The War of World Domination (Sign up)

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  1. The World went into war with all new leaders everyone fought to take over the world. Although China was superior to everyone. They went to war some countries sided with them others didn't. America was the strongest defender to give out hope. Though once your country has lost you basically became their slave for the rest of the life you have.

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  2. Name: Margarid Sheats
    Country: France
    Age: 17
    America or China: America
    Bio: From a very simple middle-class family, she had a happy childhood until her parents were killed by Chinese forces in the beginning of the war. Very bitter against them, though not the biggest fan of America, Margarid sides with the US over China even so.
    Skill: Brilliant strategist.
    Personality: Brutally intelligent and logical, Margarid is wary and untrusting of those she doesn't know, but when she finally does trust you, she'll do anything for you, but you'll have to understand the cause comes first. Always.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.