Ability to cast specific spells.
    - Elemental magic.

    A pair of twin daggers.
    View attachment 6946
  6. Name: Frostbite Doe

    Age: 26

    Faction: Alliance

    Nation (opt): Qortic
    Appearance: [​IMG] Frostbite's outfits tend to change, but most of the time she wears a gun on her person. Her outfits will be described in my posts.

    History: Frostbite's family was taken from her when she was young, to be experimented on by the Magi. The guards told Frostbite not to worry about her family anymore, that they would be taken care of. Several days later, Frostbite saw her grandmother's corpse floating down the canals. She assumed that this was what happened to the rest of her family. Crushed and broken by this observation, the woman started committing crimes and doing time in jail. Frostbite became hardened, and became to hate anything that had to do with the Magi. She believes strongly in the fight against them because she can no longer stand witnessing children being abused.

    Personality (opt): Tough and hard around the edges. Frostbite doesn't like to deal with bullshit and prefers being around people who are blunt and to the point. Good luck finding any sort of soft side to her.

    Weapons/Powers: Frostbite of course is an ice user. She is able to summon water, ice, snow, and even create Frostbite. However she cannot heat up water or make steam. All of her powers are to remain in the below freezing areas. She does have somewhat of a natural resistant to cold, but Frostbite is human so drop the temperature too much and she will die. Her gun - [​IMG] A standard pistol in this time. Frostbite infuses the weapon with her ice powers. When the bullet hits her target they will be encased in a thin layer of ice. The layer is thin enough for the victim to break out of, but it is meant as a way to stop the victim if the bullet doesn't end up killing them.
    Touch of Ice: If her hands make contact with someone's flesh (this can also be her own) frostbite will start forming. The longer her hands stay on the skin, the more severe the burn.
  7. Character History-

    Eray's is near singlehandedly the creator of the battle Mech suite developed by the Alliance. A

    Name: Erays Bathos
    Age: 39
    Race: The bitten (Mildly Vampiric species of human)
    Faction: The alliance…???
    Nation (opt):Qortic
    Appearance: SturdyIron and Leather garments, a thick aracane clothe jacket and a leather cap with scarf hiding his face most of the time. a slender man aswell, more attuned for ranged combat than up close.
    : Erays Grew up among the poor and the destitute. He hid his magic from the magi for nearly a decade, doing his own horrible experimentations, adding mechanical bionics to stray cats, dogs, and the like. Once he was found, the Orphan was taken tot eh magi, and overnight became one of their best students. His success came in the form of several new implementations of destructive magic meant for construction and demolition. <o:p></o:p>

    It is Erays Bathos who is to blame for the sheer amount of power magi weapons have, his advancements did not however garner him much fame. In the end, his masters took his credit and left him to rot in the Research and design department.<o:p></o:p>
    Erays found himself in a unique position to be of use though, and now has come to hate the Magi he had become. <o:p></o:p>
    There is a darker side to him however, his lust for more and more powerful weapons has lead him to be a criminal from the magi, and he has come to miss his cushy life as a dog to the magi.
    Personality (opt): Aloof, and to the point. A tactical man with a broad depth of understanding of modern physics and the application of force on matter.<o:p></o:p>



    Erays is adept at applying force in the manner of ‘ki’, forcing his magic will through fists and kicks, he has no real skill in martial combat, but makes up for it by keeping enemies at a distance with such forces. Also, matter is no obstacle to his demolition and destructive magic.

    Erays is also adept at the elemental infusion techniques behind creating powercores, mystic energy orbs that house the dingular powersource or BATTERY of most arcane implements.


    Dragon Stomper weapons-
    the old line from seven years ago, revamped and personalized by Erays for his personal use.<o:p></o:p>

    -Piercer-3 windtunnel pistol, Force core<o:p></o:p>

    -LAW-7 lever action kinetic rifle, Electric core<o:p></o:p>

    -Heavy long-range sniper rifle, Ice Core<o:p></o:p>
    -Close range ‘dragonstomper’ blunderbuss, Blast Core<o:p></o:p>
    -“The Canon” A mysterious device that emmits a crippling sonic force.<o:p></o:p>
  8. Might just hop in this run...

    So reserved while I work on rebuilding the character.
  9. Name: Mila Thurantis
    Age: 30
    Faction: Circle of Magi
    Nation (opt): Quortic
    Appearance: She stand at 5'8, has long black hair and dark blue eyes.
    History: Mila was placed into the Circle at a very young age of 5. She was so excited when she learned she was about to develop her magic. All throughout her learning years she became a powerful magi and did excellent at most of her lessons. Because of her well developed power she was placed in a special unit that taught her blood magic. She left the Circle at the age of 23 and disappeared for seven years and resurfaced to fight against the alliance to protect the circle.
    She uses mostly Blood and arcane magic
  10. Name: Nysa Taenarum
    Age: 23
    Faction: Magi
    Nation (opt): Born in Circa
    Born in Circa to a family whose wealth was not vast but plenty enough to keep her comfortable, Nysa learned early the livelihood of her father that kept him in such money. A statesman with an iron fist and great ambition, Taenarum became one of the heads of Circa, acting for the Magi leader on the island much like a mayor under the watchful gaze of a busy king.

    Since her birth, Nysa has been groomed for the same ambition and ability to choose the most beneficial side in a war. Her father taught her from an early age that Circa, being small and close, could never have resisted the might of the Magi. He capitalized on the inevitable fall by offering his loyalty to the Magi without fight. For this, they have been allowed to maintain some dignity.

    Nysa is expected to travel to Qortic on loan now, to help the Magi at present, as a show of goodwill and to introduce her as of age, the next in line to preside over Circa's affairs.

    Personality (opt): It is said that the gentlest and most beautiful of blossoms are the deadliest of poisons. Analytical and manipulative, with a saccharine sweet coating, Nysa is no exception. She has a strong will and a quick mind, beneath her demure and deferential exterior.

    Gifted in the knowledge of poisons and stealthy as a spy, Nysa is well-versed in assassination. However, ever the statesman, she rarely gets to use this knowledge. Nysa is a child of an island, having used water magic since girlhood to explore the beaches and ocean. In tandem with this is her control of wind magic, which is lesser but still adept.
  11. Name:Borosi

    Age: 311 ( Fifth regeneration)

    Faction: Purgers

    Nation (opt): Gaffiery, a nation far to the north. Many generations ago these people were a much larger and much more open empire. But some cataclysmic event occurred which caused them to become reclusive. Most modern nations view them as washed up now, a artifact of a bygone era. But ever since the event the upper echelon of the nation , the prion dominum, have been watching the other nations of the world for people who may misuse magic. Recently the testimony from One of their own Prion's first hand account of the magi's gross misuse of magic has finally forced their leader's hand ,making them officially support the purgers. Supplying their new faction with special operatives as well as much needed supplys.

    Appearance: 5'11 dark brown hair that is usually unkempt or slicked back depending on the situation. Not in a combat situation he cares little for fashion or looks wearing simple clothes. On his back he has a Backpack that holds various items he has picked up in his journey.

    History: . Once a renegade member of the
    prion dominum , he had wondered the world learning of the various races and types of magics. On a mission of curiousity in the Magi capitol of Qourtic he was torn between confronting their leader or saving a girl from his new found faction. He chose the girl which caused a chain of events which led up to his violent death on their escape ship. After regenerating he was able to make it to his home city to rest and to learn more about his new body.

    Personality (opt): It is said that a Prion's next form represents his most dire need at the time of regeneration as well as the surrounding that caused the prior one to die. It so far stands true. The new borosi is much more violent , hot tempered and serious.

    Weapons/Powers: His ability have a odd mixture this time around. Due to him being at sea he is most proficient at water magic, as well a equal proficiency with fire magic. They are kept at a constant balance inside of his mind . Fire and water, Rage and intelligence. He retains a small amount of knowledge of the other schools of magic, but they have been greatly reduced. His two summoned swords now come in two different kinds. One made of fire and one made of pressurized water.
    He also carries a enchanted Galiffrian great axe that he customized. The axe itself is heated to the point where anyone besides himself, or someone with great skill in fire magic will have their skin seared by it. Attached to the front of the weapon is a medium sized mirror shield capable of reflecting most medium attacks and atleast stalling a strong one.
  12. Name: KeRahn Tysuva(nicknamed Rahn by some)
    50 years (similar to 25 year old human)
    Purgers, though he's kind of a on-off type.

    Nation (opt):
    (I'm just leaving this in her for you to approve.) A settlement called Okira. Okira was settled in a tough rocky environment, which led to the people being equally tough. However, it was a lively place, both as a resting and trading spot. Many travelers were thankful for it being in the middle of a harsh place, often stopping to rest here. There are many inns and taverns due to this. Also, there are many minerals to be found in the environment, which has led to it being a popular trading place. The houses are usually made of sturdy stone and fixed with some materials (straw for example) from other places. Okira housed a mixed population of many species. It was originally built by the Thaash who thrived there in the rocky plain, but many other species migrated to the settlement and built some of it with their own methods and cultures.

    Very tall about 7'8''. His skin, which looks rough though is smooth to the touch, is dark gray with gray stripes running down from the top of his neck to the middle of his stomach. He has four digits on his hands and feet, with his feet ending in small claws. Has a fairly human-shaped body, except his legs bend backwards a bit and he has a 4'3'' tail with two spikes at the end. Has 6 inch quill-like appendages on the back of his head that are usually limp though stand up depending on his mood. Facial features are fairly human with the exception of the nose, which happens to be elevated lines. Pupils are reptile-like but other than that the eyes are fairly human. Mouth is a bit wider and has sharp teeth, but human-like as well. He has some small scars on his arms, legs, and torsos. There are many slings on belts on him holding his weapons, mainly his guns. (Author Note: The alien appearance was inspired by this picture, though I've changed many things: )

    KeRahn was born in Okira, before the Magi took over. He was a single child due to his mother having reproductive problems. Even though KeRahn did not have magical abilities (a Thaash to have magical abilities was unusual) he still found that the world he grew up in was powered by it. He left home early and thirsting for a challenging and reckless life, became a bounty hunter. However his job made him run into many life-harrowing situations and at one point put him in jail (though he was able to somehow get out early). He had grown uneasy of the Magi's growing influence and the world's dependence on magic. He still continued his bounty hunter life, though also smuggled time from time. Shortly after the Magi took over, he was asked by one to become a Purger. He eventually did, though he was a bit more aggressive than most Purgers, leading him to have an uneasy relationship with most of them. Many times he would take some "time off" of being a Purger and go back to his mostly illegal activities before going back to being a Purger.

    Personality (opt):
    KeRahn is a street-smart and a typical "I don't give a rip" person. He only listens to his judgement and is hardly ever persuaded from his point of view. He's typically reckless, often rushing into things and aggressive to others. Also, he works badly in teams and would prefer to work by himself. He can seem dull to some but in truth, he's surprisingly cunning. He can be rude at times and disrespectful. In his beliefs, he strongly believes in the saying "There's only one person that I can talk to easily, share secrets with, and risk my life for. Me." There are rare times where he'll be unusually quiet and polite, depending on who he's talking to.

    Thaash are naturally strong and sturdy. The spikes on the end of a male Thaash's tale can be used as a deadly weapon, which KeRahn uses sometimes. Though usually he prefers to use his guns when he's on his own.
    The ones he usually carries:
    The weapons he uses when he's with the Purgers. He likes his guns better, however.
    His main one:
    His back-up one:
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    The new chapter will be up shortly.
  14. Indeed, the IC thread will be up in only a couple of days most likely. I want to give some time to allow new players to join up. Now is a great time for that. Spread the word to any friends you have on the site who might like this RP.

    It looks like we will be down a few members from chapter 1. We still seem to be relatively balanced on all factions, but more would definately help.

    It's time to breath new life into this RP. I want chapter 2 to be even more thrilling and much more fast paced than it was towards the end of chapter 1. We have a lot of good stuff lined up to help make that happen.

    I hope you all enjoy it even more than before. And as for those new to the RP, I hope it exceeds your expectations and keeps you around for the entire duration.

    And apparently, due to some glitch in the system, i am unable to properly edit the dedicated character profile post (the currently reserved post near the top) and because of that, it will have to remain blank until that glitch gets fixed. Every time i try, it comes out as one huge block of text with no spaces.
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    As I said, Diana seems to have fixed it.
  16. The IC thread has been created and can be found here:

    All players will start within their respective faction's main base, though where in the base is up to you. You will notice that the intro post dictates that a meeting will be taking place for all factions. Just to clarify, the meetings are not currently taking place, giving players time to do any solo posts or any social things they like before the meetings start. Once the meetings begin, it will be a straight shot from there to the next battle. So if there is any kind of last minute social stuff you want to do, do it before the meetings start.
  17. Name: Faltand Tarenchien
    Age: 32
    Faction: Circle of Magi
    Nation (opt): Qortic
    History: -When he turned 13, discovered very powerful magic abilities within him.

    -Studied magic for 12 years, and became more fluent every day.

    -Now serves on the frontlines as a Battle-mage/advisor.

    Staff of the Crescent Moon.. PIC> : staff/tansunn/MagicStaff.png

    Fire: Fluent

    Ice: Fair

    Lightning: Fluent

    Conjuring: Very Fluent

    Shadow: Very Fluent
  18. Name: Sethix Striker
    Age: 36
    Faction: Magi
    Nation: Qortic
    Race: Human - White
    Appearance: About 6'3" with shoulder length black hair and black eyes.
    Remove the hat and replace the staff with a sword.

    History: N/A find out more in the story if interested.

    Weapons/Powers: Uses a double edged sword infused with dark magic. Proficient in the use of dark magic and minor arcane magic.

    Name: Kite Remani
    Age: 25
    Faction: Alliance
    Nation: Niros
    Race: Human - White
    Appearance: [​IMG] Usually wears a white T shirt with a dark blue vest other it, and slightly baggy blue jeans with black sneakers. He stands at about 6'2".

    History: Born and raised in Niros. He grew up in a middle class family as an only child. From a young age, he trained in the art of light mixed with holy magic, as well as fire magic. He joined the Niros military at age 16, the youngest legal age to join. Shortly thereafter, the Alliance was formed, and the fight against the Magi was on the horizon. He is now completely dedicated to the cause. The Magi will be destroyed, or he will die trying.

    Weapons/Power: He uses the standard Alliance armor (see the pic int he faction description post) with a few modifications to suit his style. Primarily, the shield is made of the same material as the armor rather than magic. It is enchanted for further protection from magic attacks. The shield is also much larger and in a rectangular shape rather than a circle, large enough to cover the whole body when positioned in front. Shield is extendable from the arm, making it much more compact for when mobility is more important.

    Name: Vitali Styles
    Age: 30
    Faction: Purgers
    Nation: Circa (Circa is a smaller nation that quickly surrendered to the Magi after they took control of Qortic due to lack of a large military force and no allies. It is also rumored that the king of Circa agrees with the Magi's ideals.)
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    History: He was born blind with the ability to see through the ethereal plane, meaning that he sees the energy within objects and lifeforms. He is able to see as clearly as any normal person, perhaps even more clearly, but without definite shapes. Auras show to him more than physical forms. He was gifted with technology, and is a proficient inventor, but never was able to grasp the art of magic. He joined the Purgers recently because he agrees with their ideals against the abuse of magic.

    Weapons/Powers: Aside from his ability to see through the ethereal plane, he has no powers. He wears either the standard Inquisitor armor or the Hellsing armor, depending on what type of combat situation he is going into, as well as the matching weapons.
  19. Character Template:
    Name: Alyssia - Formerly Known as Memory
    Age: 66 - Body of a 12 year old.
    Faction: Circle of Magi
    Nation(opt): N/A
    Appearance: Alyssia is a young girl with long blonde hair and piecing blue eyes, she is 4'6and has a muscular yet curved figure and a cute face, she weighs 62.1 lbs.

    History: The last notion of any of Memory's memories are that she woke up in astrange cottage. A woman was there watching over her the woman looked at thegirl with a sad smile "Good Morning Little One, how are you?" towhich Memory did not reply and just starred at the woman with an expression thewoman couldn't seem to read. The woman and her husband tended to Memory andtreated her like a daughter which she enjoyed. However, Memory still did notspeak. The first words that Memory ever said to the couple was when the womanasked "Do you have no Memory of anything?" to which Memory looked atthe woman curiously "Note even your name?" the girl only starred intothe fire "...Memory" was the only word that came out of her mouth.Thus the couple decided to call her that. Memory always showed curiosity anddidn't like talking much however she would speak when she felt necessary.

    Unfortunately though one day, Memory ran out into the woods to help"Mum" get some berries to put on their desert after supper. Whilecollecting the berries, Memory was persuaded by slave traders that there wereplenty of berries where they were and that they would give her some which shegladly agreed to the help. After taking her back to their camp they locked herin a cage "Let me out. I need to get berries for mum." she told them.But the slave traders laughed and spat on her; at this memory got angry, heremotions wild within her raged into a righteous fury. A large force of darknesssurrounded her, she was taken over by an unnatural force that cut through thecage like a knife to butter - slaying her tormentor and everybody who got inher way and thus escaped. After calming from this demonic state, Memory hasfelt scared of herself to return home and thus wanders to try and find out whoshe truly is. Hidden within brush, Memory watched as a battle laid outbefore her - a woman called Mila fought in front of her, brave and powerful butas Memory guessed not suited to the front line. After a difficult battleagainst a man with a large shield, the woman Mila took Memory back with her tothe Magi castle. Where she spoke to their leader who for some reason knew her.Why she does not know, but what she does know is she need to regain her memory;but for now, she is at the mercy of her faction.

    Personality (opt): Memory is diligent and works hard and is intelligent andlearns quickly. Due to her lack of memories, Memory often surprises herself butshe also fears what she may find due to the incident where she murdered almosta whole village of people. She is a very cold, sarcastic and calculatingcharacter, for she is aware that her inner demon is also a part of who she is,she is a murderer.

    Weapons/Powers: Alyssia has large sword with a set of plate armour and a powerthat is unique to the point they can either be angelic or demonic. Alyssia is avery powerful little girl, has quick combat reflexes, has good reflexes and is good with battle tactics, Is able to pick up any weapon and fight proficiently but specializes in two on handed swords. Unlike Memory Alyssia can control her power, but she still posses Xyn and Altear. However; she is more dominant of them as Alyssia; The Entities within her have the base powers of light and darkness. Alyssia as an entity possesses Fire and Lightning.
  20. Well since there is still a problem every time i try to make the dedicated character profile post, I'll just post the GM characters seperately. Once it's finally fixed, if ever, then i'll post it all into one nice organised thread. Just got done trying again after about 45 minutes of work, then when i tried to edit something it in, every space in the entire post was somehow lost and it all became one huge paragraph.
    GM/Boss Characters:

    Name: Taiberius Kamen
    Age: 68
    Race: Human
    Faction: Magi
    Occupation: Leader/Archmage of the Circle of Magi
    Magic Types: All
    Specialty: Combination/Hybrid magics.

    Weapons/Gear: Taiberius uses a full body suit of heavily enchanted light metal armor. He is also equipped with various power runes and a mage staff. The specifics of these items will become clear throughout the story.

    Personality: He is extremely dominate in his dealing with everyone around him. He is the most powerful magic wielder in the world and he knows it, and enjoys showing it to those who don't believe it and refuse to bow to him. He rules Qortic with an iron fist, and believes whole heartedly what he is destined to become a god among men, and rule the entire world.

    History: The details of his childhood are unknown to all but himself. All that is known for sure is that he has always gifted with magic and was trained from a young age to wield it properly. He was admitted into the Circle of Magi while he was still a teenager, long before the Circle became the evil organisation bent on world domination that it is today. Through the years, he honed his skills more and more, and trained in every known type of magic there is. He was the one who originally created the Fountain of Youth, and methods that he used are still a mystery. Shortly after, his thirst for authority and recognition grew, and he gained many followers within the Circle. He lead the coup to take over Qortic, and used his superior power to make himself the new king, calling himself the Archmage. Almost overnight, he transformed the Circle of Magi from a peaceful organisation for the protection of his nation, into a militaristic monarchy bent on taking over the rest of the world, the same way they took over Qortic. He and his counsel believe that there is still more power to be gained in the world, and that once they unlock the secrets, they will discover how to become gods.
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Damien
    Age: Unknown
    Race: Human
    Faction: Magi
    Occupation: Personal Bodyguard to Taiberius Kamen
    Magic Types: Frost, Blood, Dark
    Specialty: Frost and Blood

    Weapons/gear: Damien wears a suit of enchanted heavy plate armor, specially made for him. He also wields a demonic sword that seems to have a will of it's own at times.

    Personality: None.

    History: Little is known about what or who exactly Damien is. There are none left alive who truly know who he was before he became what he is. What is known, is that he is a human who has had his soul removed from his body as the result of an experiment performed by Taiberius himself. Whether Damien volunteered for the experiment or if it was forced upon him is unknown. The result was a human that is completely devoid of any type of emotion. He is magically linked to Taiberius mentally, and loyally follows any order that is given to him at any time, and performs his duties with brutal efficiency. His lack of emotion allows him to be much more calculating in everything he does. He does not have to deal with any moral conflictions, no pain slowing his reactions, no panic, no moments of weakness. He was designed to be the ultimate soldier, and the Magi believe that they succeeded.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Vashji

    Age: 24
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Faction: Circle of Magi

    Magic: She is the Magi's seer and psychic. Vashji has honed her craft to the point where nearly everything she predicts has come true. However for her to be right she has to make a lot of sacrifices. This normally comes from the killing of prisoners or the unfaithful.

    Specialty: Premonitions

    Personality: Demented

    History: Vashji was always gifted with the sight, although she was never this good at it. She was only able to get a glimspe of the future and sometimes she was never right. Spurned by the fact that so many people called her a fake, Vashji enlisted herself into the Magi army. She found the perks of the military to be very beneficial - all of her predictions were true and people were now awed by her. Sure the fear existed, may have even been heightened but that was a good price to pay. However, now that the entire world was consumed with the war, Vashji is finding it harder and harder to predict future events. No matter how many power crystals or sacrifices she made to boost her powers her visions were starting to become cloudy or entirely blocked.

    Name: Phoenix Shenzing
    Age: 33
    Race: Human
    Faction: Alliance
    Occupation: Top General of the Alliance Military
    Magic Types: Fire, Arcane, and Telekenisis
    Specialty: Fire

    Weapons/Gear: Phoenix typically wears his uniform, even in battle. His weapon is still under development in the RP, and will be revealed at a later time.

    Personality: He is a kindhearted man towards his comrades and countrymen. He is extremely courageous and honorable in battle, but isn't afraid to fight "dirty" if the battle is important enough. He is slow to anger, and is generally understanding of others. However, if you are marked as an enemy of the Alliance, he will not hesitate to strike you down, no matter who you are.

    History: Phoenix joined the Halean military at age 16, long before the war started. He quickly worked his way through the officer ranks with his determination and skill with military tactics and combat prowess. When the Alliance was formed, he was named top General of the Alliance military, and has taken that role very seriously. He trains with both magic and conventional weaponry, and keeps himself updated on the latest military technology. There hasn't been an Alliance soldier that could best him in a sparring match yet, often losing the fight before even landing a single blow.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Jack Iverson
    Age: 38
    Faction: Purgers
    Occupation: Commander of the Purgers
    Magic Types: None
    Specialty: All things tech

    Weapons/Gear: Usually carries dual caster pistols capable of firing both physical bullets and magical energy. He is known to carry various other weapons depending on what the situation calls for. The same can be said about the armor he wears, though all of his gear is custom built by and for him. Don't expect it to look or act like standard Purger armor.

    Personality: He has often been referred to as reckless or gung-ho, but despite those accusations, there is a method to the madness. He is a genious, and is in fact solely responsible for most, if not all of the Purger's major technological advancements. He alone discovered anti-magic. Though he would never admit that any of this is true, and willingly gives the faction's engineers all of the credit for everything. He is also a great tactician, able to turn the tide of battle in his favor before the enemy even realizes it.

    History: Ever since he was a child, Jack has had to survive on the streets. He made a living as a thief, moving from one town to the next, never staying in one place for to long. With age came experience and skill, and by the time he was a teenager, he had become so skilled and intelligent that he considered himself a professional con artist, capable of robbing an entire town blind just by using his charisma and knowledge of psychology. Being a thief had become a sport for him. In his early 20's, he tried his had at being a pirate at sea. It was an enjoyable occupation, but was short lived due to his desire for more knowledge and experience. After he gave up his pirate career, he became interested in inventing, and created various tools to aid him in his travels. Once Magitech was discovered, he jumped on the idea, and began tinkering wildly with various sciences. His life experiences have made him an expert marksman, a skilled swordsman, a great inventor, and a genius among men. He knows as much about magic as Taiberius himself, if not more, and it is because of his vast knowledge that he believes that magic should not be abused as it currently is. He may not be the smartest man alive, but his intelligence is rivaled by very few others. His thirst for knowledge is insatiable.

    Appearance: [​IMG]