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  1. Story: The year is 1284, and Arceus and the other legendary pokemon have all taken to sleep. With the world filled with pokemon and the land beginning to flourish, everything looked to be perfect for the future. At this time however, the legendaries had set up different colonies hosting different types of pokemon, before they set to hibernation. In total there are six colonies(i have made it this way so a grouping of many different similar types can be together and plus jesus christ 18 different types would mean 18 colonies so we'd need at least 9 people with two charas each for that shit.) These six colonies are as follows: Aevis a floating country with waterfalls constantly falling from the sides, home to the Psychic, Flying, and Fairy type pokemon. Umbrea a country constantly cloaked in darkness home to the Dark, Poison, and Ghost type pokemon. Novara, a plains filled country home to the Normal, Electric, and Fighting type pokemon. Torren a luscious water filled country home to the water, and dragon pokemon. Orben a mountainous and occasionally volcanic country home to the rock, ground, steel, fire, and Ice types who roam the ice capped mountain tops. Then, finally there is Forett a forest filled country with bug, and grass type pokemon.

    Skip ahead to the year 1312, The people of Umbrea had attempted to take over some of Novara due to their land becoming less hospitable since nothing will grow in the low sunlight other than mushrooms. This prompted Novara to fight back, as they needed all the land they had in order to keep a steady flow of food for themselves. Over time, the disputes between the two colonies had dragged Torren and Orben to join in and attempt to hault the fighting, however this only ended up in a much larger fight. Eventually, Aevis and Forett were dragged in as well, and thus the great war began. Many pokemon from the countries have very inhospitable feelings to others and down right do not trust them. Some of the countries leaders have become intent on domination of the world, while others seek a more peaceful time and only fight to try and bring peace back. Yet even those who seek peace are still bias towards those not of their type due to the constant feuding. Among those peace seeking colonies are Aevis, Forett, and Novara. The colonies seeking domination of the world are Umbrea, Orben, and Torren.

    While most of the pokemon within these countries are fighting within the war, some are against it, and have formed ragtag groups that do not take sides of colonies and only seek to weather through the war for a time of peace to return. The war rages on still, but are you for your country and fighting in it? Or are you with a group that only fights to protect and bring peace back? What is your ultimate goal while this world rages with the tides of war?

    ((i would provide a map for what it would look like but i don't have any drawing ability, so i'll have to request a friend to do so and then add it here at a later time.))

    With the story now written for the most part *i will still tweak it here and there from time to time i suppose* we are accepting people, but first, the rules.

    rules (open)

    1. This is war based roleplay, and for each colony there is one leader and one co leader. If you want to be a leader, please contact me and i'll signify ok or not. Regardless you can be a co-leader for those countries who have yet to have a co leader.
    2. While this is war, romance can still bloom, so if you see someone wanting to do romance, shut up and deal. But if i see it's next to nothing but romance from them, i'll contact them to try and get them to focus on war again.
    3. NO BEING A LEGENDARY. The story has the legends asleep for a reason, as i have a plot behind them for story advancing within later parts.
    4. Two chars max a person.
    5. Please do not try to be a different typing within a colony without fully going over with me about that specific character's backstory so i know how exactly they were allowed within, what level of trust they deserve from their own colony, and why i shouldn't try to kill them first thing upon you attempting to do so. This is probably the most important rule here other than Iwaku's rules applying
    6. Iwaku rules apply obviously.
    7. Your character can die or kill another person's, but go over it with them and then check with me first before doing so.
    8. If you are going to vanish for a few weeks, days, etc then PLEASE tell me so i don't worry.
    9. Absolutely no one is to be of higher strength than a leader. The leader of colonies default level will always be at least 60+, and co-leaders can range from anywhere between 40-60. Naturally these are going to be stronger than average pokemon since they have to lead a country, if you can't accept that fact, then don't join.
    10. To show you have read the rules put in the PW part of the form the following phrase: "The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma."
    11. Rules are subject to change from time to time if i feel it necessary to add or remove something. When i update the rules then i shall change the password for the forms and shall notify you upon the change. I expect you to change your form's password to the then current form to show you are up to date with rules.

    Alright, that was kind of strict, but if you still wish to join then welcome aboard most likely and i hope to have fun! Here's the character skeleton:
    Character skeleton (open)

    Moves(four moves max and has to be able to actually learn, i will be checking.):
    Any special things about their appearance that differs from a normal one of the species?:
    Country(leave blank if you are part of ragtag group not taking side):
    Rank(leader, co-leader, scout, soldier, general, spy, lieutenant):

    my form (open)

    Name: Kaze
    Level: 65
    Species: Flygon
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Dragonbreath, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Giga Drain
    Personality: A calm, quiet, and intelligent leader. He goes out of his way to do what he believes is right for his country.
    Any special things about their appearance that differs from a normal one of the species?: One of their eye protectors is cracked slightly
    Country: Orben
    Rank: Leader

    Name: Koi
    Level: 65
    Species: Gardevoir
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Psychic, Hypnosis, Moonblast, Calm mind.
    Personality: Like Kaze she is a very calm and intelligent leader who goes out of her way to protect her country.
    Any special things about their appearance that differs from a normal one of the species?: She has a scar that runs along her sides.
    Country: Aevis

    Leaders and co-leaders of countries (open)

    Orben leader: Kaze
    Orben co-leader: open
    Aevis leader: Koi
    Aevis co-leader: Kazamaru
    Forret leader: Open
    Forret co-leader: open
    Novara leader: Open
    Novara co-leader: open
    Umbrea leader: Open
    Umbrea co-leader: Open
    Torren Leader: Open
    Torren co-leader: open

    Accepted characters (open)

    My characters.(Kaze, Koi)
    Greedy Donuts(Kazamaru)
    SunsetBumpkin(Tor, Vennica(to be allowed to play as later in the story when i reveal the plot behind the sacred sword protectors for innocents), Jenna)
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  2. This seems interesting, reminds me of the moive, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. I'm in!

    Name: Talia[​IMG]
    Level: 30
    Species: Grovyle
    Gender: Female
    Moves(four moves max and has to be able to actually learn, i will be checking.): Quick Attack, Fury Cutter, Pursuit, and Leaf Blade.
    Personality: Talia is determined, loyal, kind, and sometimes stubborn. She will do what is asked of her and protect her friends no matter what.
    Any special things about their appearance that differs from a normal one of the species?: none
    Country(leave blank if you are part of ragtag group not taking side): Forett
    Rank(leader, co-leader, scout, soldier, general, spy, lieutenant): Scout
    PW: "The inner machinations in my mind, are an enigma." (sorry I left that blank on accident, I di read the rules, just forgot to put this last)
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  3. Thank you for showing interest, though i see a blank part of the form. It looks like someone skimmed over the rules.
  4. Name: Kazamaru

    Level: 55

    Species: Gallade
    Gender: Male

    Moves(four moves max and has to be able to actually learn, i will be checking.):
    ~Psycho cut
    ~Focus Blast
    ~Heal Pulse
    ~Night Slash

    A knightly personality which he always think highly for his leader or elder, he has a gentleman like personality as well and have a high patriotism of his colony

    Any special things about their appearance that differs from a normal one of the species?: he wore a knight helmet with the same color scheme as his skin

    Country(leave blank if you are part of ragtag group not taking side): Aevis

    Rank(leader, co-leader, scout, soldier, general, spy, lieutenant): Co leader

    PW:"The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma."
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  5. @Greedy Donuts
    glad to see you read the rules. Accepted. Also the country is aevis, not koi. uwu
  6. Edited~!
  7. @Roxshi
    Now you're accepted. Welcome aboard.
  8. Thank you, how many people are you planning on having?
  9. I'm hoping to have at least six. So that way each person can have one leader and co-leader at least.
  10. Tor (open)


    Name: Tor
    Level: 45
    Species: Talonflame
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Brave Bird/ Acrobatics/ Flame Charge/ Flamethrower
    Personality: A stubborn, hot-headed yet silent is what Tor is all about. He prefers to shift is head away from others or act like he is ignoring them when someone is talking though he listens a majority of the time; specifically to those higher in rank. Tor will rarely talk to anyone unless he feels the need to. He just does his job and returns. Tor is more than likely to interact with smaller species or younger ones though not too much more. Tor is also known to carry about the smaller species either as a joy ride, to get them out of harms way or transport. "Silently Aggressive"
    Country: Orben; But is known to travel to Aevis. **
    Rank: Scout
    PW: "The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma."

    Vennica (open)


    Name: Vennica
    Species: 85
    Species: Virizion
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Sacred Sword/ Quick Guard/ Leaf Blade/ Giga Drain
    Personality: Vennica is a proud being one of the Four Sacred Swords. She is also very protective among the pokemon around her; specifically those who lost their way and stragglers who are not part of the war. Vennica can be seen being more of a motherly figure to younger Pokemon and a Guardian to the older. Though despite her kind being, she is also known to be rather snippy with others who talk back. She is known to find young pokemon caught between the war who made their way to opposite countries and carry them back home.
    Country: None
    Rank: Protector, Four Sacred Swords

    **Was Approved**

    Jenna (open)


    Name: Jenna
    Level: 28
    Species: Furfrou
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes/ Headbutt/ Bite/ Echoed Voice
    Personality: Often mistaken to be stuck up due to the species being well known to be so. Jenna is actually rowdy and rebellious in nature but caring and protective at heart. Talking smack to Jenna could just lead someone to having a nice bump in the head if not careful as she loves to tussle with loved ones, tear a new hole in enemies and sleep when she is alone.
    Country: None
    Rank: Unknown
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  11. @SunsetBumpkin Very well. I'll approve it, however he will be doomed to not be treated well by anyone in orben other than the leader due to him originally coming from aevis.
  12. That is fine. I like a little drama in my stories~ He couldn't give a rats butt about anyone in general anyways! :D

    Also I am going to message you my second character because I have a few questions.
  13. Alright, i await it.
  14. If you want to, but i'd still request you go over it with me first.
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  15. FANG
    *Thunder Fang
    *Extreme speed

    Fang is humble and only fights when he feels the need to
    Any special things about their appearance that differs from a normal one of the species?
    Fang has large scars visible on his body
    "The inner machinations in my mind, are an enigma"